Dýrðin - Gull og vitleysa

New album out now!

Icelandic indie-pop band Dýrðin proudly presents brand-new album Gull og vitleysa.

11 songs, including a cover of The Icicles' "Snowman Song". See track listing on cover image.

Paypal orders accepted. Make payment out to maggih@mmedia.is. Price, including shipping worldwide: $16.00

Inquiries: magnusaxelssonkvaran@gmail.com

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Song samples:

Praise for self-titled debut album, relased in 2006 by Skipping Stones Records:

"Only a couple of the songs pass the three minute mark, and each of them is a sheer delight, making this a sure candidate for many top ten lists this year!"
- indiepages.com

"The Icelandic group Dyrdin play perfectly catchy indie-pop in the style of groups like Heavenly: bright tunes, female vocalist, "cute" demeanor but not purposely so. They play it with more aggression than that description implies, however; there's certainly some of the punk spirit living in them, as they grab their instruments and take off on their own loud, fast journey."
- erasingclouds.com

"Dyrdin are fast, boppy and sugar-sweet and will appeal to fans of any and all twee bands Ė Sarah Records, Harriet Records, Tender Trap, Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Tullycraft, all the Matinee bands, etc. Recommended for indie pop fans."
- lefthip.com

"Dyrdin have put together a collection of well crafted and infectious pop tunes that you will want to play time and time again. Buy it and get bopping! "
- indie-mp3.co.uk

"youíre a total jackass if you donít give the group a shot. This record guarantees love at first spin"
- retrolowfi-com

"This debut album of theirs is so chipper it could run up a tree and eat nuts."
- popmatters.com