Siggi Ármann is a young composer, singer and a guitarist, who now steps on the scene with his first collection of songs; the disk Mindscape, published by Bad Taste Ltd. The songs were recorded in Studio Nýjasta Tćkni og Visindi in Reykjavik, during the winter 2000-01, and give an fine insight into Siggi´s musical and lyrical imagination, unique among contemporary troubadours.

Simplicity is the king here, and often short melodic lines and a few repeated words are used to explore bigger ideas. Siggi does not step in anybody's shoes; sincerity and personal signature is what singles this disk out among the mass production.

Production of the disk was handled by Sigtryggur Baldurson and Jóhann Jóhannsson, and they also hit various keyboards and drum skins, where appropriate.