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1972- 1998 Morgunblaðið daily
newspaper, Reykjavík

Various independent articles in addition to series devoted to specific subjets (see below)

1996 Swedish Academy Publication: Music in the Nordic countries since 1945; consultant
1994 Doctoral Dissertation

Krzysztof Penderecki's Dies Irae: Aspects of music, and Literature. Dissertation defended in September 1993.

See abstract below:


Krzysztof Penderecki's Dies Irae (Auschwitz Oratorio); aspects of music and literature. Set analyses of Dies Irae (1967) reveals that it is not based on a rigid pre-compositional scheme, as often is assumed by commentators of Pendrecki's works in the sixties and early seventies; an era of serialism. On the contrary, the structures freely mirror the profound historical, literary, religious and philosophical connotations of the work's impressive libretto; that is to say the composer's own mosaic of quotes from the writings of King David, Aeschylus, Apostle Paul, John the Christian (1st century A.D.), Paul Valéry, Louis Aragon, Wladyskaw Broniewski and Tadeusz Rozewitzc. The word is the backbone of continuity in Dies Irae; the word qualifies the music.


1989 Icelandic Chamber
Orchestra's Musico-
logical conference
"Johannes Brahms:
Primary sources and the
Human Factor".
1989 Vaka-Helgafell
publishing firm

Editor and chief translator of "Music", a volume
in "Eyewitness Guides"

1988-1989 Morgunblaðið daily
newspaper, Reykjavík
A series of articles on
cultural policies in modern Iceland
1980 Nordic Music Festival
Helsinki, Finland
"Composers and conductors:
The communicative Process."
1978-1979 Morgunblaðið daily
newspaper, Reykjavík
A series of extensive articles on Icelandic music life. Includes an study of the status of opera in Icelandic cultural life
1973 Ministry of Education
Department of Curriculum Research
Textbook in music
appreciation for high
school students. Published in 1973, Reykjavík, second edition in 1975 (extended)
1972- 1973

Morgunblaðið daily
newspaper, Reykjavík

A series of articles, reviews
interviews relating to the music life of Iceland