we know about a flying buddha-monk that lived long ago,
and there are stories about a christian lady that was as lifted up from her seat,
and our yogic flyers of Global Country of World Peace will be flying soon in the air by the thousands, using the TM-siddhi technique, flying as did the ancient yogis,
we do not know that gandreiš (gander-ride) was performed by heathens;
although we read about these things nobody wants it to be more than a fancy fantasy.
Loki borrows a feather-guise from Freyja,
Freyja, our great goddess, is the dynamism of perpetual creation;
we sure have access to her enlightening influence, and if we find her in the abyss of divine eternity and silence within ourselves, we can fly;
she lends us the feather-guise with great joy and so willingly; and even were it of silver or gold she would not be mean; always willingly lend it to Loki


and valkyrjur (valkyrja from Sanskrit yagya) have swan-guises in which the travel;
they might take them off when they land
hamur (guise) is from Sanskrit hamsa (a swan)
fjašurhamur (feather-guise;   German Hemd)
and įlft is another name for a swan, the same stem as in įlfur (an elf;  įlfar elves)
the elfur, river, channel, inwards to divinty within us.
Gandreiš was later, by the christian church, turned into evil witches on brooms, and for their dark magic they should be hunted, tortured, and killed
(this belonged to kali-yuga, the age of ignorance)


now the wisdom will be regained and in this coming sat-yuga we shall be enlightened and fly again


this is the only "normal" state of a man --  if he wants to bear that name: a human being, which has mind over matter



Gušrśn goši
the symbolic language of heathenry,
the abyss and beauty of our forefathers' wisdom