Jesus is not a historical fact, but means that every man shouldcruxify his bestial nature and become pure;
this is the pure þeosofi of gnostics, heathenry, paganry; philosophers, --  and scientists
gnostic, gnoþi seauton, and heathenry, paganry,Óðinn gefinn Óðni, is the same thing;
onlysome men understand the higher stages of life; others will do solater, but for now are too animal-natured to spot the core and essenceof human life.

Myths are not historical happenings, and the Roman Empire forgedand falsified and wrote a book by which literalists are blinded andbrain-washed.  
(Only the obedient ones survived.)
Church as we know it is literalism.

We should go back to pure heathenry, paganry, and skipinstitutions and world empires that use a þeocracy for a garb.
Many look upon jesus as if he had really been a living man, but itake him as a myth for Jews, a myth paralel to all the gnostic andpagan, heathen, ideas.   The myth has been taken literally, and this is the trouble!!!!

Many have speculated a lot on that, perhaps blinded by thefalsified history-book of the Roman Empire.
But we see clearly that jesus should mean to us heathenry, notþeocracy.


First Step to Understanding the Profound Beauty of Heathenry
keys to the secret code of edda of the north
A gentle kiss of innocent love, and our Sleeping Beauty within wakes up

a long chatter; actually a small book, a guide, on:
how are theocracies run? (first part)
what is heathenry? (second part)

but first on spirituality, understanding, heathenry, gnostic, knowledge and understanding myths and their message:

We can clearly see that any Jesus would never never have agreed on what he was (centuries after his supposed death) connected with!
--crimes, empires, ceasar, mass-murder, lies, threats, forgeries, etc etc...  This is RomanEmpire brutality only.

We have to know that the Jesus-story (just like the Moses-story) is made by Jews for Jews, and is (they both are) an allegory only, and all the events symbolic.  
(NOT literally (literarism), but myths about each individual becoming godly and purified.)

We should not see Jesus as he ever was a living man, as smart literalists, the Roman Empire, wrote (in AnnoDomini 300 and on) the Jesus-story as if it were real history.    (This may be difficult for the brain-washed Westerners, that are brought up in, and blinded by, RomanEmpire-literalism, ---  but do try!!: )

 We should not see Jesus as he ever was a living man  --  but as a myth

If we look at all the ancient myths that tell the same thing as does the Jesus-story, we can see that they are telling us that we have to get rid of the animal nature in us, cruxify ignorance, and become godly as we essencially are, pure, -- purified.

Only literally-thinking men take myths and guž-spells literally. Try to imagine that Jesus never was as living man, and see this cruxifixing and babtizing as symbolic for individual evolution from coarse stages towards perfection.
Each man has to do so, --  Jesus never was an only once living man, resurrection is each individual becoming reborn -- in one of his life-spans -- as purified of ignorance. 
Stop waiting for some Jesus to come. He ain't coming, you are becoming Gesu Cristo, Jesus Christ:  Start living higher states of evolution yourself.  That is what the story is all about. --  Skip the RomanEmpire and literalism and Theocracies, and start understanding;

gnostic, gnosis, heathenry, paganry, buddha-sidr, hindutwa, philosophy,
are about individual perfection, and we find Knowledge within.

With firm resolve and knowing where to seek, we find Wisdom and Knowledge within. Gnože seauton (know yourself).
That is: Óšinn gefinn Óšni, ég gefinn sjįlfum mér
 (Óšinn given to Óšinn (consciousness), I given to myself, Hįvamįl).

Jesus of the Roman Empire was made take over from
the pagan gods /the pagan guž Óšinn,
Jesus stepped into the clothes of Óšinn.
see link for some books: books_to_read  
It has been  reveal how Jesus as a historical fact was invneted
and that divice brutally forced to take over from understanding.

<some 11.000 words
ca 18-19 pp A4, 10 pt, default margins>

Each heathen is his jesus, each man is his jesus.
How shall we have the ancient wisdom available (is found at the end of this chatter)

Some bla bla on warfare.

May I here suggest simple complicated facts to contemplate on?
This (here below) is for the puzzle-loving philosophic minds, intellect's acrobatics only, about clash of ideologies, about how power of credulity is exploited by cunning despots to get a grip on the herd-animal kind of men.
Read this only if you like thought-PT*.
(* PT = physical training, gymnastics -- here for the brain)

This chatter has nothing to do with spirituality, but is a worldly thinking stuff only. It is about theocracies, and how they are used. About how it sneaks into concepts and sites that are of value to us, in order to delude the mind. The whole racket is a delusion used on us.

This chatter is about worldly stuff, such as delusion. Also you should know:
The human intellect - in spite of its limitations while we are not yet enlightened - is a much safer tool than is belief.
The individual´s mind and our individual intellect are worldly. So is belief. Use your intellect and skip the literalistic belief. It is dangerous to mankind.

Some armies, that use the name religion as a sheepskin to cover their aggressive nature, claim all adherents (believers) to be God's party and all that have not yet been conquered to be Satan's party. This is completely devoid of spirituality, as we clearly see, and this, -- dividing humans into sects --, has made the word "religion" unusable for spirituality, such as heathenry and the ancient eternal tradition.

Moses's God promised his people money, land, and that they, megalomaniacally, would make others their slaves. If it was not for the fact that Jews are not a race at all, Moses's God would be classified as a racist. And his queasy dismissal of half of his chosen people, -- the female part --, as not being valid humans, rather dazzles us, people of the north, but still is held in esteem by theocracies in our times.   Yehova is a minor tribal diety, and teaches the 7 sins in a book.

Note: The European churches are patriarchies, and that is a church-word for disdain of women. This implies regarding females as being inferior to males, and the women to be male's (the domnius's) domestic animals). This is what the true Semit-devotion demands.

Note 2 on the same subject: I must say here that women priests, -- i.e. women that have studied theology, studied christianity and Jewishdom in universities for some years, and serve the church as priests, -- say, officially and frankly: "Women disdain comes from Jewishdom and is withheld by our christian church." These women priests work (for their wages) for that very christian church. Still they do not hesitate to reveal this fact that their studies and university degree contain disdain of half of mankind.

Equality of all men in heathenry, as all of mankind is trying to evolve.

On the other hand the reverence for the female power is inherent in heathenry. There is no matriarchy. There is no patriarchy i heathenry. All the heathen goddesses are powers in us. A part of the game of living. There is only the equality, the dynamism of life that depends on the life-giving and peace-giving goddesses.
Hel is in the coffee-break for us;
Eir is the peace within to give peace of mind and mental and physical health, ease as opposite to disease;
Freyja is the perpetual creative love and eternal dynamism;
Sif is the ripened corn-field, and our evolved way of thinking;
Sun is our inner enlightenment;
Skadi is our strength and power to see and fight for the righteousness that we certainly do feel inside us.

To eliminate and ban these beautiful concepts in our souls, and to replace them by obedient Mary, the male-ruled, dressed "tool" (domestic animal) to beget sons with, is one of the lousy acts, -- -- or crimes towards us --, theft and crimes of that imperialistic church.
This (i.e. stealing concepts) is strategy that seems to work.
Or what? Do we not realise that "revelation" of the church is a trap?-- In christianity "revelation" is not the greatness of seeing the innermost gap, the transcendent, and live in Truth, as is the original meaning of revelation. The concept is stolen from us (by the church) to mean: become an adherent to the church, give us your money and thereby you buy a ticket into heaven for yourself.

Sects are fighting in between them.

The monotheistic theocratic sects are competing (and fighting bloody wars) for each one's imperialism in the whole world. To take only a bit of the christian part, you know how the crusaders killed each other to gain territory for kings;
Lutherans oppose Jehova's Witnesses and warn people against their astray-leading rubbish-doctrine. Evangelic priests shout this up loud where ever they can;
the pope officially announces his worries because of a terrible threat, which is: Protestants (Lutherans, evangelists) are gaining on on "his" territory in South-America.
Luther was a devoted devil-hater and his writings are censored, before we see it, because of his insane frenzy about luring devils. Above all luring in women. Some Augustinus has to be kept away safely too in the Vatican.

Theocracies are a part of the world political debate and conquests:
The president of the United States lays his hand on the Jewish Bible to make an oath for office, he belongs to a Christian sect that officially calls others devil-worshippers, and on top of that he (Bill Clinton) aids Islam to gain territory for Muslim states in Europe. A president of the US does all kinds of things to try to be popular(?) -- or what?

Do not let the word religion deceive you, blind your understanding. It has two meanings, and that is the smart trap.

None of this theocracy business has anything to do with spirituality, apart from the stolen concepts, the labels, that are a part of the trap. The word religion is used to let the world imperialism look holy. It is a gag for the credulous. Why are men credulous sheep? Because those who rebel are tortured. Some loose their job (in modern societies), some were burned alive (in Europe some years ago), and religious wars are all over the globe right now.

Known strategies: One is: "The mother of all arts"(!!).

All despots claim to be father and mother of arts. They monopolise art for their purpose, they ban art that could spoil their purpose.
Even if some say, piously extolling, that the church is "the mother of all arts", we know that all sly tyrants ban all art apart from that allowed (used) to push forward and exalt their self-promoting cause, their despotism. The church is no exception. The music and buildings in Europe were made for the church _because_ the church monopolised art and killed those who did something that was not exalting the church.
All heathen art was banned. The only place where artists could actually thrive was inside the church-domain. This makes the church ãthe mother of all arts"????
---- If we really seek painstaking horror and disgustingly sick porno we can find the well-hidden Lutheran art, where devils, horror-monsters, fire, torture and women are the project of sick, sadistic church-"artists' " minds.---
Bach would have made music even if the church had not been invented and even if the Moses's God had not been imported to Europe. There was art among men for thousands of years before the theocracies were even invented.

Missions are tools for imperialism;

Semitic culture, called religions, is devouring the peoples of the earth in a mad race one against another.
What is that "love" and "peace" that these men talk about?
Is the purpose of that babble only to bluff the innocent asses to join in?
A part of the gimmick is promising peace, but is the whole thing just a hunting game?
A global war?
The aim: global conquest?
"We love one-another" means: we (on our side) are one army, and shall convert (or else kill) all of the Satan's party (i.e. kill those who refuse to take part in "our" sect).

Some sects tell their people to have as many kids as they can. Males fall dead in the holy wars of expanding the belief and go to heaven. Surviving men shall beget many children. Women are tools to bear sons.

What meaning do we put into the word "holy"?

To use (abuse) the word "God" for a power that must be obeyed and flattered for is called theocracy.

This is not completely without mystic, as mystical terms, ancient terms that we already have heard, are used (abused) to make the theocracy _look_ profound. But it is not profound. It is a device for some men's dominance urge. The mystic is only to delude, not for us to find our inner gods and goddesses, -- because that is banned and the "only true" theocratic God is exclusively allowed (and compulsory).

This has so contaminated the word god, that some people in the West -- some few men that see through the theocracy -- either hate or just dismiss the word god. Some have only heard the word god used for money-sucking worldly institutions and the concept mystic only as that delusive garb that these institutes use, along with their God, as a camouflage. Some know God as warfare and conquests only.
Even in materially-rich and claiming-to-be-educated(!!!) Europe, these God-parties are killing each other's sectarians in the streets --- in the streets in many "civilised" modern cities in Europe. Just do not forget Ireland, even if the Balkan comes to our mind, and Southern-Russia. Do we realise that this killing is all in the name of that one and the same God? He is a bloody war-God, and killing-God. A bellicose God.

These riot-sects and -institutions promise heaven of their God to the obedient, and they threat the disobedient with death and then threat with accommodations in a desert-hot hell. Their real purpose is conquering territory, -- gradually the whole world, --- theocracies in competition with other theocracies. These armies have been killing each other and also heathens (pagans) for some 3000 years, and we find them in all continents in our times.

No way can the behaviour of that "church of christians" through the ages agree with what "Jesus the Jew" is said to have said. It does not make any difference, actually, if a Jesus said it or it was taken from Odinn and other heathens and rewritten in Rome. What Jesus said or is said to have said is heathen, as Jesus was teaching inner gods to the Jews and the Romans used heathen sayings for Jesus.

Jesus the Jew was telling the other Jews about inner god, the eternal tradition, and therefore the Roman emperor or other Jews removed him. Inner gods are the opposite of theocracy.
Israelis of the Letter of the Book still, in our times, threat to kill Israelis that want any kind of democracy. For them that concept called jesus, (saviour, by the Romans) was dangerous to the theocracy and was, therefore, removed (killed).

But this is for literalists only.   The myths are an allegory of how to get out of ignorance and into the new territory of spiritual purity.   No real ground, but symbols only.

Heathenry and the Asiatic influence is concerned with, and all about, each individual's evolution and the evolution of mankind. This is the teaching of Jesus and Óšinn and all the other gnostics, philosophers and heathens;

On the other hand, in the hands of the literalists: the Moses's theocracy and the Roman christian church is the complete opposite as it is a tool to make an obedient mass of people and an army for the purpose of world conquest: Power.

We might assume this Jew later named jesus (the saviour caesar) was perhaps an enlightened person that taught (tried to teach) his fellow-men, the Jews, spirituality. The core in his teachings and his ethics is the very same as the core in paganism, heathenry.
We know that in the older bible there are ancient Asian myths, only there they are used for the Hebrews, -- but they (the slaves) were of many nations but all of them heathen men, enslaved in Egypt, as we are told. They knew the ancient myths from their lands in the East, and these myths were used (abused) to make the theocracy. Moses was a smart guy and wanted power and a people to call his own.  But Moses never was a living man.  This is myth only.  Literalists use it as history.

European theocracy used the same tactic: Much is taken directly from Odinn and given to the caesar Jesus. As an example:
Fight all unrighteousness as if it were your personal enemy.
I am the way, every heathen can say.
I am the Truth, every heathen can say.
I am life, every heathen can say.
As you saw so you shall reap, every heathen knows as Urður (Urdur, what already is), Verðandi (what is, is becoming), Skuld (duty, debt, our due repay according to our past deeds, allotted duty).
I am son of God ?  yes, every heathen knows himself to be ginnungagap. We are divine beings, Loki. We are sons of the sacred ginnungagap. Just like our gods and goddesses we a both worldly and divine.
Make all peoples disciples means: To teach all men spirituality.
You must know: It does _not_ mean to convert to the sects of the church and to threat-impose and to bribe to that worldly institution that uses poor innocent Jesus-symbol for its imperialistic all-worldly purposes.

The Jews removed that man (later called Jesus), the literalists claim. He was a threat to social peace and their (the Jews') behavioural rules. His (Jesus's) teachings contradicted the Bible of Judaism. The Roman Pontius Pilatus washed his hands of this sentence.   But all this might be the forgery and lies of the Roman Empire.
Later the Roman church (christians, the cunning strategy of the Roman Empire) used this misunderstood incident. They learned theocracy. They used Jesus (invented a Jesus). They killed Jews in Europe to revenge, and the Jews are still busy making Jew sympathy all over the world, using their money, books, films, for it. After all, their God promised them (the Hebrews/Jews/Israelis/chosens) land, money and power over other men -- which they would enslave.  This is taking stories literally.

But the myths tell us to get rid of past evolutionary stages, the animal nature in us, and step into the territory of divine purity.

See: The bible of Judaism contradicts the teachings of Jesus. The teachings of Jesus agree with the core in heathenry. Never never would the mythical Jesus have had his teachings used for the crimes that the christian church committed in his name. But the myths in the older bible are from heathen (Asiatic) myths, --- only, they are not used in the original meaning in the bible. They are "used" to serve another purpose: not man's evolution (gnosticism), but the theocracy (literalists).

Make all nations disciples means: Rediscover for all men the pure spiritually of the ancient eternal tradition, which all over the world is actually the same as the pure essence of heathenry. Jesus -- not as a living man some 2000 years ago but as a myth -- never meant to destroy paganism and to found and expand theocratic empires, to steal intellectual and worldly riches of nations. Jesus (in the myth) only tried to tell the Jews about our divine innermost essence and the love for fellow men and all beings and for righteousness. He had the courage to cruxify his animal nature, and so shall we.

Heathens are taught to fight Fenrir (evil), wherever they see unrighteousness, fight against it as if it were our personal enemy. The evolution of man is the purpose of life, and unrighteousness, Fenrir, evil, is a bad thing to have around.
Fighting unrighteousness was exactly what that Jesus was doing.  Evolution is the opposite of evil and greed.
Therefore it was easy for the Roman empire to make slogans that appealed to heathens. They invented a pope, pontifex maximus, from the caesar pontifex maximus, and used the words of Jesus and Óðinn (Odinn). It was the perfect Roman strategy to absorb christians that were becoming a power, and the discovered a fine new tool to conquer nations. Of course brute force had to be used along with it, but the real strength was to deceive the mind of the mass of people. (The rest could be killed.)

The new testament is known to contain a lot of forgeries and falsified history, lies and misinterpretaions.

The hidden strategy of a theocracy:

I repeat: ...steal intellectual and worldly riches of nations...
The tactic used in Europe was to steal all shrines and make them into churches, steal all sacred sites and use them for christian crimes such as killing the heathens, steal all concepts and abuse them for the theocracy;
Do you see all the pantheons of the pagans that now are christian churches? Do you see all the ethics that are said to be christian? Do you realise all the lies about the ancient pagan wisdom? And how the beauty of it is said to be christian?
Many people believe all this rubbish and, in their ignorance, find the church holy and the heathens profane. This is the result the empire wanted and got by: stealing (shrines and concepts), killing (those who could not even be force-converted), lying (about our ancient wisdom), imprinting (of the false slogan: the church is good and holy), brainwashing (until only the wrong history was taught to kids), -- and the money (the riches stolen from heathens too) used to spread the lies.

_All_ beings, all men on earth,

..... or, in other words: To see the whole of mankind as of the same divine origin, actually, is the opposite of what we read in the old testament as seen by literalists.
A chosen people, a holy land, a world conquest and the subduing of others, are the prophet's ideas. This stuff entirely contradicts the true spirituality, the eternal tradition, heathenry, --   but gnostics read the holy land as a higher state of consciousness of an individual.
Evolution of man, and of mankind, is the purpose of life. Not the world domination of cunning (clever) despotic bloody-wars' criminal institutions that call themselves revelations or advanced "religions"

Now we have seen:
As Moses, literally taken, might have learned the tactic theocracy from the Faraos, so the Romans might have learned this clever tactic from the Jews.
When the Romans in Rome had endless problems with some christian underground sects in Rome, they just were smart (politically) and incorporated them.
Stalin used the same trick on the church in the USSR, and the catholic bishops there were very happy to have a good God-man there (Stalin) who admitted the church, so they stopped opposing him, and, -- admiring the wise ruler (the mass-murderer!!) -- rejoiced in their granted admittance and legal power as a recognised institution in the communistic state.

Never did the church in Europe oppose Nazism, Hitler and Mussolini. No. Actually quite the contrary. Christians kill Jews because Jews killed their Jesus, if the myth is taken literally and the forgeries of the Roman Empire believed.
And the church is, and wants as much to be, a world empire as the Nazis wanted to become. Nazism is christians fighting for their empires and the Jew-killing of the christians. Monotheistic men often are racists, or nazists. It seems to be a part of the idea to be "super" and "above" other men.

This is very alien to heathenry. Only each individual should do his best for himself and for all others. Fight unrighteousness and be fair. Subduing or being subdued has no place in heathenry.  Pantheon and polytheon means liberal individual views and ideas.

You might not have heard this:

Actually Jews are said to have invented communism in Russia. According to some actually Jews brought communism to China. Actually Jews do have a grip on American capitalism and withhold Jew-sympathy in Europe too through cunning channels. Do not think they are daft, and do not forget that they, just like other theocracies and literalists of a mono-God, are going to be the greatest and the chosen and the richest and the world emperors. Money is their tool, sometimes theocracies use missions, sometimes they use bloody wars, somtimes only money-power.

So the peaceful-looking tool is: If you can not kill your enemy, flatter him, cheat on him, lie to him, pretend to be his friend.

According to the bible of Judaism killing, lying, flattering, bribing, are good means for the man of the Letter. God will reward for it. Land, riches, power and heaven. Not too bad at all for the allowed means. But all this is worldly stuff. That we should realise.

For heathens, on the other hand, these means give bad karma, Uršur Veršandi Skuld, and should be avoided at all cost.

A Muslim that I know tells me that Islam can never accept christian communism, because it is Allah who decides who is rich and who is poor. Even if christianity and Islam are known to be sisters, both counting for Abraham (= father to all), and officially they call the Jews the master nation, they do not agree on details. And there are endlessly many divisions of this only true God's institutions in the world.

The mixture of concepts in Europe:

The easiest way for the Roman Emperors was to sneak into prevailing heathenry.
We do not know how heathenry was at the time that the Roman Empire got the name Christian Church, and the caesar, saviour, jesus, got the name Pope.
Where the Vatican is now is said to be an ancient sacred place of heathens.

There were some rituals known by heathens, but the diversity of heathenry is as great as is the number of heathens, and no-one tries to claim a "right" way. This diversity and that total lack of the "correct" way of thinking, is the strength of heathenry inside each man, and this is the weakness of it as a mass-tradition or a movement.
We should not even try to make a union of heathens, as it might so easily become an institution. It is great fun to live and to talk together as friends and allies, but trying to make an institution or an apparatus from something called asatru, would be a flop and ruin the individuality and the delicate way of seeking inwards.
But to let coming generations understand the secret code, the co-dice, of edda, is making the beautiful wisdom from our ancient ancestors available for each seeking soul.

..symbolic language, the abyss....
audio-video, the abyss of the symbolic language of edda

No threat, responsibility only;

Fear can not be exploited in heathenry, as there is nothing to fear;
There is fate, örlög -- that each individual makes himself for himself and for his fellow-men and for the whole world by his deeds and doings, or even by his inertness (drómi, lęšingur) and lack of deeds and doings. Not only actions, but also the lack of the right action, is discussed in heathenry, in edda.

There is no code of behaviour other than what each individual wants to do with his life - of which he is fully responsible.
The problem is now-a-days that fathers and mothers can not discuss it, can not teach their kid any pagan morality to contemplate on, --- because no parents have known any of it for so long.
What is "known" or assumed to be "known" is often distorted by the church and contaminated by the invention: christianity.

In its purest form heathenry is sheer beauty. Ancient and true. Wisdom, knowledge, about life and evolution, the cycles and our behaviour and purpose.

We know some concepts to be heathen originally, but the mixture in Europe it difficult to sort out, i.e. we will not be able to know exactly which is which originally. We have rituals, sayings, holy sites, and legends that have be changed and abused or reused in a wrong context. Many things called "devilish" (whatever that is), are ancient sacred pagan wisdom and knowledge that could not be suffocated or killed or uprooted or used in the theocracy. Therefore it was debased and distorted. Now we are confused.

I shall give examples on the confusion (theft):

We know about heathen christmas, jól (jol), jul, yule, and the fabula of the baby. We know Easter (goddess of spring, easterly winds, dawn of light of life, dawn of enlightenment in man) that was Jew-fashioned as Semitic pasques, adding Jesus to that blood- and kill-feast.  ---   Long Friday is the beautiful spring-day of Freyja (Fri-day) at Easter-time (the German goddess of spring ).

The name-giving (to a new-born baby) with water-ritual is originally heathen, meaning personal spiritual renewal. Now that (baptising) is used to glue a person (more often than not a newborn defenceless baby) to an institute. Nothing spiritual about it. It is for the institution only. The institute, that now uses baptising as name-giving for its egoistic purposes, had not yet been invented when the pagans (heathens) gave names to their kids, using purifying water as a symbol for renewal and purity.

Not one of the duties of the priests are for man. All is for the institution church for which they work, which they "serve", for wages.  Serving God is working for the institution.

If Jesus did say what he is said to have said, it did get a concord in heathen concepts. They are the same in essence. We do not know, actually, what is what, who wrote what, who said what, where things were changed or added, where they were preserved without any change but that of their names. Heathens in Europe knew the same things as Jesus is said to have learned in Asia, in the Himalayas. It is the entire opposite to the Bible, the New Testament invention of literalists in Rome, and the church's purpose. Therefore the cunning strategy was to incorporate heathenry and use all the pantheons and sacred sites and heathen ethics. In addition they killed and burned -- what could not be taken over.

The Greeks knew the unknown god, but Paul the apostle introduced a known god. Somehow the richness and depth of the Greek theosophy allowed the known god to be added to its open and free philosophy.  Paul was a gnostic, but a Paul in the Roman New Testament might be forgeries only.

(For the English speaking that have rather shallow sense for words compared to Old Norse and Greek, filo-sofy means to love wisdom; philosophy is not just a lot of words and talking about topics; it is the reaching and the finding of inner knowledge; the shallow English, using Latin and Old Norse and Greek words, often lacks the profound feeling for concepts. Words are for some just labels. But for Old Norse each word is a world on its own. Please do not get offended.)

Whatever then happened to the open Greek mind --- that used to be searching for inner Truth --- the Moses-God became a rigid fact in Greece. Orthodox, and those who did not "fall in line" were removed.   How did a minor tribal Hebrew diety get that far?
To-day (--in our times in our "civilised"(!!) Europe --) Orthodox Greeks treat hen to kill Greeks that want to understand the heathen (pagan) ancient Greek gods and goddesses for what they meant to their common ancestors -- gods and goddesses, the divine trends and sacred power inside each man. They threat to kill. Murder. How typically christian and biblical (literalistic) that is. The Bible and the Church do allow it for the cause of their theocracies (imperialism). Holy crimes in the false name of peace and love.  They lost the meaning of myžos and filosofi

The ancient gods in Greece are used for the tourist-business only now-a-days. The Hebrew-God has a nice sect of Greeks there now. A Sunday-mass might take four hours, and some do not even get a seat, but still attend the mass. The Roman and the Greek and the Lutheran, evangelic, are fighting sects, and Islam is coming to threat their power in Europe, and the Jews use arts and money to get a grip too in Europe. These are theocracies. Completely devoid of spirituality and concern for individual man's and mankind's evolution.

We in Iceland did go to church during the dark middle ages, because it was compulsory and because other kinds of gatherings were banned as being of the "devil" (whatever that was, as heathens never heard of that before). Church was the only amusement(!) allowed, and everyone had to show up for church. Some were tortured and killed if they did not show up. Said to be satanic black magic doomed black sheep, that must burn alive, slowly, to clean the soul.
But now-a-days the church has to advertise, and give coffee and cakes, and some better entertainment than the boring priest, in order to get some souls to show up. They buy organs for millions and pay the singers.
Tough competition now-a-days. The priests have to smile very very very very much to sell their stuff. And hell is of no use any more to exploit fear for obedience.
They put on marketing strategy for the invention year 2000, invention I say, because the anno zero, anno domini, is just a fake invented by some smart guy in the Vatican in Rome.

The church is that of literalists, and people drift away from that and institutional religions. They are a state in the state and get public money, but some priests complain it, the church, to have become a stone-troll or night-troll !!! 

(steintröll or nįtttröll; they can not tolerate sunshine, and that phrase is used in Icelandic for anything stagnated and obsolete, antiquated, out of date).

Recent Europe's empires.

Egypt and Babylonia, some 4000 yeas ago, did not reach Europe. Hellenistic empire, some 2300 years ago was mostly towards the south-east, not towards northern Europe, The Roman empire, historians claim, in the CE-year 180 (after zero), spanned Mediterranean region, plus Gaul and north to England. Arab empire in 732 covered Spain and touched the Black Sea. Then we have, 800-700 before zero (CE), Greek city states, plus the founding of Rome. (Or something like that i think we learned in school(?).) The papal empire gradually took over from the Roman one, 100 to 400 after zero (A.D., or RS, Roman strategy), leading to the Dark Ages, High Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation, to age of reason, industrialism, socialism (1900). The Papal Empire (- well, some difficulties and conflicts of the Vatican with aggressive Lutheran sects' and other monotheistic sects' conquests -) covers North- and South America, Europe, Northern Asia, Australia, some countries in Africa. It's purpose is to gain territory, an imperial one, and all prevailing pagan (heathen) culture is destroyed, sometimes by the strategy of using it and changing it from within, sometimes by killing and burning. It sounds better to steal than to burn. Looks better in the eyes of the world, then bloody crimes and brute force is a stand-by tool. (Brute force was earlier used by the literalist christians, and is still being used by some other monotheistic sects).

The Roman Empire is said to have used brute force. They discovered theocracy, took in (imported) the mob's volition instead of fighting it. Very clever.Used then forgeries and lies. Then, gradually, the grip became psychological warfare. The riches of the church are from blood, booty, crimes, threats, blackmail, exploitation of credulity (i.e. heaven, hell), lies, burning fire.

Riches, territories and power are the real purpose of empires. The pope wears white and talks about peace and love, and asks for more money and power for further expansion of his institute, and so do bishops. Now the institutions have changed their name "institution" (for strategical purposes) to "movement" (sounding more sympathetic). That sounds psychologically much more "of the people", instead of "obedience to an institution". The conquest is called philanthropy and love and peace. Sounds good? Fine marketing strategy. And they (some) believe they are saving souls form eternal perdition.

The last country in Europe to fall prey was Iceland:
Heathens lived peacefully in Iceland until 999 (-- 999 after Roman/European anno zero; 999 CE, christian era, or RS, Roman strategy, the smart invention anno domini, AD, Lord's year, year zero that never was. And the calculation is all a mistake, even if smart and really serves its purpose, it is wrong. No Jesus was known to be born that year. No Jesus is known to be born at all!!!

But in most European countries the pure heathens, the pagans, still live.  Heathenry never could be suffocated. It pertains Truth and therefore can not die. We might not recognise it all, -- but some of it, definitely, has not been contaminated.

..symbolic language, the abyss....
audio-video, the abyss of the symbolic language of edda

There were also some christians here in Iceland ever since the official settlement (said to be in 874, but that 874 is considered to be faked timing). But no conflicts occurred in heathen times, as lenience (tolerance, forbearance -- i.e. not opposing other men's philosophy of life) is inherent in heathenry. Actually the versions of heathenry are as many and diverse as are many the heathens. There is no orthodox, no only right way, not musts and bans. But there is sound ethics. There is delicate reverence to all nature. We have the responsibility, the standing up to one's personal sense of righteousness, the courage to have a personal view.

The word or concept Weltanschauung is often used to describe the custom, the cult, the culture, the tradition, the sidur (sidr; Sitte), that is very individual in nature. It is philo (i love) sophy (wisdom) --  looking for the underlying Knowledge (gnosis).

In Heathenry, we must know, that ignorance, belief, dominance, subduing, and obedience, are considered lousy qualities of a man and bad habits that should be avoided at all costs. Only when treaded on we might fight back -- but not always even then. Only for the universal righteousness we fight. Egoistic, mean and selfish purposes are considered to be of a low nature, actually to base for a heathen man to enjoy in life.

Iceland was the last country in Europe to be conquered by literalist-christianity. Heathens are said to have been noble and peaceful men, having exquisite ethics, and there was perfect freedom of thinking and opinions in spiritual matters. (That very history is written by christian Icelanders, and still they admitted and praised the noble heathen moral and behaviour!).

(note: the Icelanic Sagas are written under xtianity by xtians, and are literature;  the poems like edda are ancient oral tradition, overlevering (not seen as literature), and are heathen heretage.  Do not mix these two:  Sagas and edda)

That very history also tells us how the christians ridiculed an old heathen man when he was wetted (baptised) and humiliated. He had that only choice to save his life and that of his family by surrendering to the armed, threatening christians. And the christians laughed and made nasty comments about his humility. -- This i quoted in our history books.

In 999 a christian king took young Icelanders as hostages, kept armed men at hand, and he threat-imposed christianity upon us. It is said to have been a "peaceful" agreement as no blood was shed on that day.
Heathens were unarmed at Althing -- as always.
"Peaceful", backed up by the threat of killing and bloodshed? This is a distortion of the word "peaceful" to my mind. Mental violence is violence, not peace.

The heathens did not realise that all the agreements were worth nothing, because christians lie and brake promises as a rule of the church. For them that is holy means. For a heathen a promise is a promise that must be kept. Not a betrayal as the christians used it.

All promises to heathens were broken by the christians. Then the church got rid of the king and became a state itself. And killing of heathens came shortly after that. The church was a state in the state holding all worldly power in its firm hands. At first they were catholics, but the Lutheran protestants caught and executed the catholic bishop and his sons when they were in warfare against the Lutherans. The Lutherans actually were insane fanatics, and both sects are warfare-addicts.

The slack moral - the immorality.
The raconteurs tell us about a famous Icelandic christian missioner that was preaching in the North of Iceland, trying to convert people there. A prominent heathen man talked against his christianity so the missioner had no luck and had to retreat and leave the place. The missioner informed the king, and told him about that certain heathen man that spoke with great success against christianity.
The king sent his armed men to murder that heathen where he was, unarmed, at his work.

This famous missioner now stands in the north of Iceland as a big statue, put up by modern christians, to rejoice for ever in the great task he performed when christianising Iceland. All his crimes and rotten means are now looked at as good christian deeds .

Heathens did not realise, to begin with, how theocracy works.
The entire opposites, -- spirituality and worldly urge for dominance -- were mixed up. That confused us.
We defended our shrines against the plunderers as this was our dear possessions and a sacred place for our rituals, devotion, our most profound search for the Great Spirit within. We loved our shrines. They were holy places to us.
Therefore, actually just therefore, the christian church overtook them.
(You see this same pattern wherever Semitic culture is seizing power: Overtake the shrines and the poeple's holy hills and put the theocratic house there. If the previous owners rebel to regain their precious place, then the bloodshed begins, and the previous owner is called a fanatic murderer.

Those of heathens who survived the holocaust by confessing "belief" (whatever that was) could only inherit a sackful of mix-up of ideology that still (--in our age of science and reason and even our sincere will to understand--) can not be sorted out.

The church is a state in the states in Europe, and we do not understand why it is there at all. It's purpose seems to be to withhold its own existence, keep people's souls in, and expand in the third world using European money for that.
(goes for US /americas too)
The tactic changes, and is adjusted to needs, in order to serve the same old purpose, power urge. In changing times the tactic is adjusted. The mission still is the same:  that of the Roman Empire.

The pope is a small guy in Europe now, and he is desperately trying to withhold his popularity in South-America, and to appear in Asia either as a "spiritual leader" (sounds fine?), or as a head of state (if that appeals to some) as the Vatican is a state. Some Asian states flatly refuse his offer of "visits", as they realise his disguised quest. Others think they have such a sound ancient firm culture that a little christian pope could not pick on it. But those get into trouble, because christianity sneaks into ancient concepts, and there the mettre-en-scene comes in, an array, arrayal.

( -- do you understand?, -- but this "array"-word is thought to be from Germanic, Icelandic slang (verb) "redda"; vulgar Latin: arredare (ad+redare), to provide in a casual way what is needed at the moment. Arraying then: clothing, or dressing up of, an arrangement made to have control over the Schauspiel and provide what is needed in order to to be able to go on with the manipulation without the core of it to be exposed to inconvenient truth about it;
I am sorry, but English seems to need a whole paragraph of explanation and still the depth of feeling is missed out; -- where Latin, Greek, and Old Norse have one word in, perhaps, ablativus instrumentalis, to say the hint into our awareness for the concept.
Sanskrit has so many layers of understanding, that we, Europeans, miss out half of it (-- or a lot more?).)

(allow me to take a word out of context:  curfew, lights out, locked.  In italian it is copri fuoco when the old people went to bed and covered the fire with ashes to save it till next morning;  do you see what i mean???)

We know that these monotheists are still killing each other in Europe now-a-days!!!. Why? -- That we do not comprehend. There are religious wars in Europe. In Northern Ireland Catholics and Lutherans are killing and bombing each other in the streets (for some decades); and Islam and the Jews and the christians are in constant debate for European souls and land.
But the news we get of Europe and also from other continents are biased. The church is always said to be the "good guy" and the others "the bad guy". We never get the core and naked truth in our "western" (Judeo/christian) news. Censor!!, probaganda.

Back to the christianisation of Europe some 1000 to 2000 years ago:

In Europe, bishops boosted about -- in order to look grand in the eyes of the popes -- that they force-baptised thousands of heathens and killed them right after. The bishops were trying to become saints. These "saints" are still worshipped by the descendants of the killers and of the killed ones. There are holidays in Europe that are to exalt these "saints" that massacred our forefathers. In some cases ancient heathen holy days were suffocated and replaced by the St.Mass-murderer's day.

How heathen idols that were cues inwards to our inner divinity were replaced by holy men (saints) in order to draw our mind out and towards the theocracy:

Saints in christianity, in the christian church (the despotic institution) are statues and idols, dead men. They were put up in order to replace our inner gods and goddesses towards whom we, heathens, had reverence.
For us, heathen men, the idols, i.e. gods and goddesses, are clues or cues or idols, that should lead us inwards to the great Truth.

On the other hand the saints serve the purpose to reverse our seeking inwards, and to replace the depth and the channels inwards -- which a heathen man finds when reaching his inner divinity -- by the church's idols. Saints of the church are mass-murderers said to have been good men. The expanded the power of the church, killed heathens, confiscated land and possessions to the papal institution church, and thereby gave it power to expand even further. Money, army, territory, terror. Essential means for empires and their purpose.

If we are not lazy-minded, we might give this simple schematised history a further thought, --- some more contemplation --, and perhaps see through theocracy and discriminate and distinguish between spirituality and warfare -- that, -- only to confuse us -- , both are called a "religion".

But it is so much easier not to care. No bother. Anyway all this stuff is worldly, and empires come and go in all times. All worldly things come and go.
Why should I bother to worry and analyse that situation?
A friend of mine (intelligent guy, a historian) said: -I am too busy to live to have time to contemplate on these spiritual matters.

First part (above) was all about: how are theocracies run?
Second part (coming up) is on: what is heathenry?:

Each man is his own jesus; Each heathen is his jesus.  Take myths as myths, allegory and symbolic the events.

How shall we have the ancient wisdom available for every generation?

Let's hope -- for the evolution of mankind on Earth -- that we can know and realise that each man is his own Jesus - completely self-sufficient without these institutions.

Within us is the divine ginnungagap. From It we infuse divine power into our worldly evolutionary life. The profound wisdom of the much-misunderstood Vedas, and that same profound wisdom in our little northern edda, will be understood anew.
If we do want to use the popular super star Jesus as a media, let it be into our own divinity within. Not to an all-worldly institution. And to start with we shall rid us of the church and all that money- and power- and world-empire-business.

Jesus means saviour, and that was a caesar's title. Jesus as a man of the literalists church (forgeries in the new testsment), on the other hand, was an evolved soul, misunderstood by his kinsmen in Israel, trying to infuse theocracy with Asian wisdom.

How come he, long after his worldly death, was used, i.e. abused, by the Roman empire, the christian church, for crimes, crusades, gaining of territory for power-greedy emperors. All this is the entire opposite of what Jesus as a man is said to have said.   Was it the purpose all the time???

The Bible is a copy of ancient heathen, Asian, myths, but they are "used" for theocratic purposes; In the same way the ancient heathen sayings are used (abused) for the theocratic empire in Europe. We can find heathen saying in Jesus's words. No wonder. It is the heathen stuff "used", reused, in order to make the theocracy work on the mob. It looks familiar, it looks sacred. And the deception works.

Our present times of info and data, are those of ignorance, material worship, theocracies and conquests. But inside every human being there is our divine unmanifest ginnungagap, Brahman of the Ved, waiting for us to rediscover It and release It, our pure essence, spirituality, immortal Being, unbounded freedom, nourishing self-sufficiency and eternal bliss.
Finding this is what our shaman is all about. The Zeitgeist and Sitte will in the future be that of finding inner gods and goddesses, and there is peace of mind and power of life.

But what shall we do, and what shall we not do?

Shall we try to convince people, our fellow men, about this?
I don't think we should. All that "save the world" effort easily becomes clausulae and dogma. We know some to be caring for our souls, and others to want our money to expand their sect.

vishva shaanti raastra

When I was a kid there was that "man on the box", karlinn á kassanum. He stood in the main square in the centre of Reykjavik on that wooden box, (Icelandic: "kassi"), which he brought with him, and carried away back home after his shouting of warnings to the ignorant sheep that passed him without hearing his warning. He was telling the man in the street to repent and confess belief to the Moses's God before doomsday. Some hours of shouting each day. I often listened to him, and never could make my opinion clear about him. Some people smiled and pitied him for his amusing effort. Most people just passed by. Karlinn á kassanum, "the man on the box".
No. I do not think we should try to get a kassi and teach the man in the street anything. I do not like the idea.

The elevated mind seeks Truth, and we should have our ancient wisdom _available_ for kids and grown-ups.

Holistic teaching is in TM-based schools by the thousands in the world. They produce super-kids that score the highest in every subject, as their potentiality is unlimeted.  They teach science of life, based on total Natural Laws!

Every individual should be his own hierophant (i.e. interpreter of secret mystery). Kids usually rely on their parents' opinions. Often parents do not know Truth. Sometimes they are sect's adherents and teach nothing else that what the specific sects indoctrinates.
Sometimes parents could not care less about this god-stuff. For them it is some church-rubbish from bottom to end.
Some parents never actually talk to their kids on anything more than: brush your teeth, go to bed, wake up, go to school, say thank you, turn the TV off, be polite, obey me, here is your pocket money.

Some people seem to think that science and god-talk are entire opposites. Science being modern and rational and concrete, but god-talk being belief and mystical unexplainable gabble, fit for illusions and the theologists that can not explain anything, only claim "believe, be liberated, hosianna, haleluia, it is written there in The Book so it is the truth". Dope for the soul.

Books and the Letter are one thing (nįtt-tröll, stein-tröll), --  gnostic, understanding, seeking the Knowlegde, spirituality, is quite another thing.

Actually, we do find in heathenry a description of the beginning of the world, and the science about its origin, and, in every detail it is in accord with what modern science is finding to-day.
Read the book Óðsmál (Odsmal) to find out about quantum physics and string theory and the illusion called time. The olden guys, our ancient forefathers, knew a lot more about life, and the transcendental field of life, than we do now. Modern science is gradually revealing that lost wisdom. But modern science has still a long way to go before it can explain the secret of our divine origin, which is known in heathenry -- if we do want to understand.

The wisdom is all there, heathenry only needs a mind to understand.

We are an easy prey for the institutions that say they "know" and offer to "liberate" us from "the darkness", put us "in contact with eternal salvation". There is such a bundle of guides and self-appointed hierophants all over the place pushing their views upon us. A poor man on a box shouting to by-passers; and some glamorously dressed bishops on high wages smiling. MPs showelling tax-payers' money into the stagnated literalists' institution (for salvation?? or as a force of habit?).
Just know about the good woman, that used to be a missioner in Ethiopia, came back to Iceland, worked with the dying, trying (when nobody was watching her!!) to have the dying patients repent their sins and confess belief in the monotheistic-God of the Bible.

Only our own state of consciousness will guide us to what we need.

But I suggest that we have the pure wisdom of our ancient Europe available for the seekers of Truth. Those who deserve it will find it. If it is nowhere to be found, how can anyone come across it? 

book Óšsmįl, see homepage, and

...symbolic language, the, the abyss of the symbolic language of edda

If no-one can find it anywhere, I am responsible. It is my fault not to have put it somewhere, not to have told the world about it. The edda is here in Iceland in front of me.
The oral tradition tramanded to us through the ages is here all around in myths and legends and folklore and customs. The understanding is inside me too. Therefore it is my personal allotted duty to interpret it into common language. It is the most beautiful wisdom on earth. It has survived the dark ages, it is here for us when we are ready, and without it we can not understand the purpose of life, and many of our lives will be wasted for the insatiable collecting frenzy of material stuff only.

I suggest we teach the wisdom of our ancestors as science.
I get the idea from scientists that compare modern science and Vedic science, -- these two sources agreeing in the most accurate details --- that our times can understand spirituality through scientific terms. My teacher is a physicist and an enlightened man, knower of the Ved. And his teachings trigger of a blissful smile on my lips.

Leave and dismiss all this astray-leading mystery-talk, religion-wars, liberation-institutes. All these concepts are unusable and only mislead us, as they have been - deliberately or sheepishly - abused for things (racket) that are all-worldly and meant to deceive us. Don't try to correct them. People are either sick and tired of them, or have a firm opinion on them, an opinion that sure can not be altered by any reasoning. Belief is so rigid and blind that we should just dismiss it rather than to discuss it

Take for example yog, that means union - union to the unbounded ginnungagap, i.e. transcending the world of thoughts.
We, in the west, do not understand this concept any more. We did when shaman was understood in it's profound meaning. When our gods were bonds and ties, super strings and channels, to the underlying great universal spirit. Now religion is fetters to tie us to an institution, supported by threats.

Yoga, union to the innermost Self.
When we talk about Gerður (Gerdur) of Skírnismál (Skirnismal) uniting with Freyr, we now-a-days see just a marriage and intercourse. But this union is that of our worldly part (Gerdur) finding and getting into union with our innermost divinity (here god Freyr). Yoga, union, in its real meaning is the union of our self with the universal Self. This is shaman of the heathens. This is edda's love and marriages. Svipdagur and Menglad, the perpetual allegory of our ancient myths about man and his innermost goddess Freyja.
Times will come when we rediscover the profound message.  The allegory in myths, the symbolic meaning of events.

Western yoga is like the parrot's talking.

Yoga here and now means asana and mind-PT (PT is physical training), Hatha Yoga and forced non-thinking.
Strain to get rid of thinking, fighting thoughts, has been taught and called yoga. All kinds of asana is called yoga. Most of the yoga taught now is not transcending at all. Not union with the divine ginnungagap at all. It is a copy of learned visible behaviour (visible surface)only

The church is fiercely opposing yoga as something dangerous to its God (the church's empire), just because it is of Asiatic origin. We know that the church is trying to uproot and ridicule the spirituality of the Veda at all cost. They try at all costs to quench everything heathen too. They are still afraid and still defending their power. They deliberately ruined the meaning of shaman and of orgy. Their success is great for them and bad for us heathens. But we shall regain the understanding of shaman of the Norse. It is delicate, but in the peace within it abides. There the mind "goes home" to its very origin. Easy and delicate, but easily forgotten too because it is delicate.

The most delicate is the most powerful here, prone to misunderstanding of the coarse men.

The church also always tries to sneak into the ancient notion and corrode it. I call is stealing concepts.
The church also calls our seeking for inner gods "contemplating one's own navel", and a sarcastic laughter follows the funny comment.
They are afraid and they must constantly fight against the real Truth. Priests get paid for that from the institution for which the work as servants.

The profound spirituality is delicate and at the same time enormously powerful. The church knows that, and has difficulties in spoiling the profound concepts, even if it succeeded in Europe to spoil heathenry's most beautiful and delicate treasure, transcending and uniting divinity and our worldly life, -- that what Óðinn (Odinn) teaches us in Hávamál (Havamal, runatal,runa-tal) but we do not understand now-a-days.

The success the destroyers of Truth have accomplished is:
They have made our lives shallow, hollow, superficial -- and this lack of profundity inside us makes us, in turn, an easy prey, dependent on luring institutions that claim to be the real foundation for us in our life. We take their bait -- like fish in a muddy water. They can manipulate us because we lost our roots in the firm earth of wisdom, our peace and security in the delicate but powerful treasure of wisdom of our reverent ancestors.

We men are not all of us enlightened.
(well, you might have found out(!!) -- so I need not say this)

We do know that only a small part of mankind is living the higher states of consciousness, and not all of us understand the origin of human life. Our worldly eyes see the world only, as those worldly eyes are made for that exclusively.
Our worldly mind thinks worldly thoughts only as it is made for that.
But our innermost essence is invisible. Only few men living in each times "see" through the illusion of matter. They try to explain to others the unexplainable.
So many others are talking so much and are making use of our credulity, our ignorance, and our need for knowing the mystery of life. We do not see through them, so we are confused. Many preachers really believe that they know the whole truth and speak very much.
How are we to know?
How are we to know who knows and who just is sure that he knows, but perhaps knows less that we ourselves?
We hear men shout at each other the words "our only true prophets" and "your pseudo-prophets". But how are we to know what they are selling?
No wonder we just give up the whole confusing rubbish. Life is so beautiful without all this god-talk, anyway. Living can keep us busy for a lifetime.

According to ancient heathen understanding, each individual is his own saviour. We find everything we need. It comes to us, as we live in accordance with the benevolent Laws of Nature. We take life as an opportunity to live. (This is very simple, isn't it?)
And worries and stress, the "time is running short" is of no concern. We have all eternity. Time never runs short. Time is just an indicator of change from one state/form to another.
But we should use our lives wisely.
A sleeper, a dowser, is not making use of his golden opportunities in his lives.
Hoping, praying, waiting for some Him to come, is the soul-narcotics (institutional religions).

To reach our transcendental consciousness, the universal intelligence that abides in ginnungagap, we seek inwards, into ourselves. We do not need prophets. We do not need institutions. Nor do we need media through which to reach ourselves. But parents might need some understanding of edda to be able to discuss the ancient European philosophy with their kids.

And there is no such thing as death. There is life only.

The despotic institutions do not like this our wisdom. They try to draw people's mind to their God-inventions. Time is always running out in their agenda. Frustration, because others are taking souls and territories that they are going to take. They use fear and some enemy to make stress. They use the term holy wars in order to get their armies moving blindly.

Do we really not see anything holy in the word holy any more?

We Europeans are spiritually frozen.
Where edda is taught at all, it is treated as worldly stories, as literature, as museum junk, interesting for research on meaning of words and exploring funny concepts. It is used for operas and psychology, but hardly ever treated fairly.
Scolars are the worst of all!!
Heathenry in its purest form is much greater and more profound than Christianity, but is not even treated equally to Christianity, -- not to mention that its precious core and necessary understanding is no-where to be found in our educational systems. Christianity is treated as good God stuff (the culture from the literal Moses people and the literal pope), but heathenry is regarded as silly but funny stories from ignorant old men that, well --- actually were "not very simple people" some scholars admit by the way, only had not yet known Christianity, Judaism, and all this superb stuff for mankind. This view is because of some centuries of wrong imprinting and brainwashing in Europe.

Heathenry and the edda is said to be of no relevance as theosophy and spirituality. University-people in Europe seem to be all (more or less) christian-sympathisers, even if they claim to be giving a fair chance for equal treatment. More often than not christian priests teach "all about all religions" in schools, claiming to be unpartial. But they are not -- of course. This is just a good opportunity to preach and convert.
We allow the theocracy to subdue us. We dare not -- or do never get the idea to -- oppose it in any way. It has been here for some generations, and we do not bother to revise it's real purpose.

Politicians, even old communists (that declare being atheists too(!!)), do not oppose the church. They are, perhaps, afraid of loosing votes. Some communists (some "votes" (i.e. voters)) might be awfully christian believers. Safer not to hurt their feelings. Might mean less votes.

Many politicians use Christianity to promote themselves in politics. There are chrisitan parties in politics in many countries. They are sure that voters see Christianity as something very good. Might angle (fish) in many votes.
We have been told since birth: Christianity is good. Christianity is good. Christianity is good.--   The crimes of the church have not been taught in schools. And the crimes in other continents than Europe (in Europe, in the Roman Empire Christianity was invented), ... the crimes outside of Europe have never been told to the christians in Europe. We are made believe that the church and its missions are philanthropy to which we should donate a lot of money.

An Icelandic president, --- an ex-communist and atheist, -- is diplomatic and says: I have all my life been rather evangelic. And his late atheist wife thanked good prayers in churches while she lay sick in an expensive hospital in the States. The president does not drum up his atheism, because by law he is the head of the national church. He might insult the holy army. That would mean a lot of noise. The christians might not vote for him again.

I adored some top-figure in Italy for his atheism:
In Rome, -- Rome that surrounds the Vatican itself -- that brave politician said: "I do not believe in that God". (The church was asking him to donate some money to run some catholic schools that were bankrupt. He refused with this comment!)
You might think that Rome, surrounding the Vatican and the pope, Rome full of catholics, Rome the birth place of western Christianity, was very christian, and you might, also think, that Iceland of the edda, Iceland of the toughest heathenry in Europe, was not very christian. But this is not so. In Iceland there is a state-run church, an institution that sucks money from the tax-payers(!!!!) -- tax-payers that are not Evangelic-Lutheran Protestants (which is the name of that sect) at all, but can be heathen, Buddhists, atheists, Jews, chatholics, Jehovas Witnesses, and lots of other sects and non-sects. -- And MPs do not object(!!), while the politicians in Rome dare proclaim: I am an atheist. The pope is unnecessary.
Here in Iceland all the MPs go to that sect's church before Alžingi is set, even the communists and the atheists.
In Iceland the Lutherans killed the last catholic bishop and his sons in 1550 to end the papal grip and take over themselves.
Christians stole Žingvellir, the sacred site of heathens. Žingvellir christians used to murder innocent men and women, Žingvellir that was the holy ground where no violence or bloodshed, not even carrying weapons, was ever allowed and never occurred by heathens.

We might think that Iceland has always been the most heathen country in Europe. True to a certain extend only. We do have a lot of myths and folklore and legends, and we saved the edda. But now-a-days Iceland still has politicians --- of all parties --- that are afraid of loosing votes if they do not flatter for the literalists of the evangelic Lutheran church and it's "spiritual(??) matters(!)". The bishops claim: MPs do not understand spiritual matters of the church, and should just give us money. More money. More and more money -- without having any opinions or understanding of the purpose of a literalists' church.

Even the rectors of universities think and speak the same replayed cliche.
They see the edda as old research stuff only. They flatter for the department of theology (evangelic Lutheran christianity and Judaism) as of great importance to our spiritual life, as if Christianity is an essential part of life, a refuge from the life in the world!!!
But they look at edda-research as just another worldly research subject of no importance to people's profound sphere of life.

I sum up (- about time to(!!)):
The holygod business smells of holocaust, money, power, wars, crimes. I pity the many nice adherents to God-institutes. They are useful daffies. Volunteers in an aggressive army that bribes now-a-days (instead of killing men, --- but still kills cults and ancient wisdom). These people give their money and time to the church, -- not grasping the plot.
Those who get paid for preaching do not want to spoil their personal profits, their dear wages, and therefore do not want to be rationally discriminating about the stuff they preach. If they were they hardly would preach it. They prefer blind belief in order not to spoil their own employment.(A paid job to defend.) Cunningly smart it is to play a blind fool and just confess belief. They even wave a university degree in that global conquest plot, accompanied with women disdain. A degree in disdain?
But why should they seek other jobs if this easy one makes a living? They have access to tax-payers' money, and the silly tax payer pays and votes for those MPs that let it go on as it has been for so long (an argument that is!!).

How shall we have the ancient wisdom available for every generation?

Modern science and edda in schools.

Let's start teaching in schools about our ancient ancestors´ wisdom as science. Science of our mind, science of ginnungagap (The Unified Field). Science of life, a practical science of life.
Let's forget this term religion. It is no use any more for explaining Truth. It sounds as belief in institutions and their God.. The relatively-newly invented theocracies have spoiled so many terms, contaminated them, abused them.

We will be called blasphemic heretics, dangerous, devilish, new-nazis, and we will be ridiculed for mixing science and God. (I.e.: worldly and heavenly!!, power over the living and the dead.) We shall just dismiss all that noise as all that is the usual tactic of the theocracy's defence force -- obediently carrying out orders from headquarters.

Let us not divide mankind up to them and us, as mankind is one.

The money-power institutions follow the cycles of this world. Empires rise and fall. Only Truth will not perish. Truth is eternal. Men are reborn, but institutions perish in due time.  That is history.

Everyone should have access to the understanding of the profound wisdom of our ancestors.
..symbolic language, the, the abyss of the symbolic language of edda
The elevated mind finds a way for itself to evolve further. Most of us, of course, still have quite a few life-times to live before the dawn of our enlightenment, but our schools should teach the science of our ancient ancestors -- correctly interpreted for kids to enjoy it. Kids and grown-ups should have access to it so that they can at least understand it intellectually. And it is about time to, that they had access to it.

Kids will love to hear that ginnungagap is within us and within everything, and that we are IT --  and how our thoughts can be transcended to get infused by It. Modern science supports this.

Kids will understand the symbolic language:
Sleipnir takes us from Miðgarður (Mid-gardur) to Ásgarður (As-gardur). We are Óðinn (Odinn).
Kids will be enchanted by the thought that our ancient ancestors possessed this knowledge and how smartly they expressed it in our sacred myths and poems. They will look at Snow-White, Cinderella, Thorn-Rose (Sleeping Beauty), the witch and her cat, and the Big Bad Wolf, in a new expanded broad-minded way. Learn to spot a profound message, according to our own understanding, in words, that can have a shallow or a profound meaning, -- depending on us and _our_ shallowness or profoundness of comprehension. They shall learn to see allegory and metaphor, codes and symbols of myths.

Some of us, living at each time, see the world and ourselves as divine. Give the kids, each kid, a chance to do that. Some of them are very very smart.




the apples of Išunn,
gained by transcending,
being ever young, even when we grow old,
the immortality we gain by becoming pure.