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Rgsula, varna

color of the soul, quality of man's psyche, from animal nature to enlightenment,
ancient traditions for safe and easy evolution of each individual,
castes, family dharmas,
order in a perfect society in accord with the constitution of the universe,

(not to be confused with classes as ranks, money, land-lords, upper-middle-lower classes, racism, as we might find in Europe's attitude of "classification" -- and else-where)



Every creature, every individual, animal or a man, is on its/his/her place on the evolutionary road.

We must take our next step from the very spot on which we are now.  Right?


The whole cosmos is evolving, and so are we.

Njrur, our origin in the sea, pulls us to our past (evolution),
Skai, our one-pointed will to seek the highest, the supreme, pulls us to the heights of pure spirituality


We have perhaps had some 3.000.000 or 4.000.000 life-spans.   vi, Sanskrit ayus, is life-span. They come between the stays at Helia (in Hel), --   or the coffee-breaks at Helia come between life-spans, if you wish.

 Helia, a coffee-brake between life-spans, an "in-out" system;
 Urur, Verandi and Skuld (= doings, lapse of time, return of action, leading to duty and dept) is karma -- the reap-as-you-sow thing, -- is the law of nature: every action has an equal reaction, every act, word, thought, returns to its owner (sooner of later)

what i deserve (Skuld) is my own creation (Urur)

Every individual goes through animal-life-spans;
When we are -- in due time -- born as men, we are dragging Paradisos or Gymisgarar along with us into human life.

ur Hnir Lur give qualities of human life;

Gerur Gymisgrum (in Gymis garar/ in Paradise) happy with material life,
unable to value spiritual gold offered by Skrnir for Freyr;
we do not know that we are still dragging the animal stages into human life


In essence we are divine;  -   eternal.
Because of our worldly eyes  -- that see the world --  and because of our individual nervous system (Sleipnir), we see ourselves and others as individuals.

That is OK to a certain extend, as we are evolving as individuals.  But we must not miss out the vital point that we are ginnungagap in essence:  eternal, everlasting, Truth Itself.


Rgur comes to those with little light in their house.  This is a metaphor, and we shall read the allegory in the myth.
Little light is the evolutionary stage of these folks.

The children that choose to be borne here should take their next step from there. They learn the arts and crafts of their parents, and evolution comes easy in this way, if they regularly perform valkyrja (the act of transcending).

So is varna about the color of the soul.  Not color of skin or eyes, not about money and western upper-/lower-classes.
A man's stage of consciousness, a lighter color of his psyche, the inner man, is the purpose of the varna-"scale".

Rgur comes to those with more light and doors better open;  their children choose them as parents, as that is their very spot on which to go on, from which to go on evolving to the highest goal:  perfection.

 This is all about becoming of a pure and divine nature; becoming an einherji, enlightened, Huginn (yogin), Muninn (munhi).
 This is the very purpose of living !!!

>....from which to go on evolving to the highest goal:  perfection.
So is the system of castes.  It is a tradition to help man's evolution, individual dharma and family dharma.

Everyone should live his own dharma.  Svadharma, one's own dharma, is to be on the right spot and take the next step from there; 
Paradharma, the dharma of another/others brings danger.  We should never live the life of another man. We get off-path, stumble, get lost, fall from our own road, loose our svadharma.
Live and die in thy own dharma, and go on from there onto thy next vi (life-span).

     rlg of others (out there) bring danger,
one's own rlg are the road of evolution;
better is death in own dharma than worldly stuff and circumstances gained by livining the dharma of another 

Hvaml:  Ska og brka skammist engi maur n hests in heldur tt hann hafit gan.
(no man should be ashamed of his inexpensive clothes nor of his just-common pony)
So it is not about money and fluffy fringes.  It is about the quality of the inner man.


Fjlskylda  (family) is the duty (Skuld, skylda) towards our family;  family-dharma is of great importance for the whole of society.
Rules, law and regulations that are in accord with the Laws of Nature, the Constitution of the Universe, are good in a society;   --   on the other hand man-made law and constitutions are not flawless and, more often than not, bring danger and injustice to society.

We should not claim the caste system to be unrighteous. That would be withholding the strategy of a colonial empire only.  That would be believing their lies of their strategy.
We can say that all are equal in God (not before God), because we are that God. We are ginnungagap, the ginn-holy Brahman, Atma.

   in essence we are ginnungagap;
      we are It;    we never die,  --   it is only the body that dies, and we make new ones in our next vir (life-spans)

Be careful:
Do not lap up slogans that are meant to destroy cultures and traditions.
A distorted history was invented (by Max Mller for the British Empire, about arian race that never was) in order to weaken the ancient wisdom; in order to split asunder the strong, ancient culture of Bharata.
Who ever believed that the plundered wealth of India were "common" wealth, common property to the thieves and the legal owners from whom it was stolen?

Some are stupid enough to lap up the forgeries, the falsification of history   ---even now-a-days---, others still use it (deliberately) for egoistic purposes. This includes the power-greedy institutions that work in the garb of a theocracy, but are world-empires in real essence.   links:  ..\thrymskvida2.html   ..\Thrymskvida.html rymskvia is all about evolution.
Three urs-maidens:  Gerur Gymisdttir, Skai jazadttir, Gunnl Suttungsdttir.
They take over from their fathers, that are past, now useless, stages of evolution --  for the whole of mankind or for each individual

Rsgula is all about evolution  --   but we evolve from our very spot.   We choose the right family in which to be born;  that is done by a seed of memory from past lives. At conception we are fulfilling


We have to do something in order to evolve quickly to Valhll and from there on to unity-consciousness.

The very purpose of life is evolving to perfection.  Valhll is an exalted stage of consciousness of a living man.
(not to be confused with later invention of heaven-after-death, a Roman strategy invented in Rome along with the one-lifespan-only tool)

Skai is that will in us; she wants Baldur the sun-god and the peaks and heights of the spirit

Purification is done by performing valkyrja (yagya)
Valkyrja is an act, an action, that leads to frn, sacrifice of individual consciousness into cosmic consciousness;
valkyrja is a performance, subtle mental act, the most powerful of actions, and the only action that has no binding influence but leads to unbounded bliss, Glaheimar.  We get rid of the world for a while, the 3-guna of Nature, and recharge the batteries.
We are ginnungagap, and for a while become That only

an easy technique to transcend is TM (transcendental meditation), easily learned, tailored for the man busy in the world

In Hvaml, vsa 138 and on, says:  inn (individual consciousness) given to inn (cosmic consciousness), I, my self, given to myself, the Self,......   and then describes the benefits thereof 
(pure eosofi of heathens, rnatal, ljin. galdrar gir)

inn (individual consciousness) goes often to inn (cosmic consciousness) = lower self to higher Self;  
they conquer each other;   -   gnoi seauton (know thy self)  
we are It

We do "a littlebit" --  perform a valkyrja (TM-technique f.eks.  --the technique has to be learned correctly--) --  and then the process of the mind's "going home" to its origin is completely effortless and natural.   All effort, trying and pushing and thinking only destroys the natural process of transcending.

Like a pony going home  --  no need to encourage him  (heimfs, home-bound-happy-willing)

Sleipnir is our nervous system; a trained and willing pony is a delight, untrained of no use as a vehicle.








inn is consciousness, Sleipnir is human nervous system

  mind is going to its very origin, the ginnungagap, origin of all worldly phenomena

we do not just wait for transcendence;  we do "a littlebit", and the wisdom is here within --  in Hnitbjrg of Gunnl -- waiting for us to imbibe!!  --   bring the supreme knowledge into our individual life

Mind is always seeking happiness;  when it reaches Glaheimar of inn (gladness, wideness, the unbounded bliss) mind is contented;  now mind knows WHERE to look for the greatest and lasting happiness.

Do not believe that liberation and revelation are just confessing belief in some church-institution. Do not become an easy prey to the smart Roman strategy.

Karl Marx claimed religions to serve as a dope (drug, narcotic) for the people.  He has proved right in this his opinion. 

Seek Truth within and skip religious institutions. They are not spirituality in essence.




Some points for clarification:

The untouchables are those who cook dead animals in their pots and pans. These are sometimes called dog-cookers.
An enlightened person, or someone that wants to purify himself, does not want to eat from this kitchen. Therefore these names for the meat-eaters.

We should never kill a creature.  Killing is sin, no matter who is killed. We would be destroying that creature's path of evolution, and we pollute ourselves with a sin.  We do not remember when we were animals, but now we are men (-- or perhaps we can not bear that name?).

If we eat the cadavre of a killed animal, we are part-taking in the sin of killing.  And we, on top of that, consume the stress and agony of the killed animal;  this makes ama and dosha (impurities) in our bodies.

It is not enough that the Brahmins and some heathen men know all this. 

Every man has to understand the importance of the ancient traditions.

Only the fact that the traditions are ancient, and have survived all streams and new trends, makes them of undoubtable value.
Were they not of value, time would have consumed them --  like all our vain attempts of creating;
Truth alone survives.


there is no such thing as a superior race; in every society there are men on different stages of evolution;
in dark ages there live many base men;  in good times there live highly evolved men making their society righteous and good.
Each ruler is only mirroring the quality of the consciousness of his society; if we want a good ruler, then we should just heighten the consciousness of the nation!!


(Some points for clarification, cont.:)

There is a difference between an animal and a man: 
*  the human nervous system (-- that enables us to transcend)
and  * man's free will (-- which leaves us with all the responsibility),
and  * the main faculty of human mind: discrimination  (we can understand and reason)

Animals act according to their nature, --   and so does man:  the only difference is that man has control over his actions, and has free will.  This makes us responsible.

We should never entertain base action, actions devoid of greatness.

It is not enough to speak about right and wrong.  The purity of the doer is the key to right action.

We should rid ourselves of the animal nature (paradisos, gymisgarar);  seek purity.

Only then will our actions become spontaineously right and supporting to evolution and dharma.

r (our might and main and power) goes to the East to batter trolls
= rids us of ignorance to let in the rays of rising goddess Sun in us


(Some points for clarification, cont.:)

Parts of the strategy of the theocracies that are empires invented for egoistic purposes, devices for world domination, clever tools, are, for examples:

*  take the myths of moses and jesus as being real history, as if they were real men, while the myths are only conveying the process of evolution from animal nature to perfection, from a crude individual to a refined man...

...for example the resurrection that means purifying oneself, -- and that is done within a life-span (vi) by a living man -- is distorted to a dead body of a dead man becoming something like a new body of a dead man;
---  actually jesus (in the myth) watched and smiled, as the whole story was only pointing out a good step on the evolutionary road of EVERY individual:  self-purification or dvi-ja.

*  inventing time-pressure by (f.eks.) inventing the one-lifespan-only threat: repent now, give your money (to us), or hell-fire is waiting for your eternal suffering (or something);  
Men are deprived of the wisdom and understanding of the purpose of living; do no know their own divine nature;

*  and there have to be threats:    if you do not do this......  then s-th horrible......(the carrot and the stick);

*  making a calendar, for example the anno domini zero (that never was) and tie the mob around that;
(all this was clever Roman strategy invented in Rome in some CE-year 200 (or something));

*  sending missionaries to cunningly chosen target groups,  --   that are: some people that will swallow little lies, believe the above strategy-topics, fall for air-condition in the churches, food, money, education (some very cunningly chosen stuff called education);
these target-groups are often sudras, or those who are born as men for the first times, are close to the animal stages;
They are told that the ancient wisdom is belittleing them, that all are equal before God, and therefore they should refrain from their ancestors' tradition and belong to the institution (theocracy, world-empire);

*  when spirituality and worldly power are, by these clever men, mixed up in one bunch of flowery words and promises, and God and power is said to be outside of man but not inside him, it becomes a smart trap for the easy prey to fall into.

* Do not believe that liberation and revelation are just confessing belief in some church-institution.


It is not enough that the Brahmins and a few heathens (pagans) know all this.  Every man has to understand the importance of the ancient traditions,  --   every generation must have access to the supreme wisdom.


Caesar of Rome was annoyed when he learned that the Druids were not afraid on the battlefield, as they were sure to be reborn, and knew that the death of a body did not at all mean death of the man in the body;
the Druids wanted to defend their land, their profound traditions and spiritual heritage, from the brutality of the Roman Empire, so they were brave fighters. Not afraid of death of the body. We are eternal beings on our way to perfection.


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