Þrymskviða - symbolic language

The symbolic language and the profond meaning of this kvŠ­i

Ůrymur ■urs is past evolutionary stages -- of an individual, or of the whole of mankind.

Freyja is the perpetual dynamism of the creative power.

They are such extremes and so opposed one to the other, that no way they can combine.

We have to get rid of thurses, the past crude stages, and find divinity, the goddess, within.
This is evolution.
Evolution is to get away from crude stages towards perfection, siddhi, towards enlightenment.

For this purpose is life one earth. -- This is the very purpose of life on earth.

How we do it is by Þórr the power and endurance in us.

The tool we use is Mjöllnir who grinds obstacles.

If Mjöllnir is in the hands of ignorance (turses), hidden from us, we can not evolve.
We are blind to the very tool that we need: i.e. the destroyer of ignorance: Mjöllnir.

Svastika is su asti ka, and can mean:
a bard who utters words of welcome or eulogy, lucky or auspicious object -- or a mere mark --,
like a cross, or Thors-hammer, to denote good luck,
that svastika Thorshammer is a solar symbol, but not sun-worship though.  It returns to the user.

Loki, -- i.e. man, men --, is always makeing mistakes but we, -- deep inside -- know what life is for:
 i.e. for evolution towards perfection.

So we, Loki, always have the tendency to put things right again.

Loki is here both the whole of mankind and an individual, each individual.

Evolution is the purpose of life,
gaining perfection is the goal,
and this striving is sramana, sjaman, i.e. a delightful task, delightful work, that needs endurance
and will and power.
We have to _do_ it or else we stagnate in the stage of thurses. Life and evolution is all abou doing!