First Step to Understanding the Profound Beauty of Heathenry

keys to the secret code of edda of the north

A gentle kiss of innocent love, and our Sleeping Beauty within wakes up.

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Books to read,
understanding symbols,
research to do,
and thesises for us to write,
our brain-washed society.

books for the prober into ginnungagap:

in rúnatal (runa-tal) of Hávamál (Hava-mal, the speech of the high one) there is the term: to spy down (I spied down), to peep curiously into (I peeped..), to find out in secrecy (I found out), investigate (I did research);  nýsta ek niður (nysa nidur) nýsast (nysa+st, hnýsast, hnysast, njósna, njosna); it is the research in consciousness, transcendence, to probe into ginnungagap, become IT.
 *I myself given to my self*, --  and nistha is in Sanskrit to find the basis, stand firm in Reality.
Óðsmál is the first book to explain this. We should understand ginnungagap, and know even more than does modern science: What our reverent ancient ancestors knew: - that we have access to our inner Self. Óðsmál explains for beginners..

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi  on the Bhagavad-Gita, New Translation and Commentary Chapters 1-6,
Penguin Books;  and here we have for the first time the understanding given by an enlightened, man, on the real meaning that has excaped from the many misleading translation, as men have not possessed the mind to grasp the true meaning of Krishna's dialogue and Arjuna's questions.
In Chapter I, stansa 24 and 25, Krishna, Hrishikesha, said, addresses Arjuna, in vocative: O Bharata,... Partha... behold.....

We can (on our stages of consciousness) understand the explanations of Maharishi on Chapters 1 to 6, but !!! if we do not understand Chapter II, we do not understand the rest.  We see concepts through the glasses of education that have been glued on us, and we have to take them off and relearn.  We have learned the shallow and wrong meaning. We have now to understand the profond and true meaning.

The Science of Being and Art of Living, by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Age of Enlightenment Press. Shankaracharya Nagar, Rishikes, U.P.India. (My copy is:  publication U1-7247-184, ISBN 0-89186-001-0, --  but newer editions come every now and then.)
Here we see the first step on the path to enlightenment.  The science of life is practical and necessary for every man. When we reread and reread this book we gain deeper and deeper understanding of the master's words.

ÓÐSMÁL, ISBN 9979-60-165-5, Goþrún Dimmblá, Freyjukettir, Iceland; Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir;
Óðsmál (Od's mal) can be ordered from this web-site (button *order now* on index, home page, where there is a secure server order form for credit cards);
or Óðsmál can be ordered by email to Freyjukettir,;
or through snail mail to Freyjukettir, Skarphéðinsgata 2, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland.
both paper back and hard cover available.

Another revolutionary book: Before the Beginning and After the End,
subtitled: Beyond the Universe of Physics: Rediscovering Ancient Insights,
authored by Rishi Kumar Mishra; published in May 2000 by Rupa & Co., in association with Brahma Vidya Kendra, New Delhi. ISBN 81-7167-450-X
This work acquaints its readers with the wisdom encapsulated in the ancient Indian texts known as the Vedas, which explore the fundamental mysteries of our universe. Using rigorous methods of examination and evaluation, the Vedas provide answers to such questions as: how did the cosmos originate and what is its future? Of what is it made? Who is the 'I', the individual self, and what is its place in the universe?
to order the book contact:
Rupa & Co, 7/16, Makhanlal Street, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi -110 002. India
Phone: [0091 11]-3278588, 3272161; fax [0091] 327 7294 ; E mail: ; Internet: harper@ndf.
Before the Beginning and After the End, can also be ordered from the website < >. Its a US based organization.

Harald S. Harung:
an article in: Journal Of Human Values, 2:1 (1996)
Sage Publications New Delhi / Thousnad Oaks / London (pages 19-35:)
"Vedic Psychology and the Edda Poems"
Comparing two ancient traditions of knowledge: edda and veda; the same fundamental principles are found in edda and veda;
Only fragments of edda have been preserved in the North.
Harald compares:
* a basic unified state lying at the foundation of the vast variety in the universe,
* the process of creation from whithin this unified field,
* the development of higher states of individual consciousness,
* and the development of higher stages in the collective consciousness of society.
* Practical implications for improving performance and quality of life, stated in edda and veda, and now shown and proved by scientific research.
This paper shows:
* The collapse of fullness that triggers of creation, has exactly the same explanation and description in edda and veda, and is now being understood by -- and explained in terms of -- modern science.
* Hávamál of edda -- vísur 138 and on -- teach the pure spirituality in heathenry, and the benefit thereof and its practical aspect in life.
The same is found in veda.
This paper shows that:
The collapse of fullness that triggers off creation, has exactly the same explanation and description in edda and veda, -- and is now being understood by -- and explained in terms of -- modern science.

Most likely heathenry used to be the ancient cult of the whole of Europe. Not only that of Germanic and Scandinavian peoples.
We should rediscover it, and our forefathers' wisdom will by that enrich our lives and save our dear mother earth.

The last part of Hávamál has not been understood for some far too long a time (the dark ages of Europe) but is now being rediscovered as profond truth and pure science, practical in life, and is regaining its full status.

A beautiful book, on the profundity of our gods' names, by my beloved friend shri Ram Swarup ji:
The Word as Revelation, Names of Gods,
first ed.1980 (and reprinted), publ. by Sita Ram Goel for Impex India, 2/18 Ansari Road, New Delhi-110 002

The amazing scientific rediscovery:
Human Physiology (on cosmic counterparts)
, ISBN 189-595-8067, Tony Nader MD PhD, Atrium Pubs. (June 1995) --- and you will find out the amazing fact that every part of our body has correlation to our galaxy, and the whole universe. Not only for medical doctors to read, but for every modern man, every man in the whole world. This is an amazing book, founded on the vedic wisdom of Maharishi Mahes Yogi.

A beautiful delicate and profound book for the refined man to read is:
The Word as Revelation, --- Names of Gods
September 1980
revealed by my beloved friend Sri Ram Swarup; published by Sita Ram Goel for Impex. India, 2/18, Ansari Road, New Delhi-110 002

Den forna seden (668pp)
Östen Kjellman, Valkyria Förlag, Gautaborg, 1998
Correcting history, based on up-to-now well-hidden documents -- a must-read for the man who wants to know the truth about the Norse heathen people.

I strongly suggest reading: The Invasion That Never Was, ISBN 81-52037-22-6, Michel Danino, Sujata Nahar.
(Info: Institut de Recherches Évolutives, Paris).. 
There was never any aryan race and there never was any invation; It is a lie, its aim to weaken the great culture hindutwa.

The Masks of Odin, ISBN 0-911500-72-3 (HC: -4), Elsa-Brita Titchenell (Swedish), Theosophical University Press, Pasadena, CA 91109, USA
Only I must point out that there are some wrongs, as Elsa-Brita does not know Old-Norse. Now-a-days Swedish does not contain all that complicated stuff any more:
Týr is divine righteousness. Týr is _NOT_ tyr (Swedish for: bull), and therefore _NOT_ animal nature in man.
Týr is the divine innermost Light Of Truth.
Sága is seeress, she sees Reality. Sága is _NOT_ saga (history).
Sága is another name for Frigg. Sága in Sökkvabekkur and Frigg in Fensalir are two aspects of the same goddess.

Heimdallur, aha.  Dallur really is a big basin, but also means bright, luminous, light, sheer.  Heim and heimar has some traps for translators too.  What about  örlög!!!  Ör and lög have both of them many many meanings. Fate? We _claim_ to understand OK, but do we???

Be very careful about the endless meanings of words and concepts in the symbolic language of myths, and, above all, do not ommit ancient letters like á and ý (that are not at all a and y).
A a, Á á -- D d, Ð ð (dh Dh) -- E e, É é -- i I, í Í -- O o, Ó ó
-- U u, Ú ú -- Y y, Ý ý -- Þ þ (th Th) -- æ Æ (ae, ai) -- ö Ö (oe) -- ei Ei -- Au au - Ey ey
Ancient Norse had 16 vowels, and some runes (rúnir) still survive along with the latin alfabet; Þ is found in Old-English too.

The name of the bright sky god Týr means also -- in Icelandic "thjor"-- "a bull" and comes directly from tavuri (a horn-less bull) or sfira (an ox, svírasver) in Sanskrit. But this is perhaps not how a Swedish-speaking person sees the connection.
A large glacial river in the south of Iceland is Þjórsá (
pronounce: Thiors-au)
Svíri (sviri,
proun.: spheerry) in Icelandic is a sturdy neck. There have been written books on the striking similarity in the grammatical changes of words between Sanskrit and Old Norse, grammar that Icelandic still enjoys.

such as:
Andrea Christopher Holmboe, books written some 100 years ago or 150 years ago, but not studied carefully yet.
He gives some delightful insight into the Norse olden names and words compared to their Sanskrit origin.

and the strikingly similar grammatical uses, for example of verbs' endings in their endless diversity i both languages (Sanskrit and Olden Norse).

Tueton, Teiftoni, Germani, is also from Sanskrit, ant the name: tuetonic gods therby; but that indicates strenght and vigour on the path of righteousness.

!! And be careful not to translate from Icelandic by dictionary without understanding the profundity of the language of myths and the multiple meanings of words and concepts in our ancient sacred poems. For example:

Álfar / elves
In heathenry elves are rivers and channels into our innermost core, ginnungagap.
Elf, álfur, álft (a swan, (gander, goose)) are conneted to _gandreið_ (gand-reid), when we become a gander, a goose, a swan,
and fly into the sky, -- ie. into the abyss of consciousness, the space of waters within us, and leave our worldly
body in the world for a while -- awake and alive.
That is transcending the world of matter, leaving the ego, no longer being an individual, becoming ginnungagap only,
reaching Glaðheimar of Óðinn.
Because elves tempt us to transcend the world of matter and find our true Self within -- our true core and essence -- they always live.
If they die we die. They are our only hope to find the Real Treasure within us.
The treasure, the elv-treasure, is within us, and elves invite us into ourselves to find it
This treasure is what we really are looking for all our lives: The Great
Treasure, the infinite joy, the real happiness.
We do not find it in the sphere of matter. We have to look within ourselves, because there it is.
It is to be found within and elves are the channels into That. álfar / elves

Symbolic language is precise in heathenry. Our human nervous system is a vehicle, Sleipnir, the spear of consciousness is the Gungnir (vibrations) of Óðinn.

The symbolic language in heathenry is very precise. It only needs a mind to understand!!:
We should recognize that there are levels, spheres, planes, as to suit everyone on the very spot on which he lives this his life-span (ævi)
The true meaning of concepts is very profond -- so we take the levels as an evolutionary road or understanding that gradually comes to us.
We should not learn clausulas to recite and show off, if we do not have the understanding, but this has been the very way of overlevering, preserving the wisdom. Not all the chanters understood everything, but they conveyed the wisdom.
Sleipnir is our nervous system, he is a horse, a vehicle. But he has to be smooth in order to carry us smoothly to ginnungap and back. An untamed pony will not carry us smoothly home to ginnungagap.
Gungnir is a weapon. The weapon of consiousess (Óðinn). He is vibrations on the very subtlest level, on the plane of creation where the Laws of Nature abide.
We can not benefit from such powerful and delicate geir, if we do not know that he is vibrations of consciousness, the most delicate form of creating.
Váli, to take another example, revenges, but how? The only way to dispell darkness (ignorance) is to bring in the light. This is what Váli stands for.
He (a son of Óðinn like Höður, Baldur and Víðarr) is called the hawk (falcon) of morning.
Mjöllnir mills or grinds. What? Ignorance. Tröll.
Our gods are in us, and they are like presidents over the Laws of Nature. But a God of a theocracy is reference to an institution and its worldly empire.
We can go on and on with the symbolic language in myths, -- and the picture we get is exactly what modern science is rediscovering right now
This only shows us how to read and reach the abyss of myths intellectually The real knowledge is in the abyss. In order to reach it we take to the valkyrja,  transcending all human thoughts..

The Secret of the Veda, ISBN 81-7058-191-5 (HC: -192-3), Sri Aurobindo, Ashram Press, Pondincherry, India (8th impression)

Pioneer works by Einar Pálsson, Iceland. -- an amazing collection of books and studies, giving his revolting insights into allegory of The Sagas, and the use of numbers by our forefathers. He out-smarted the scholars, so that they tried to dismiss him!, not allowing him to give lectures in the University of Iceland!!! Einar really challenged their stagnated studies and interpretations of the Sagas and other aspects of our cultural ancient inheritance.

The Fundamental Principles of the Frey-cult
Freyslunda Worldhouse, pobox 8241, S - 163 08 Spånga, Svíþjóð / Sweden / Sverige
Worldhouse publications for Freyslunda worldhouse, 1996 ; Olof Freymund freysgoði / freyslunda worldhouse / the league of the life-giving gods ; ISBN 91-88562-02-6
Olof Freymund freysgoði, the allsherjargoði of Freyslunda: "To my darling goddess Freyja through her holy blessings the eternal wisdom of the Frey-cult has hereby manifested itself in the from of the present exposition" Freymund

The Fundamental Principles of the Frey-Cult by Olof Freymund Freysgoði (-godi)
Freyslunda Worldhouse, PoBox 8241, S-163 08, Sweden; The League of the the Life-Giving Gods;
ISBN 91-88562-02-6, 1969;

'The Church has harmed many Hindu families and communities and is still willing to do so' Author: Archana Masih; Publication: Rediff on Net; Date: November 4, 1999

The Jesus Mysteries
Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy  --  Harper Collins publication;
They reveal how Jesus was made take over from (invented from)  the pagan gods /the pagan guţ Óđinn, and how Jesus stepped into the clothes of Óđinn.

There was a "phony bible" written, the "Heliand". "The Saxon Savior" - 'the Germanic transformation of the Gospel in the ninth-century Heliand. That Phoney Bible that they gave the Saxons! This book explains that the Gospel was "changed" around a little(!!)bit. Christ became Woden, with a white dove on his shoulder in stead of Huginn and Muninn. It also describes how Charlemagne destroyed Irminsul.

I crimi del cristianismo
The Crimes of Christianism / Christianity
a horrible book, a best-seller that drove the pope to an apology.

But the apolology was only words on the surface and some tears, (a clever paper),  as that apology was not meant to destroy the missions in Asia and Africa, for sure.  It, intelligently, was beating about the bush.

--- and hundreds and thousands of other books reveal the racket and crimes of Cristianation:

James Wilson about North- and South-America's Indians conversion and crimes;
in Swedish translation: Jorden skall gráta, probably in English then:  The Earth Will Cry, or The Earth Cries

"Hitler's Pope" by John Cornwell. It is really a devastating treatise against the Papacy. And it is written by a Catholic who has admitted that he has been an apologetic for his faith.

I understand that there is still another book
"Gone with the wind in the Vatican"
by Monsignor Marinneli.

At the end of the 15th century (1489) there appeared the cruelest book in history. The Latin title of the book ãMalleus Maleficarum" means, "Hammer of the Witches". A Papal Bull of Pope Innocence VIII accompanied its first 29 copies. Using its instructions, Inquisitors began to examine, interrogate and condemn thousands of women. There were torture chambers attached to the monasteries,......

>Terrible are the books
>of the german writer Karlheinz Deschner:
>"Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums"
>in 5 parts. They are distributed
>from the "Rohwolt Verlag".
> Biographies of famous mass murderers,
>cheaters, pyromaniacs, sadists, women haters,
>falsificators, notorious anti-semites :
>(official heroes in our class rooms) :
>Charlemagne, Justinianus, Constantinus,
>Augustinus, Ambrosius, Justinus, Tertullianus,
>Willibrordus,....................., and many more.


Read the following chatter if you want some new points of view.

On reading these above mention books you will be shocked by the crimes and ignorance, and also by the fact that we have been told lies. Some of them, also, open up for us a beautiful new world of insight into our sidr that we have not heard the truth about. We will be amazed how ignorant and shallow our times are. Our parents and our teachers did not know, and therefore they did not tell us.

Maharishi Mahes Yogi, physisist and an enlightened munih, has been teaching TM, transcendental meditation, for some 50 years now, millions of men practise it, and the consequence is rising cosmic consciousness.  Therefore heathenry and other spiritual ways are gaining understanding again.
Thousands of pandits and bramins do yagya, and thousands of  TM-based schools produce "super-kids" that score the best in every subject. 
vishva shaanti raastra

And what has the vedic wisdom to do with heathenry, paganry, buddhatwa.....?   Everything. It is our beacon in the task of rediscovering the abyss and true spirituality.

Now we rediscover the profound beauty. Our kids and next generation have in store something beautiful from our ancient ancestors. A great gift, their wisdom about human life and the universe.

No matter how long the dark ages have been, as now we shall soon find heaven on earth within.  Each one for himself, and the side product is better life for others too.

There was profound wisdom, known to our ancient ancestors, many thousands of years ago. It has been hibernating for some hundreds of years. We give it a gentle kiss (a Sleeping-Beauty, Thorn-Rose, Snow-White, kiss of innocent love) - and we wake up.

And there are, in store for us to study, manuscripts about this forgotten world -- if we read Icelandic or Old Norse. Translations are not exhaustive. For example names of characters and places tell a whole story on their own, sometimes two, or even more, seemingly contradicting stories, but translations defy that.

Understanding the meaning, and double meaning, and triplets meaning, of words is a delightful world that opens up little by little in a charming journey of expanding discovery.

Also: What did the words and concepts mean at the time when they lived? Has their meanings gotten shallow and changed, -- not to mean at all now the same, not to mean to us here and now what they did when they lived in myths and poems of ancient edda?

Some phenomena, like for example Óðinn (Odinn) and Freyja, have a myriad of names that tell a whole story, each one of them, in that particular context where they belong. Kenning and heiti are an enchanting play, more often than not an enigmatic and misleading one. Sometimes a decorative one, but never without a very interesting meaning. For intense study and fun, Icelandic or Old Norse should be learned and mastered.

To be contradicting and enigmatic can, in a way, carry a message: Do not believe too easily. There are more than one and more than two ways of understanding.
To be decorative, an obvious ornament, can carry a message too. Decor is OK, but do not fall for it as a sound reliable truth.
Listen to the many layers of messages in each name.

In English a name is just a name. In Icelandic and Old Norse every name has depth and meaning and tells a story, or many stories.
The difficulty of translating and explaining in English is (1) that there are no meanings in names and (2) English is not used for the abyss of thoughts. It is an efficient data and info tool. Not used to go into the soul of concepts.

We are just about to start the theosophical study and the question of quantum physics of modern science hidden in the eddic texts. A combination of physics and theosophy of edda makes a great thesises. How about "Quantum in asatru"?!

Modern science and Vedic science tell the same thing. This has been compared and studied. Only, Veda has a much greater, more profound, and ambient wisdom about the origin of the universe, -- the Being, and evolution of human beings -- than does modern science yet.
Veda goes from within, from the Infinite Silence, into the relative world, while modern science does it the other way round: research on worldly phenomena to get to, find and explain The Origin.

We can say that modern science has 1/3 (one thirrd) of Vedic science, and the remaining 2/3 are not understood by us; what is observed (the relative world) modern science has, but knowing that we, the observers and our will to do so, along with the opserved are one and the same (Óðinn Vili Véi of norse science in edda) is still to be explained to the modern man.

You should stand clear on that the Icelandic Sagas are not the same as the edda, and there are the two eddas. There is a lot of epics too in the norse literature, the olden manuscripts. They are allegories too -- contain a story within the story.
We should realise that Faust by Wagner is build on a sacred poem about ancient cycles in mankind's evolution, and Niflungar means the nebula period of humanity even if taught to means kings. And Völsungar are said to be another long-gone period of phallic (völsi (voelsi)) attributes. But personifications of powers invite the danger of the symbolic language being taken literally, which again always leads us astray from the original meaning and message. The ring of Andvari, the story about Loki (human double nature) killing the otter, the story of Fáfnir (Fafnir) and Sigurður (Sigurdur), must be looked at in an universal symbolic context, whereas Faust is a show-piece only dealing with persons. Personification, meant to make the message interesting and to explain abstract happenings, is a funny trap for the simple-minded. They are understood and enjoyed in another way by those who are "worth of"* a deeper understanding.
(* "Worth of" is meant to mean: The refined soul has access to the delicate meaning, while the crude mind can enjoy the worldly story only.)

Poem edda is _not_ considered to be literature; it is Überlieferung (overlevering):
The edda is said to have been conserved orally for ages, i.e. chanted, even dances, as an oral tradition, but was eventually written down by christians in Iceland. I am sure they sensed in the poems something great that must not get lost. Occasional notes are though added by the christians that, though, faithfully and dutifully did write (or are thought to have written) the text unaltered.
A comment added by the christian writer (christian writer's correcting note) runs: "This rebirth idea in the poem is rubbish of course, as we only have one life".

The old writers most likely did not alter the poems. Some poems, we know, were though composed by christians, christianized, and then added to edda.
But a tragic story is about recent alterations by modern so-called "scholars":
Lately, I must tell you, some professors and researchers in Iceland took the liberty to change some concepts(!!!) that they did not approve of or they did not understand, change them as they thought they should be(!), should have been(!!!). These men acted as if they "owned" the manuscripts, and their megalomania lead them to become despots in the field. They pushed away all new inspiring ideas from others, from intelligent outsiders, and on top of that they selected successors to their job ((in the university) that were sure to carry on with their old ideas in the research.

Believe the following, or not....:
These above mentioned professors defended so their "throne", that they denied Einar Pálsson (Palsson), that introduced allegory of the sagas to the world, -- and also introduced some amazing findings of ancient statistics -- of an opportunity to give a lecture on his findings in the university.
Some of Einars friends abroad, foreign scholars abroad, saw the new and revolutionary understanding, and the due fame was granted by them to Einars ingenuity.

As these men, the narrow-minded professors, now are gone to heaven or hell, -- or as I would see it: are taking a rest at goddess Hel´s, in her abode -- the new generation of scholars and researchers on eddas and sagas are correcting, slowly and steadily, the rotten "corrections" that these old despotic professors invented. Their names are remembered, as institutions are named after them to honour their life-work. But we shall not forget their arrogance.

Now-a-days, even revolutionary ideas are given a thought -- sometimes. Some reversal from the imprinted narrow-mindedness is dawning.

Still, one of the scholars (a christian) that is doing research on the old manuscripts of edda, actually named me a pseudo-prophet (!!) when I told him that I spotted profound spirituality and theosophy in edda.

And a guest-professor from the European Socrates Institution (a christian) flatly refuses to see anything but, at the best, some psychology in the poems of edda. For him Christianity is the only right thing, the only true religion. Heathenry can be, at the best, amusing and worth keeping in a museum for old interesting junk, and can be used for research on the limited view of life that the ignorant heathen ancestors had. (This very man, a Scotsman, working for an European research institute, gives lectures on how dumb-witted Þór (Thor) is, and this professor makes his listeners laugh at the silly edda-poems. He likes to be an amusing lecturer. This he does for a living. This he gets his professor's fee for.

Not literature, but oral tradition, ovelevering.

are sometimes referred to as literary inheritance/heritage, and taught and studied as literature, but not all agree on this classification, as eddic wealth lies in the oral tradition and conveying of some ancient truth by chanted poems and even dances to go with that, and is perhaps thousands of years old, while the manuscripts are a fairly recent work.
So: -are the eddas not literature at all?
-No, some claim.
They are oral tradition, saved, we must admit, by Icelanders in Iceland in these Icelandic manuscripts that were, undeniably, written. But that does not necessarily make them literature.

A picture of a house does not make the house a picture, we might argue.

We all do agree on edda being our priceless cultural inheritance. Much of it might be lost, and that we shall never regain, as people and treasures were burned by the church all over Europe. But most of the christian rituals are, though, claimed to be heathen (i. e. stolen, "borrowed"), only turned away from our divinity within, turned out towards the church as a media of the Semitic God, to the Semitic God.

But the priceless edda, most likely, conveys the whole. Each poem, most likely, like a hologram, has a cycle to tell us about, and the cycles are just the perpetual cycle.
If we do understand what we have, we do understand the whole. Lost poems are lost, but the message is there for us to appreciate for ever.

Some of the confusing concepts, and the "borrowed" (stolen) concepts, we should reinterpret. Some confusion and some misleading concepts we should sort out. Some concepts we should introduce (reteach) in their purest form to our fellow-men. We should keep them pure and clear for generations to come:

Animal slaughter might have come from that Semitic tradition as that God gave his people (the Hebrews, the Jews) animals of the prairie to kill and eat. Some archeological findings claim early heathens to have been vegetarians. And there have been misinterpretations of the symbolic language:
"Sacrificing a horse" is not killing a certain physical animal. It means giving man's inner free will (god's powerful horse) the allowance to lead one's life. Horse means the power to perform. Not an animal. This is the symbolic language of myths, that uses coded language.

Blood of a mythical character is symbolic for inner flow of understanding and energy of that inner power, but was mistaken by profane men as killing and physical blood.

Where Óðinn (Odinn) talks to Mímis (Mimis) head, he talks to the top-part, the best part, the intelligent part, of Mímir (Mimir), who has a bottomless well of memory of the human spirit and evolution and the created worldly universe.

It is not that someone executed Mímir (Mimir). Oh, no. Symbolic: the purest and most intelligent part of the concept "Memory of the universe" is its head.
We do talk about the "head of department" and nobody sees a chopped-off head of an office.
We do talk about broken heart, and nobody sees a heart actually scattered into bloody pieces. We use metaphor every day. Why should we not understand it and accept it in myths?
Perhaps because some bibles use myths is a misleading way, as to mean stories of once living, now dead, real people.
Perhaps because personification actually are misleading.
Perhaps because a bloody campaign has been carried out, for some centuries, against the beauty of our ancient heathen myths in order to distort them.

Perhaps the only way for the church to convince (lure) the people to accept the Semitic imported culture was to overtake ancient traditions, and to smuggle ununderstandable clausulae in Latin and Hebrew into the prevailing heathen philosophy of life.
In other words: To borrow - i.e. steal - all the beautiful concepts of heathenry and claim them to be the church's.
That is why christianity uses all the heathen concepts. But does not admit it and tries to say - i.e. tries to lie - that they are not heathen as heathenry is silly rubbish only.
This goes for yule and Easter for example, but hardly recognisable now, as Easter is in reality spring and dawn of enlightenment, -- not torture and crucifix.
And christmas is either winter solstice or dawn of enlightenment -- but not a physical baby born by a physical Hebrew mother.

Inner Truth is very very powerful and can not be overpowered in spite of all the crimes and killing by the church.
Using - i.e. confiscating - heathen shrines was one of the sly tactics in the great strategy, the pontifex maximus's empirical hallucination.

Heathen rituals were taken up by the church, then turned away from our seeking of inwardness and divinity within, out to the worldly institution, towards some invented God out there somewhere, unreachable by us sullen rotten men crawling on a dead earth and petty soil.
Imprinting must be used sharply and incessantly for brain-washing. Threat always at hand for the least disobedience towards the obstinate rules, commandments, bans.
This rotten men as worms in a muddy soil, are the same as heathenry regards as half divine beings (i.e. us, men in Midgardur), and the mud?: Is Mother Earth, a goddess, a living earth, our beloved planet, that symbols our other part of human life: Our physical existence.

Man was even described as a filthy tube that stuffs food in one end and delivers fecs from the other; --- having sexual drives, which is ......(something, that I do not want to repeat here, but if you are not prone to suffering from nausea and vomiting and insomnia, then read Luther and Augustinus fathers of churches).

Bishops abase heathen men officially now-a-days and say, -- talking down to us from their supreme post --, that heathens believe in elves and trolls. This is not quite correct as "belief", as a bishop uses the concept, has nothing to do with heathenry. Heathens are not believers in the church's definition of the word.
Seeking inwardness, enjoying and appreciating lives, being divine in essence, doing things in one's own way, is the heathen way.
Trú (tru) in the word asatru is trust, fidelity, feeling of safety, even opinion, my personal opinion and viewpoint in life. Not in any way blind "belief" or confession or dogma.

The church makes a fool of itself if it fights trollesses (as someone who fought windmills). But the church mocks heathens and belittles the sacred meaning of edda as if it was of no spiritual importance, as of no importance to man's evolution. They, the church's people, do not understand the symbolic language. They do not want to understand.

But we know that Asiatic influence (yoga) and heathenry always cause hysteria among the church-rulers, and they can only try to belittle it, mock it, make fun of it. Reasoning makes them recoil.
They show, with great overacted sympathy, how much they pity us for not having the intention to gain salvation.

Elf, álfur (alfur), is actually a river or a channel inside us. (Could have been used, in the distorted issue, as angelos in evangelic terms, messenger, bringing good news, Gabriel arch-angel.)

The folklore on elves in rocks is originally all about our innermost channels inwards towards our goal: The seeking of wisdom, or finding pure spirituality. The elf-treasure in the rock is our inner wealth.

These concepts are in disguise as heathens were burned at the stake for their wisdom, and folklore took over, looking very innocent, like kids' stories. But they kept safe the seed. It hibernated. Now it is ready to sprout again.

And our seeking of union to ginnungagap inwards, shaman, theurgy, as Óðinn (Odinn) teaches us in Hávamál (Havamal, runatal) in edda, is the very enemy of the theocratic tyrant.

But folklore dies hard. In due time we shall find their meaning. Folklore is the hibernating truth. We undermine it and therefore it is not abolished. In due time it blossoms. Easter will, one day, shed warm sunshine on the core in folklore, water the silly superstition, and the hibernating seed cracks its shell only to shoot roots and decorate itself with little green leaves and flowers like glittering stars.

The trollesses in the mountain caves, that sometimes sit on the mountain tops and lure men away from the church towards natural heathenry (Icelandic folklores) could just as well be the banned inner goddess of love, Freyja herself --

-- in disguise, of course, so that only those who deserve it understand. The ignorant mock the trolless-tales, but the kids love them, the theocracy can not destroy them, so they life on. But some see something that others do not see. Wait and see.

The funniest troll-story tells us about the trolless that shouted to her sister on the next mountain: We can not eat that guy as he is coal-black around his mouth. (The man had just taken holy sacrament in a church!!)
In other words: the only way to keep us from the great goddess within was to make us eat sacrament, to confess ourselves to be possessed by the institution church.

And the sweetest story is about the incident when some Icelanders (in the north of Iceland) lost trace of time-counting and did not know the correct time to celebrate yule (christmas). But the trolless on the mountain chanted a verse to correct the time. And she added: If this Jesus had done as much for us trolls as you say he has done for you men, then we would not forget his birthday.
I simply love this lore. The trolless is the perfect tolerance of us heathens!! She aided the christians to find their yule. Of course yule is a heathen feast, but these guys called yule christmas.

Saint Nicholas is said to be a catholic invention, much used by shops in December. Sometimes a money bishop that owns a black slave. Santa Klaus is Father Christmas. Jesus is a yule-baby. Some kids innocently confuse Jesus and the jólasveinar (jola-sveinar, yule-boys). Yule-creatures can be traced to heathenry. Óðinn (Odinn) is airborne on his Sleipnir during yule-tide. He is jolnir, the main god of gods at yule-tide. He drives away the malevolent creatures of darkness and winter-cold. Kids give his horse some grains to feed him on energy. His pony is air-borne, of course. All good thoughts and concepts are.

The myths and legends and folklore in Europe are a treasure. Seek them out in your own country.

Actually, gifts are shovelled into shoes in the window sills now a days, but in the ancient times kids seem to have been taught to give and to help the benevolent wights in our nature.

Do you know that alchemy is getting away from coarse states of life, -- i.e. going away from egoism, greed, personal gain, -- to find the real worths in life, the pure golden illumination of a noble and altruistic life. It is said to be all about metals. That is not so. It is symbolic language.
Do you know that the witch and her black cat are ancient benevolent symbols? And the big bad wolf is not a wolf at all.
Women, cats and wolves have been treated, by the christians, in a way that we now call criminal and inhuman. But that was just the way in which the christian church, -- the papal empire and later even worse the Protestants -- forced into existence its empire.

The Hebrew God promises the Hebrews money and land and power over other nations to make other nations their slaves. That God tells them to subdue Mother Earth and fill it with Jews and slaves to the Jews.

But what heathens have as their great goal is to promote evolution of all men, the whole of mankind. Help each individual to become refined and perfected. Each one of us, an einherji, so that no egoistic motives and purposes have a place in our actions and thoughts, or in our hearts. As we are infused by the divine ginnungagap, only evolutionary trend, -- for the sake of humans and all life and for the whole universe, -- is a task fit for us, if we want to bear the name: A human being.

We heathens say that each man either spills a lifetime as a sleeper, or makes, in his lives, a deliberate attempt to be infused with the divine ginnungagap and thus find our goddess Sun within, the dawn of enlightenment.
In one of the lives it'll come for sure.
Understanding intellectually, and consciously making an effort to be of an ever more refined nature, certainly promotes our success.

Above all each one of us must live his own life on his own account and his own terms. No-one else can know what is best for others. We know ourselves, each one of us. Just give it a chance. Find out. Find your own way and longings. Help others to find theirs, but never should we thrust our opinions and longings upon another man. Not, above all, our kids. Only help them to refine their longings and desires by talking to them, telling them about the supreme goal of every individual.

Reverence to forefathers might have been banned by the church, and giving food to our ancestors prohibited. But we do have a lot of jolasveinar, yule-boys, that are benevolent.
Could they be our ancestors in disguise?
In Iceland, though, the yule-boys were said (by the christians) to be evil and dangerous, and that might have been a way to try to exterminate them. But we found a sly way to get away with the ancestors' reverence and food-offering to them during yule-tide: We said they stole food from us! (and kept on the habit of giving food to them).

Never never should the Semitic egoistic concept of subduing Mother Earth, and make Her sway under our short-sighted human will, have come into any man's mind.

We do know that Miðgarðsormur (the worm or serpent of Mid-garden, abode of men) in norse myths, the great serpent or dragon that surrounds Earth and bites his own tail, is earth's equator. We know Þór (Thor) to be Her son. We are Her beloved kids too, making Þór (Thor) our brother.
And we can everywhere in heathenry find our heathen ancestors' loving care for Mother Earth. They even warn against the Ozone layer getting damaged - Svalinn falling off and the heat of the sun to become to strong as to damage life on earth.
So profound was their knowledge that we are now gradually regaining the understanding of a part of it. And we shall go on to rediscover the beauty of their profound wisdom about life, man, the universe, passed aeons, the future, the perpetual cycles.

Óðins (Odin's) pony is Sleipnir, the slippery one or the gliding one. He is our human highly evolved nervous system, that carries us (slides us) between worlds.

Askur Yggdrasils is the tree of life. A magnificent description we have of life in the description of Askur Yggdrasils. And every human is a tree of life too. Man and woman equally of course, as these are the mystical myths of the North. We find here the perfect equilibrium and equality of sexes, and reverence to the divine Freyja of whom every girl-mother-woman-wife-virgin is a living incarnation. Freyja's gem, Brísingamen, (gem of Brisingar) is mankind. The precious jewel, i.e. us humans, taken care of by the power of universal love, Freyja.

The beauty of the symbolic language is a jewel in itself.
We have a great task ahead of us to make it easily accessible for school kids and the common man.

Many heathen concepts could neither be suffocated, adopted or abused so they were just said to be of something called devilish.
Our beloved ancestors were burned alive at the stake for finding gods within. And our gods and goddesses were called devils. But gods are inside all of us, whatever sects and empires rise and fall in the fallible relative world.

In Iceland the names of the days were understood by the Christians. Disgustingly heathen names they are, oh boy. So they changed the names of the days:

Lord's-day (but decided to just keep the sun as God created it, and they did not realise that is was our heathen spiritual goddess Sun);

second day (but decided to keep the moon, as they did not know the lunar deity Nanna, Baldur's spouse, nor the meaning of the deity Moon in myths);

third-day, for Tuesday (Týs (Ty's) day);

middle-week-day, for Wednesday (Óðins (Odin's) day);

fifth-day for Þórsday (Thor's day);

fasting-day for Freyja's day;

but Loki the tricky one, half god half thurs, tricked them and became laugardagur, or washing day, -- strange actually as bathing was banned by christians as worldly and devilish dedication to human flesh -- and therefore not christian at all.

So, actually, i like that 7-days-creation-story, -- with the ancient gods and goddesses being behind the otherwise stupid-looking invention or idea. It refers to the symbolic language of olden pagan myths.

Guy Fawlks, Halloween, Thanksgiving (and so on) are later inventions, put there to suffocate heathen feasts and holy days (holidays).
The horror is when mass-murderers became Saints and were given a day for their crimes.

If we go further back than goes the christian imprinting, we rediscover all the beautiful heathen concepts of time and events.

We can actually find the origin of every symbol that is now used for the invention "christian revelation", if we go further back than the last 3000 years. The ancient symbols that were "borrowed" (stolen) from the ancient rituals and tradition -- only their beauty reft apart and a wrong interpretation, claptrap, applied to botch the ancient profound symbolic meaning.

An example: The symmetry of the altar is from Sthapatya Veda (sthapatya is the word establishment, or house-, home-, establishment; ved is science), perhaps 7000 years old or even more.

Many words, ragna, blóta (blota), skratti, vitki, to name some, are divine- or ritual-concepts that were changed to mean: "of the Devil", "devilish" or "the Devil himself". That scare-crow called devil is an invented concept not ever accepted by heathens but as a good joke.

But beware: if you do not believe in him (that devil), it is a sign of his complete power over you. A power so complete that you do not realise that he owns you and controls and mandated you.

This is exactly the pattern of the church: It so completely masters its devoted followers that they "believe" that this all-worldly institution, this strategic trap, is freedom of/for the soul.

At times, during the darkest christianity's control and despotism in Europe, it was strictly forbidden to admire the beauty of nature as that was a temptation of that something called devil.
There is the story of two sons of a priest that stood by the window and silently admired the beautiful sunset on the mountain tops. Their mother, the priest's wife, noticed this horrible blasphemy and nature worship and profanity, so she swiftly draw the curtains for the window, spanked her sons and demanded them to go to bed at once and never never again let this devilish delusion mislead them again from God. They were lucky, she said, that their father did not see their devilish behaviour.

The Neoclassic tried to cast a light on the Greek gods and find gods inside, but a fierce propaganda was launched against it from the Vatican to deride those who thought untouchable God to be found in a filthy belly of mortal humans! Ridiculous! He is only to be contacted or reached through The Holy Church of Jesus Christ.

Heathens do not trust shepherds. Shepherds are known to keep sheep for their egoistic own purposes, their own hunger and money-making. Not for the protection of the sheep, not because of pure love towards sheep. And the symbolic language (sheep, shepherd) was understood to well by us(!!!). We trust nature and our own divine guidance. To trust a shepherd is to sell one's soul to the Devil, -- if that joke makes any sense to you(??)

Social rules and dogma seem to cling to most belief systems. Pure spirituality does not need anything of that kind. Not even do we need the shrines that were stolen from us heathens and converted into churches. We can get away with no trees, no groves. If we have the understanding of the real core of heathenry, the only thing we need is our precious life while we live. We have the theurgy.

Idolatry easily becomes worshipping statues or men (dead or living), anyway. So doing away with idols is a good thing.
And the innocent men that were victims of that power-greedy criminal Roman imperial papal theocracy will be reborn in better times.
We do not have any of the worldly stuff left --and it saves us from the trap of stagnated rigid meaningless social rules.
We only know the purest essence of heathenry from the ancient edda, to be enjoyed in this present age of dawning of understanding of man's divine origin, ginnungagap.

Að trúa á stokka og steina (ad trua a = to believe in)
stokkur (tree), steinn (stone).

Actually our heathen "belief in logs and stones" is our cue inwards to The Great Universal Spirit within all things in nature -- into ourselves as well.
Some people do not understand the profundity of "stones and logs" and ridicule this expression. But the loss we suffered of material shrines and our rituals, idols and cues, leaves us free, now, in the wilderness, vastness (gleði (gledi), gladness) to find our unmanifest riches, our boundless sky of human immortality, our divine freedom, inside.

Read the edda with our ancient understanding -- now rediscovered in our present age for us to enjoy.