Book about profound knowledge of life
the science found in heathenry
the great wisdom of pagans

Óðsmál (Odsmal) explain in a fresh new way the mystics of edda

by Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir
(Gudrun Kristin Magnusdottir)

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A hyperbook!
I have read most of Odsmal (interspersed with other books), and I must say my initial impression of it was correct.  I think the term that best suits it is "hyperbook."  It's very fast-paced without feeling that way, informative without listing facts, and will definitely consume too much time if you let it!  ;-)  I think it's wonderful and I am glad you have
shared it with me.
May the Nornir always weave you a favorable strand.

A fascinating work!

Thank you very much for the interesting and extraordinary book you've send me. It explains clearly the essential meaning of paganism. No academic work has ever reached this. Most non-academic works turn mostly into pseudo-mystical fantasies. But this book has hit the very target.
Finally a book that deals with the sacred texts of the North on an inviting and actual way, without narrow-minded archaeological and exoteric idolatry and nostalgia. It touches the very essence of what it is all about - what is of all times and spaces -, this by using the message and heritage of an old and rich European Tradition. Keep on doing it !!!

For those who are interested in understanding yoga, Oðsmál is a fortune chest.
In its purest essence ásatrú is yoga!  And here, for the first time, --on reading Óðsmál-- I understand the real yoga!

I think this book grows better each time (It's as though a house-wight comes through my library periodically and revises the edition I bought).
-one satified customer (the handful of bucks was well spent).

Silly jokes, amazing ideas, profound truth in an artistic, amusing mixture. 

I love your boek and find it a wealth of informasjions on the Gods. It will take many readings and much thought to comprehend it more throughlie. Please keep writng qt the matter for it is both important to have a woman her perspective ; zhich is a sholaressa , as well as a native Íslending. Tho , each of our cultuurs have our own uniques to add to our pan-germaonieske traditie and religion.

Óðsmál, if read with an open mind and an innocent approach, makes us happy.
That is because it opens up a world within.

> May I congratulate you on the enormous work that you have done and also on
>the quality of your production. May our Gods and Goddesses bless you for your
>devotion! Hailsa!

That great  --but peculiar--  book took me out of the clock- and stress-pressure into a realm of floating divinity inside me.

I knew heathenry to be ancient, but I didn't know heathenry to be one of the most profound religions of the world. I recomend this noteworthy tome to _everyone_; not only to those ásatrúar.

Anyone interested in spiritual matters and religions should read this unusual work.

Óðsmál is not a work of a stiff scolar but of an inspired mind, of an unbounded, elevated spirit. Float along with its ideas and take to your wings: fly with it inside yourself.

I read Óðsmál slowly and I read that book over and over again. Each time it is a relevance and a revelation

To me Óðsmál looked as a bagful of ideas: Should I arrange them in my head or should the authoress have done that for me as I paid for the book?
Well, I did. And that heap of ideas makes deep sense.

>After the Eddas `Odsmal' is the greatest Asatru book ever written.
>Modern Heathenry needed a tome such as this! Containing profound
>wisdom, this book offers a glimpse of Asatru's highest potential.
>Gudrun Kristin has done a great service for all contemplative

Hej sweet Goia !!!!!!!!!!!!   You know Óðsmál  is still one of my favorite books! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I do love it! Indespensible wisdom you have been sharing with everyone, a great gift to humanity.    This simple article on string theory is lovely!

Thank you, Gudrun. Go on with it!

If there is --well, there is-- something called New Age Movement, this book Óðsmál is what we need to understand that re-discovery of our age old inheritance.


Of course I feel that every man should understand the profoundness of our ancestors'  heathenry. This our great, precious, relevant inheritance is one of the most beautiful religions of mankind.
Thanks to Óðsmál for promoting knowledge in the field of our common quest:
freedom of each man's spiritual search and for each man's inner life.

I am rereading the "Odsmal" again after reading it the first time,cover to cover.

I have also pulled out some Icelandic lessons we had gotten, some years ago, from the University of Manitoba Canada to retry learning simple Icelandic.....using your "Odsmal" as a base since you have English on one side and the Icelandic on the other to help figure out.  It seems easier now for some reason.

When I read other books I found them to be full of good things and I learned a lot. But, I learned so much more from "Othsmal".

        At best, my Icelandic will seem childlike eventually but one has to start somewhere and it started as attempt to read some of your icelandic text in Odsmal that was not translated into English.
Sometimes, I will read across the pages, trying to stay more with the Icelandic, and it is almost as if I am beginning to understand it without referring to the english translation.  As if a rusted gate is slowly being opened.

For the first time in my life I understand what religions are ... -- I mean: should be (!))--  all about!
Nobody ever told me before.

I didn't know X-mas (yule) and Easter (the spring goddess) to be thousands of years old heathen nature feasts. Amazing how this book changes my views.

The message of Odsmal is: take it as it comes as you are all responsible, and see the opportunites right here and right now; float along with the gods (laws of nature), then life is joy.
The way in which this book is written is to emphasize this free and fleeting attitude. So open Óðsmál and fly along with it!

Thou lead thyself !  Óðsmál suggests this to be the most relevant hint to us !

Of course I feel that every man should understand the profoundness of our ancestors' heathenry. This our precious inheritance is one of the most beautiful religions of mankind.
Thanks for promoting knowledge in the field of our common quest.

I am reading Óðsmál, slowly but surely. Gradually that book is revealing for me some unknown depth of my soul.

Normally I do not read late at night, but I couldn't stop when I was reading Óðsmál (Odsmal). Such amazing beauty it reveals ........
........ My wife hid Odsmal from me because I didn't hear when she called me and the kids for dinner (!!!).

My husband is very sick and knows he is dying. I read for him every night in Óðsmál. He enjoys this book. We have a good laugh over its jokes, and he loves the idea of the purpose of life revealed in that timely book.

I always thought heathenry to be atheism and silly idolatry. Now I know it is in a way like the "no god" actually of the Buddhists, and that the poly-gods are powers in nature and in the human psyche. It has never been pointed out to us to think about it in that way. Read this book and you will be richer.

My wife and I never quarrel, but we do (each one of us) try to snatch Óðsmál before the other one can in the evening. We noticed this and settled on a compromise: to buy another copy!

No wonder I didn't understand:
I know now why Odsmal didn't make sense for me when I, to begin with, tried to read it at my usual reading-speed:  I had never heard of that sphere of life that Odsmal reveals! No-one has ever told us about the transcendental field of life!

Needless to say, I hold you in great esteem. You are not an ordinary writer; you are a kindred spirit. Any one who reads your book could easily see that you are a pioneer spirit and you are important not only for your country, but for all of us. You have a high place in the world of ideas.

I read Odsmal with a great interest. Each day I understand better ( I don't know if it is the english language  I understand a little bit more every day, or what it sounds in me...). I told you more about it later...

I am still reading Óðsmál, --- slowly but surely.

Every time I get through this book, I seem to start all over again. Am Ispellbound or stupid?

The book Odsmal is much needed to reveal the pure theosophy of our "natural nature religion".
There is in the West a so-called religion that never touches on this field of life that should be normal to every man and every religion. We hardly ever have heard about this sphere of life that Odsmal teaches us about in heathenry and asatru.
Yoga-teachers are trying to explain it, but I am not sure if the Western man understands. Nobody ever taught us Westerners this. Odsmal really does.

It is so befitting to allow people to have access to a book on the profoundness and beauty of heathenry now, as its pure theosophy is no-where taught, and many people have got the wrong idea (--due to some 10-20 centuries of brainwashing).

Óðsmál (Odsmal) is very good for the student of Icelandic, or people interested in that difficult language.
The Icelandic side of Odsmal (all right side pages) is short and witty (humorous),  even sarcastic. The English side (the English translation) was obviously a headache. It takes almost twice as much space as the Icelandic side. Ergo: compact Icelandic needs few words, and the same text needs many words to be explained in English. Yet the English text is as compact as possible.

>It's really a terrific book,
>and every time I read it I get different insights!
>It's fun to read and at the same time very profound, if you're open to heathen ideas.
>Are you going to write another book soon?

First, let me say Thank You for Odsmal! An absolutely wonderful book! -- your words are truly beautiful.

The most amusing  Potpourri I ever consumed! Is the authoress amusing us or mocking us? Some parts definitely have to be taken seriously, others are jokes -  or do the silly jokes have a message? On second thought: They are meant to tell us a lot.

Icelandic writing!! Oh, boy!
Icelanders are said to hate logic and to love story-telling. Ask an Icelander a concrete question and you get a story of his great-grandfather, or he starts boasting about himself.
It you do not know this, and if you do not read Icelandic, be prepared for stories which demand that you yourself put the meaning and relevance into.
Every time you must ask yourself: Why is that particular story (as a joke) here in this (puzzling) book? You yourself (the reader) have to give it a meaning in this or that context. You have to find the allegory. You have to find out for yourself what it is supposed to tell you. Icelanders call concrete information "feeding" or even "force-feeding", and it is an insult to the reader or listener to explain in details. The reader or listener is "given space" to understand the meaning without "being fed on it". Just accept this fact, and read Odsmal with the Icelandic atmosphere.
On the English side of Óðsmál (Odsmal) we have access to "i" (and i stands for "info" or "tourist information"). This i helps a lot, and also (of course!!!) makes the reading even more confusing.

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