Book about profound theosophy of heathenry and asatru
by Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir
(Gudrun Kristin Magnusdottir)

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CHATTER 1  pages 1 - 5
Introduction:  Óður (Odur) and the little völva (voelva)......

Óður (Óðr, Odur; pronounced Oathurr) is a norse god who symbolizes the _free_ human spirit. He is the husband of Freyja, the goddess of all-pervading, universal love, the great goddess of the North. Óður (Odur) is (for now) lost, and Freyja perpetually looks for him everywhere. In other words: The True, Unbounded, Unselfish Love wants back Humanity's Free Will, her beloved one, that now is (contemporarily) lost on our Mother Earth, the world of men.

In Óðsmál (Odsmal) Óður (Odur) talks to little, talkative völva (volva), who does not realize that he is a god, as he is clad like a wanderer or hiker.

A völva (voelva) or a vala is a wise woman, a seeress, a sorceress.
This particular völva (voelva), an invented character in Óðsmál (Odsmal), is a biker (drives a motor bike). Óðsmál (Odsmal) is a bagful of fun mixed up with the seriousness of the matter of concern: the profound beauty of heathenry.

CHATTER 2  pages 6 -12
Creation of a world;  singularity;  trinity; the three thurs-maidens (= the gunas)......

The creation is explained in scientific terms, in Vedic terms, and thirdly as it is in norse mythology. This happens to be one and the same thing. (NEW)

In this chatter you hear for the first time what the great Void, ginnungagap, is.
Its exact location is -- guess where -- within you and within me and within all things.  (

For the first time for centuries, ţursameyjar ţríar,  the three thurs-maidens, or the three _of_  the mighty ţurs-maiden, in Völuspá (Voeluspa) are explained.   (NEW)
Scholars have not been able to see the purpose of the three thurs-maidens /or the three into which the ţursmaiden, Nature, divides herself, found in this most sacred kvæði (kvaedi, poem) Völuspá (Voeluspa) of the Eddas. In Óðsmál (Odsmal) you learn about them as taught was some 7500 years ago.

(note: the three qualities of Nature the all-mighty and powerful, hinnar ámáttku mjög, are Sanskrit guna, sattva, rajas, tamah. They rule the whole world, and the only way to get away from their dance is to transcend the world of matter and thoughts, be the origin of all only.)

CHATTER 3  pages 13 - 15
OM, Ymir;  music;  the created world is all sounds;  find the rhythm of the dance......

A beautifully musical chatter.
Sounds are to be found in every bit of material and emotions. But The Great Void is Silence and Potentials for all phenomena of creation.

CHATTER 4  pages 16 -17
Elements (= sons of an eoten (jötunn, joetunn, pronounced: yirtun)) can violate worldly things;  spin;  we help the Æsir (aesir, the asa; the natural laws);  our senses can enjoy the "layers" of the world......

The elements are explained in scientific terms as well as in the terms of norse mythology.

CHATTER 5  pages 18 - 22
Freyr (pronounced: Frayr);  yule (= noël = birth of the light) = cycles = wheel; Skírnismál (Skirnismal), the "Xmas (darkness mass) poem" in the Edda.......

This chatter gives understanding of the ancient heathen yule-tide that was "borrowed" by Christianity, ---  as the joy at winter solstice could not be suffocated.

Skírnismál (Skirnismal), the heathen yule

Everything in the Moses-religion (and the monotheistic ones) is borrowed and recycled and used in another context, -  borrowed from myths of the older cultures that are many, many thousands years old. Yule (Christmas) is no exception to that fact.

CHATTER 6   pages 23 - 29
DANGER !  (that sometimes is comic, sometimes not comic at all);  symbols; parables;  Santa sweating in the hot midsummer sun;  "ekam sad" (Sanskrit: there is only one truth);  die, be reborn;  virgin births, the womb and the tomb and Mother Earth;  only one story;  the gap Ginnungagap within;  thou art just a divine being my lovely;  the hanging god;  and always that individuality-idea in the fair heathen Ásatrú (asatru)......

A chatter full of answers and questions.
The movements of Mother Earth are a part of man's life.
We are spiritual beings.
Is our pregnant Mother Earth the original myth of Virgin birth?

CHATTER 7  pages 30 - 35
Whom to worship?  Super-stars and softies;  who serves a whimsical double-nature master?  Seed of desire;  I god, thou god, he god, what a mess! "No god", says the pope.......

All gods are worldly, but do not blame us for trying to find them. The trouble is that -- in spite of all this advice -- we are in a big dilemma. That is because most of those who claim to know all about divinity and god, are in the worldly business only. And belief-business is a terrible money-business.
We should not try to manipulate other people's lives. Never.

Dragons and eotens in norse mythology have nothing to do with the handy invention called Devil. Deterioration (eotens, i.e. (corrosive) eaters) is a part of the natural cycles. Nothing to fear. The devil is a later invention. Fear and threat do not belong in the creation as Old Norse Ymir.

Desire, action, effect of action, new desire, the endless cycle, is explained. How to escape from it is explained too!

CHATTER 8  pages 36 -39
Ying yang;  Marie the Virgin;  the proud goddesses of the North and in Hellas;  evolutionary Eve;  sexual equality in Ásatrú (asatru);  "What looks small ..." (a poem).....

Female power has  -- for the last centuries --  been suffering from the debasement that monotheistic religions have brought to the North. Disdain of women is claimed (by the Christian priests, women-priests i.e.) to be in Jewishdom and to come with the Christian church as well.

It is a pity to have imported disdain to the North. It was not here before.

To take an example of goddesses, Eir is the goddess of healing, the best of doctors. Eir means tranquillity, peace within. If you look at it rationally, you see the profound wisdom in her name. What is better for our health than peace of mind and undisturbed feelings?

In the North women and goddesses are still held in great esteem. Even in the Icelandic Sagas they are --  in spite of their being written under Christianity.

Actually, the church tried to put Marie in the place of the great heathen goddesses, but as Marie is a male-ruled patriarchic figure, she is not a substitute for the powerful female divinity that rules the world of men with unselfish love. I can not say that Marie did not quite work, because her purpose was to suffocate the free will of the all-powerful love. (We also know that Eve was a patriarchic woman, but Adam's first wive, Lillith, was the free-will woman. The patriarchy got rid of her (of course).)
Freyja was said to be porno, and Marie the obedient was (is) man's device to beget sons.

Luther banned Marie, as other Catholic stuff, and magnified devils and iron angles instead. If you really want to read about porno, horror and sadism, then read Luther the and other church-stuff from the middle ages.

CHATTER 9  pages 40 - 44
Damn individuality;  the Æsir (aesir, asa; the Norse gods) came from Asia; trust the gods, help the gods;  267,000 kings and queens;  uncouth braggarts;  the state-run god;  earth's wildest domestic animals.......

The whole population of Iceland is only 267,000 people. The island is 103,000 square kilometers or 90,000 square miles. A king has never thrived in Iceland as these "uncouth braggarts" (the Icelanders) are uncontrollable individuals.

The Æsir (æsir, aesir, asa) as men are said to have immigrated from Asia, bringing with them the profound wisdom of the Vedas. (Edda is known to be the same word as Veda.)

A Norwegian king took as hostages the sons of prominent men in heathen Iceland in the year 999. He threat-imposed Christianity upon us,  -  used it as a device of dominance for himself. The king was eventually dismissed and the church took over in its dominance-urge and ruled on by threat of death to the disobedient. All agreements of freedom of heathenry in Iceland were broken by the church. People were burnt alive by hysterically insane priests.

The church still has a firm grip on taxpayers' money through the state. Perhaps MPs (Members of Parliament, Alþingismenn (Alhingis-men)) believe in churches - as they were made to declare when they were 13 years old and got confirmed into the Evangelic-Lutherian Church? I do not believe that they are afraid of the Hebrew god or the Christian hell or think they can buy heaven and paradise for taxpayers' money. (A bundle of priests and bishops are officially paid wages in Iceland, and expenses of the church are taken from tax payers' money as well. A state run theocracy in the free(?), western world? Is the powerful, political grip of Christian Coalition a fact in the western world?)

CHATTER 10   page 45
Grandfather paid a visit to the king's palace......

Equals in Iceland, and the flattery for a king! And grandpa smiled.

CHATTER 11  pages 46 - 51
The Ayur Veda;  skip worries;  moon-magic;  sound sounds;  laughter miracles;  blame the imported god; enjoy......

This chatter is about the sound advice given in Hávamál (Havamal, the norse sacred kvæði (kvaedi, poem)) for perfect health.

Ayur Veda is the ancient Vedic wisdom of how to lead a sound life.

I repeat here is my comment on Eir:
Eir is the goddess of healing, the best of doctors. Eir means tranquillity, peace within. If you look at it rationally, you see the profound wisdom in her name. What is better for our health than peace of mind and undisturbed feelings?

CHATTER 12  pages 52 - 55
Matter / energy;  the moon sounds;  where and what sees Óðin's (Odin's) other eye?  am I 99.99999% gap?  How come the wonder is not looked for inside me?.......

This chatter explains the great void, The Unified Field (as the scientific terms runs). It is ginnungagap as Óðsmál (Odsmal), and Óðsmál (Odsmal) alone, explains it. It is the same as Brahman of the Vedas.
This chatter is sheer delight. It opens up a hidden world for the reader of Óðsmál (Odsmal).

CHATTER 13  pages 56 - 60
Swastika:  Þór's (Thor's) hammer Mjölnir (Mjoellnir);  crosses;  ban horror-stories;  marks;  sings;  stickers;  entrance to the sun;  the wheel of Helios's chariot......

Swastika is all about beauty and to find the good power. Some have abused the term.
The cross is not an execution tool. How horribly some have misunderstood and abused that cross-mark (swastica),  - oh boy!

CHATTER 14   pages 61 - 66
The hen, relative reality;  Jesus;  nymph (dís (dis)); nympho;  idols; Supermen;  incarnation;  symbolic for gaining manvit, symbolic for rebirths, symbolic for spring......

This chatter is funny, because we really do not realize how brain-washed we are due to indoctrinations, how credulous and indiscriminating we are because of mass-belief, how dumb we are to lap up other people's narrow-mindedness. On top of that we read all the myths as if they were to be taken literally. They might be used just to explain something or just to hint at something. Look out and look for the hidden meaning.

CHATTER 15   pages 67 - 72
Funny ignorance......
(Chatters 15 and 16 make our use of language look ridiculous, our ideas frail.)

To continue to show how blind and brain-washed we are, Óður (Odur) and little talkative völva (voelva) pick up all kinds of silly stories and comments in chatters 15 and 16. Read each of them (even if you are smiling) with the notion that it is meant as a sharp comment straight and pointed to us all.

CHATTER 16   pages 73 - 81
Tricky translations, new / deliberate / cunning / uncontrollable / misunderstood;  use of terms; unreliable hypotheses, puzzling explanation; innumerable meanings of some concepts;  Mother Earth and Mary conceive; Santa not dead meat;  Serious matters and twaddle......

(The same comment as for chatter 15 goes for chatter 16.)

CHATTER 17  pages 82 - 89
Names of the days and months;  washing and brain-washing.

We had beautiful ancient names for days and months.
We got a new calendar from some church. We do not own that calendar, that calendar is a device to rule our life.

CHATTER 18   pages 90 - 95
Ancestors;  are the Yule-boys (jólasveinar (jolasveinar)) our ancestors in disguise?  DNA a golden stick?.......

Hear Óðsmál (Odsmal) deals with ethnology. Did we worship and pay due reverence to our ancestors? Was it a good old heathen custom? Was is banned under X-tianity? Is it still here in disguise?  Did the church turn everything that is sacred to the heathens into devilish acts? Were people burnt alive for their beautiful moral and ethical inheritance?

In chatter 18 is shown how a mother sang magic (charms) to her son and his beloved. It can also be interpreted as pure theosophy: Does the continuation of life because of our love, bring man to his desired destiny, the pure love of Freyja?

In the end of chatter 18 a heathen advice is to be found:
Throw away anything that thou considerest unbearable. This is an advice from Hávamál (Havamal).
(this is entirely opposite to carrying burdens and each others' burdens.)

Lead thou thyself
= be thou responsible for thine own course in life.
(this is entirely the opposite of:  belong to the repenting herd an obey written commandments and offer the other cheek for another blow.)

CHATTER 19  pages 96 - 99
Stars;  superstars;  A thousand stars (a sweet poem in the end of the star-chatter)......

Stars from astrology, astronomy, mythology, ancient science, film-idols, religious idolatry (Jesus super star), etc.

CHATTER 20   pages 100 - 112
Karma, fate;  hel hell, Valhöll (Valhoell, Valhalla), heaven;  Money;  St. Peter's book;  purgatory;  as thou wilt;  "gahana karmana gatih" (Sanskrit) (= the course of action is unfathomable);  the whimsical karma-god;  are hell and remissions still profitable business in 1996?.......

Thirteen pages on fate. What is fate?  In Óðsmál (Odsmal) the answer to this question is to be found.

The norns of fate are Urður (Urdur), Verðandi (Verdandi) and Skuld (=Debt).
This is the same as the law of karma. We are responsible.

Chatter 20 also contains severe comments on the darkness of ignorance (on one hand) and enlightening teaching in the sphere of no thoughts and no fate: Pure Knowledge, Foundation of human life (on the other hand).

CHATTER 21   pages 113 - 118
As I will, not as thou wilt;  magic;  "yagya" (Sanskrit);  "heyam duhkham anagatam"  (Sanskrit;  = avoid bad fate which has not yet come);  magic (charms); make peace with the gods (= live in accordance with the laws of nature).......

RUNES   pages 119 - 120.
These are the carved runes, i.e. the worldly runes, written secrets between man and his god, gods, goddess, goddesses.
(For the sacred transcendental runes
listen to (read) chatter (chapter) 29 in Óðsmál (Odsmal).)

CHATTER 22  pages 121- 122
Grýla (Gryla; threat, blackmail), police, money, Santa as a tool, love-disguise for sneaky power......

This chatter involves and deals with ethnology. Have beautiful, life-giving goddesses been turned into monstrous child-eaters? (Gerður (Gerdur) of Skírnismál (Skirnismal))

Skírnismál (Skirnismal), the heathen yule

Also, we must answer a morbid question:  Do we use threats to make our kids obey?
Do mothers put a raw potato in the shoe in the windowsill in December, when the kids expects love?  Do mothers use Santa as a device for getting obedience?

Does Christianity thrive on fear and threat, obedience and favor? Is that a healthy code to imprint into our children?
No, it is not sound. It is not discussing with reason, it is not giving love, and threat and the doggie-biscuit should not be used. Healthy ethics is to teach a kid why we do this and that.

CHATTER 23   pages 123 - 131
Have you got a pain, ma?  Or high temperature?   (a short story).......

What do you think?
(Well, read the story first. Then answer your own questions.)

CHATTER  24  pages 132 - 139
Týr (Tyr; a god);  Arjuna (Bhagavad Gita), "niatam kuru karma tvam" (Sanskrit = do thy allotted duty)......

What does it mean being valiant? Listen to (read) this chatter (chapter) with an open mind and your discriminating mind wide awake.
In the norse myth on Týr (Tyr) the valiant god of righteousness, we learn in the Eddas that we should not be asleep and lazy. Life is meant for action.
ONLY: which action? Right action. What is a deed? What promotes evolution and life?

Drómi (Dromi) is a bond, that does not retain the negative powers. Drómi (Dromi) means sloth and drowsiness.

Læðingur (Laedingur) is a bond, that does not retain the negative powers.
Læðingur (Laedingur) means weakness and some kind of laziness and carelessness and inertia and lack of efficiency to perform good deeds.

An advice from Hávamál (Havamal) is:
"Do something to eliminate all suffering wherever you come across it, fight all unrighteousness as if it were your own enemy."

One thing must be very clear here: To do "charity" in order to get a grip on people, to offer help in order to baptize people to a certain religion, is not what we should do. That is missionary and that is blackmail, and that is double ethics, and that is to satisfy dominance-urge.

Help on no conditions, with no selfish purposes, with no converting purposes, with no intention to spoil the needing people's culture and opinions, is a good deed. It is for the elimination of suffering only. "Help" and "philanthropy" on condition with a hidden purpose, is not.

CHATTER 25   pages 140 - 149
Knowledge;  can one think too much?  Yggur (The Thinking One? = Óðinn (Odinn; pronounced: Oathinn)).......

Manvit mikið (mikid, much) is reached by every man, just as by Óðinn (Odin), the free*, human spirit, by using Sleipnir, the mythology-pony and our nervous system in this context. In case you do not follow me, read this chapter (25) in Óðmsál (Odsmal). *) (free from dogmas and belief-systems, searching ididvidually inwards for Truth)

In chatter 25 on the Icelandic page number 147 the author of Óðsmál (Odsmal) suggests that the part of ragnarök (ragnarok) where Surtur is said to come from the South and burn the earth, is actually what happened when Christianity was used by the popes and the popes' Roman Empire to burn the precious inheritance of heathens in Europe, the Frey-cult. Freyr no longer had his sword, and could not fight Surtur. Freyr (token of peace and prosperity for mankind) has given his power (his sword) to Skírnir (Skirnir) to secure the continued life for mankind, secure the vegetation in spring, the warmth of goddess Sun, our prosperity, and above all peace. Freyr is the god of peace. Peace is needed to get the earth to yield harvest.
Surtur fer sunnan með (med) sviga lævi (laevi). Icelandic; Surtur comes from the South and burns everything with fire on his way. Devastating Surtur is Christ's bride: the church! Nobody ever dared say this before. The authoress of Óðsmál (Odsmal) does.

CHATTER 26  pages 150 - 155
The seven states of consciousness;  ananda or soil (mud)......

Most interesting chatters these two, 25 and 26, on how to gain manvit mikið (mikid, much).
Nothing in the relative world is stable. But we can rely on its functioning.
What keeps it going and what sustains it is the Great All-pervasive Intelligence (svinnur in norse mythology).
This Intelligence is also Our Pure Essence, Our Innermost Core.

There are several states of consciousness (explained in chatter 26).

Thoughts, however pious, do not get us into the real Divinity within. Some people think they are very good, better off mentally and spiritually than others.  Sometimes this supposed superiority only is a false, blind feeling of superiority in comparison to the fellow-men. Degrees in religious studies from universities are no passports to Divinity, because Divinity is within, not to be found in and not belonging to divinity-institutions or books containing the so-called "word of God". To be sheep in a herd obeying some shepherd is very dangerous indeed. It leads man in the wrong direction - away from his real divine nature within each individual.

To evolve towards Perfection, each man must compare himself to himself, not to others.
No two men need the same kind of life. No one should try to reach his divinity through another man, a redeemer or whatever. All that is worldly stuff only, and leads mankind astray.

Do you know what Óður (Odur) and little völva (voelva) explain to be the very tool to gain "manvit mikið" (mikid (great) man-wit)?
It is Sleipnir, Óðin's (Odin's) pony.  (
How come? It is just mythology!!!
Óðsmál (Odsmal) states Sleipnir to be the nervous system. Its eight legs are the layers of Nature or Prakriti.

You should listen to (read) chatters 4, 11, 25, 26 and 29 to understand the original theories on Sleipnir in Óðsmál (Odsmal).

In this chatter (26 of Óðsmál (Odsmal) we have a new (*NEW*)  interpretation of Óðin's (Odin's) name Yggur.
The patriarchy has spoiled some of the most delicate and fundamental aspects of the ancient heathen culture and profoundness.
The purpose of Óðsmál (Odsmal) is to re-establish the correct understanding.

CHATTER 27  pages 156 - 165
Time or time;  tyrant clock = Chronos = Saturn;  imported stress;  the fourth dimension;  Gulliver's god;  kids deprived of god......

You can not help laughing when listening to (reading) this chatter. But we do realize the seriousness of the matter, as we (with monotheistic preaching) are leading our descendants astray and away from Real Divinity?

This chatter explains that time is a fake as we see it.
Clocks and church bells are devices to create stress and fright of time running out.

CHATTER 28  pages 166 - 172
God Bless This House  (a short story)......

To give you a break, here we find a delightful story, full of vital and needed aspects, --  meaning that we should really feel when reading this lucid story.

We feel relaxed after this sweet and profound story, prepared for Chatter 29:

CHATTER 29  pages  173 - 182
Hangan-Týr (Hangan-Tyr) = the hanging god (Óðinn (Odinn)), the high point of Óðsmál (Odsmal; pronounced: Oathsmaul).

The original meaning of the holy scripture, Hávamál (Havamal in the Edda) now easily understood by us, due to our new perspective after listening to the deep knowledge of Óður (Odur) and little völva (voelva)......

Here we come to the real core of the whole dialogue. About time to get to the point (!!!) after 172 pages of preparations.

Verses 138 - 142 of Hávamál (Havamal), the sacred text of the Eddukvæði (Eddukvaedi, poem-Edda) are here for the first time in centuries or millennia correctly interpreted  (*NEW*)

Óðinn (Odin) on vingameiður (vinga- (the friendly) -meiður (meidur, tree), the tree of life, askur Yggdrasils) is transcending this world of matter to gain the Great Knowledge (--that has nothing to do with books and information of this world--).

Tree is not a usual tree, but symbolic for trust in Providence. Its roots and branches mean Eternity.

In the end of this chatter little völva (voelva) illustrates the whole thing, that actually is impossible to explain in worldly terms as to be understood by the common man.
Those already enlightened understand it. But those who need to understand do not (!!! what a dilemma).

What about you? Do you want to know this sphere of life - the better part, the divine part?

CHATTER 30  pages 183 - 189
Thinking very hard of a god;  ban-thoughts-strain in so-called yoga.......

You will enjoy the last chatters as they are funny and also touch your deepest feelings. You will not know whether to cry or laugh, so do both.
By now the pupil of Óður (Odur) and little talkative völva (volva) -- i.e. the reader of Óðsmál (Odsmal) -- understands why human thoughts and strain and striving are obstacles on our way to reach the pure divinity within us.

CHATTER 31  pages 190 - 200
Chat and pondering on ethics, double standards and god-monopoly.......

We are blindfolded not to see the terrible power of theocracy - the most effective tool of cunning power-seekers in the disguise of peaceful saints.

CHATTER 32  pages 201 - 210
Völuspá (Voeluspa in the Edda);  Harmony, disharmony, human responsibility......

We are perpetually - over and over again in the present age - living the cycles that are to be found in Völuspá (Voluspa), i.e. ragnarök (ragnarok). Ragnarök (ragnarok) are all about the cycles, not some invented doomsday.

CHATTER 33  pages 211 - 216
Þingvellir (Thingvalla, Assembly-Fields);  my people !;  we had good law; the dead king's tool: bad law;

and on page 216:
to fall in love;  the little völva's (voelva's) love for our inheritance......

Read, cry, smile -- and understand why Óðsmál (Odsmal) is here to open our eyes again to the beauty of the ancient Europe-culture.


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