Book about profound theosophy of heathenry and asatru
by Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir
(Gudrun Kristin Magnusdottir)

A mobile (trailer) cremation ship
is Goia's idea to have corpses burnt in a place that people might choose according to desire....

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.... Ashes can then be buried or thrown in some place according to the permission of law and regulation of each country.

In heathenry death is no occasion for grief. Let death be joy only as it is an inevitable part of the perpetual cycles of life. Families gather to show love, not petty consolation, on the occasion of burial or cremation. Cakes and coffee are offered after the ceremony as a tradition in Iceland. Heathens do no cry on the occation.

The cremation ship is made of metal. It is on wheels, and thus mobile. Inside is the cremation kiln. To reach the necessary temperature either electricity or metan-butan gas is used. In many places we have no access to electricity. I name the wilderness and the mountains.

Engineers and businessmen that are interested in the enterprise are welcome to take part in the cremations ships's manufacturing. It can be profitable if it becomes fashion. Please contact <freyjukettir@mmedia.is> if you are interested in the enterprise.

Cremation Ship
International road sign (services): burial place; grave yard.
design: Gudrun Kristin Magnusdottir (Goia, author of Óðsmál (Odsmal); idea from the cremation of Baldur).


solar eclipse,         cremation of Baldur (pict:Björn Jonson,1989) Solar eclipse, cremation of Baldur (Björn Jónsson,1989).
Ethnoastronomi; Astral Aspects of the Eddas. Read Einar Pálsson (Palsson), Iceland, for example his original interpretations on the Zodiac (the Northern sky) as seen in Grímnismál (Grimnismal poem in Edda).

As everything in The Books of made-up (so-called revealed) religions is taken from ancient sources, the come-back of Jesus might be from the return of Baldur. All life is cycles. The Judgement at The Doomsday is a misinterpretation. Only invented to create fear on which dominance and obedience thrive. Völuspá (Voluspa) is only about the cycles that are here and now, all around us to open our eyes to see where in the cycle humanity is so that we can act and act rightly here and now.
(Do you know that the story (myth) of Moses in a basket in the rush in the oasis of the Nile is from heathen myths about our sun? Do you know the real source of everything that monotheistic religion systems "use" to look as if they are (seem to be) divine or spiritual? - It is to be found in ancient myths in a different meaning. I warn you against revealed (i.e. invented) belief systems.)
If the death and cremation of Baldur is a solar eclipse (on the 21st of March 619; ethnoastronomi; Björn (Bjorn) Jónsson (Jonsson)) the new part of that cycle is that the sun shines again when it is over (pure heathen theosophy, Goia, Óðsmál (Odsmal)). The cycles in life are nothing to be afraid of. Do not let fear rule you. Only learn from old myths. They are meant for us to learn from. The death of Baldur teaches us: Always do your best, be aware of what you are doing, do not let others rule you, act rightly, do not blindly kill Baldur (as did blind Höður (Hodur).). Blindness and ignorance cause grief and disaster in life.

Notes for the non-profane minds:
-> Odsmal is written for the common, blind man as his first step to understand pure and profound heathenry and learn about what beauty awaits him in life.
-> For the man that understands the term enlightenment the cycle of the hidden sun should be taken as the dawn of a new cycle in life, the beginning of the path inwards to the higher Self, towards the true, infinite consciousness in man. And the result that will be coming up is Bliss, Ananda, that turns "the evil dream of pain and suffering" into "a puff".
-> The spiritual Sun that was hidden or covered for us for a while is rediscovered - always by our own effort.
-> There are no obstacles between our world of thoughts and pure consciousness within. Now that Global Country of World Peace, i.e. Maharishi its founder, the Indian physicist, has given us the TM-technique, there are no obstacles.  But, if we do not have the TM-technique, there are obstacles even if we are, actually, searching for our innermost ourselves, because the real core and essence is not on the sphere of thoughts!!. And even if the path is natural, the quivering mind - itself an expression of the divinity Óðinn (Odinn), and our precious tool - is a nuisance. It is the only enemy to itself.  Learn TM and know thy-self, gnoi seauton!!


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