Book about the profound wisdom of heathenry, the knowledge that we have forgotten;
third part of Hávamál (Havamal) understood again now

by Gudrun Kristin Magnusdottir.

More About the Author
Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir
(Gudrun Kristin Magnusdottir)
nick name: Göia (Goia)

ÓÐSMÁL (ODSMAL) book cover

Óðsmál (Odsmal) book cover design by Göia (Goia) the author

CV (curriculum vitae; "how running a lifetime" (!))

most likely tells you:  age, education and former lives of the individual -- eh, --- that is ...
..... if our present brains remember some of the deja vu

(links to illustrated short stories
by Guðrún, the author of Óðsmál (Odsmal)):

Sál bróður (sal brodur) Soul of a Brother

Tröllabarn (trollabarn) Trolls in Iceland

Goia the authorGoia in natureGoia the authorGoia the authorGoia the authorGoia the author

Goþrún (Gothrun, gods' rune, the secret divine whispering))
Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir
born 27th of September 1939
Nickname: Gauja or Göia (Goia) -- (pronounced somewhat like French Geuilla or Spanish Goya)

Goia the authorGoia the authorGoia the authorGoia the authorGoia the author

In the University of Iceland Guðrún (Gudrun) studied Pedagogy and Philosophy,
after six years in Commercial School,
attended music-school and ballet-school for some years,
art school for four years, diploma in ceramics,
has taken part in several art exhibitions and art performances,
also price-winning for design of souvenirs, plays on stage, short stories and other achievments
diploma in script making and film direction,
part time actress (stage, TV, film).
a former photo model, manequein,
a keen biker (now owning a Kawasaki Ninja).

Goia the author

on the photo: Freyja,
(copper, archeological finding in Sweden)
Goia on the racer Yamaha DT
(photo: Jim Smart, Iceland)

As a writer and artist for the last decades,  Guðrún (Gudrun) has created several illustrated children's books,
radio- and television stories and -plays,
delightfully illustrated reading exercises for young kids, -- search in links on left side of the index page (home),

illustrated short stories published in several magazines,
multimedia art pieces,
was Iceland's representative in Copenhagen 1997,
was granted first prize for a full length play for stage:

“Ég er hættur! Farinn! Ég er ekki með í svona asnalegu leikriti" (for fotos: Hættur! Farinn! Ekki með í svona asnalegri sögu
("I quit! I am leaving! I am not taking part in such a silly play any more!")

On stage in Reykjavík City Theatre in 1990,
On stage again at Egilstaðir (Egilstadir) 1998

first and second prizes granted for short stories for teenagers,
a book of these (along with others of her stories) being published
(author's illustrations),
the great book ÓÐSMÁL (Odsmal) on the profoundness of heathenry,
---  a theosophical study of the northern cultural inheritance ---
was published in 1996 by Guðrún's (Gudrun's) firm Freyjukettir, Freyja's cats, - a non-profit enterprice for the understanding of heathenry.

Skírnismál (Skirnismal), the ancient kvæði (kvaedi) of the Edda has been published as a script (in Icelandic) meant for school
kids to be performed before yule holiday season or during yule-tide. Skírnismál (Skirnismal is the age-old heathen yule-ritual.
Yule are at winter solstise on the 20th, 21st or 22nd of December, different between years.)
For Skírnismál (Skirnismal) in English click here: Skirnismal-ritual for kids. No doubt grown-ups will love it too.

Goia / Guðrún has designed a road sign for the cemetary for heathen men (public service sign),
Guðrún also wants heathens to build their own cremation ship.

A colorful background:
teacher of ceramics in preliminary schools and art school.
worked on an Icelandic Gun Boat;
worked as a fisherman on small boats,
partly brought up on a farm, partly in the capital town of Iceland, Reykjavík (Reykjavik),
lived abroad (in other European countries) for some months and years,
is a mother and a grandmother,
having lived the changes of society since World War II,
member of Hagþenkir (Hagthenkir) (association of authors of educational material for kids and the common man).
Guðrún (Gudrun) is a goði*) (godi, godhi, gydhja) for heathen men in the southern part of Iceland.

Goia the author Goia the authorGoia the authorGoia the authorGoia the authorGoia the authorGoia the author

Goia the authorGoia the authorGoia the authorGoia the authorGoia the authorGoia the authorGoia the authorGoia the author

Goia the author Goia the authorGoia the authorGoia the authorGoia the author

*) Guðrún / Göia is a goði for heathens in the southern part of Iceland where her grandfathers and grandmothers come from.

Goia's godord for heathen menIf you have a map of Iceland you can find the goðorð (godord) from glacier river from Mýrdalsjökull (Myrdalsjokull,
Myrdal's-glacier): Markarfljót (Markarfljot) in Rangárvallasýsla (Rangarvallasysla), a district named Undir fjöllum, stretching east covering the
whole of Vestur-Skaftafellssýsla (Vest-Skaftafellssysla) to the glacier river Skeiðará (Skeidara) that runs from Vatnajökull (Vatnajokull).

Being a goði (godi) implies that the person is capable of giving knowledge to others about vor forni siður (sidur; our olden cultural customs or traditions),
ásatrú (asatru), heathenry, its meaning and essence in theory and in practical use.

Goia (Guðrún (Gudrun)) is composing audio/video (VHS, DVD) on 432 interesting topics on vor siður (vor sidur, vor sidr, our olden custom,
heathenry, paganry, ásatrú) meant for kids and teenagers. Links on index page (home):
 audio-video, the abyss of the symbolic language of edda
No doubt grown-ups will love them too.
 the abyss of the symbolic language of edda; on DVDs, and soon launged here video/audio
They come in Icelandic VHS and in Scottish-accent-English DVD and MPEG on this website.
This work is inspiring for our better understanding and the need for spiritually-oriented research on vor forni siður

-- run by heathens that want to understand. (do you see what i mean? )

Vor siður is not a museum piece, forni siður is not primitive and stupid, it is a beautiful living tradition,
profond, ancient and ever young, much needed and practical wisdom and science in the world of men to-day.

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