Dear Galahad, my friend.



The days, in all European languages and in Sanskrit too, bear the names of

our gods and goddesses?



Sunday    Goddess Sl, from Her comes sla, inner hamingja, bliss, when we contact Her,

Moon    Her consort diety Mni, and his consort is deity Nanna,

T's     (Mars, mangal)   Tr, pure thought, righteousness, our law according to Laws of Nature,

in's    (Mercur, buddh) intelligence and consciousness of man and the Self of all beings,

Thor's      (jupiter, guru) the heavy, our might and main, benevolent efficiency,

Freyju (Freyja's) day   (Venus, sukhra), Vanads, prepetual dynamism of creativity,

Loka- or Saturns day   (Saturn, shani), humankind and our endevour on our way towards perfection;


gods, planets, week-days,  --  and  in our human physiology:

thalamus, subthalmus, substancia nigra, globus pallidus  etc.... of the human brain;

and these parts' functions are the same as those of our gods !!


This is ancient wisdom;


(Tony Nader, MD PhD, Lebanon: "Human Physiology and our Cosmic Counterparts")


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Names of days in Icelandic, in Greek, and  Mittwoch for Wodenstag in German, have deliberately been changed as not to bear the names of heathen deities



Laws of Nature come from The Unified Field, from Reality, and sustain and run the entire universe in perfect order on its path towards evolution, ever expanding;


our gods are, as it were, presidents over Natural Law;

we should live life in accord with these divine powers that always prove right;


we should find our innermost core, Glaheimar of inn, = unboundedness of consciousness,

find Tr, the most profond level of righteousness within us.

We can evoke each day its divinity inside us to link us to und, dharma, that which upholds the entier universe.  We are Reality. and our body is as is the universe. Smaller than the smallest, bigger than the biggest.  100% full is Reality, ginnungagap, 100% full is the created world. The 200% life.



> there some idea of the concept of rebirth, and of being born again on Earth after death ?   Something like the buddhist / Hindu concept of reincarnation ?



No two heathens have the same ideas in all matters,

 that is our blessing;

heathens have as many concepts and ways of understanding as there are men,


and we should not be literalists;  whatever is written in a book is written by men, and we can not trust their stage of conciousness; some might try to be honest, some might deliberately be using spiritual concepts in order to mislead the credulous, and for egoistic purposes.


Later inventions have made Valhll to something like the Roman churche's heaven for good obedient dead;  This is an example of changing from ancient truth and wisdom to flat and misleading later inventions.  Valhll is for living men. Alive we reach Valhll. Alive we stay there.


Helia (Hel) is a place for us when we do not live in a body, a coffee-break between earth-life-spans, vi (sanskrit ayus) We make a new body the next time, and carry on on our way to perfection, --  vi after vi,


but Valhll is an exalted state of consciousness of a _living_ man,   --- in one of our life-spans (vi) we become einherji, a man that has reached cosmic consciousness, perfected to the extend of seeing (Sga) that the created world is aloof from the imperishable part;  i am that imperishable part (every i, aham, ek), ginnungagap;


>...Something like the buddhist / Hindu concept of reincarnation ?



and even Jewishdom has the same ancient concept of being re-born over and over again;


(the one-life-span-device is a Roman invention, as a strategy to make pressure on repenting, giving only 2 options: hell or heaven; this Roman strategy should not be applied to spiritual thinking, it belongs to literalism only).


Neither sins nor merits count in Helia, but fate, a nut-seed of memory, Urur Verandi Skuld, karma, are ours, waiting for our next vi (life-span);

(the big book (register) of St.Peter at the Golden Gate is a copy (stolen idea) of Urur Verandi Skuld funnily applied to the one-lifespan-strategy).  


Skuld means debt and allotted duty (skylda); 

family is fjlskylda (responsibility towards others), and we are indebted to them and have duties towards the promotion of all life.


Nirvana is when a man transcends, -- frn, sn (sun), of individual self to the Self, inn gefinn ni, i given to myself, Hvaml rnatal vsa 138 and on --,

--  and, a man that lives the transcendental Reality during all his actions in life, is einherji, has reached cosmic consciousness (CC), lives Valhll in his life; has infused hamingja of Sl (sla, bliss) into his every action and thought. 

(Huginn is yogin, Muninn is munih, pure men in Valhll, in CC).


Stages of consciousness:

we know waking state, deep-sleep state, REM (rapid eye movements; dreaming) state.

The forth state of consciousness (chaturty, 4th) is the transcendence, inn gefinn ni;


then (5th) einherji, cosmic consciousness, living in Valhll in life on earth, a next (5th) stage of consciousness of a _living_ man.


(Be very careful of theafts and misuse and the widespread confusion with x-tian concepts;

be careful f.eks. about the title: saint, and the words: holy and sacret; some hold/held these kinds of a title for killing heathens, these words might be a trap, an all-worldly device).



There are stages of conciousness (of man) even higher than CC, when a living individual has given his individual self completely over to the higher Self, and lives in Unity with the almighly;

has realized that ahambrahmasmi, i am brahman, ek er ginnungagap, and all creatures are brahman, and that nature carries out all actions in the world;


not as mood-making, but as seeing, realizing, living Truth, being Sga in Valhll).



There is no way of gaining perfection, siddhi, siur, in one single life-span (vi, ayus) as a man, as we carry the animal nature with us (Paradiso, Gymisgarar) into the first few lives as a man (a beast walking on two legs);

Niggardy (hnggur) time-concept of theocracies does not belong in profound wisdom of our reverent forefathers.



My dear friend, Galahad,

i am so happy to have you around,


mey yer lum reek

orra best


have fun

happy yule

take care








love from Dimma too