First Step to Understanding the Profound Beauty of Heathenry

keys to the secret code of edda of the north

A gentle kiss of innocent love, and our Sleeping Beauty within wakes up.

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I shall make an attempt to correct the made-up history.
Actually, monotheistic theocracy is a step backwards for humanity's spiritual growth. A great profound cult, heathenry, -- a cult of profound spirituality, sound ethics and superb philosophy -- was almost killed by the clever strategic propaganda telling us wrongly: Christianity (monotheism) is "evolved" and superior and heathenry is "primitive" and inferior -- primitive in a negative sense. The name "an evolved religion" is a garb only -- to hide the real purpose of the institution that uses it.The real purpose is imperialism. The Caesar of that "new"" Roman Empire was, and still is, the infallible pope, in the garb of the "spotless" white papal dress -- keeping a strong army at hand. The pope is pontifix maximus, the ceaser was pontifix maximus. (Sometimes a spiritual leader, sometimes head of state (Vatican), depending on how circumstances are being “used” for the emperical purposes).

History, disappointments,
cruel naked facts,
unlearning, relearning,
above all: not believing.

Æsir (aesir) as men are said to have come from Asia to Europe. (Thus the name of the Norse gods.) Modern research seem to support the theory better and better. Æsir (aesir) are said to have brought with them the profound but delicate wisdom of the Veda. Many claim edda to be the same word as veda (wisdom). Some say it means grandmother (amma) only.

Note: For roots and meaning we must go much much deeper than does philology for European languages; There are books on Sanskrit words and grammatical systems in Icelandic and Old Norse;
Det norske Sprogs væsentligste Ordforraad, sammenlignet med Sanskrit og andre
Sprog af samme Æt : bidrag til en norsk etymologisk Ordbog
Holmboe, C.A.
Trykt: Wien, 1852
XX, 496 s.
Det odlnorske Verbum, oplyst ved Sammenligning med Sanskrit og andre Sprog af samme Æt.
Holmeboe. C.A.
Christiania 1848
54 s.
Sanskrit og oldnorsk : en sprogsammenlignende afhandling / af C.A. Holboe
Christiania: Fabritius, 1846
32 s.
You sure will enjoy them. For info ask: Þjóðarbókhlaða, Landsbókasafn, Háskólabókasafn, in Iceland.

The edda poems were chanted for ages, orally preserved among the people. They, for sure, convey the same wisdom, and in a similar secret-code mode, as does the Veda. Both have been understood through the ages by the seers and all men of spiritual purity and elevated minds. But for the crude mind they seem to tell funny worldly stories only.

We also must realise that the most delicate part, which is at the same time the most essential part and the most powerful part, easily gets biased and even lost. All kinds of social rules and bans and regulations suffocate the delicate knowledge of transcending this world of matter and unite with the unboundedness.
In our times crudeness and shallowness predominate in life. But we feel the dawn of a purer age for mankind, so now is the time to leave the age of ignorance that has choked humanity on Mother Earth for too many centuries now.

We know how both kids and grown-ups can enjoy kids' stories. Many classical tales are versions of ancient myths. We know that myths seem to have a certain charm and appeal. -- and that they can not die.
This is said to be because they are actually, in a secret way, conveying the eternal Truth to us. We only have to understand from our own state of understanding, each one of us. Deep deep inside we do have the Truth.
We are that Truth in essence. It is inside us hidden in a cave in here.
That cave is holding up inner light until we find the cave and open it to allow the true light of our spirituality to flow out. We discover what is covered, we release what is locked up.

The wisdom of our ancient ancestors, some thousands of years ago, is very profound.
Óðinn (Odinn, human and universal consciousness) in the guise of a rat (rodent) gnaws a narrow hole into the great cliff in which Gunnlöð (Gunn-loedh, a thurs maiden, she who enchants to battle (i.e. battle of life)) holds the mead of understanding.
In the myths this divine mead given to humans is called poetry, but is not just the art of how to make a little poem by putting words into a meaning in a smart rhyming way. Oh, no, my kid. That mead of poetry is the mead of seeing. It implies the knowledge about right and wrong, it means to be a human being with the ability to discriminate, take responsibility, make right individual decisions, and above all: To know about the divine part of us inside.
Óðinn has to become a snake or a worm to get into the cliff where Gunnlöð (Gunnlod) guards the precious mead. And he (i.e. we) has to go through humiliating labour and has to kill the past, and even use lousy tricks to conquer ignorance.
Our spiritual life, our Óðinn (Odinn) has to make love to our thus-nature, the worldly part of us, Gunnlöð (gunn (battle) loed (attractor)), and she gives her love and knows that spirit will fly away where she can not go along with it.
Óðinn (Odinn) flies in the guise of an eagle after having drunk all the precious mead, flies like mad because Gunnlaðar (Gunnlod's) father is mad at the theft of the mead and follows Óðinn (Odinn; i.e.: the age of former ignorance won't let go; evolution is a difficult and dangerous task that needs our courage and will).

These myths always make us laugh. Óðinn (Odinn) was in such a panicky hurry at arriving to Ásgarður (Asgardur) with his belly full of the mead, that some of it he spit out but some of it he lost from his ungraceful end outside Ásgarður (Asgardur). That spilled bit (skáldfífla hlutur, the (skald-fifla; foolish-poets' (pseudo-wise's) share)) some silly men lapped up and think they are poets, i.e. think they found the true essence of life, boost about being knowers of truth and discrimination between right and wrong, claim to see the only true thing, but are mistaken by a worldly concepts like belief and dogma and such dangerous traps in life.
They are rather dangerous as they claim to be bearers of truth, but deceive through their own deception and short-sighted belief.

In Egypt some farao got the clever idea of theocracy. He was a contact person to the gods, he was the authority on earth, and he claimed to be the top-figure and boss in the realm of the dead. This theocracy turned out to be a clever strategy to hold the mob subdued.
It is OK for us now-a-days' people to use beds with four legs and chairs with four or three legs. (These legs are said to be an invention of the Egyptians long ago.) But using their idea of theocracy is a big big mistake. Egyptians then, were clever people.

There is said to have been a man called Moses, that wanted to be "the big guy" but he had no nation to rule. We do know that all myths in the Bible are ancient myths from Sumerians, Hindus, and many other ancient nations. A baby in a basket in the tall grass of a river´s oasis saved from the threat of death, is one of these recycled myths, having a symbolic meaning there but not in the facsimile. A burning bush without burning is one of the reused stuff. These myths were used by the Bible writers because theses myths were known by the people, and therefore they were easily adopted to serve a new purpose.
The Bible seems to take everything literally, use the myths as if they should be real events, whereas myths use symbolic language, to tell another story, -- allegory. Personifications in myths are not persons. But persons in the Books are taken to be real persons really doing the things told of.
Many of us fail to take into account that the Biblical use (reuse, invented some short time ago) of myths has spoiled the myths for us, spoiled the understanding of the very ancient myths.

Moses made a nation from many bits of nations from all over. Those were booty and prisoners of wars, used as slavery labourers in Egypt for a long time. Or so history tells us. But when Mohammed, later, wanted to be one of the Jews as a descendant of Abraham, then the Hebrews, the Jews, did not want the Arabs to be of the master-nation.
Moses seems to have been a very smart guy. He could not call himself a farao, as that rang the wrong bell in the ears of the farao-hating bits of nations that Moses lead into the desert. So he went up to a mountain top and became a contact man for his new god named God. If Moses's people did not obey him, he told them that the God was angry, - well actually he tried to soothe the God, scold Him a bit, tell him to relax and calm down in spite of some heathen calf made of silly earrings. Moses told the God that he need not be that jealous about it as Moses had already banned all other gods but Him, God. -- But still Moses had to kill, or tell the good Levits to kill, all the tents of thousands of males that did not obey him. Moses was very male-oriented, and women and she-calves are classified in another category by him than human males and male-calfs.

Actually now-a-day's women-priests say that they still learn women disdain in the universities when they learn to become priests (theology departments). A degree in human disdain? Good to show off with when applying for a job as a priest? They change Moses's he-god into a she-god: My girl-friend God. She is my friend. They say that the Bible of Judaism carries the message of women-disdain, and they say that the christian church withholds disdain and subduing of women. Even if priests lie a lot in order to do good to their own cause (the church), I assume the women-priests do not tell lies to do wrong to their cause, the church. So I believe the women-priests here.

When I think of how the male-priests tell battered wives to go home and forgive -- like Jesus would have done --, and when these male-priests want these unhappy mothers to go on bringing their kids up in women-disdain and patriarchic ideas, I come to the conclusion that this women disdain is really what they get a theology-department-university-degree in.
Patriarchy, patri-archy (fathers' super-position and primary right for power) seems to be a rather male-oriented concept. Or what do you make out of it?

Here I insert quotations that are all too known to pin them to one name:

"The bloody history of the Church in America, Africa and Asia is an open book
and well known. The Native Americans where I live in the United States still
tell stories about how the feet of their people were cut off for refusing to
walk to church or their tongues cut off for refusing to recite prayers.
And I add to that one:
The crimes in Europe, even if we have been brainwashed, we know to have been even more sever and brute than these. Europe is not born christian. Oh, no. The horror and crimes were here too. --
(to continue the quotation:)
"The church has claimed that its intolerance is a thing of the past. Yet even if one accepts that it has stopped today, which is debatable, it certainly went on well into this century. That the church was prominent in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, and never really opposed Hitler or Mussolini, should not be forgotten."

Another quotation:
"Obedience is the quality that typifies a "good" animal. Likewise, the peasantry / slaves are to obey the God-appointed "master". In Communism, not only is spirituality and truth taken away from the common people, it is even eliminated. Communism is the plainest, most obvious form of a "power" religion. I regard it as the successor to Christianity (although almost all the Communists were in fact Jews - they all changed their names). Do you see this same lineage? Have you examined these concepts?"
(end of quotations)

I suppose you knew these facts already.

We shall have to make clear in our minds the two different meanings of the word "religion" as they are used now-a-days. This is a trap. So I emphasise and repeat: The two different meanings are opposites.
The original meaning is "in union with our inner Universal Spirit", which implies freedom from bondage of worldly phenomena, non the less enjoying to be a living man.

The later-invented use, the deliberate trap, is a strategical one, "clinging to a belief system", which is all-worldly, and is an army-forging cunning shanghai.

A sign of danger of deterioration is when we come across a bunch of social rules from which the meaning, core and essence is lost.

And a sign of dominance-urge is when men have a dispute and kill each other in some God's name, and for creeds' sake, because of orthodox-dogmatic interpretation disagreements, and a land (whole continents) that they want to expand their empires onto.

So just be aware. One meaning of "religion" is for the evolution of each individual, the other to subdue freedom of humanity in wars that are called "holy".

In heathenry the concepts: belief, missions, converting, do not exist. They are an insult to human freedom.
Bishops say that MPs do not understand "the spiritual matters" of the church, so the MPs should just let the church have money from tax-payers' funds without trying to see the purpose.

The Jews in Israel are ready to kill each other for the disagreement of: Should the Bible-dogma be followed or should Israel have democratic ways! The Bible and democracy are opposites, according to the most accurate Bible-interpreters in Israel.

Spiritual matters????
Are death sentences and subduing "spiritual matters"?
In the western world the church has to call the Bible's bans and the Bible's laws, --(even laws of executions) -- "spiritual matters not understood by the worldly rulers"(!!!).
And they (the church-rulers), of course, avoid admitting that christianity is the entire opposite fair ways of free opinions and thinking. They just adjust their tactic according to fashion and trends in each society and use (i.e. misuse) concepts (like democracy, freedom, love) to serve the dominance-purpose. "Democratic" ways in which despotism rules(!!). The priests now-a-days smile and smile and smile, but that is only trucco and mimica of the show-business.

I shall take an example of these "spiritual matters" conflicts: There is a dilemma when Parliaments allow homosexuals to get legally married, but the church's "spirituality" (the Bible of Judaism) demands as Mosaic law that homosexuals shall be killed immediately if they sleep together.

Note: I must add:
"...not to understand the spiritual matters"
If an MP does not understand what the money from tax-payers goes into, he is not fit to be an MP. If we can tell a MP that he does not understand matters of an institution that asks for public money, he is not apt to be an elected MP to take care of our money and use it for our good only. If he lets the name "spiritual matters" quench his understanding, he is too silly to be an MP.

Actually, the main purpose of the church is to withhold its own power. Any IQ-normal man can understand what the church needs all this money for. Money-gods are not spiritual affairs at all. The Bible laws of killing are not spiritual either. It is the imprinting, propaganda, huge buildings and world-imperialism that costs money.
There is a lot of rich Jews all over the world. They run Jew-sympathy. Rich religious sects can even get a firm grip in politics of the greatest world empires. Also in the West. "Spiritual affairs"? Are we too silly not to see it?

Where Jesus comes in as a device:

The Roman Empire came across the clever strategy: Theocracy. The Romans were no less clever than Moses in applying it. They used Jesus for a new saviour, sauter or caesar.
The pontiffs wear white, and do not carry weapons, but they do have an obedient army at hand. That, indeed, gives their words and commands a weight. But they can wash their hands
There are also useful simple-minded followers. They think they are philanthropists doing charity but are destroying cultures and conquering territory for the empire that uses them.
The pontiffs, even on wages as official employees, enjoy their infallibility, sitting on their throne of bloody crimes and ill-gotten riches, piously blessing the mob -- the descendants of (!!!) the defeated humiliated heathens. -- And the mob, paradoxically, worships the pontiff-in-white's idolatric person and his pompous post. Are these worshipping people completely brain-washed by the forceful indoctrination? We know it to be even in schools. We know it to have been going on for centuries. We know we even pay for it. But we know too well about the bloody history of the horrible crimes too. They do want to forget. They tell us it belongs to the past. They tell us it was for our own good. They tell us to forgive.

(if you have the guts, -- and I warn you):
The Bad Popes,
Witch hunting,
The Two Babylons or the Papal Worship, (Loizeaux Brothers),
Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (Karlheinz Deschner)

The indoctrination blinding a young European girl is such:

The imprinting for hundreds of years does have effect. I shall tell you a true story:
Imagine a young pretty modern German girl that is going to kill her ex-boy-friend's baby if he ever has one with his new girl-friend. She is mad with hatred, and claims to be a heathen because: ---- If she kept on being a christian, she would have to forgive her ex-boy-friend for deserting her and falling in love with another girl. But being a heathen she can revenge and kill their baby if one ever gets born.
Did you really understand this???
If not, reread it.

An Icelandic heathen boy spent hours talking to her out in the beautiful untouched nature of Iceland under the midnight sun, the light night of the North. He told her about the brain-washing that the church had used for some 10 - 20 centuries in Europe. We have been taught that a savage cult. paganism, has been destroyed for the best for us all. This is a big big lie. But the pretty German girl lived in this lie. Completely brainwashed.

Heathens are not savage brutes, nor are they ruthless barbarians.
Óðinn (Odinn) is not a warrior god. He is just a symbol for human potentials on the spiritual path towards perfection. I might be spoiling a war-god image for you, but it is about time to tell the truth.
Stories about brutality of heathens and about cruel heathen gods, have been the victors' description of paganism, in order to embellish their cause and cover up for their crimes.

The worst part of it is that some claim to be heathens and play the role that the church invented in order to blacken, injure and defame our cult.

There are people who claim to be heathens and "play the role" that the oppressors glued upon heathens. These people do not understand heathenry at all.
To tell us as history that good men killed heathens and thus ridded us of heathen ruthless ignorance, is not true history at all. It is a deliberate lie.
The Roman papal empire, and later protestants, just talk as if crimes were not crimes. Their riches are a bloody booty and thefts.
A false history is a typical behaviour of victors. Just a part of the strategical imprinting.
Sorry, pals. History of Europe is written by the victors. All the beauty of heathens was burned.
Now-a-day's historians say that we remember what we want to remember and omit what we want the world to forget.
Luckily, now-a-day's historians do not hesitate to correct what they feel they know better. They tell us that autobiographies are wishful thinking, only about what should preferably have been there. All inconvenient happenings are -- because of lack of memory(!) -- omitted.
But do historians have the guts to rewrite the history of Europe's latest (1 - 2000 years) past?

Men have suggested that Jesus, the historical figure -- that we assume was a real living person before he became Jesus of Europe -- had spent the years form 12 years of age to 30 in Tibet to learn real spirituality. Jesus's teaching obviously, -- or according to that tricky thing called history -- did not suit the Jews. Pontius Pilatus the Roman washed his hands and the Jews are said to have killed Jesus as a potential danger to the Jewish society.

Yogic flying and Jesus's walking on water is based on the mastery of a simple statistical law, the 50 - 50 chance. If, for example, a yogi that transcends the matter world into the realm of pure consciousness, real yoga that is, -- if he in this state masters sutras to direct photons, that hit his skin, all and everyone to bounce off, or all and everyone to get absorbed, instead of the normal per chance (about half bounce off to make the skin visible and half of them get absorbed), he can make himself, for example, invisible or black.
So the yogic flying is not at all upheaving or mastering or flunking gravity. It is just using an easy statistical law. The fifty fifty per chance.
Only a person that understands the potentials of ginnungagap -- and is of a state of consciousness to live that Field -- can use this simple and natural technique -- that looks like magic or tricks to others.
Perhaps Jesus was an enlightened person. Perhaps not all people understand his real message. Perhaps his walking of water was mastering the statistical law of per chance, or that fifty fifty chance.

The fate of Europe.
The Romans are said to have been brutal and blood-thirsty. Their spettacoli sanguinosi are taken a as sample of brute divertimento. Roman imperialistic theocracy is also said to be a fact.
Theocracies have a God. In our case (christianity), some mystic and the teachings of Jesus are worn by it as a garb to cover the real purpose of the bellicose God. The real purpose which is to conquer all nations.
Free thinking was banned. Those who did not obey were killed. Their possessions confiscated and more and more money used for more and more warfare. This became the fate of Europe to begin with. Those who suffered were heathens, as they, to begin with, did not realise - could not understand -- how gods could be used to kill people.
The papal empire, the church, ruled the kings. The kings' only choice was to obey, if they wanted to go on being kings. So they were smart and used christianity for their egoistic purposes too, a device for the urge of dominance. Actually it was both a clever choice for the kings in Europe, and their only choice for survival. They had the choice of that or death.

How could the christians use a beautiful swastika like Þórs (Thor's) hammer Mjöllnir (Mjoellnir) and all the other ancient beautiful swastika (well-wishing) crosses, as a symbol of the most horrible execution tool that man could invent, leading to the most horribly prolonged death possible? How could they so abuse the meaning of death and rebirth in myths as to mean physical torture and to kill physically?
Blood in myths is a symbolic language for living flow of life.
The cross is an opening into the realm of goddess Sun.
Why did we accept the pollution of this beauty?
I know: That was because of the killing of all those who did not confess belief.

Here follow some more disappointments and shocks for the reader of this simple guide to history of Europe to reflect a little on.
Some difficult task of unlearning and relearning what we thought we already learned right, will be at hand. We might need some correction of history here and there, we will see that.

The vikings are not the only real ancient Norse. (Vik-ings, not vi-kings, but vik is inlet, bay, fjord, where they landed their apt ships.)
They sure were not simple people as shows both their craftsmanship and exalted code of behaviour.
Their much exalted pillages are a part of the falsified history. What really happened was that the tried to defend their people and their cult and their belonging and homes.
The wisdom of the ancient Norse had been "chased" further and further north in Europe. Everything heathen was hunted. Our rune literature was burnt. Our sacred groves destroyed. Our trees chopped down. People killed. Churches were build everywhere where heathens had their sacred places. And above all: History was deliberately falsified.
We have to face the gloryless fact that the church was bloody criminality and ruthless imperialism. Those who killed the most became saints.

If we imagine heathens as brute savage killers we have been listening to a severe brain-washing and deliberately misleading imprinting. The falsified history. The vikings resisted and tried to "plunder back" their wealth that was in monasteries. They did not kill poor farmers. They plundered the rich cloisters and churches, to regain what the church had stolen from them.

For elaborate corrections of history of the north read:
Den forna seden (668pp)
Östen Kjellman, Valkyria Förlag, Gautaborg, 1998

More about falsified history:
There was, for example, never an Aryan invasion in India. Sorry, but I have to spoil that for you as well.
Max Müller got paid by European imperialists and colonists for inventing a false history. The purpose was a strategic one: To split up a nation (the Indians) in order to lame its withstanding, subjugate it, and to plunder its riches. India was rich. Had it not been rich, Europeans would not have gone there to plunder it's riches.

Hidden (secret) reports show that rice production for the inhabitants was quenched! Christian Europeans actually "made" famine by prohibiting enough rice to be grown!!! That was a part of the project to suppress and crush and repress a peaceful nation!
On top of whipping, hanging, exploiting, putting people into jail, -- they tried to starve a whole nation to make the colonization possible.

Arya means "an excellent" (an adj. not a noun), has nothing to do with colour of skin and eyes, and is definitely not a name of a race of people. It is for the man of evolved consciousness, an excellent man as he is coming close to enlightenment.

The invented history about an Aryan invasion was a military step, a part of a cunning warfare of christian Europeans.
By it they really expose what "christian ethics" really stands for.

Max Müller was not a scholar. He just worked for money, and the title (the great scholar) was put there only to make his strategical invention look as if it was true and scientific data.
Varna (a noun) and arya (an adjective (meaning excellent)) have nothing to do with races or nations, nor colour of skin or eyes. Those concepts as used in the Veda to refer to those individuals who are the perfected ones, those whose spiritual life and state of consciousness is becoming light, as white is symbolic for purity. These concepts refer to a man of exalted spirit and elevated mind.

The pope wears white to look spotless. But at the same time varna and arya, --- that indicate purity of an individual, not in any way referring to cloths and outward appearance, --- were --- deliberately misleadingly -- interpreted by that papal power institute as to be races.

(I suggest reading: The Invasion That Never Was, ISBN 81-52037-22-6, Michel Danino, Sujata Nahar. Info: Institut de Recherches Évolutives, Paris.)

Now-a-days christian schools are run by European money in India, theacing kids christianity, teaching the invented wrong history, where western and Jewish philosophy is exalted -- and the profound wisdom of the ancient rishis debased and belittled. This is exactly the same as what happened in Europe. We do not see it here as we wear our black goggles put on us at time of birth, but we do see what is happening in other continents. That is the reason why I am telling you all this.

Sayana was not a great scholar either. He was there only to make the Vedas look like ridiculous old stuff from the age of ignorance.
Where Sayana talks about physical cows (Sanskrit "go") trapped in an earthly cave claiming that to demonstrate a silly historical war, the truth about the symbolic language is all about the rays ("go") of the inner spiritual sun of each individual, dawning inside each individual in due time, the dawn of enlightenment.

It is not, either, about ignorant men praying all day for the sun to rise the next day. But Sayana got to the greatest and most contradictory exertion to misinterpret the symbolic language of the Veda in order to proof the Veda to be of no deeper meaning than "ignorant men, afraid", writing silly history.

So what are these scriptures all about?

Only the non-profane mind understands the hidden cave inside us that has to be opened up and the rays of the rising individual spiritual Sun that thus will be released. The conquering is all within each one of us. The war of life, the game in life.

you will love to read:
The Secret of the Veda, ISBN 81-7058-191-5 (HC: -192-3),
Sri Aurobindo, Ashram Press, Pondincherry.

Falsified history shall be revised. The wisdom rediscovered.
No generation shall ever be deprived of it, the profound knowledge of our ancient ancestors, that have been treated wrongly for a far too long time.

Our shallow-minded material-oriented times do not comprehend the beauty of our very essence, ginnungagap.
Our superficial education can not connect our selves with the Unified Field yet. But we shall remedy that soon. Our ancient ancestors knew, and we shall teach all men, who want to listen, their beautiful wisdom.

The fire of Agni is not the physical fire of the sacrifice at all. It is our innermost seer-will. We come across wrong imprinting all the time. We still talk about a fiery temper, though. as metaphor comes easy to us.

Eldhrímnir (eld-hrimnir) in Valhöll (Val-holl) is our self-purification on our way towards perfection. But, mind you: Burning men alive, purgatory and hell are inventions of insane minds, exploiting fear to subdue free will and free thinking. They are criminality.

Norse mythology also has swift and never-exhausted horses symbolising the force to act as a powerful individual for the purpose of universal evolution, without personal gain and egoistic purposes. It sure is a worldly attribute, a will, but not, though, the physical animal a pony.

Sleipnir, the slippery, the gliding one, Óðins (Odins, i.e. our) pony, has eight legs. Those are the layers of nature that we transcend (glide through) from Miðgarður (Mid-gardur, world of men) to Ásgarður (As-gardur, world of æsir (aesir); our divine origin).

All personifications, for example of an awful warrior with one eye on an eight-legged battle steed are misleading.

Only those who are worth it understand the parable, the symbolic language, the divine message to us. Others pass the images on for the fun of it. So they live on.

Our human spirit (Óðinn, Odinn) fights for our own purification. Our steed is the force that carries us onwards in that worthy battle of life. Myths use symbols. Symbols have to be understood.

Avoiding drugs is to keep our precious nervous system clear and healthy. The nervous system is our worldly Sleipnir.
To speed oneself up with caffeine and nicotine is to whip the most precious pony. It is our ignorance not to see this. To abuse alcohol and tranquillisers is to deprive the energetic pony of his most precious attributes. The same ignorance that stuff-use is. We need not ban drugs if our kids understand the beauty of the wisdom in edda. When we really love our pony Sleipnir, we shall not whip it and not make it weak. We will be strong because we understand the beauty and purpose of life and the role that our physical body plays in that beautiful game of evolution.

Some pagans, shamans, voodoo dancers, witch doctors, have the snake-dance to symbol our spine and its important role when we contact our innermost and universal Great Spirit. The snake and Sleipnir are symbols of the role of our precious nervous system. Have we come across this wisdom before? Has any teacher taught us that? Do we know how healthy it is for us to transcend? Get infused by the power of ginnungagap, the divine Great Spirit within us, the shaman people and within every human being?

How Greek mythology is taught is an (--either deliberate of just ignorant--) chew that originally was invented as strategy to destroy its beauty.
But now-a-days one laps up after the other without an attempt to discriminate. The perfect brain-washing in European school-books was originally the deliberate intention to destroy the ancient wisdom. Now we can not see that it needs revision and that we shall be teaching our kids truth, not lies.

A sample of misleading teaching:
As the old silly Greeks thought their gods gave the rain, and as they saw that clouds were at the top of Mt.Olympus, they assumed that the mountain was the abode of the gods. And this makes the kids laugh to mock their ancestors.

Actually a mountain is symbolic language in myths for the summit of human endeavour and upwards going state of consciousness. The sky in myths is actually the human consciousness.
Where we have towers we know the original heathen meaning about our unbounded possibilities pointing up to the limitless human consciousness, the mythical sky.
That is what sky gods like Zeus and Týr (Tyr) and Baldur are all about.

Stolen concepts and time used as a stress-tool:
Some institutes have used towers for egoistic purposes, telling us that through them (the institutions) we can reach liberations. They put a bell and a clock up there to stress us: Time is short. Repent. Give us your money before it is too late. Come to us before it is too late. Hurry hurry.
A tower on a money-institute is abusing the concept of sky.
As only as free the human mind can reach the summit of existence, so a mind bound to an institution or a media it is stuck and trapped and blinded, -- deceived by false imprinting and deprived of its own birthright, its own limitless potentials.

Still the fierce lies are going on:
If a heathen tries to find gods within, the church mocks it: God in man's belly. Contemplating his own navel!
In Greece some orthodox people threatened to kill heathens that now intend to revive the reverence to the ancient Greek gods and goddesses. This happens in Europe now! Just kill heathens if they dare revive the ancient gods and goddesses. And the orthodox people shouted: This is the official face of the new-nazies!

Saints became saints for massacring heathens.
Priests and other christians boosted to their bishops about how many heathen shrines and sacred groves they had ruined or plundered and then taken over to use for the church. Historians are trying to read these boosting-rapports to find out what it was that was destroyed, but the trouble is that in some cases the boosting priest was not on the spot at all, even if the rapport was all about his valiant slaughter of heathens there and then.

Many special holidays in the western world are these kinds of St-Mass-murderer's Days, still celebrated by the very people whose ancestors were mercilessly slaughtered on that special day, innocent, only slaughtered because of their philosophy and theosophy.

It was a tactic to overtake prevailing concepts -- those concepts who the church could not destroy. This still is theocratic tactic. A female-missioner wears a sari telling us she is paying reverence to the customs of India. But it is only a part of strategy; she would look like a European colonialist in her real cloths.
A christian missioner in India wears Indian clothes, bears the title guru, says he is thereby paying due reverence to the Hindus' culture -- but -- this is not true. He is there to belittle the Vedas as silly mythology, and to destroy the spiritual concept Brahman, and to put the theocratic God instead. He has an idol hanging on his wall (christ on the cross), and claims him to be the only true guru for the poor. There is air-conditioning in the church and some little other bribes to do additional good for the cause of converting (conquering).

Sorry, pals, but we have to announce still another theft. They stole our ethics and abused by using double-faced ethics:
Now I make for you a parable:
For me giving flowers is lovely, but giving stolen flowers is bad because stealing is bad, and giving them with a proud smile to the very person from whom they are stolen, is a gag that gives me nausea. The person who receives the stolen flowers, the real owner before and after the theft, should not say: lovely, thank you for the flowers.
How this happens:
I walk through your garden gate into your garden, pick all the beautiful flowers that your parents and grandparents and their parents before them have grown and attended to in that garden. I knock at your door, bring you the flowers with a smile, and, I point out to you that this is the first time you see beautiful flowers. I show you the ruined ugly garden, and tell you that your parents and your grandparents and their parents before that have not grown anything but weed, if anything was there ever at all.
This is actually what happened when the church stole ancient ethics that has belonged to all noble and good men since very very long. The church tried to tell us that it was christian ethics exclusively. But this stealing it is the real core in the so-called ethics of the christian church. The real ethic belonged to all good men -- and still does, of course. And they do not steal and do not lie.

To kill in the name of love, to tell us how good Jesus was, what lovely things he taught, and at the same time to kill and torture and steal and lie and burn and subdue -- in Jesus's name -- is not anything but double ethics, the vilest of acts, not ethics at all.

In our kids this double-ethic is planted in the so-called civilized world.

The western double ethics ( -- learned form the desert in the south (Old Testament) mixed with Roman military rules (christian church katekism)--) runs so:
A kid should obey ("be good"), and it has to until it is big enough and strong enough not to obey any more. Then it has assumed that it can use its power to control others, those who obey ("are good"). Else it has to obey those around that are stronger than it (it has to "be good").
(I deliberately use an "it" (not a he or a she) for this little (petty) western dictate-or-obey person, who forgives the stronger, -- and dominates, for it's ego-personal purposes, where ever it sees and opportunity for dominance possible.

Forgive _when_ you do not have the power to do anything else (can not conquer and have it your way); even the victor "forgives" the surrendered and defeated one(!!!) for having being previously disobedient, when he gives in. The converts are forgiven their previous ignorance.

Or what do you call ethics, what do you call jokes, what wickedness, what crimes?
Little Fernando, a seven year old boy in South-America, listened to the catholic priest in the church talk about the christian ethics about being kind and compassionate to all fellow-men, our brothers, the needing, the poor, the helpless. At the end of the sermon our Fernando saw that same priest hustle a home-less street-kid, a small hungry dirty frightened boy, out of the church where he had sought refuge. The catholic priest drove him back into the merciless street again, as he was closing the church, going home to his Sunday-dinner.

In a South-American (Roman-catholic) city there was to be held an international conference. To tidy up in the city before receiving the honourable foreign guests and the world-press they shot down street-kids.

A catholic university in Chile keeps special doctors to preform abortions, as condoms are banned by the pope.

A joke:
A lady-priest and a male-priest in Iceland were courting, yet both married (to some wife and husband of theirs; i.e. double-adultery it was). Of course they both, the priests, went to their work on Sundays to preach over their sheep -- as that is the job they get paid for. The sheep made some fuss. They were not happy at all to listen to the unfaithful lady-priest (serving one church) and the unfaithful male-priest (serving in another church) tell them how to be good christians. Become better every day, as a christian should do. There is no command on if a christian should become better every night too.

As she, the woman-priest, was a good friend of the bishop, the bishop skipped one of the commandments of Moses for a day and said that they (the courting priests) were forgiven the adultery -- as Jesus would have done. The bishop could not, of course, throw a stone at them. They both got a smooth divorces, married, and went on preaching over their sheep.

What heathen call ethics and take pride in is worth our pride.

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