Do not believe in blindness. It might be a fake. Try to understand. Try to see the meaning. But I do not think it is wise to believe what you are told to believe in. Who tells the difference between a prophet and a pseudoprophet???

Heathenry is all about understanding.

Transcend the world of matter and thoughts, and soon Reality will be found;  we become Sága

Reality can not be perceived with our worldly eyes, but seers see through the veil of matter, Nature. See the constant change of matter and energy, the non-stable particles, of which we make our very bodies every second.

Ignorance, ósvinna, is the greatest sin.

Göia, goði, the author of Óðsmál (Od's mal)


Original interpretaions and revelation of the symbolic language by Göia, Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir:


Njörður ties us our past, our origin, former lives and behaviour, past evolution, as Skaði pulls us up to the highest peaks.
(no wonder they strive in us, inside us:  past and future pulling us !!)     See what i mean?!!!
Precise symbolic language?

delightfully interpretated and taught!!!