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 vor (our)  forni (ancient) siur (cult, tradition, self-purification, evolutionary path for every individual, "swa-dha")


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The Symbolic Language of edda;  The Abyss of Heathenry

by Gurn Kristn Magnsdttir, Freyjukettir, Iceland


see for yourself the symbolic language of Norse myths:

Sleipnir a pony, horse, a vehichle, from me to me, self to Self, from inn to inn. Nervous system of humans.  
Precise symbolic language?

Valkyrja a maid, serving consciousness, yagya, transcending.
 Precise symbolic language?

Njrur ties us our past, our origin, former lives and behaviour, past evolution, as Skai pulls us up to the highest peaks.
(no wonder they strive in us, inside us:  past and future pulling us !!)  
Precise symbolic language?

gir the unfathomable, Rn his vf (wife) orderliness in the greatness.
 Precise symbolic language?
purusha (silence), para-prakriti (dynamism in the silence), prakriti (the created Nature)

Abode of inn (consciousness) Glaheimar, gladness is also wideness, the heavens in us.
 Precise symbolic language?

Gungnir, the vibrating, creation  
(vibrations become matter, unmanifest becomes manifest; Gungnir the weapon/spear of inn (consciousness))

we can go on and on


In the profound work, tarefni, symbolic language of edda, we are given a deep insight into the abyss of the core and essence of heathenry


available on DVDs from Freyjukettir

edda    (table of contents of this DVD-work)

the abyss of the symbolic language;
our forefathers' ancient and practical science

(even more detailed description of chatter-contents and symbols and facts, at the end of this page (further below))

edda    (table of contents of this DVD-work)

chatter 0 The settlers; Njörður and Skaði.

chatter 1 From animal to enlightenment, Sleipnir, trinities (three in

chatter 2 Trinities, týr on meiður, askur, roots from where?, Helia,
jötnar, thou lead thyself, gods and laws of nature, Nature.

chatter 3 Valhöll, Ullur, pathless path, siður, Geri and Freki,
honey-mead, valkyrja.

chatter 4 Vanir, rögn, Freyr, Gungnir, Ægir, Rán, Sól, hamingja.

chatter 5 Þór's aspects on different levels, Mjöllnir, Þrymskviða, Vár,

chatter 6 Þór, Freyja, Valhöll, ginnungagap.

chatter 7 In return of Nature's gifts I give my self, einherji, Þund,
Loki, Bragi, gods in us,

chatter 8 Our stages of consciousness, real love and care.

chatter 9 Self-referral state, power-greed and wrong evaluation, real
gifts, dís, the great goddess.

chatter 10 goddesses

chatter 11 Heart and mind, in flow with Þund, röðull, Nature, mystics of
reality, ginnungagap.

chatter 12 Nature, give in return, we are pure consciousness ginnungagap,
accept an elf-temptation

chatter 13 Elf-temptation, týr on meiður, quality, orderliness, we are
pure ginnungagap/sky-consciousness.

chatter 14 Wound, Yggdrasill, enjoy bounty and vitality in life and work.

chatter 15 Þjóðvitnir, the vicious circle.

chatter 16 Þjóðvitnir, Ullur fire of knowledge kindled by men by
valkyrja, Huginn and Muninn

chatter 17 Huginn Muninn feather-guise, Syn, Pan, stress/sin-producers

chatter between 17 and 18 Understand, yule evolving, practise týr on
meiður valkyrja, gandreið.

chatter 18 Stress-release, purity

the abyss of the symbolic language;
our forfathers' ancient and practical science

(above is, in short, the topics covered in this comprehensive work)

"valkyrja is serving Óðinn", means -- in the deepest symbolic language, that
the preforming of valkyrja (a sacred act) serves consiousness; fórn, where
ego ceases to be and we are consciousness only)


Geri og Freki, and we are reborn from the stomac just like the red-hooded girl in the forest;
every big-bad-wolf-story ends in the hero jumping fully alive out of the belly again. Reborn!! or resurrected!!

For further detailed description of this work, the symbolic language of edda, and explanation of its purpose,
its unique approace, you can read on here below
read through this page from top to bottom and thou shalt become wiser, _and_ know what thou doest not know!!!)

>fw: edda of the north.....the sanatana dharma of europe, abyss in heiðni

>the abyss, science, wisdom, spirituality, inherent in "heini" (heathenry)
>whose basis and origin is the vedic wisdom

you can forward this page to friends, researchers, etc, if you wish to do so;

fundamental discoveries, a revelation and rediscovery of vor forni siður (our ancient swa-dha)


> ...rediscovery of the abyss and profound wisdom and precise science that our
> reverent forefathers preserved.......

for those interested:

the sanatana dharma, the ancient eternal wisdom, is to be found in edda (the
sacred poems of the north)

Óðinn gefinn Óðni, Odinn given to Odin,
i given to my self, i given to inn
-- pending on the tree (of live) --
individual consciousness given (sacrificed) into universal consciousness

           (see what i mean?)

it is done by a specific yagya / valkyrja

(note: "valkyrja is serving Óðinn", means -- in the deepest symbolic
language  --  that the performing of valkyrja (a sacred act) serves
consciousness; fórn, sn, where ego ceases to be and we are consciousness only)

-in the transcendence there is no thought;
but to fight thoughts is only another worldly thought

in edda the real meaning of yoga is to be found,
-- as opposed to what some call yoga, that is actually not leading to yoga!!!
not leading to transcendence, samadhi, the fourth state of consciousness, at all

-- siur is entirely opposed to the strategy of the theocracies, that ban research
in consciousness, replace sramana by social rules -- and fear!

(the 3 states of consciousness that we know are deep-sleep-, REM(dreaming)-, waking-states of consciousnes,
with corresponding physical states;  
the fourth (chaturti)
is transcendence, dhyana,
and there are still higher ones, 5th 6th 7th (states of consciousness), to become einherji and perfected, enlightened)

my name is Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir (Gudrun Kristin Magnusdottir)
i am revealing the symbolic language of edda (the sacred poems and myths of
the north)
inspired by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's words: -look into your own religion

____vor forni siður____ (our ancient sidr)

Óðinn (Wodan (sanskrit Yodhin), as a living man long ago) came from India, some claim,
and brought with him the ancient wisdom, sanatana dharma, -- to europe

inn means budh, buddh,
is the planet mercur,
and the gland subthalamus in our head
(-- the last being a rediscovery by Tony Nader MD PhD, raja raam of GCWP
(Global Country of World Peace, founded by Maharshi Mahes Yogi);
Tony Nader (raja raam) has found the hymns of the veda in our physiology);

the ancient norse gods' and goddesses' "roles", qualities and characters, in
our lives, correspond to those of the glands found in our head
(refer to Tony Nader's books on the matter)

the names of our ancient norse gods are found in the week-days, as Odins day
is Wednesday

(so also goddess Freyja, (Friday), Venus, Shukra, and r (Thursday) Jupiter, Guru etc )

this ancient wisdom still survives in many places in europe as: heiðni
 /heathenry, paganry, Frey-cult, shaman (sramana), and so forth

many fields of research wait for our attention, such as the origin of xitan
feasts being ancient heathen holy days
(jól, yule, wheel, becoming xmas as winter solstice;
Easter, a german spring-diety, the joy of renewal, becoming pasques;
etc etc; every holy-day of heathens was stolen and suffocated by the new invented ones)

this wisdom contained in, "vor forni sidr" (forn=ancient, sidr=cult,dharma)
has survived the dark ages; hibernated;
-- it always survives, because it is inside us --

it is Truth
and concerns evolution of the universe and of individuals

we give it a gentle kiss of innocent love, and _we_ wake up

the wisdom in edda is conveyed in symbolic language;

this very fact (sybbolic language) most likely saved the sacred poems and myths from being
banned and destroyed, as they were handled (and thus kept alive) as amusing stuff from the stupid
forefathers, to show their primitive superstisious Weltanschauung;

so the poems lived on

first they were conveyed orally, -- berlieferung --, later written in edda and other books by
Snorri Sturluson in iceland


_on conversion_
(imperical strategy)

we, the people of iceland (island, isa-land), were mostly heathen until year 999
CE, when xtianity (christianity) was threat-imposed upon us: we could
choose (!!) between falling under a foreign xtian king -- or being massacred
(quite a choice??!!)

theocracies (on one hand), and (on the other hand) sanatana dharma, are
opposed one to the other in core and essence, even if the _surface_ of all
religions might "seem" to be one and the same,

this is because the visual surface is stolen, it is used to bluff, and the core
altered systematically from inside;
a falsified history and changed meaning of ancient _concepts_ is
deliberately and systematically spread and taught (called modern education)
in order to mislead

this similarity on the surface (of religions) is deliberately delusive and
(clever strategy, invented in order to get a grip for egoistic purposes, and
gain new territories (colonies) among peoples where profound wisdom
(sanatana dharma, forn sidr) is deeply rooted)

so many westerners claim to "know" what, for example, liberation and
revelation mean, as they have been taught that

the concept ahimsa is not understood to be deeper than thoughts and good
intentions; to most men it has lost its profundity of meaning

the roman empire got a new name, -- to use as a disguise for an institution:
theocracy, church, christianism; it was, and is, a device for dominance
urge, -- an empire, -- as is the purpose of the theocracies;


many a good man does not, in these our times, have access to the profundity
of spiritual wisdom

some of heathenry's (paganry's) obvious surface was stolen by the roman
empire (= christian church);

what they could not use (abuse, misuse) was called demonic, and banned by
penalty of death

heathenry, paganry, the ancient original wisdom, was (and still is by
xtians) labeled as primitive(!) religion, -- whereas the evolved(!)
religion, xtianity (christianism), has taken over among the civilized(!!)
peoples of the western world, as a matter of progressive evolution of

fine strategy, widespread lie, imprinted for successful brain-washing;

the roman empire is still going strong (divided though into sects): as
missionary work, now called modern education, philanthropy and social aid,
liberating souls from old superstitions and thralldom, bringing message of
joy and money (for new workers/soldiers)

during the first centuries the roman empire (christian church) brutally
conquered europe, and boosts about that; next 1000 the roman empire (xtian
church) conquered the americas; and the official target for the next 1000
is africa and asia (-- expensive, but serves the dominance urge);
the empire (mostly as different sects now-a-days) pays many useful naïve
individuals (called missionaries and aid-apparatus/institutions, forming
their armies), for work of expanding the empire in new territories;

many westerners, and the new converts, can be fanatic, believing in the
device's intentions, and its skillful marketing techniques, (and its
skillful choice of target groups), as the only good truth and salvation from
a devil and hells (useful devices);

this strategy (along with threat of hells for creating and exploiting fear)
was used in europe centuries ago (but now useless here),
devil-fear still works in some places in the americas,
and is now (still) being used on carefully picked target groups in asia and

(all this you already know only too well)


elves are channels into our innermost treasure

Hrif efl-story

_____DVDs on the wisdom contained in edda______

on my new DVDs there is to be found, narrated and illustrated, the
rediscovery of the abyss and profound wisdom and precise science that our
reverent forefathers preserved

the symbolic language is "translated", re-discovered, exposed, revealed,
and the origin of concepts in sanskrit given

the conveying of the wisom takes place in a story, happening some 1000 years
ago in iceland, and the plot in the story is inspired by the first 6
chapters of the bhagavad gita: the dilemma of the duality of the created
world, and the only way out: "be without the three guna, as in unity the
solutions of every problem lie"

almost every concept in heatherny is covered here,
as, for example, Sleipnir is a horse, a vehicle, our nervous system, the
means to reach dhyana, by preforming a yagya, valkyrja,
(as for Buddha living nirvana);
blow out thought, nirvana

in this edda-interpretation, the perpetual cycles, found in the created
world, are explained

and the evolution, evolution of man as an individual, the purpose of life.

the church _invented_ the belief in only-one-life-span-on-earth, a niggardi
xtians really believe this
but the theocracy's plot and idea was a clever one, invented in order to
suppress their sheep and create fear;

so, only that point, to point out to xtians that we are evolving from
Njörður (Njordur) by Skaði (Skadi) to union with Baldur, --- and that
evolution of an individual takes a long time, many life-spans (ævi (aevi),
ayus), is something hard to explain, as some people "know" that we only have
one life-span on earth

to "perform the act of transcending", the real meaning of yoga, is hard to
explain, as people "know" (i.e. claim to know) all about this stuff, and do
not want to "unlearn" what the imprinting (for centuries) has brain-washed
us by

(what many call yoga, is not leading to transcending (or to samadhi) at all)

some claim all religions to be the same;
this is _not_ so at all; there are two (main) types, entirely opposed one
to the other: theocracies and sanatana dharma

it is the surface, and the deliberately misleading use of concepts, that
makes theocracies "seem" to be only spiritually-oriented religions; their
"using" (abuse, misuse) of ancient profound concepts is a clever way to
mislead the credulous ones;

the theocracy's contain social rules and threats that serve a purpose;
the real goal of all theocracies makes them a device for power greed:
the theocracies (three main theocracies) are world empires, expanding their

whereas the sanatana dharma, vor forni sidr, is all about the promotion of
the evolution of each individual, a life in accord and harmony with the
evolution of the universe;

theocracies and sanatana dharma are as black and white, as 180° opposed one
to the other, theocracy on one hand getting a grip, and on the other hand
hindutwa, buddha-twa, heathenry (paganry, Frey-cult), and so on, that are
concerned with the evolution of the universe, evolution of man, the road to
perfection, exclusively

i given to inn, inn/Odinn (consciousness) given to inn/Odinn,
i given to my self,    (see Hvaml, vsa 138 (and on))
pending on the tree of the horse, being a seer (Yggdrasill),
the nervous system of my physiology, that carries mind and thought into ginnungagap (brahman),
where my thoughtless mind expands to infinity   (Gladheimar of inn);
here time does not exist,  (9 nights, no time)
i have no bodily needs (metabolism is at the lowest)
i am here without possessions  (they wait in relative life),  
picking up mighty runes (sacred secret wisdom)
for my benefit in life
then i fall out of samadhi again   (outward stroke of TM, transcendental meditation)

(this ia a quote and interpretation from rnatal (last part) of  Hávamál ( "word of the High One")
in poem-edda)

the purpose (arthah) in life to become perfected, einherji, arya,
by seiður, siður, (seidur, sidur)
(sidartha and gangalahari are among names of inn; Shttur and Gangleri (respectively))
this perfection is achieved by becoming Odin's two ravens Huginn (yogin) and
Muninn (munih)

(note 1:  this relates to sanskrit words in norse mythology; see: dictionary by Holmboe, C.A. 1845;
note2: number of einherjar is 216)


_____please promote this knowledge to friends___:

___ are there research institutions (or libraries) interested in the vedic
wisdom being contained in edda of the north, heathenry?______

if you do happen to recall any research institutions, or libraries, that
focus on the sanatana dharma to be found in its pure form in edda of the
north, please give me contacts

the wisdom of the veda is found in europe;

sanatana dharma is the true dharma of europe


> ...rediscovery of the abyss and profound wisdom and precise science that our
> reverent forfathers preserved....

Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir (Gudrun Kristin Magnusdottir)

(nick-name: Goia / Göia)

i am revealing the symbolic language of edda through terms in sanskrit


Hel, Helia, a pause between life-spans, vi.
the seed of memory, Urur Verandi Skuld, rebirths, "the womb and the tomb" symbol in myths

Hel, Helia, a coffee-break between life-spans, and the seed of memory (where and when and how to carry on)

for further info read below

+ subjects covered in the chatters (chapters)
(index of contents of chatter 0 to chatter 18)

Sleeping Beauty receives a gentle kiss of innocent love -- and we wake up.

The educational, and delightfully amusing, material, -- 20 chatters (0-18)
on the profundity of the symbolic language of edda --, conveys the
innermost meaning of concepts, of which the real understanding has been lost
out of sight for some time (dark ages);

the basis is pure science,
science of life as a whole,
quantum physics,
pure spirituality,
profound understanding of the wholeness and purpose of life.

We are in great need for this understanding, the pure knowledge, right now.

Video-format DVD; orally conveyed, belieferung, in the intimate oral traditional way;
Icelandic version, English version as yet available.
(on DVDs, VHSs, and online (see url/link at top of this page)

Our forefathers' life-philosophy is complete, conveys the wholeness of
life. It is _practical_ for everyday life, _useful_ to us -- concerns the
purpose of living - and - how to cope with anything we come across;

this science of life tells us _why we come across it (that which we call our
_who is responsible,
_who creates (i.e.: what is Gungnir!).

_If_  we loose out of sight the purpose, life is no fun, no beauty.
We ought to know that purpose of life is the expansion of happiness.
Where is that happiness (hamingja) to be found?
I shall tell thee:   By imbibing sla (bliss) of goddess Sl into our hamur (body).

We learn how to live for the best for all life, and beatitude.

We understand why we decide to be born !!!

why and how do we decide to be born?
what is the purpose of living?

why we never give up, -- are the ever-powerful Þór (Thor).

If we do not have access to the wisdom of our forefathers --the true dharma
of Europe--, we get led astray, get lost, as it were, and we might give up,
-->  because we do not know the purpose of getting born nor how to use each
life-span (ævi).

--- deliberate lies and ignorance have blinded us, brain-washed us, and
deprived us of seeing the whole; we loose track and purpose, loose the goal
and the meaning, and that we shall, for sure, rediscover here and now, and
this might imply some revising (and correction) of what we call history. We
might have to "unlearn" some things(!), i.e. take of the black goggles in order to see!!!.

Perhaps we no longer understand evolution(?), and, if so, that ignorance we
shall remedy.

No-where else taught
now here taught.

Our forefathers' eternal science of living,
the true subtlest meaning of our concepts.

This is a priceless prominent work on our forefathers' knowledge,
explaining, in a delightful way, the most delicate core and essence of the
ancient know-how.
Þjóðrerir wakes us up, shakes us up, -- we allow him to stir up,
he dispels fog and darkness, tells us to open up our eyes; -- it is like
break-of-day, a blissful sunny one.
Sleeping Beauty receives a gentle kiss of innocent love -- and we wake up.

Our forefathers' life-philosophy, Weltanschauung.
Óðrerir er upp kominn á alda vé jaðars
("mind-stirring" has come up to the surface of earth, thinking and understanding has come to world of men)

*****   we are ginnungagap

index of contents of chatter 0 to chatter 18

our forefathers' eternal science of living
the true subtlest meaning of our concepts;

this is a priceless prominent work on our forefathers' knowledge,
explaining, in a delightful way, the most delicate core and essence of the
ancient know-how.
Þjóðrerir wakes us up, shakes us up, stirs up, dispels fog and
darkness, tells us to open up our eyes; -- it is like break-of-day, a blissful
sunny one.
We are Þór so we never give up

Our forefathers' life-philosophy, Weltanschauung.


Table of contents of this narrated edda-work:
(see url for on-line viewing at top of this page)

chatter 0
Óðrerir er upp kominn á alda vé jaðars
("mind-stirring" has come up to the surface of earth, i.e. thinking and understanding has come to world of men)
introduction, settings, the story begins here, Erknvík),
Hveradalir ("Hotspring-Valley);
how much do we already know? Do we actually know anything about what is about to come?
Do we know Njörður and Skaði?

chatter 1
Varna-scale, Evrópa (Europe), from the east, afros, Sleipnir,
the distorted history,
Urður Verðandi Skuld, Helia, Loki, Brísingamen
three in one / trinities

chatter 2 (half an hour) thurs-maidens three, sap of askur,
seed of future desire in Helia,
Hnitbjörg Gunnlöð, Bragi, the mead of wisdom, Sleipnir,
skáldfíflahlutur (poetasters' share, not skalds, not bards),
Haftsænir the sacrifice/offering, týr on meiur
pure thought pendant
ginnungagap, Skaði (Skadi) Baldur,
Gerður Skírnir Freyr sword horse,
Helia Fenrir Jörmungandur, jólnir (at yule-tide)
Óðinn Vili Véi, creation, jötnar (eotens, "eaters"),
root of askur, sap and the laws of nature,
Askur and Embla (from which roots?)
the almighty primordial (mother nature),
sattva (true) rajas (acting,desire) tama (slow), equilibrium,
preserve berlieferung (by oral tradition), Freyja.

chatter 3
(trinities:) And- (breath,spirit), Eld-(fire,will), Sæ- (waters of consciousness, created,vastness),
hrím (frost, entropy, purity),
three guna, praise and grace of Ullur,
xtian theocratic plunderers' and MaxMüller's lousy trick, no aryan race ever!(the big lie),
einherjar in Valhöll: no enemies (a-satru), the path (inwards) is of no distance (from me to me),
svadha (siður), the self-referral state,
wine (mead) of Valföður, the wolves, sóa (sacrifice offer individuality, sn (i.e.transcending)),
Baldur Hermóður, warning fatal herb sent
(refer to confirmed scientific research on: TM® dispels drug-addiction
nature rejoices for each becoming einherji,
Þjóðvitnir (attachment to matter, mistake of intellect), senses,
týr on meiður)
planets zodiac.

chatter 4
vanir sounds, regin rögn, Freyr peace, Ullur fire of knowledge,
Hrif (elf-story),
elf home, fé, Auðumbla  ("wealth-humble" cow of plenty, rays of holy
Kreta/Crete, bull-torturing,
rubidium (refer to Nobel price) sacrifice offering of Týr,
Gungnir (spear of Óðinn, vibrations),
ved vani vanir primordial sounds,
Ægir Aegir, Rán Ran, the feast at Ægis Aegis, Vilbjörg (-bjorg liberation
from bonds)
Síðhöttur (wide-hood, wisdom-as-an-aim),
bliss Sun (goddess), sla (bliss) gotten captured (hamin) in body-cells (hamingja)
(for raven-feather guise, hamur, see Huginn and Muninn chatter 16 (end) chatter 17
bliss just is, mind finds Eir (ease), man finds Freyr (peace within),
thought becomes Týr (chit (mind devoid of even faintest thought and transcends field of matter)).

chatter 5 revenge, pardon forgive accuse,
Mjöllnir, Vár, shaman, tears, ginnungapið just is, no connection gap creation,
Þór, radiation interaction, wheel yule, time, is was,
ásmegin (asa-might of divine power in man),
Þrymskviða, to beat trolls, Freyja thurses (þursar),
electricity, poles, Gungnir vibration brahma, make time, destroy time,
without time.

chatter 6 Þór (Thor), Freyja, (radiation interaction (cont.))
I and I, Valhöll, two kinds of duality,
in samadhi without three guna, no time,    
(note on "3-guna": tvar (deva) played happily at the beginning of creation, until the 3 guna, the 3 qualities of Nature, arrived, all-powerful and rule the created world; only in the transcendence can we be without them)

chatter 7 Þór (cont.), gifts of nature, give back,
siður, understanding, Þund,
lead thyself,
Loki Bragi (mankind on earth and inner light), siður eternal always
wizards and wisdom, axis of earth,
1000 stars (a poem)
sun planets gods in us,
Skírnir horse teuton, Sleipnir, askur,
(I am baking (a song))

chatter 8 muddy pond's waves, stage(state) of consciousness,
Mummi (a story)
jokes or not,
right? wrong?
Where were the ponies during the blizzard? (a story)
heathen pedagogy, feel how? refer to oneself, I create, responsibility,
freedom, free will, desire, not power not tyranny not dominance not
temptation good, consciousness, ups and downs in bonds of objects of the

chatter 9 heathen pedagogy (cont.), oppression, patriarchy despotism,
pecking order, fear, depending on others or on oneself,
fluffy monkey pretty thing (story)
the goddess,
give, ýr, vernd, strength seiður Gróa, dís (nymph),
connection unity marriage in myths.

chatter 10 the goddess (cont.) her countless names,
Vár, Eir, Rán, röðull, skessa,
Sjöfn, Gná, Fulla, jörð (earth) and her shield Svalinn, jól (yule),
Syn, Iðunn, ambrosia apples of youth for our body-cells,
vanir, wounds heal, women disdain submissiveness threat-imported,
fierce women, Iceland in a war for the first time,
daughters made become nuns,
Tóti the wicked and his sister Sjöfn (a story)

chatter 11 Sámur !  Hrafnagaldur, Gandiva,
ages of terror in Europe,
desire, heart and mind in conflict,
course of action unfathomable,
decretum episteme, vor (our) forni (ancient) siður (self-referring),
commandments murders theocracy duality,
right wrong without basis, right wrong in flow with dharma Þund,
sap, skessa mother nature, Ólafur muður,
elves, röðull (sun in her cart),
elements, tanmatras, senses,
world and origin (reality),
elasticity, veil (cover), three guna (qualities of Nature).

chatter 12 mother nature (cont.) invites Ólafur into the
merely a thief, give back for gifts of nature, offer sacrifice
wine (mead) of Óðinn,
Högnuður ( prosperity magic wand), understand birds' talk, vor
device for dominance urge,
Hávamál (High One's speece), stupid distorted creeds become systems,
time spares only the eternal truth,
an-arya (not einherja-like) to give up, talk talk talk (arya never been a
mind monkey when seeking bananas, lovely elf-temptation.

chatter 13 elf-temptation enchanting evolutionary primordial sound,
mantra, týr on meiður (TM),
nista (intent on knowing the basis; be curious to know), technique
the inward way, practical wisdom for the ignorant men, higher states of
I create me here and now,
Sleipnir and duality in worldly life,
quality of thought and stage of consciousness,
orderliness coherence in mind, EEG.

chatter 14 wound, yggdrasill, rubidium (refer to Nobel-price),
sacrifice offer give maintain, easy natural, home,
leave everything complete loss!
between two stages of consciousness?
enjoy our provisions and then work

chatter 15 Þjóðvitnir ("the mistake of our intellect") gives a lecture:
his lovely vicious circle, target group, Hnitbjörg, Vilbjörg,
niflung völsung,
Fáfnloddir deluded poetasters non-skald non-bard, Pan of Etrusks
yule saturnalia,
the amusement casino rodeo, Greeks and Romans no-goodies,
the big drawer, seeds, damn Ullur, sabotage, roasted seed, that pure
valkyrja oh!,
how to pierce ozon-layer Svalinn ("cooler" the shield of mother Earth)

chatter 16 Þjóðvitnir continues:
fire of knowledge, paralising Eir, the incompatible valkyrja opponent, damn
seeds for higher services (lousy trick),
baby-gifts of Óður Hænir Lóður,
stupid devil a fake, (here ends jvitni's long, and amusing, and informative lecture)
(Edda vé ása takes over:) Huginn and Muninn, thou and I in a palace (Valhll for living men),

chatter 17 Huginn and Muninn (cont.), krip,
unattractive feather-guise containing bliss?, responsibility in palace,
Högni (Hogni) asks:-how functions Syn? -how does gruggur (filth) get in?
pan, panic, Gungnir, stress-makers.

between chatters 17&18
understand the profundity of our siður,
how practical (and necessary in our life) our wisdom is,
yule, the wheel set turning,
the aim and purpose of life,
the evolution -- individual and cosmic,
TM® to kindle the fire Ullur,
beauty of symbol gandreið,
purity, and "grugg"-repellence,
what Frigg and Freyja span,
understanding the profundity,
knowing how practical our siður is in everyday life.
Sin is that through which a man strays from the path of evolution. It
results in suffering. Avoid that by our siður.

chatter 18 stress-makers (cont.), stress-release (ignorance-dispeller,
do the dishes),
purer, purified, habits, the flow;
Sanskrit courtesy/teachers/source, end and farewell.


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