chatter 1  dhyana   --     symbolic language of myths and kvi, allegory in god-spells

i am telling thee one thing:   we are ginnungagap

we are the great void, the womb of the universe, the Fullness, Truth, Eternity, Reality, Divinity.

inn given to inn, my self given to my Self (Hvaml) --    gnoi seauton (know thyself)



every horse is willing to run home  --  heimfs  --  no effort needed!

so is our mind, our thought, when we allow ourselves to transcend;
it is automatic;
we are going home;
the world is our home, and our real home is ginnungagap, the ginn-holy gap, and we are It.

all effort and strain only spoils the effort of the seeker of Truth;
 --  the pathless path inwards into the self-referral state is effortless; no obstacle exists.


hast thou ever thought of irminsul in this way?
the roots of askur yggdrasils are three; we are man-trees,
frn (sacrifice) is as our thought gets sacrified (frna, "finding out about") into ginnungagap to become It exclusively;

human thought is all-worldly, and is left in the sphere of creation when we transcend,

but our core and essence (higher Self) becomes Itself only:  ginnungagap, brahman, the unified field of all the laws of nature.  


hamingja gained is having imbibed the divine goddess Sun into the body, into every our cell;

hamur, hamsa, is a guise;
this we do, of course, fully alive, in one of our vi (one of our life-spans)

we become enlightened one day   


this pix shows our Valkyrja -- i.e. an act of transcending, as she serves consciousness (inn)

and shows the cycle:  inn Vili Vi (creation of matter/energy) and jtnar (eotens), eaters, corrosiveness, the decomposition, ridding us of all imperfect attempts to create;

only the perfect is here to stay, everything imperfect gets recycled

inn is consciousness, knowledge,
Vili the will to know and the process of knowing,
and Vi that what can be found in the self-referral state:  consciousness, knowledge


and we see (on this pix) the three guna, the sattva rajas tamah, the three qualities of Nature, that rule the whole created world

the only way to get a break from them in life, is to transcend
and that is easy if we have the technique to perform a Valkyrja (yagya)


the whole life is consciousness and energy;
we are no exception from that


a spiritually-minded man knows why we are living each life-span, vi;

we are not here to work and have some kids, man!   we are here to evolve;

each man must take his next step from the very spot on which he is; that is living sva-dharma, our own evolutionary path;

and we are heading first for Valhll (cosmic consciousness), where we start "seeing" that the created world is aloof from its origin, ginnungagap, and that we are It, not our body



We are ginnungagap

our body is transient, ever-changing, unstable, matter and we live in one (body) that we make, each life-span, vi.   


i am the god of my body;

i create it, live in it, eat and think and have good emotions to sustain it for a whole vi (life-span)

the whole thing is consciousness and energy, and i am in charge of myself   



i, the real me, am ginnungagap, and the created world has no connection whatsoever to It;

on this pix we also see inn Vili Vi (creating),
Urur Verandi Skuld (karma, our doings and their coming back to us), 
the three guna sattva rajas tamah,
and Fenrir (Fenrislfur, evil doings)

but i am not the creation;

i am the ginn-holy origin of all


evolution of an individual

we see little connection to the inner Self, and that is svinna (ignorance)    

by performing a Valkyrja every day (transcending), we gradually imbibe our body with the divine essence  --  our real Self, inn as a higher Self of each man

this is the purpose of our living a life

Valkyrja is born along with man   --   Askur and Embla are man-trees

this means that animals (dr) do not have the evolved nervous system of man, and they can not perform a Valkyrja, i.e. can not transcend with the technique we learn;

we are man-trees, just like askur yggdrasils is a tree, rooted in the unified field of all the laws of nature, and we are in core and essence the ginnungagap from which all sap of life is drawn    


jvitnir is the lure of matter;   jvitnir is the mistake of our intellect;
-in the way that we do not see (with our worldly eyes) that the world is a Schauspiel of instable matter/energy, the field of change

jvitnir calls this his delightful rtsiban, and it throws us up and down, unwillingly, and we sometimes take part in his show for a whole life-span without finding the way out  --   even without knowing that there is a way out !!!
-because no-one is there to tell us  


this is transcending

our mind works on the sphere of creation;  mind is made to think, look for joy, contemplate;

we have to sacrifice (frna) our dear thought,
it becomes still, pure thought,
and gets lost(!!),
and we thus sacrifice our individuality for a while, and are ginnungagap only, inn higher Self, for a while

Hvaml, vsa 138 and on

then we fall from there again, endowed with fimbulrnir, the sip of the mead of wisdom     


we can not just use the surface of vor siur, and the less copy it and use it for a simile;
cloths and flowery words are useless surface only; but can be dangerously luring, like fake-silver, fake-gold

the core and essence of vor forni siur can not be seen with our worldly eyes, and neither perceived by thinking about it only;
-why not?
-because the mind can not enter ginnungagap;  we are It (Brahman), but thoughts are all-worldly stuff;

thinking about gods and ginnungagap is not at all the act of transcending  -  it is a worldly thought only

it is difficult to explain the origin of all, as our senses only perceive the created universe


goddess Syn has to be explained to thee

she is a sieve, sa, that filters syn, ignorance, and lets into Glasir only the pure thy-self

sin, syn, is impurity, and we have to get rid of that;
the only way is to purify, vgja, oursleves  -- by transcending every day;
gradually we get rid of ignorance, syn, sin, impurities, gruggur          

Satya, sannur, satt, (Truth)

Syn is like thy own mother if thou werest going to enter the house right from the cow-shed

what would mamma do?
say no no no no!   thou hast to wash thyself, my lovely!

she never said that the bairn were not allowed to enter into the clean house;
she only refuses (the verb synja means to refuse) the filth (in this metaphoric case: ignorance)   

satyam always triumphs


this pix is an attempt show what we see and what we do not see --  with our worldly eyes, that is

Gra, the mother, knows 9 galdra ga, numberless good magic;
that is because she has access to the abyss of vor forni siur     


these body-cells are full of stress, ignorance, gruggur, filth, sin, syn

ginnungagap is within every cell, and the cell is It in essence;
but if we do not transcend, we loose the path-less path inwards, and loose the fimbulrnir;

a path that is not trodden gets lost in weed and tall grass

such an vi (life-span) is useless, un-used, lost time, life in ignorance  

performing a Valkyrja, transcending, is a purifying act, sacred purification, delightful, effortless, nourishing (gives fimbulrnir) 


and gradually our body-cells become pure, purifyed, if we transcend every day,

and we are young all our life, and when we die, how-ever old we become, our body-cells are young and pure;
i.e. the gods love those who die young  --  in this way -- how-ever old they become in years we are loved by our inner gods         


seest thou what i mean by dr (animals), men that live in ignorance (that can not be called men), and those men that have purified themselves to become Baldur?

animals do not have a human nervous system, Sleipnir, so they depend on mankind's behavior only, and follow their natural instincts, not discriminating nor understanding life.

some men are carrying the animal-stage along with them into human life --  an animal walking on two legs -- and that means a life-span in ignorance and base behavior


this is of utmost importance to understand:

all matter/energy has its origin in the unified field of total natural law, we know


so does the human thought  --  and that is the very way into our origing  (back home)    


und is the all-powerful dharma, "that which upholds"

r is the strength and vitality in us, and he is electricity and power  --  in the world and in us


nirvana  --  lognfara lundi Barra, our thought experiencing itself only, --  self-referral

 -    all is in cycles

Vli, the valur (hawk, haukur) of morning   --  in a symbolic sense,
Baldur the brightness,
Varr, the way into the unbounded wideness, gladness  --   Glaheimar of inn   


siur seiur  svadha  sidhya  siddhi


Ymir is the created world;   that we see, feel, hear.....  with our worldly senses
(hold Ymis, Ymi's flesh)

hodd goa is the spiritual value, the gold of the gods and goddesses in us

in the transcendence we find our Self, and we are It in core and essence, only living in the world vi after vi  --  in order to evolve 


Freyja and her Brsingamen, the brightest of creation, ---   mankind

She guards us well, her precious gem


askur yggdrasils, the tree of life, has 3 roots;

where from comes the nourishment -  the sap ???

drasill is a word derived from the root dris, to see (see as a seer, not only with worldly eyes)
askur tree
yggur  (perhaps:) mind or thought 


what i am telling thee here should not be told to the ignorant man:
        we actually do not perform actions, as nature and the 3 guna carry this out!!

we should not tell this to the ignorant man;
the ignorant man might blame the 3-guna (qualities of nature) for his wrong-doings, playing as if he were not responsible and as if he were not to blame for his actions

the enlightened man performs actions  --   evolutionary actions only, as his nature is pure --  and gives an example of being active in the world

so the ignorant performs actions, responsible for them, and he should learn TM (transcendental meditation technique) in order to purify himself

so his actions become of higher quality


Askur og Embla are man-trees;  --   they were on the beach, inert, before gaining human lives:
the abyss is gir;  gir is within us;
Valkyrja is born along with men (the serving-maid to consciousness, individual inn);
ur Hnir Lur bring the gifts of humanity to humans;
Njrur is our origin in the sea, and Freyja the foam (afros, as in Afrodita),
----- and it has taken us millions of live-times to end up as humans 


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