chatter 3   vķtahringur, svefnžorn,   vicious circle and the "thorn of sleep" --  symbolic language of myths and kvęši, allegory in god-spells

i am telling thee one thing:   we are ginnungagap

we are the great void, the womb of the universe, the Fullness, Truth, Eternity, Reality, Divinity.

Óšinn given to Óšinn, my self given to my Self (Hįvamįl vķsa 138 and on) --    gnoži seauton (know thyself)




look at this
Brynhildur valkyrja has been stung by thorn of sleep by Óšinn (consciousness);
we shall have to wake her up -- by a kiss of love, being a prince
(compare the Sleeping Beauty story)

Syn is synjun (refusal) of ignorance;
the ignorant man, living in the objects of the senses only, does not make any progress on his spiritual path to Valhöll;

engin jól, no wheels, no yule;  stagnation, like in the story for a 100 years, but they might be some millions of life-times if we do not realize what life is for


some men have no time for divinity inside;
their eyes see matter, so they take that for real, not knowing where from it (the matter) and the I (the real core and essence of men) comes

if we do not nourish ourselves by giving Óšinn to Óšinn (individual self into universal Self) our whole body and whole life suffers   --  our decisions become weak and not supported

some might claim not to have time for this god-rubbish, but actually is saves time;
-we gain the support of the laws of nature, the gods, live in tune with the great flow of the universe, and life becomes easy and supported, spontaneously right

if we do not nourish ourselves, we suffer deficiency of the great power that abides inside


we live in this vicious cycle of Žjóšvitnir (top right on the above pix, laughing):       


Žjóšvitnir stands for the lure of matter and the mistake of our intellect, and we are his fish;

understand this vicious circle:   action, impression, new ideas/desire, action, impression..........

we get an idea, but we do not know that it has correlation and support from old ideas that are rooted in our heart;
what happens to us leaves impression, the impression shoots roots as a seed of memory,
it becomes the incentive of new ideas, giving the urge to perform......

longings keep life going, but some longings are base, we know;
they should be pure and evolutionary, but are not always  --  because we are cut off from our very source


some impressions are those of anger, and new ideas are fueled by them;
we act, that leaves an impression that...........

bottom right we see former lives;  also those leave impressions, as a seed of memory, to have us carry on in the vicious cycle

but there is a way out: 

Ullur is the fire of knowledge  --  by which we can roast the seeds;
then new ideas are not longer fueled by past impressions

Ullur is within us, and we can kindle the fire of knowledge by transcending the world of matter;
easiest is to use the TM-technique, because that is tailored for the busy man in the world
(some systems are too difficult, not suitable for families and workers, and should not even be tried by the busy man in the world)  


The ignorant man starts practicing transcendence, Óšinn given to Óšinn, --  and Ullur, the fire of knowledge, burns up Gymisgaršar / paradise which we carry from the animal stages into human lives  


Žjóšvitnir has some beautiful bait for our senses, and we chase that;

our senses register the created world only, matter and energy, and thoughts and feelings are all-worldly too;
note:  thinking about gods and divinity is a worldly thought only (--be very clear on this point);
it is not living divinity within;  it is a thought only;       


Gunni the red mad dog is rajo-guna out of bonds and out of equilibrium with sattva and tamah
(they are the 3 qualities of mother Nature, and they rule the whole world; the only way our of their domain is to be without the 3-guna for a while:  transcend)

hugur mind,
tęr hugsun pure thought, in a self-referral state, thought experiences itself only,
Gungnir is vibrations, the first spur of creation,
the gap is ginnungagap, our source, origin, and real essence:  we are It !       


the state of transcending is not on the sphere of thoughts;
while we are working, sleeping, thinking, we are not transcending, giving Óšinn to Óšinn;
while we are transcending we are not thinking at all, as all thoughts have been given over and completely dismissed;  it is complete loss !! of even our dear thoughts !!

this is the daily routine; it is the evolutionary path to Valhöll (in one of our live-spans, perhaps this one??)        


the senses register the created world;
sometimes we need extensions for them;
they register the objects of the senses only;

they do not register ginnungagap  ---   so our ignorance lies in not "seeing" That  


institutions might claim to take care of good/obedient sheep
remember that shepherds -- however good they are claimed to be -- keep sheep to eat them, milk them, sell them, breed them for egoistic purposes;  but not out of much-advertised love.

do not become sheep   


be responsible, thou lead thyself, never use an intermediary/mediator to divinity;
it is a fake, a trap, -- 

the pathless path inwards is from me to me, as simple as that --  if we have the technique      

loving the lambs is egoistic love  


a French artist“s drawing

christianity was threat-imposed upon Icelanders in year 999CE;
we had the choice to convert or die  --  quite a choice, hmmmm?

it is wrong to say (as some do) that Icelanders saw the beauty of the advanced religion christianity and therefore let go of their primitive bad heathenry;
this interpretation is falsified history, used as a sharp tool for the embellishment of violence, power-greed, empirical ambitions, and threat of torture and death;

Žorgeir Ljósvetningagoši was a wise man and saved the lives of thousands of Icelanders by giving in to conversion, --  unwillingly though  -- confronted by threat of the armed men sent by the greedy king;
for those men murder was the path to heaven, for us a matter of life or death to compromise   


Gundestrup -- the famous........
the yogi-position has been much contemplated on  


the 3 yellow gods are Óšur Hęnir Lóšur who bring humans the attributes of humanity;
mašur? means that they are not all to sure if this man on animal stage can bear the name man;

below red line are animal life-spans, the blue Hel the pause between life-spans;
the pink arrow(top):  all the lives as a human that await us

Óskópnir, that which has not yet been created;

below the red line life-spans as animals, breaks at Helia, our origin in the sea, our evolution for some millions of life-spans perhaps;

the real responsibility begins when we are born as men;
then we have free will, a sophisticated human nervous system (Sleipnir), and should (!!) know right and wrong and should be men enough to perform right action only   


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