chatter 6  -  union, yog   --  symbolic language of myths and kvŠ­i, allegory in god-spells

i am telling thee one thing:   we are ginnungagap

we are the great void, the womb of the universe, the Fullness, Truth, Eternity, Reality, Divinity.

Ë­inn given to Ë­inn, my self given to my Self (Hßvamßl vÝsa 138 and on) --    gno■i seauton (know thyself)

note: what men sometimes call yoga is not union of individual consciousness and universal consciousness at all !!!
many try to perform yoga on the level of thought, using thought, directing the mind by thoughts, manipulating thoughts;
it does not lead to union;  produces strain only, and is tedious, boring  --  so we will sort this out;

-How can we tell?? 
-by EEG;  brain-waves are being registered during transcending. If we trancened, they becom harmonized. If not then not.

as the birds and fish are stream-lined, so that air and water make no resistence, so the little mouse can take the strong wind by cuddling down on the earth;

and when we get wider and wider we do not feel resistence;
we become fearless, balanced;   -   the gladness of Gla­heimar

and we get nourished from the abyss of Ăgir, the unfathomable depth of our consciousness  


it is bad to be cut off from ginnungagap, living in ignorance;
we should widen ourselves, purify every our cell;  it brings happiness, hamingja, and health;

there is only one way to do this, a delightful way:  perform a valkyrja, transcend the 3-guna of the created nature

our thoughts and actions become of a higher quality, and it brings lasting joy    


this has to be explained:
TM (transcendental meditation) is an easy technique to transcend, tailored for the working man, for the householder, (yellow runes left; the easy technique which got lost for some period of time);
there are other systems, not all working, some of them very difficult, not fit for the busy man in the world;
they have sprouted into many branches;
gradually people started to see them as impossible, and assumed that spirituality were not for the man of the world;
they got cut off, and ignorance and Fenrir dominated the people as time passed by;
even seekers of Truth tried in vain for a life-time, never to transcend at all, straining and forcing and waiting for something that never came   

Ůjˇ­vitnir (our not-seeing Truth) sees to it that great variety is on the marked for the senses: the objects of the senses to which the senses get attached;
the senses serve the mind;  they try to please the mind by bringing to it joys;
the mind -- we -- are always seeking joy and happiness;  chasing things that could bring fun;
the senses lead the mind into the world, as they are made exclusively for the world;

the mind misses the fact that real joy and lasting happiness is within --  some 180░ turn from the out-there to the in-here is needed   


and when we learn about that inner hamingja to be sought in the abyss of silence and peace, we gradually expand our mind;  -   we now seek real joy, lasting joy, found in our origin!

the irregular brainwaves, the muddy shallow pond, easily disturbed (left),
become regular waves (
middle), measurable with EEG (graph),
and the effects are:  a more profound brain-funcioning, hightened intelligence and discrimination;

the orderliness is brought into the "thinking again" in the world 

but we have to work on it;
to swallow a whole jar of slimming-pills at night, in order to wake up thin the next morning, will not seem rational, will it? 

fimbulr˙nir are not for sale in the world; they are earned by regularly transcending the 3-guna of nature (Hßvamßl vÝsa 138 and on)  --  and then (in-between) working in the world


to make magnet out of iron, we have to rub and rub and rub and rub and rub to get the particles/molecules to pull all in the same directions;    


we have to dive into the abyss of Ăgir, into the height of Gla­heimar, into our innermost ginnungagap, over and over again,  daily, as a routine for a little period of time each time;

thought can be intense on its way in, but we do not let the thought's vividness disturb our aim, which is to have the thought calmed by itself, until it becomes pure thought, then to sink, sˇast, fˇrnast, into its very origin;
complete loss of the worldly (the thought) --  an automatic process, that should not be disturbed by thoughts or any interfering with the process

dismiss thoughts during this time as just thoughts (worldly stuff, unnecessary right now;
they belong to the sphere that we are ridding us of right now)     


as we pull back the arrow to get force to shoot forward, so we allow the pull back of the thought into the abyss to make it more powerful in the world afterwards;
as we inhale before speaking, and dig down to build up, so we sacrifice our dear thought in order to make it strong and powerful in the world afterwards   


by the technique, --  the easy natural mental technique TM  --, we use a special sound to keep the mind alert but not thinking of anything special;

this is not concentrating, not contemplating, and it is not directing the mind, not pushing it at all;
all strain and effort only spoils the natural automatic path home to the origin of the mind


endless numbers of difficult, most of the time useless, systems have come and gone;
they might not lead to union at all;
unfortunately the busy man thought of his spiritual evolution as impossible, and this lead to base national consciousness  --  a drastically dangerous thing to have in societies

Ůjˇ­vitnir put some inflated rubber-valkyries on the branches  --  and he is boosting about his cunningness   


when we are performing our valkyrja  --  for a little period of time every day -- we are doing that, not anything else;
we do not disturb the mind in its process of becoming a thought, the thought becoming pure thought, and emerging into the abyss of consciousness;
during the rest of the 24 hours we work and play and sleep;
we do not pull the bow-string, let go, pull a little, stop pulling, no !  we are only going to put the arrow on the string, pull and shoot;

we do not have to make the mind one-pointed, because it wants to go home when it has become pure thought only, naturally one-pointed


the nature of the mind is not to wander;
the highest goal a mind sets for is to seek happiness;
we use this nature of the mind, and it finds happiness within;

the monkey jumps form tree to tree to find bananas, --  and when he finds a bunch of them, he is contented, stops running, and enjoys;
so behaves the mind  --   even if we sometimes claim it to behave like a silly monkey

in the world we jump from joy to joy, as they are little joys;
finding the boundless bliss we just enjoy   


sŠla, from Sˇl, bliss, divine bliss
sanna e­li huga, true nature of mind
hugur ver­ur svinnur, mind becomes svinnur (divine knowledge)
the pecking order fight belongs to animals and base men  


many versions of the irminsul are to be found in Europe;
i wonder if my vision of it would be the original motive:
Hermˇ­ur (Her-mˇ­ur or Herm-ˇ­ur) went to Helia to get Baldur back;
our pure thought transcends and finds the 3 roots of askur yggdrasils, that suck the nourishing sap of life from the unknown into life;
had the theocracy understood this, they would have destroyed all these symbols; but luckily they did not understand the symbolic language of myths; saw only the surface;

we are starting to understand the unfathomable depth of our reverent forefathers' understanding of life and its purpose

consciousness in the world is rising to discrimination and understanding.  


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