chatter 10  --  heart mind   love duty   and the "third element" when we are in a dilemma because of the duality of the world    --  symbolic language of myths and kvi, allegory in god-spells

i am telling thee one thing:   we are ginnungagap

we are the great void, the womb of the universe, the Fullness, Truth, Eternity, Reality, Divinity.

inn given to inn, my self given to my Self (Hvaml vsa 138 and on) --  gnoi seauton (know thyself)


at Kuruksetra, Krishna (Bhagavan) and Arjuna, the Bhagavat gita  

---  does thou know the reason for and cause of Arjuna not being able to hold Gandiva?

in stansa 25 of the 1st chapter Hrishikesha (lord Krishna) says   --   having drawn up the magnificent chariot between the two armies (I 24) -- :  "Partha! (Arjuna!, vocative), behold these Kurus gathered together"

many translators (all?) and commentators have missed this out; these were the first words of Krishna on the battlefield;

so Arjuna opened his eyes, not only to duty as a ksatrya, but also to his heart, his love;

his heart refuses the killing of friends and kinsmen, his mind argues it to be his duty to kill when Fenrir has grown as to drive men to greed and evil

here lies the great wisdom of this work

heart and mind form a part of the duality in the created world;
the greatest archer of all times is unable to hold his bow Gandiva;
this man of exalted consciousness has no solution: he has learned the skill of fighting, he is defending righteousness, he has duties towards others,  --   yet he can not act

Krishna set him up to this --  only later to bring in the third element, That, which has no duality and is the solution of every problem in the world

the worlds greatest spiritual and scientific teacher,  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on the Bhagavad-Gita, a new translation and commentary, chapters 1-6;
reprinted many many times since 1967;  try ISBN 0-14-002913-3 (or later editions)

when evil has grown too much, mother nature can take no more and she bursts;

when we violate the laws of nature day after day, year after year, she, her patience, can take not more;

she cares for our needs if we give back, and that we do by transcending;
if we do not, then we are mere thieves


yuga is all cycles;
in dark ages we suffer;
in the end we get saved, the wisdom is regained


Lao-Tsu, Tao Te-Ching

in good times men know that they are spiritual beings, they practice transcending, preform yagya, 

but if we loose contact to inner divinity, if we do not practice transcending, we get, as it were, cut of from the divine inner nature and its nourishment; 

still we try to be good  

try to show goodness and love to each other, and talk a lot about that love


but when we do not practice transcending, do not know how to contact the higher Self, this love-business becomes difficult and unnatural --   we might try to restrain ourselves, but stress accumulates 

we try to solve our problems and disagreements by talking 

we ask someone that we think is good,  --- and that claims to know a lot about purpose of life  

we become obedient to him   --    as we have forgotten who we are   

we do not know how to get out of this, we do not know how we got in, we might not see that we need to do anything,  but yet we claim the world to be full of problems, small joys, misery  

in these times someone comes

it is not enough to have someone that talks about heaven on earth and heaven after death

we have to learn the technique to transcend, to give inn (individuality) to inn (our real Self)



it has come to the end of a bad cycle, nature bursts, and we regain spirituality   



smriti labta, we regain memory of what we are;

we are going to Valhll in one our vi (ayus, life-span) as einherji, arya, the exellent one;

so, if you are caught in the duality in the world,  ---   such as heart and mind not agreeing on that "right" action to perform or a that "right" opinion to have  --    just use the easy technique, bring in the element of no duality and no time, the third element -- basis of life,

be without the 3-guna, the all-powerful rulers of the world of duality every day for a little period of time


now is the time in the world to glide into a sat-yuga,   --- then satyam will be our share;

but to gain it we have to help;
those on higher stages of consciousness help the whole world; the animals depend on us, the men on lower stages need us to do this or they will drag the whole world down;

so we just do that, become really spiritual beings, not by talking and praying and hoping, but by bringing into life the third element, the ginnholy gap, the field of no duality.


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