chatter 13  circles, wheels;  draugur    --  symbolic language of myths and kvęši, allegory in god-spells

i am telling thee one thing:   we are ginnungagap

we are the great void, the womb of the universe, the Fullness, Truth, Eternity, Reality, Divinity.

Óšinn given to Óšinn, my self given to my Self (Hįvamįl vķsa 138 and on) --  gnoži seauton (know thyself)

are we on this stage?  fighting for crumbs of bread?

do we not know that we are divine beings?
have we cut ourselves off from the great nourishment, our very origin, our very essence?


we do not see the wheels in which we circle, -- behave like little piglets playing in the mud-fun-pond;

doest thou know that draugur (pronounce: drrr oi geu rrr) is neither living nor dead, is dead but eats and drinks like if he were a living man;
ghosts are dead, spirits only, but this icelandic phenomenon is unique in ghost-stories;

i have my explanation of its origin:  listen:    the priests say, when burying a body: 


of soil thou hast come (probably addressing the dead body(?), i assume), soil thou art, to soil (earth) thou goest again, from soil thou shalt anew arise (or something in that direction);

so the christian icelanders, especially during the dark long northern winter, thought priests were saying something that they should believe;

so they waited for the draugur to rise from the soil again;  

note: fear was exploited, and even elves and nature were said to be dangerous, should be feared and avoided at all cost; and fear was a large part of that southern theocratic imported threat-imposed culture, as the devil had also been invented --  as a fear-device;
we never feared that devil-thing, and mocked him in fully little tales, and he had that warm hell-thing, that would save us a lot of trouble of heating; perhaps not so bad a choice at all, hmmmm?

we do know that our body is the meat that Óšinn gives to Geri and Freki (see chatter 20), recycled matter and energy (remember': jötnar "eat" matter for the recycling process), and we are what we eat, think, feel (emotions);

but the real me, the innermost inhabitant (dweller) in the body is pure bliss (ananda, sęla of Sól)  

read this ancient sanskrit stansa, many thousand years old, on ananda, that we are it;

so we see that the soil-talk is a lousy version of something borrowed (stolen), and easily leads simple minds astray;   


the 4 spokes on yule is still there;  we see it every yule, right?  we know where from it comes;

but this stupid species (that so-called) man has forgotten some of the ancient holistic wisdom;
we have violated the laws of nature, the gods,

grem eigi goš aš žér, lifum ķ sįtt viš gošin  (do not violate the divine law of the universe, live in peace with nature);
do not forget that we are all-responsible, and we are not given animals to slaughter them;
they are beings on their evolutionary path, and killing is a sin, no matter who is killed;      

if we transcend regularly, we gradually gain skill in action, karmasu kausalam;
our thoughts, acts, purpose, become of a higher quality, one-pointed, evolutionary, spontaneously right, and we have the power of Žund (dharma, that which upholds) behind every our performance;        

mother earth is a giving and caring mother;  we should love her and never be greedy;


she gives us seasons, and fosters us in our earthly cycles,
our life on earth is necessary for our evolution;  but we must rise to bear the name a man!!!  


the binding influences of action is a trap that we do not see very well;
it is due to our ignorance;
Žjóvitnir (the mistake of our intellect, the lure of matter) feeds the senses; the senses enjoy;
they serve the mind's thirst and craving for joys and happiness; but find only worldly ones;

when we have become einherjar, we see the world as aloof from ourselves, and the binding influences of our actions are there no longer;  

some say:  the ways of the theocratic God are unfathomable, but thousands of years ago they said in sanskrit:  gahana karmano gatih, unfathomable is the course of action;
something borrowed? (stolen?) and distorted?? here, to replace creatures' doings with a God;

we have control over action alone, never over its fruit, as Uršur Veršandi Skuld and all the unraveled action-tangle in the world is too complicated for anyone to comprehend  (for Uršur Veršandi Skuld see chatter 23);

gods do not take part in that stuff;

they are on the level of the total laws of nature, that run the whole universe in perfect orderliness;

the actions are in the sphere of the 3-guna of nature;
do not even try to sort them out; 

but valkyrja is an action,
the only action in the world that does not bind us to the vicious circle of impression and the incentive thereof;

performing a valkyrja is action, an act, that leads to the loss of the 3-guna world, and is the only action that does not bind us;

personifications are meant to explain and are a way to make the teaching interesting, give life to the wisdom conveyed,  ---  but personifications can become a trap, because we do not perceive the metaphor, the symbolic language, the way of conveying, the allegory, and take them as people!!!


do not forget: animals live according to their nature, each one of them;
so do men;
men on base stages can not be called men, but when we become einherjar at last we are men;

and ours is the responsibility for the animals,

and nature can not take our wrong-doings endlessly, -- in the end she bursts;
only Tżr can bind Fenrir;

so, by all means, please, transcend every day, purify thyself, to become an einherji;
is is the only way to peace, and the only way to make our beloved planet a peaceful place to live;    

Jörmungandur takes us to the sky of consciousness in our life on earth, -- might be Pegasus the winged horse of bards, as he is a gander (goose, feather-guise in which to fly);
Fenrir, Fernisślfur, grows when evil in men grows;
Helia is a coffee-brake between life-spans
around this our 3-fold cycle i draw the endless serpent/ormur that bites its own tail.


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