chatter 14  r     --  symbolic language of myths and kvi, allegory in god-spells

i am telling thee one thing:   we are ginnungagap

we are the great void, the womb of the universe, the Fullness, Truth, Eternity, Reality, Divinity.

inn given to inn, my self given to my Self  (Hvaml vsa 138 and on) --  gnoi seauton (know thyself)











we are ginnungagap, and the sap of life is easily drawn into human life throught the 3 roots of askur yggdrasils;   we are man-trees, found on the beach, the sea-shore; we came from the sea in the first place;

  and valkyrja is borne along with man (see chatter 1)



Evrpa (Europe), the daughter of Agenor king of Fnikia, picked flowers on the beach  -- along with the other maidens --, when Zeus saw her an fell in love with her;  changed himself into a bull and approached;

all the girls -- except Evrpa -- got frightened;
Europe sat on the back of the bull who swam with her to Kreta (Crete)

the bull was revered and acrobats showed their art

unfortunately this is not longer, but horrible games are there in Spain, where the animal has no chance other than horrible death in the hands of many men, some on horses armed with spears with which to injure the bull, and screaming mob;  these men are not men, worse than animals;  














Sga in Skkvabekkur (bekkur a brook) is Frigg in Fensalir;

she is a great goddess, a seeress   


the wife of inn, consciousness;

she is Hln   





rymur urs (see rymskvia) wants Freyja for a bride, but they are entire opposits and can never meet;

ursar are past, now useless, evolutionary stages of which we have to rid ourselves;
Freyja is the perpetual creative power, and we shall love her and invoke her in our lives;   

our only weapon in the battle of life is rshamar, asman, su asti ka, Mjllnir
(mjllnir is he who grinds to flour (malar, mills) or into pieces small like snow-flakes (mjll));

-what do we grind and destroy?
-urses, past stages, and trll, our ignorance;  these are drags on evolution and creation;


r as a bride (pretending to be Freyja) shows up at his (her) own wedding at ryms;
when rymur wants to kiss his bride-to-be, the fiery eyes of r meet him, and rymur becomes  startled!!!

rs eyes are electrifying;
-because he is all power, also that of electricity; 

i always see these our beloved characters as inn and r;
and the Asterix raconte as the trans-alpin version and view of Bellum Gallicum by Caesar;
what doest thou say?

karmasu kaushalam is skill in action;
the know-how of good quality intentions, the know-how to handle Mjllnir;

skill in action is automatically gained when we perform our valkyrja regularly;  

r is the radiation between individuals;
he is an all-worldly power, he is a great power in many fields of life;   

and when we suffer a shock of sorrow we feel the electrical shock in our whole body and mind; 


r is metabolism, and making of energy,  
















r is our means to destroy the past and ignorance (ursar and trll),
and when we transcend he is the destroyer of time
----  veit ek a ek hkk ntur allar 9, but pending for nine nights means that time is not  ----    we are out of the sphere of time and space, matter and energy, pending on tree of life
(see Hvaml vsa 138 and on)

rs sons are Mi and Magni (might and main, power) like his daughter rur (strength)      

Mjllnir the grinder returns to us every time;  Mjllnir is cycling, and Mjllnir drives the cycles of life;

and r is thunder and lightnings (electricity),
rain for the vegetation on Earth (his mother and our mother); 
r is a brother to us;

hvarmaregn (hvarma-regn is eye-lid rain), and strong emotions can produce that raining of tears; 

the forces at the very basis of creation are on the sphere close to ginnungagap,
but mind thee:
there is no connection whatsoever between the origin of the world and the world itself;

ginnungagap is 100% fullness, and the world derived form it is also 100% fullness;

if we live both fully, we have a 200% life on earth;

our thought has natural access to its own origin;
that is frn (sacrifice of individuality) when we transcend, thought gets lost in the meanwhile;

valkyrja is an action,
the only action in the world that does not bind us to the vicious circle of impression and the incentive thereof
(see chatter 3, the vicious cycle of jvitnir);

performing a valkyrja is action, an act, that leads to the loss of the 3-guna world, and is the only action that does not bind us;

r is our will to evolve, work for it;  Skai the will to go to the highest peaks of spirtual life (see chatter 24, the "pull" of Njrur and Skai);
valkyrja, a maid for consciousness ('Oinn), is a sacrifice of individuality, frn;


glfar og (and) megingjarir, should be seen as terms in the science of electricity;  

r goes to the east to batter trolls (berja trll, destroy ignorance), and the east is the best direction;

earth's surface, along with us there, is turning turning fast towards east --  to make a morning;

orient is east, orientation is to know directions, and this is no coincidence, but hard-core science and truth;

it can be measured in our brain how much better it funtcions when we face east! 

und, dharma (that which upholds) --  at the basis of creation, sphere of the laws of nature, Planck scale, super-string-theory place --   underlies all strong and weak powers 

we live in the world with the powers of the world, but they are pea-nuts compared to the powerful Silence from which they are derived, and to which we have free access in an easy way, as this is our Self 

and we should use the power of r in us to fight the battle of life,
-what is battle of life?
-only the will to evolve, do all good in the life for everyone, reach perfection;

when we have imbibed the bliss, sla of goddess Sun, into our physical nature, we have gained hamingja, the ever-lasting happiness, divine bliss (Slarsla);

fer austurveg a berja trll  --   r in the spiritually-minded man smashes some trolls in the east to let in the rays of rising Sun;

George (gea (earth) + orgein (work)) beats the dragon in us to safe the princess value in us;
there are r in men and Georges all over in world's mythology;

Iceland is full of troll-stories,

mythical language is using worldly phenomena and things to try to explain what we can not see with our worldly eyes, and not conceive with our pea-nut brain  ---  until we have broadened our vision and consciousness to become Glaheimar (unbounded wide-ness and joy);

then --  first then -- we understand that we are It.


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