chatter 16   sn  frn (sacrifice)   expansion   going home to the field where from we came and what we are       --  symbolic language of myths and kvi, allegory in god-spells

i am telling thee one thing:   we are ginnungagap

we are the great void, the womb of the universe, the Fullness, Truth, Eternity, Reality, Divinity.

inn given to inn, my self given to my Self  (Hvaml vsa 138 and on) --  gnoi seauton (know thyself)


going home is easy   --   we are going to there where from we came in the first place

matter that we see, as we see it as being solid


we know that matter is of small ever-moving un-stable quarks, but we do not see it

matter is completely detached from the ginnungagap from where it though has come, That which sustains it, without which it would not exist

and we know that matter/energy is vibrations

but we do not see it as such with our eyes, though,  --  do we?

we are, i.e. our body and mind, of these matter / vibrations, but our real core is ginnungagap 

as our mind, being a created all-worldly phenomenon, has come from the great abyss, so it can easily become pure thought again, --    as it originally started  --  and expand.....:

mind becomes pure thought that experiences itself only, self-referring only, and expands to eternity, becoming the abyss only, loosing its individuality, merging into its very origin  

thought becomes the huge wave of consciousness   --   what it is in essence and has always been 

modern science tells us that molecules expand to a huge wave when they are slowed down;
(refer to nobel price on rubidium molecular behavior)



so behaves our mind too!

many people transcending in a group, become this wave of coherence and peace in the world  


a quieted mind becomes pure thought, Tr, and transcends the world of matter/energy    

gungnir is vibrations that become particles;

and particles can become vibrations again

this is the process of performing a valkyrja, transcending, but valkyrja was born along with man,
is serving human consciousness, as we have a human nervous system, a vehicle, a horse, Sleipnir, to run from the world of men to the gods and goddesses in sgarur,

there we step off, our valkyrja has served her purpose, and we go on into the heavens

this we do fully alive   

we spoil the process of going inwards if we strain the mind or force it or try to manipulate it;

the process is so natural to the mind, that it is automatic;

if we have the wrong teaching, a wrong technique, we can not transcend;
we might replace a thought with a thought or effort of controlling thoughts, and that is leading us nowhere, only leading to boring stress-producing tedious control in the name of seeking highest Truth


Gungnir, the spear of inn, the weapon of consciousness, is vibrations, all-natural commencement of a creation 

and the expanded consciousness is Glaheimar, wide-ness, glad-ness, of inn,

and contact with Brahman, ginnungagap, is joy 

our senses register the world, and serve the mind by bringing to the mind all the little joys they find in the world;

mind is always looking for joy, and we have to tell it that the permanent bliss is found within, not out there

as we origin from eternity, so we can take a trip to That whenever we want to

the huge wafe from which we started   ---  and can visit when we wish to do so;

modern science tells us that molecules expand to a huge wave when they are slowed down;
so behaves our mind too!

many people transcending in a group, become this wave of coherence and peace in the world  

the becoming of individuality when we are becoming a man (at conception) --  and the loss of individuality when we transcend  (fully alive, of course, many times in our life)

the light Tr, the individual  --   and the Tr as frn (sacrifice) when we visit our original "home" 

vibrations on the subtle level of creation/life 

vibrations we go through  --  whichever way we are going:  creating or transcending 

vibrations becoming matter/particles   -- in the reverse direction of transcending, then particles become the waves out of which they are made

we are vibrations

particles, completely detached from ginnungagap, --  having no bonds, whatsoever, to/with their origin and field of sustenance

particles making what looks to our eyes as being solid  --   but we know it is not

solid that we know is of particles and vibrations,  --   and so are we

we only miss out that our mind and our thought fall, as created "things", into this scientific knowledge too.

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