chatter 17  roots  Askur Yggdrasils   SkÝ­bla­nir   the hidden in the mystics of Reality     --  symbolic language of myths and kvŠ­i, allegory in god-spells

i am telling thee one thing:   we are ginnungagap

we are the great void, the womb of the universe, the Fullness, Truth, Eternity, Reality, Divinity.

Ë­inn given to Ë­inn, my self given to my Self  (Hßvamßl vÝsa 138 and on) --  gno■i seauton (know thyself)

Dekameron (an amusing sarcastic book),  deca 10, hemeron nights

Europe is full of stories that mock the behavior of the roman empire and its extensions --  in the guise of something spiritual and necessary for man --   that spread all over;

men saw that it was all about power and wealth and land;
not meant for the sheep, but for the benefit of the institution(s);

and much truth is found in Europe in all kinds of expressions of man's creative arts; 

she stopped time by un-weaving during the night;
she asked the man (as a proof of his true identity) to move their matrimonial bed   ---  that had the roots of a tree but no-one knew except the two of them;

and what about a great king that throws of his royal symbols, blinds himself, roams into the desert and then claims to "see";  do we understand this?
did the greek audience have a notion of, or know about, some great and profound truth that we do not know of now-a-days?


valkyrja is born along with man, a serving maid to consciousness of man, but man is a man-tree, rooted in That from which all has come, drawing the sap into life by being That purely;

the sap is all possibilities;

ginnungagap is all possibilities, is silence, is dynamism of life, but does not take part in the world created from it;


mother earth has Svalinn the shield to protect us, her land and her seas;
she cares for us with motherly love, and her nature provides all that we need in material life;

but we must not forget to give back to nature;
this we do by transcending regularly;    


we draw the sap into life, but the invisible sap can become whatever;

sap in a tree comes from somewhere through the roots, becomes trunk, branches, leaves, blossom, fruit, seeds, nuts;

Třr, pure thought, on mei­ur (tree) of life, draws the sap into life;  


from mother earth we see the planets and the sun and moon, and they bear the names of our gods, and so do the days of the week, and so do parts of our human brain;

and we see the zodiac, the signs and houses of divinities, that mankind has pictured for thousands of years back; 


layer after layer of understanding is there for us if we want to fathom the mystics of Reality through the way of myths as they convey the great knowledge; 

if we put our mother earth in the middle we get this 360░ of a sky;

many books are there on the numbers, the zodiac, the symbolic language, and how we can see the myths in the sky;

some say that the milky way in the sky is askur yggdrasils in our spiritual life;



life is derived from somewhere, and this is how our reverent forefathers use symbolic language to tell us that;    SkÝ­bla­nir is all about life coming into being, in a world after a world (LÝf■rasir who refuses to die);   

life on earth began in the sea, and our entire hitherto evolution, perhaps some 3.000.000 or 4.000.000 life-spans, is called evolution from a beginning to the now; 

all this is in us as some memory of what we did make/create/do, and what we are going to become next;


we are born on earth;

we are Loki  (individual and mankind alike);

sometimes stupid and sometimes base, but we must go on for Valh÷ll (the exalted stage of consciousness);

if we do not seek that in life, we are stagnated, getting no-where, and a life-span is lived in vain and uselessness;  ---  a wasted and lost life-span;

Freyja's BrÝsingamen, the glowing gem, mankind  --  and we should be men enought to bear that name;  if we don't, BrÝsingamen will burst asunder and be scattered;

within are joy and width and expansion of happiness; 

---   the purpose of life is expansion of happiness

we must find the supreme joy in here and bring the bliss from there into life;   


and we find this symbol of something important and hidden all over in Europe;

maybe it was not understood by crude men during the dark ages of the dominating cruel theocracy, and because they did not understand the profound meaning  --   due to the symbolic language and not-easy-to-grasp tokens  --  it was not destroyed;  

symbols and metaphors might have been the very savior and rescuer of heathen mens' tokens for wisdom;

                                                                     a funny stupid story, or what?
                                                                     Hermˇ­ur til Heliar rey­....

(pix on left) my suggestion, as Hermˇ­ur (-consciousness-) did go to Helia (-the coffee-pause between lives-) to collect and re-gain Baldur hin gˇ­i (-the light of life-)  
---  something akin to Demeter Kore and Hades --

řr - man - s˙la (tree-man-pillar) ?  

and Třr is the pure thought in the self-referral state, -- i.e. thought finding only itself in the silence and calmness, then sˇast, fˇrnast, (sacrifice itself, i.e. individual existence lost)  

life on earth has two phases:

the body and the sustaining of it


spiritual life of the dweller (inhabitant) in the body, i.e. the real me, aham, individual aspect of ginnungagap;

the roots of askur yggdrasils derive from where?

the sap is all possibilities, so it must come from the field of all possibilities. 


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