chatter 19    einherji / arya    --  symbolic language of myths and kvi, allegory in god-spells

i am telling thee one thing:   we are ginnungagap

we are the great void, the womb of the universe, the Fullness, Truth, Eternity, Reality, Divinity.

inn given to inn, my self given to my Self  (Hvaml vsa 138 and on) --  gnoi seauton (know thyself)


do we not know that we are ginnungagap? 



and do we not know that the honey-mead of life flows through our veins?  



have we not yet understood that we are, as it were, caught in the vicious cycle of jvitnir (the mistake of our intellect, the lure of matter)?

impression forms seeds of memory, that we do not reckon, but are seated deep in our heart;

they correlate with a new idea, and fuel it;


an impression of something bad behaves exactly in the same way  --  of course;

good and bad are only duality of the world, the little and big extremes that we find all over the place in this our beautiful/ugly world of men, good men / bad men;

and remember that past lives (bottom right on pix) in our long evolution from Njrur also have sown some of the seeds of memory (-- actually most of them at times, and some are very very old and persistent)

the cycle is:  * an act, * the impression thereof, * new idea fueled into a desire by the seeds of memory rooted in the heart, * leading to us to act.......


by the fire of wisdom, our beloved divinity Ullur, we can roast the seeds

--  to the great annoyance of jvitinir, that then looses us as his clients, out of the target group of his offers, which are the objects of the senses; 

animals live in paradisos, they are fenced in in their behavior by their nature;

animals, men on base stages, and enlightened men, all behave according to their nature;

if we are not animals any more, we should be enlightened men;

Ullur burns up Gymisgarar, paradise, and we are free from the animal behavior;

a beastly behaviour of a man is a pathetic happening in a pathetic state of a so-called man;


jvitnir has endless diversity of objects for the senses, that can distract us from looking for the inner wealth that we truly possess;

the senses untiringly look for joys for the mind, as a agile servant tries to please his master in some pleasing way;

an enlightened man enjoys the world perfectly well, but does not get caught, hooked, on things and circumstances;

he is free from the bonds of matter, i.e. liberated;   (but mind thee: it is not obtained through confession into an institution!    --   we have to purify ourselves until siddhi (perfection) is reached --   we ourselves (didest thou listen to this?  and understand what i am telling thee?)

yodhin is inn the fighter and conqueror;
-conquers what?
-himself;    my lower self (individual self) conquers the higher Self (universal Self), and that in turn conquers my self;

 they are one, not two, so the battlefield is a little place inside us;  

the 3-in-one (trinities) are many in our mythology and godspells;  we have already heard of some of them;
here we have vata pitta kapha qualities of wind fire water in our body, physiology,

and rishi devata chandas as inn Vili Vi,  -- * knowledge becomes curious, * gets the will to look for something, a process of knowing, but in this self-referral state * knowledge finds only itself and becomes created knowledge;


and when we are pure, have become einherjar, see that the created world (including our own body) is aloof from, and not in any way connected to, the real me, ginnungagap, then we sit at the same table as inn valfur in Valhll   --   fully alive, of course;   inn individual self and inn cosmic Self are one; --  they never were two, only, we had forgotten, but now memory is regained (smriti labta);

purity is to have gotten rid of svinna (ignorance),  tr is pure; 

in Valhll we have the 2nd law of thermodynamics;
that is, qualities are in a pure state;
we we freeze water, there is only pure water in the ice, and all particles, that perhaps were in the water, no longer stay there;

the same happens if we try to boil some sea-water and capture the steam;  so we see that the impurities, that what does not really belong to the water, does not form a part of the water, even if mixed with it like salt and minerals are in the sea;

we (the pure essence) and the impurities (stress) in us should have no right to be together in our life; 

this is why andhrmnir, eldhrmnir and shrmnir are air, fire, water with this -hrm ending (frost, and also rm, rhyme (assonance) as being in some flowing orderliness (as a good poem affects us))



while inn Valfur only enjoys wine, the flow of consciousness, he gives meat alone to his wolves, Geri and Freki (the greedy devoures);    (see chatter 20)

our body gets recycled after use, and in the belly of the wolf it is not of much use;
then the real me is in Helia, and needs no body anyway;   
(see chatter 20)

but we make a new one at conception in our next vi (life-span), when we decide to stay no longer in the cold and brightness of Helia, good as she is for a needed break;  

the spiritual beings that we are at conception take to making a new body out of the abundance of material that is around in the unstable beautiful world of matter;  

and we should not forget --  even when we have made our eyes with which to perceive worldly particles  -- what we are, and that we must draw nourishment from our very origin, ginnungagap, as we are It and without It we are not, and without it the whole world will crumble down, collapse, not exist any more;  

so Valhll is a palace for a living man;  ---   an evolved stage of consciousness, and it is sheer delight to live that life of an einherji, an enlightened man, Huginn (yogi), Muninn (munih),

then we act for the sake of others only, and all egoistic desires have completely left us;


Loki, before he learns how to perform a valkyrja, is cut off from the great nourishment and sustenance, and withers away

 (see Skrnisml, when Gerur claims the gold of Gymir to be of some much worth to her, and does not perceive the necessity of having anything to do with the divine) 

but when Loki starts to heighten his consciousness, he becomes Lopturr, Loftur, and is about to find the short-cut to Valhll; 

vata pitta kapha, andhrmnir, eldhrmnir, shrmnir, in the world, and as pure, hrm) in the kitchen in Valhll;


ndurr, this word, is found only in icelandic in our norse mythology, coming from adhavan in sanskrit;   it means skis as a fast way to travel in the heights of snowy mountains;

Ullur is ndurgo, and Skai too;  they travel swiftly on skis;

but for goodness sake do not confuse purgatoire, purgatorium   (--chastisement fire, invented by some theocracies as a threat and to frighten men--)   with the act of transcending in our lives, getting Ullur the fire of knowledge to purify ourselves, and thus ridding us of the animal stages which we so stupidly drag along into our first few human lives;

the vehicle of inn is our nervous system, Sleipnir;

a tamed and alert and relaxed and willing horse is of great value to his rider;
but a rebelling and unwilling horse is not;
just imagine the preciseness of the symbolic language of myths!  our vehicle, our human nervous system, is portrayed as a horse!    a good one is very good to have, a bad one is not.

when Sleipnir is well-tamed and easily manipulated, we can travel easily from the world to sgarur, leave Sleipnir there in suspended and quiet alertness, become ginnungagap exclusively, and travel back to the world on Sleipnir, --   that each time becomes purer and purer; 

all men have a nervous system, only some do not know how to use is to transcend, and how to purify it.
this is what the "horse" symbol is telling us;    did we understand???  


arya means excellent;   (it is an adjective, not a noun)

it could be the same word as einherji;

there was never a race of aryans nor an invasion in the way that...:
Max Mller got paid from the english colonists for inventing a story that could split up the great wisdom of India; i.e. make a falsified history that they then spread for strategy purposes only; 

we should remember that....


.....mankind is not classified according to varna, color of skin, races, money, titles;

but according to the color of the inner man, called caste, the very stage of evolution on which each man is, and gets born to, in order to carry on on his evolutionary path, from the very spot on which he is;
a next step must be taken from the very spot on which we are now, right?
so we get born to our karma according to Urur Verandi Skuld
(chatter 23)

--   are they men of darkness and base stages not more than animals walking on two legs,

or are they of light inner color, exalted stages of consciousness, purified souls, arya, einherjar, brahmins, enlightened men? 

or something in-between?    where-ever, --  we carry on from there;

(see Rigsula:
Rgur, Heimdallur (?) comes to men that have little light in their house, and their progeny will be born there and carry on from their darkish evolutionary stage;   they are men, and Heimdallur comes to them, and here will be the right place for some men that choose to be born there;
they learn the work of their parents, and have to learn how to perform a valkyrja, to find the short-cut to Valhll;

he comes to men with the door a little more open so light is let in, and there, too, children will be born  --  chosen, as a birth-place and surroundings during childhood, by themselves according to their then present place on the way of evolution;  they learn the work of their parents, and shall learn how to perform a valkyrja, to find the short-cut to Valhll;

we have to take our next step from where we are, right?

Rigur, Heimdallur(?), comes to a house full of light, and there those who have, through many lives perfected themselves, will choose to be born, so that they carry on from where they died from;
they learn the wisdom of their parents, and certainly will learn how to perform a valkyrja, to find the short-cut and go quickly to Valhll;

jhaanavan, svadharma, svabhaavah, the individual intent on That;
and mother nature cares for our needs when we live in flow with evolution, und.


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