Ginnungagap, Brahman, samhita, The Unified Field, "the wonder", is what heathens, scientists, gnostics, buddha-men, hindus, are determined to find.  Some know that we find it inside and that we are IT, some seek all over the place (world) without finding that nirvana, the blow-out of human thought to become IT exclusively --  fully alive all our lives over and over again. We are in It, but It is not in us. We are It, as indivituals we are It, and when we transcend we are only IT.

The holy gap, ginnungagap
some call it a wonder, others have heard about it as a wonder,

we can not put some God instead of the all-pervading silence, ginnungagap;
gods are worldly, ginnungagap is not.
Actions are in the world, --- the gap does not take part. It is not even the creator, but by curwing within Itself It creates.
Without It , nothing in the created world can exist.
confusing? hmmmm

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Open up the inner space and enter. The treasure is there -- in here not out there.

This little great book, Óðsmál, is a clever depute into the understanding of the ancient wisdom of our revered heathen ancestors. We can call their wisdom the profound knowledge contained in heathenry, or paganry, ethnic religion, folk traditions, or ásatrú (asatru), or Frey-cult, or shaman, or we can call it the wisdom of the ancient Norse, the eternal tradition, or the theosophy in the sacred texts of edda.
Whatever one prefers to name it, this little chatters give insight into the essence of pure spirituality and great science contained in the much misunderstood -- and sometimes deliberately misinterpreted -- edda of the North, heathenry of the spiritual heritage of Norse folk.

We shall have to start by understanding ginnungagap. Once we master that intellectually, we will be able to unfold the veil that gently covers the eternal Truth. But Truth can not be perceived intellectually only. That is where the trouble begins for the profane mind. Natur is a veil, created matter hides Reality, ginnungagap, out of sight.

But never worry. It is not a heathen way of life to worry, anyway.
The so-called mystic is easy to understand, and easy to find, once we have this simple guide to tell us what mystic is all about. So we start with the gap (The Gap, i.e.).
Everything starts from the gap and without it nothing can be.

The name that modern science has for the mystical part or the universe, or for the All-pervasive Universal Spirit, is "The Unified Field". We can find It wherever we look for It, -- only, -- It can not be seen with our worldly eyes. Neither can It be registered with contraptions that extend our worldly sight and other senses, nor can It be detected with data-collecting device or any kind of measuring instruments. That is because, -- as simple as that -- there, in The Field, perfect silence is, perfect stillness prevails.
But The Unified Field is real all the same. The Unified Field is Reality, while the matter part of the world is not stable at all. The Unified Field is eternal whereas the matter-world is partial and ever-changing. The Unified Field is integrating while worldly phenomena decompose as a part of perpetual natural cycles. Change.

In the relative world there is duality, good-bad, creating-decomposing, gods-eotens, love-hate, etc. In The Field there is only that harmonised Oneness.

Can The Field be the real thing? We can not see it anywhere. Can the material part be mirages only? We do see that with our own eyes, and that is, really, what seems to be real. We can grasp matter and thoughts, but we can not grasp the concept of ginnungagap.

It is All Possibilities, it is Silence, it is Knowledge.  Not a "thing" but Reality. Unbounded and is Eternity.   It has no attributes and we ar IT.

If we can follow this explanation, -- well, let us call it: this seemingly lofty and irrational speculations, not explaining anything really -- then we can go on:

We are in The Universal Spirit. We are It.


And we can say that It is everywhere, omlypresent, omniscient. Everything createdhas its basis in It, and depends on It. All worldly things and phenomena. Inter-galaxy stuff It is. The space inside atoms It is, inside quarks, inside every, however tiny, material bit. Behind any faintest vibration that we can perceive of, It is. Even inside our feelings and inside the music we compose (that statistics tell us is copies of nature's murmur). It is the huge emptiness inside all, which modern science tells us about. But It is not Nothingness at all in spite of It being infinite silence. It is The Great Void that is swelling with creativity-potential.
It is the Origin of the whole universe.

There are no substancial bonds or links between ginnungagap and the created bits and peaces and vibrations. It is completely detached from Its creation.

If the Void, all of a sudden, would stop providing the material world -- we can call the material world a _thought_ of the Great Void -- then the universe would crumble down, just as easily as a thought goes away in our mind.
Just as thoughts come and go all the time, without any regret on our behalf, actually, so are the phenomena in the world only contemporary thoughts to the Great Void, the gap ginnunga.

Human thoughts are worldly stuff. Within them is the Great Void, that is The Universal Spirit (The Unified Field). It, the ginnungagap, is the origin of our human thoughts as well as It is to be found inside everything else in this our beautiful mirage that we name world.

We have to stop and think here, as this is the most vital part to understand if we want to understand the essence of heathenry, the mystic of unworldly Reality, pure spirituality.
It is a good thing to understand The Unified Field of science. And when we want to learn how to gain the powerful infusion from ginnungagap we should realise that that is exactly the same thing. That is what heathenry is all about in its purest form. Science does not call it mystic. Scientists call it plainly modern science. A fully understandable and explicable (explainable) "thing", that is no "thing" at all, only the very origin of all things.

But I must repeat: All thoughts, good and bad, are worldly.

We can learn all these concepts intellectually. We see that. But, as our thoughts belong to the physical world only, we have to leave them there, where they belong, if we want to transcend and emerge into ginnungagap. Very few men know this, but we should make a try to comprehend it (intellectually to begin with).
In that realm of pure knowledge there is infinite silence and our thoughts can not, because of their very nature, their worldly nature, go there. The sphere of Reality can be lived within only. Within and beyond the worldly sphere where our thoughts belong.

At each time only a small part of humanity -- only few of us, living humans -- has reached a state of consciousness that is necessary in order to understand fully what this chatter of this little guide to heathenry is explaining. So we do not worry if this seems to be a bit lofty in essence. Once we have this little simple mentor to teach us heathenry, we have cast the first glance towards the great question:
-What is the purpose of life?
The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness, and it is enjoying the evolutionary path towards perfection.
One step at a time is the best way. The gradual easy steps are most promising. There is no over-night revelation to pray for, as expectations and eagerness might lead to thoughts only, and thoughts are worldly, and thoughts draw our attention to the world. We find the gap in the little gap in-between thoughts.
We miss it all the time, --- as there is no thought!

Heathens in the North name the All-pervasive Spirit (the Unified Field) "ginnungagap". Gap (pronounced: gaab) means: an enormously huge empty space. Ginn means: very sacred, very holy, entirely pure. Ginna (verb) has another meaning: To deceive, mislead, trick, lure. This is our first joke and puzzle to learn. The double meaning of the concepts used, is a part of the game. Get used to that tricky way of teaching about the mystic.

The mythology of the Norse is full of smiles and enigmas all the way. The fun and tricks are a part of the very message. The deception bears a message in itself. We better take that frolic into account from the very beginning. Concepts of a double meaning and of multiple levels are used all the time to convey the messages. These slippery concepts are piquant spices in the norse game of seeking Truth within man.

A bad thing to happen to a man is to believe, unless it is only the certain notion that we are the gap.
That is the only believing that promotes evolution.

Heathens do not believe in institutions. They might believe there is might and main found within, believe that everything comes from the gap (as states science). But this must not have us stop looking for the peace within.  We have to use shaman (trying to find IT)
Belief is an all-worldly trap. To have found the "only right" something is actually our blindness. So here we go:
First riddle:
What is super-sacred (ginnhelgt), an all-pervasive void, is everywhere, was before the first trace of matter, before Ymir, contains all potentials, is a deception, is nowhere (no-where) when you look for it, is now-here -- especially when you are not looking, is everywhere, can not be seen by worldly eyes, is within us, the same within me and within you and that stone over there and our human thoughts, bigger than the biggest, smaller than the smallest? Above all: Without it there is no universe; The world would simply tumble and vanish in a puff of irrationality if it was not for it. So: what is it?

One more clue: We are looking for it because we do know that it exists.

This leads us seemingly nowhere (no-where) -- or do we have it now here? But living a life is the game itself, the game of life. Our quest is to understand.
As we swim in the river of life like fish, we might see only muddy water and no purpose of all this swimming in circles. Rather an insulting symbol that is: "fish"! Apparent aimlessness of a lingering fish is also contradictory to looking for the purpose of life, so the insult is meant to wake us up. Meant to make us fussy. Make us react and refuse to be called "fish". Huh.

First we fill our heads with questions, then we are told that thinking is what we have to get rid of in order to understand.
Every clue seems to occupy the thought-realm and the puzzle-contemplating mind, but we just learned that our thoughts can not find this hidden "something", and our eyes are of no use in searching for that "super-sacred void" which this silly seek-and-hide game of life is all about!

Come-on! What is all this mockery meant to convey???

The Unified Field (The Universal Spirit) is pure knowledge. It is The Universal Consciousness. Our human consciousness is thereof. This Field is the real essence in us. It is Brahman of the Veda. The Great Sacred Eternal Oneness in here. Our divine essence. We call it Óðinn (Odinn).
So, if we are going to find it, we look within ourselves. As our thoughts can not go all the way (because they are worldly stuff), we leave them, our dear thoughts, in the dear relative world where they belong. Only our divine part, our individual consciousness, goes on, inwards, beyond, and emerges into the Universal Consciousness, The Unified Field, ginnungagap. Very "simple" indeed. (Right?)

Well, eh, one implication:
- The nature of the mind is to think. Thoughts are so natural to the human mind, that we can not just tell the mind to stop thinking. Not that simple. But we do not worry. "Curiously spying down" as Hávamál (Havamal) calls it -- i.e. transcending the world of matter -- comes naturally to us, because seeking rest and tranquillity in our very essence (ginnungagap) is natural to us. Therefore natural and easy.

Strain spoils, expectations spoil. Still shaman, effort, might be needed.
r is might and main, Skai is will-power to evolve, but do not make it difficult. No obstacles exist!

Intention is good. Understanding intellectually is fine. We might need some worldly knowledge, info, and we do love info and data for the intellect, don't we?
But too much thinking ruins the whole game.
It is good to know, that in-between our thoughts that come and go whether we like it or not -- sometimes deliberately, sometimes forced, or sometimes all by themselves -- in-between them there is a gap. That is The Gap, ginnungagap. But as soon as we try to detect the gap intellectually, we have an all-worldly _thought _about_ the sacred gap.
That is not the gap itself, only a worldly thought.


Recommended to do "thoughtless" research in consciousness:
An easy technique to transcend, TM®, can be learned, if we wish. The process is delicate, without strain, easy, suits the busy modern man. It is the best therapy against stress of the world. There are TM-centers in many towns all over the world. 20 minutes twice a day is all we need. It is fun to leave our thoughts effortlessly.

The mind, nor even a thought can enter, only our self. But we take advantage of the nature of the mind to seek happiness and bliss.

Because the Great Silence has a greater charm than the amusing worldly thoughts, the mind naturally tends to seek "home" to ginnungagap. We learn to understand how it works and enjoy it easily. The nature of the mind is to think (worldly thoughts of our worldly mind) and we do not fight that, but our innermost essence is The Great Silence, so it is very natural to us to reach It, luring the mind to seek bliss, and that is what we do by charming the mind to rest, still fully awake, and it becomes infused by the eternal power.

álfar / elves