Golden advice in heathenry,

and golden here means the precious spiritual value, a priceless spiritual growth. And material bounty is a part of a perfect life that every living being is entitled to as a given birth right.

Sól (sun) is a goddess, Sól gives sæla (bliss), that captured permanently in our very body is hamingja (captured bliss).

We shall not let others make our choices. And that implies: Do not try to manipulate others.
Some do so in the name of care, without finding out real longings and desires. We might try to slow down, pause and feel. Are mine egoistic? Did I listen carefully to the innermost wishes of my beloved ones? -- of the wild-life animals? -- of others? We can call it consideration, -- and it is free of charge but can cause little delightful miracles.

Do not worship another man. We shall seek company of the wise, and we can smile to the ignorant, as they will become wise when they seek wisdom.Thou lead thy self.

We should not call it love when we "love" a person because that person suits our purposes.
We should love our dearest as they are, and love their qualities as they are; that will lead to the right path of every individual, when we, each of us, make our choices.

We should, from the very beginning, teach our kids to understand, foresee possible consequences, be all-responsible, perform the (now seemingly!!) right actions;
we should tell our kids not to believe, as credulity promotes ignorance; we should help them learn to understand the science of being and the purpose of life.

The wrong way:

I am heathen, heiðin, so I do not believe, as I prefer to understand. Try to understand life and its purpose.

Actually there is no need for a “label”, exclaiming: i am a pagan i am a pagan i am a pagan. Skip that. It could be hollow. We have to understand anew the core and essence, the true meaning of being heathen. A lot of concepts has been destroyed by deliberate misuse. Lot of things we have to rediscover to .

The church burned all our drums and flutes, and drummers and fluteplayers were killed mercilessly. Some musical instruments survived in Lappland, hidden by the Sama people (too far for the Roman Empire (xtian church) to reach them!!).
drummers and flute-players
Heathen cult music is great. We should rediscover it.

We find by sjaman (by an endeavour, by a sincere try, by Þór and Skaði) the power of ginnungagap within.
From the eternal divine power of ginnungagap comes, to each individual, -- by that contact and union with the divine gap -- the clarity of mind to perform right actions only, and right actions spontaneously. Perfection.

(the ancient Greeks used orgy, we use sjaman, in veda transcendence is explained, and in edda too, -- and the union with the divine is yog; -- but western yoga is often just a visible surface of perfromed certain actions, without ever transcending or gaining true union; These concepts, shaman, sjaman, sramana, yoga, orgy, are not properly understood now-a-days, and no real union is made, but individual and the divine essence, the great spirit/void are one and the same, not two. So the technique must be learned from a real knower of Reality.. A simple delicate technique is needed, and we can learn TM for the easy way to transcend. No strain will do good.

We use Gungnir (the spear (i.e. will) named Cowardice (!!! -- but Gungnir as our will indicates innocence and lack of strain, and is the finest vibrations of creation)) -- and the effortless innocent effort can be (actually should be) learned.
-- Sjaman/transcendence is more than a shallow label or a tag, or some visible surface-behaviour.
By sjaman we contact our innermost divine ginnungagap, where no human thoughts abide. There/here we fuse our being with the divine power. And it helps us live in accrodance with the flow of the universe, and preform the best of actions and deeds.

Valkyrja, the performance of fórn, sacrifice, i.e.: to give individual self into universal Self, which is one, not two, as I am ginnungagap.
Hávamál rúnatal, Óðsmál chatter 29.

As I am heathen, heiðin, so I try to be self-referral, i.e. -- I try to be better than.........
-Better than who?
-Better than myself.
“Better” means to become purer and wiser -- not to gain over others.

Ullur is the purifying fire inside us. Syn is a goddess that refused all filth and sin, and lets in only purity.

audio-video, the abyss of the symbolic language of edda
the abyss of the symbolic language of edda; on DVDs, and launged here video/audio

But we can tell others about the divine purpose of life: -find Valhöll within as an evolved stage of consciousness.
Then they, according to their state of consciousness, can see the benefit of self-referring instead of material competition. Right?

To be self referral implies to skip the keeping up with the Jones;
skip the elbow-technique for self-promotion, -- but mind you: without loosing our wishes and goals and determined will, or let anyone tread on us;
It also implies to play all games for the fun of playing, fairly, with the spirit of joy;
to be a good winner and a good looser, as ups and downs in life are just as waves on the ocean; they can seem pretty huge to us little creatures at times, but compared to the silent abyss of the sea they are joyful ripples; an up-wave (I win feeling) or a low-wave (I loose feeling) only count for waves of sea-water on the surface; below and inside is the unfathomable depth of sea-water.
We can see life as ripples, enjoy them, surf on them, but we should know there is more to it.

Shallow pools get easily muddy;
The great seas do not. Ægir is the abyss of consciousness, and we are invided to a feast at Ægis. That means find the divine abyss inside.It is deeper than human thoughts.
We might plunge into Reality, try to fathom the profundity of Being. We shall be clearer, and we do not dry up so easily then.

We seek to live in accordance with the gods. Now what is that?
We shall not violate the Laws of Nature. We should try to live in the flow of Nature; then nature will support us and care for our needs. In heathenry we call it: to live in accordance with the gods.
Our gods and goddesses are powers of Nature, in Nature, and are actually found in our nature and physiology too. Both should be in a perfect and healthy state, as is the faultless behaviour of Nature if we do not disturb It.

To enjoy is not to exploit in narrow-minded selfishness, nor for a momentary gain.
We try to find the mighty flow of Nature, Þund, support it, and in return the mighty flow supports us, simultaneously, effortlessly.
This is what heathenry terms as: living in accordance with the gods.

I you do want to make a sacrifice, i.e. give away something that is dear to you, and you really would like to benefit from the sacrifice (which is in a way selfish, and then not a sacrifice at all), I suggest you start with your own pride and egoism.
Our dear little egoism being dismissed can be a good start towards Valhöll, -- but be careful not to become a slave of others even if you aid others to care for their needs. Be self-possessed and determined, only skip the narrow-minded selfishness, try to see the whole.
Our beloved self-pride will be what we let go of. Instead we gain the feeling of wholeness, that gradually becomes our holiness, and the feeling of belonging to a Oneness, unity, a divine unity -- but be very very careful not to worship or flatter for anyone (a person) or anything (a concept).
We shall keep your self-respect and determined will. Be carful not to loose your might and main (self-trust). As we progress our "pride" is directed towards the purpose of evolution. Not for selfish purposes.

Óðinn given to Óðinn, I given to myself, -- Hávamál --, is performing a valkyrja, sacrificing individuality into ginnungagap (ourselves), transcending the world of matter, --- and we gain the power of 9 good galdrar (charms).

Some 800 research by modern science show that TM ® (transcendental meditation) enlivens all potential in man. This our reverent forefathers new. Now the ancient wisdom is being rediscovered by modern science.

We should not loose our self-esteem. We know that everything is possible. All our wishes and longings can be fulfilled and come true. The key is found in 'Oðinn given to Óðinn, my self givin to my Self. Óðinn gefinn Óðni, ég gefinn sjálfum mér.

I am egocentric in the way that I find the whole in me;
I have pride as being proud of my self-esteem; but I do not see arrogance and haughtiness as an adornment on a man, as it exposes stupidity and actually a lack of power. Sweetness, genuine reverence to others, is a becoming attribute, where-ever we travel as well as at home with our beloved ones.

Þór (Thor) is our might and main. We worthship (worth-ship) him in us. We culture him and find him as the great power of man. Þór (Thor) cares for, symbolically that is, evolution. His hammer destroys past ignorance, and breaks obstacles on our way, in order to make way for ongoing creation. Do you see what I mean? He destroyes ignorance and obstacles. Each individual evolves from his past towards his goal, Valhöll. For that road-making we use Mjöllnir (Mjoelnir the miller, grinder).
And evolution is individual as well as cosmic,. Always towards higher states of every "me". And, on top of that, for the sake of the whole universe. A divine play. A divine purpose for men of Miðgarður (Mid-gardur; i.e. us men in the world of men).
The golden hair of Sif is, on material worldly level, food for our kids, and, on the spiritual level of understanding, the priceless "gold" of enlightenment. Then we see why Sif is Þórs (Thor's) delicate consort and love for whom he performs his deeds.

Freyr means Lord, and Freyja means our Lady (German: Frau). And Frigg is the universal love too. We hear many people pray to the Lord and the Lady, and that is to gain the joy and peace of heathen gods and goddesses. This is very very ancient, and is a part of our inherited culture. But we should never add: not as I wish, because that will weaken our purpose.
And there are holy places dedicated to our Lady, notre Dame, in reverence to the universal creative female power, the universal love, the perpetual dynamism of life. These, too, are very very ancient places that always belonged to our reverent ancestors. Whatever labels we use, divinity is the innermost core. And it is, and has always been, right here inside us all. We shall regain the wisdom of heathenry.
Joy, life, creation, perfect health, perfect balance, perfect harmony, emerges from the most divine eternity. We seek it and it is all ours.

Heiðni (heidni, heathenry, our sidur (tradition, customs)) is a part of the eternal tradition, the ancient eternal dharma, sanatana dharma. Heiðni (heidni) is our northern branch thereof, the Frey cult.

To believe (in creeds and a God of monotheistic institutions) is an all-worldly phenomenon and can be terribly strong and stubborn, and can outlive the believer!!
It is a dangerous trap, as we think we have found “It All” -- but it is not so.
It is dangerous as we make a mood of equimanity, tolerate all with a “made-up” patience, but undernieath we are irritated or angry or disgusted.
We still have attachment, aversion, attractions, as we are human, but try not to have them.
If we claim to be still striving to find God, we might be directing our search in the wrong direction, as go-betweens (like a church) is a bad thing to have.
The only way is to skip labels and this kind of belief (the false security), and to start living Reality: Transcend the world of matter.
Then our longings do not bind us, and Nature works for us. Our acts and thoughts are in the relative world, but we are spiritual beings.

It is better to know about the unknown gods, the presidents of the Laws of Nature, than to trust a theocratic God.
Shepherds have domestic animals for their own benefit.

The eternal tradition vor sidur has nothing, what-so-ever, to do with theocracy. If anything in the two "looks" the same, the latter (theocracy, monotheism) is a simile, a replica, devoid of the science of ginnungagap, and could be a trap hidden in something called mystic, by learned jargon and flowery words, --- a device for dominance urge, in the garb of something called godly. Not spirituality for each individual at all. A herdsman is needed for sheep only, my lovely.

Our mystic is totally explainable and natural, even if not seen by our worldly eyes. It is the mystics of Reality.

Life is all joy and the expansion of happiness.
Do not carry burdens. We throw all annoyances away. Suffering is a wrong state, ignorance, and a mistake. (Devotion to suffering is a sick state, so avoid that completely; it only creates rotten thoughts and deteriorating feelings, doing harm to everything in the universe.)
Every thought we enjoy, every action we preform, every word we utter, make vibrations, send vibrations. They are received by everything else in the universe. Science know this. Good vibrations are soothing and refreshing for the whole universe.

Do we realise our responsibility, our power, and freedom of choice?

We seek happiness, we end up with bliss. We use every ævi (aevi, each life-span, ayus) to promote happiness and joy. We might, when we are immature, be mistaken by noisy pass-time, call that fun or joy, -- but rather we should skip pseudo-fun-givers, drugs and surface-fun, and seek calmness, Eir, in the quietness of Nature -- actually in our very own natural love for peace. We should look for it inside us, not out there.
Eir is tranquillity, peace of mind, and thus the promoter of perfect health and real ever-lasting joy.

Everything is possible.

Transcending the world of matter and even our dear human thoughts. TM is an easy technique for the working man in the world.

the abyss of the symbolic language of edda; on DVDs
audio-video, the abyss of the symbolic language of edda