Book about profound theosophy and modern science, quantum physics, in heathenry,
rediscovery of the wisdom of our pagan forefathers

by Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir

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copies  DVD   (NTSC and PAL)
on the abyss of heathenry

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ÓÐSMÁL (ODSMAL) book cover

Óđsmál is out of stock;
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ÓÐSMÁL (ODSMAL):  ISBN 9979-60-165-5, published by Freyjukettir,  Iceland,  can be orderd in several ways:

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Freyjukettir means
the cats of Freyja, her vehicle, thus power of love - as Freyja is the goddess of universal, boundless love, the perpetual dynamism of creation.

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