First Step to Understanding the Profound Beauty of Heathenry

keys to the secret code of edda of the north

A gentle kiss of innocent love, and our Sleeping Beauty within wakes up.

gods and goddesses are interchangeable;

the female power;

this chatter also is about:
poly- and pantheon, monotheism and atheism;

and also:
nature-"belief", nature-"worship"
(impossible terms they are), should be “beloved” and “worth-shipped”.

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Heathens do not believe in god in the way monotheistic adherents do. The belief in, worship of, obedience to, and fear of, is for an invented monogod. Neither do heathens need an institution or a connection-media to some God, not a prophet, not commandments, not dogmas or some synchronising of opinions. All this is considered nuisance and a retarding trouble.

Originally the word guð, guþ (gud, guth, god) in Germanic languages is a neutre plural word, meaning: gods and goddesses in the universe and in man.
The patriarchy made it masculine singular for its purposes.

The patriarchy had great trouble with Freyja, the great goddess of the North, who is the eternal continuum of infinite dynamism. She is life itself, the most precious thing to have, because we evolve and get wiser while we life. She is of Vanir, a race of gods more refined and lofty than the æsir. They are vibrations in nature and in us, they bring delicate feeling in us towards the finest layers of the universe and in us. Whereas æsir (aesir) are the efficient positive creative powers or Natural Laws. They are a part of the creation-decomposing cycles in the material part of the world.

The patriarchy had to bring up holy Mary to channel the great power of Freyja -- who was said to be porno only -- into an obedient tool for males to beget sons with. The perfect domestic animal, a christian wife. (Semitic culture brought to former heathen Europe.)

Freyja is Venus, --- and Nerthus or Afrodita are of the race of Vanir too. Nerthus might now be Njörður (Njordur) the sea-god. Afros means sea foam, and life began in the sea. Aphrodite rises from the sea after her bath, a renewal.
The perpetual births are shown as rising up from the water to a new life. It might be the origin of baptising in water. It is found in many forms in myths all over. The goddess is life and renewal of life, rebirths, and positive evolution. Symbolic language as we are born from our mother's womb into life on earth. It is being born to a life on the evolutionary path of each human individual. Born from the water in mother's womb, and being also children of Mother Earth, the goddess who might symbol our physical existence, life in a body.

Baptising into an institution is the abuse of the water-symbol.
Priests are violating human birth-rights by using name-giving and water to make a new-born baby cling to their institutions. Be very very discriminating here. The church-baptising is a cunning invention. A plot. It is the entire opposite of the free life to which we are born.
Name-giving with water is an ancient custom. Beautiful custom. Keep it, as families love it, -- but let go the institutions.
Babies are born free. It is their right to get a broad-minded education and keep their right to choose their paths in life.

Women of the North have the best legal and actual position in the world, and, actually, here women are supposed to have a view and meaning on everything and give their opinion away freely where ever they wish to. And women here really do that. Some are really bossy. An Icelandic woman without a meaning of her own is considered dumb or lazy.
Well, I do know a bishop's wife who always consents her husbands will. But she is an exception. She is a real christian woman. A "good" coward.

The word king, a norse word konungr, is assumed to have meant him who rode with the woman (norse: kona) in the chariot over the meadow to bless it and its reap.
Kona symbols the great female power, the goddess, and is revered in heathenry.
Sif, Þórs (Thor's) wife, has golden hair that symbols (on the worldly sphere) the ripened field, our harvest, food for winter, means to live.
We still see queens ride in a chariot through the greeting crowd (now in city streets), and she has her king beside her. (Actually a little male oriented (misinterpreted) where Semitic culture is flattered (as we do here in Europe). But originally and in essence this is our ancient cult. It was the other way round: Kona (the great goddess of life) was taking along her konungur (male assistant king). Now the king and his wife. But we shall have to regain the understanding of the blessing of the female power in our world of men, Miðgarður (Mid-gardur, world of men; as here women are men. All men are men here).

This origin, -- the goddess or kona taking her consort man for a ride --, is somewhat lost. But now we regain the understanding. Freyja actually means The Lady, Notre Dame, Nostra Donna, Madonna. We still have it as a title for a woman: fru, fröken (froeken), Frau. Freulein. But the wife of a priest was maddama, somehow more appropriate than húsfreyja (hus-freyja, Icelandic for the lady of the house).

Húsfreyja (hus+freyja) is pure Icelandic for a house-wife (whereas víf (vif) is a girl, young woman, in Icelandic), and now we use flugfreyja for a stewardess on flights; it is great to have Freyja flying again by her purring cats or her feather-guise, even if it is in the worldly air only by engine powered plains, scheduled and paid for.
We shall soon widen our understanding to the flight between worlds, Miðgarður (mid-gardur), Ásgarður (As-gardur), Jötunheimar (joetun-heimar).

The church's patriarchy never succeeded in repressing the female will in the far North. Iceland was half heathen all the time. Some just added the Jesus and that Hebrew-God to their deities.
For fun:
When we see bishops, popes, priests, wearing glamorous skirts and ladies' dresses, they might be playing the heathen great goddess! These un-sexy males in these pompous dresses always make me smile, and they smile back as that is their profession to smile. Well. Smile is a smile.
Life is the expansion of happiness, anyway. I am so so so heathen, you know. That I became when I started to study the edda. Before I was told some things about christianity. Those have crumbled down now, because they are hollow, once we start to think and skip belief.

For more fun:
The women-priests say the Hebrew-patriarchy-God to be a She, a female, a girl-friend: My friend God she is ..... And they think they are doing something very original and new.
All they know is that that God (for them now a She, a brand-new idea for the Semitic male-oriented He-God) created the world some 6000 years ago (of course they do not believe this though), and that She created the flat earth (of course they do not believe this though), and they look at all what was known before christianity as the age of ignorance, where they even claim heathen philosophy to convey the dreadful ignorant disdain of women.
Whether lies are just something taken for granted when priests are teaching and preaching, and if they do, where ever they can, humiliate heathenry by lies, or if their university degree is such an ignorance and narrow-mindedness, I shall not commit on. But their ignorance is so exposed in its pitiful nakedness when they claim heathenry to contain disdain of the female power, that I pity them.
Using the term "heathen philosophy" is meant to let us think that that is something they have studied in the university, something they know. But they have not. They do not know. The only thing they have heard is the imprinted deliberate lies: Christianity is good, heathenry is all ignorance. Then they add to the lies where ever they find a way; invent lies to debase our ancient sidur. That is what they get the degree for, that is what their wow to be good priests is all about.

And we love the joke:
All women are witches, all witches are wise.

Women-priests are neither. They are a funny version of the patriarchy. Some say they are heathen in their views and should not belong to the church at all. So they founded a new church, the women's church, where Moses's God is a She. But still they are the opposite of heathenry. They are a christian She-church (a she-patriarchy), thriving on old lies about heathenry being bad. Also opposing Jewishdom and the christian church.

Actually, we consider the worship of the female power to indicate strength and manlihood.
Semitic imported women disdain and subduing of women we consider to be a sign of weakness in males. Battering a woman, or taking advantage of a woman, is for the heathen male a sign of immaturity, lack of self-respect, mental- or emotional disorder or inferiority complex.
While a patriarchic self-exalting dominus is taken for granted in some Semitic culture, heathens would speak to such a male in order to heal him, and suggest a psycho-analysis for him, and try to tell him that love and care is strength. Heathens have such an aid available: Friends' help, to teach the sick man some technique of self-healing and reverence to the life-power in the universe. For us chauvinism, in any form, is a weakness.

So, back to the basical female power, that is much much older than the inventions: Revelation and christian churches:

We admit that among most spices it is the female who makes a choice for a partner. Picks and rejects. That is her job. It is her responsibility to have a healthy stock, as the fittest survive, and life is a necessity for our (every being's) evolution.

A heathen man takes no pride in not worshipping the female power. Despise and subduing of women is not a heathen way at all. Understanding, loving, feeling, admitting, is.
Perhaps this seems very primitive, as the "lower" species admit bossy and determined females? The "evolved" religions (theocracies, patriarchies) boost about their dominance, you know.

But for us this boosting is an inferiority complex, a petty try to look big. The real strength lies in being fair and true. Not to try to be some great guy, battering one's way over the weaker ones.

Paying reverence to life itself, and to tolerate different opinions, is very heathen, but we actually feel that we have to correct a statement on: -- that heathen philosophy carries in it subduing of the female power and of women. We can not let the women-priests get a way with that lie.

There has been some unhealthy Semitic influence in the West, and heathen concepts must be reinterpreted and retaught. Lies have been tolerated for too long.

I have to add here one more joke that is in two parts:
1. the God-woman and her belief. and
2. the atheistic woman and her credulity:

1) I know a devoted God-woman who pushes out and shovels out devils out of every room and out of every house and out of every person if she finds it necessary. She calls to her aid iron angles. I find this funny as for me there are no devils luring anywhere. For her this is real seriousness.

2) Then I know an atheist, a woman, a communist as she calls herself too. She had visitors that were christian missionaries. She offered them to stay with her. They used her bed, while she slept on a couch in the living-room during their stay. (They were parents to her friend, and as a favour to the friend she offered the missionaries hospitality.) She, the atheist, showed the missioners around in Iceland in her car. They, on the other hand, did not actually show interest in glaciers, landscape, volcanoes, hot springs, waterfalls, -- or even talking to their host and driver about any of it. The spoke about God and Jesus all the time.
They left Iceland, after that holiday her, and the atheistic woman wend amok. She vacuum-cleaned the flat, and the car, and then washed all the floors, took everything she could wash and put it into the washing machine, pulled all blankets and cushions out of her bed (where the missioners had slept) and put the stuff out on the balcony for open-air dusting and refreshing --- shaking them vigorously. She opened all windows of her apartment, really cleaned and cleaned in a hysteric way.
Oh, she, replied. I had imagery pimples of disgust all over my body. Itching all over because of all this God- and Jesus-talk. I was cleaning out all these God-
and Jesus-talks of that missionary-couple.
She was rather annoyed to hear my tickling laughter. I admit that her credulity made me laugh. Not that I sympathised with her for all the God- and Jesus-talk in her flat, but had thought that atheist were not so incredibly -- or credibly -- credulously sensitive for "something" luring in the air, being able to rid themselves of "it" (whatever that was(!!!!)) by water, soap, vacuum cleaner, fresh air.

I still smile when I tell you this, because I really thought an atheist and a communist to be non-superstitious.
She reminded me of the God-woman who sweeps out devils, aided by iron angles.


Nature-"belief", nature-"worship":


We can no longer use the words nature-belief and nature-worship, because, to some people, belief means rigid credulity, and worship means flattering for a worship-demanding obedience-demanding revenging awful whimsical desert God who banns other gods in his self-exalting jealousy.

Even if some Icelanders added the Jesus and the desert-God to their poly-gods as a dessert to become dessert-God on top of the other nourishing powers, they never took him too seriously.

Now we have a 2000 CE joke: St.Peter suggested to God that they took a trip to the earth, to men, as there has been so long......
No no no, rejected God. I was there on a holiday some 2000 years ago, met a beautiful girl on the sunny sand, and they, the men, are still chewing on it.

Nature phenomena as symbols -- not to be worshipped the Semitic and church's way:

To live in accordance with Nature, in tune with Nature, never to subdue Mother Earth, to find the Great Universal Spirit within all things and within oneself too, is what trust in nature is all about.

The virgin birth in church's stories, might be derived from the sky being our consciousness, the male power, and Mother Earth being our physical life, the female power. She really is our mother without ever having direct physical intercourse with Odin. Þór (Thor) is our brother, son of Mother Earth, son of Óðinn (Odin), and virgin births are found all over in myths.
Jesus is a physical son, and we are physical sons and daughters. But in myths the gods, born by virgins, are powers.

An African Muslim, black, came to Iceland with his Icelandic girl-friend. She got tired of him and told him to move out of her flat. She started to date another guy, and the Muslim was on the verge to kill them both. He knew that woman to be his, and the new guy to have taken his possession. This really was a little sample of the clash of civilisations that much is written about in Europe these days. The polite word "clash" of civilisations, goes for the crimes of the church in Europe for the last 1000-2000 years too. Then, only, this term had not been invented.

In myths nature's marvels and awes are used as symbolic terms to explain the unseen, and therefore some people like to call it primitive nature-worship and credulity and fear of nature's obvious power over our lives at times. It is not primitive. It is primal and primordial, an archaic trend, prerequisite for understanding life.

Shaman is from Sanskrit shramana, meaning to try to, strive to, really want to get this understanding, and to find the great unmanifest power inside. Shaman might, for example, make use of a drum or footsteps to give a feeling of, and to magnify, our natural heartbeat.
Shaman is much misunderstood as funny cult music only.

Orgy has suffered the same.
Debasing of heathen wisdom has been the rotten hobby of some weird men through the dark ages. Originally orgy was a profound spiritual devotion, but deliberate tort has spoiled the word´s divine meaning.

From the Oneness, Unity, Ginnungagap, the gods come. They are trends in nature and in us. Positive worldly powers. We can not call the Oneness a monotheon (one-God), because we get into trouble if we use that word. It has been used by theocracies (monotheism) as a cover up for crimes, as a device for dominance urge, as a tool to hide imperialism.
Be careful not to confuse the Oneness of heathenry with the "only true God" of monotheism, because he is not an only anything, and not a true anything either.
The concepts Oneness and Monotheism are not related at all. They have nothing, whatsoever, in common.
Be well aware of the deliberate misinterpretation and abuse of concepts. Do not let the labels mislead you and blind you.

We can actually not use the word religion, as spirituality is the opposite of imperialism.
Empires have abused the concept religion, use it as a garb to hide criminality and warfare, a camouflage for their imperialism and despotism.
They call the warfare "advanced religions" and they call the ancient spirituality "primitive religions". This is only a part of the advertising campaign.
Be careful not to see spirituality and warfare as somewhat just religions. Never say that all religions have the same core.

The trap so cleverly put out for us to fall into is using the names and concepts that we love and know, use all that is the very sacred to us. This is the strategical secret of theocracy's method, that they will hate me (or mock me) for exposing so frankly.


poly-, pan-, mono- and a-theism:

Polytheon, "many gods", and pantheon, "together-gods", means worldly creative and positive powers emerging from the Oneness. They are also bonds and channels to the Oneness, the Great Spirit of the Shamans.

These powers, gods and goddesses, are interchangeable, and only indications of the underlying ginnungagap, the Oneness.
In other words:
Gods and goddess can not be reft apart one from another as they substitute one another, take over one from another, are interchangeable parts of a Wholeness, Oneness. They are there for the purpose of life and man's search for that purpose.

Some have many names, some names go for several of them. They have a worldly existence only, but a very refined and creative one. And they are indicators to the Purity or Universal Consciousness of Which we are, ways and elves to and fro from man to his innermost divinity, our divine essence.


A beautiful book for the refined man to read is:
The Word as Revelation,
Names of Gods

September 1980
by my beloved friend Ram Swarup
published by Sita Ram Goel for Impex. India,
2/18, Ansari Road, Mew Delhi-110 002

They are of the Oneness, but Oneness only is - is the Reality of the universe. --- even if It does not take part in its daily business of cycles in living stuff.

Many gods (poly-, pan-) imply that there _is_ that Oneness and It, The Great Oneness, is their origin.
They are the guides and channels for us, living humans, back home to It. That is why we love our inner gods but can, by no means, worship them as the Semitic "God" demands for himself exclusively -- excluding (banning) everything else.

There are many atheists in the western world. They refuse to believe in the Semitic church's god. They see priests as most dangerous fellow-men. To baptise a baby the see a violation of human rights as the baby is tied to an institution without being able to have an opinion. So is confirmation of young kids, bribed with expensive gifts for the purpose of making them promise to belong to a sect. The priests say that the teenager is confirming the promise, the woe, that he made when he was baptised. Rather harsh, as he does not remember having given an oath to an institution at that time in his life. And the church has pizza and coke for them if they show up to listen to the smiling smiling smiling priest (on high wages to serve the church).

The priests tell the old and sick to repent, fall to the feet of a theocratic God. The priests lie about some doomsday only to give a false feeling of a false liberation, or causing grave depression because of unforgivable acts in life, that there is no chance to correct and make up for.
Never should a priest, either, be given a chance to babble his rubbish over the gone. The beloved family should do it. They tell the priest, any way, what the gone man's life was like. The rubbish he adds is not true, and he shovels earth over the coffin to let the body become earth of which it is.
My father assumes that the clausulae: ..... and from earth you shall rise again, was what triggered off the fear of ghosts in grave-yards. He made the joke: The priest said the dead would rise from the soil of the grave, and the darkness of night helped to turn this into our beloved ghost-stories.

So. Like the devil, ghosts are an imported idea. The church has invented many creepy things, in order to invoke fear, but some accidentally added to the fright. The church thrives on fear. So for it this is not so bad, even if superstition. Then they just label it heathen rubbish, to let us think they are expelling the fear that was in heathenry. A liar always has a cunning way our to tort the truth.

Marriage is a legal act.

Semitic views are most irrelevant to the robust determined women of the North.
Atheists also point out that the huge sums of money for the money institute (that is called media to God) could be, and should better be, used to give professional aid where it is needed in society.

There is a great difference between professional aid and the aid a priest "gives". For the priest the dogma of the Books always must come first, obedience, fear of death (heaven or hell, man?), and put on a smile or a sad face to look sincere consolers.

I must admit that some priests do have professional people to speak in the church. But that is not for the people. No. That is to get the people to come to mass. Advertising trick.

There are global aids, like the Red Cross, SOS children's homes, and others that are NOT destroying cultures and winning territory. The church is in competition with those for money. The church sees it can get money from people's pockets for "aid", so the institution is using the name "movement" for global aid of the poor now. Smart? Some see no difference between missions and aid. Unsmart.

The most dreadful part is when someone in the family makes a suicide. Then the church has the only "consolation" for the shocked relatives, that the dead one has a hell of a time now and forever.
Suicides can actually occur because of the frustration that the teachings of the church give rise to. It would be better to allow all men to have access to the great ancient knowledge of the perpetual lives we enjoy and must live, until we gain perfection.
Suicide is only a silly step backwards for an individual, and no real solution. We are by it just spoiling some effort that has taken a long long time. Because we are not taught to see the whole picture we get stuck in minority incidents.

We shall then see all change as a change, all difficulties as opportunities.

When we learn spot our life as a little step on a long road, we do not feel so much one little hurting step.
Then we really fly over the muddy water we swim in, we shall see Valhöll (Val-hoell) as a goal, lives as opportunities, and Hel as a brief rest for the tired one, every obstacle as a Skuld to pay, that is pays of to deal with life. We shall then see all change as a change, all difficulties as opportunities.

Atheists believe in.... (ubs, sorry). Atheists have faith in... (ubs, again). Atheists have trust in -- I mean: atheists admit - (aha, that is a better word to avoid confusion and anger) -- atheists admit, -- and take for granted, man's inner potentials. This agrees with heathen view of all our potentials. And - we do not see but a wee bit of it. The atheists also see man's own responsibility for himself. Some belong to the Humanistic Movement, and even if some refuse another world than Miðgarður (Mid-gardur) and another chance to live, and see material death of a body as an end, they exalt man's potentials on his (man's) own terms.

There arose a question:
Is atheism a belief? A religion? Yet another sect? They hate these words. They know religions as money-sucking- and territory-gain-projects, and have rarely heard of anything else than monotheism and its shallow bull about ridiculous mystics. But is atheism sectarianism? Can they be as they hate belief?
Anarchists claim to be a political party with the aim to annihilate politics. Why not atheists a movement to oppose belief systems? They might get legalisation as a god-less religion system.

Atheists have high ideals, are educated people, they like philosophy, and enjoy sound ethics and good behavioural morals. They feel sorry for the credulous sheep that believe the censored Semitic doctrines -- and pay for it. Even if the atheists find all this God and gods and goddesses talk only superstition, they might go into discussion and might ask for a rational explanation when they come across some Devil-belief, or when some sectarianism goes into exaggeration.
They soon find out that the only answer they get to that is: glory glory hallelujah.

If an atheist says to a believer: That devil does not exist, the believers tell the atheist that he (the atheist) is so completely possessed of Him, The Devil, that he (that atheist) has turned blind and acts as His (The Devil's) doomed instrument.
We see that discussing rationally does not get us anywhere. He who does not belief in the Devil is the Devil's blind instrument. Basta.

So do not try to discuss dogmatic religion systems with an adherent to one of them. It is completely futile to discuss the despotic worldly state of mind called belief. These people are absolutely reason-prove.
We know that heathen men always say: That devil does not exist. But do not try to discuss it any further.
We could try to discuss: Does the sky exist or not?

Fate and karma:

For us, heathens, death is no death at all. We love life and defend life. But never by mean means. Death is no end, only a pause, and it is better than ill fame and ignoble survival. That would only bring ill fate for our next life. We heathens see death as a repose in Hel. She offers a cold golden place of rest. Hel is somewhat like the Greek nothingness at Hades's. She is half-blue, half-white, golden, cold, bright, a pause, until we are reborn to carry on. In Hel there is just ashrama or vishrama, no shaman (work, exertion, effort to find Truth inside). She is a sister to Miðgarðsormur (Mid-gards-ormur) Þórs (Thor´s) enemy, and to Fenrir the wolf, a powerful evil that grows uncontrollably in the abode of the gods and goddesses -- if we do not, by some magical fetters, our valiant deeds and precious sacrifices of our beloved egoism, quench its expansion.

We heathens do not know this christian hell.
That hell as punishment is a later-time invention, is found in some, at least later, Books, irrational and impossible.
Fate is, örlög (oer-loeg) are, forlögin (for-log-in) eru, self-made, as Urður (urdur, already is), Verðandi (verdandi, becoming) and Skuld (debt). That goes for lives to come, and the rest of this our one in action right now.

A heathen man is all-responsible for himself and at the same time for the universe, as man is a miniature of it, a part of it. Ragnarök (Ragna-roek) are about cycles. That doomsday-thing and that dead end are just scare-crows like heaven or hell and then no further chance.
I am sorry because of all the distortion of ancient wisdom, abuse and misuse, carried out in order to use fear as a tool for obedience.

A living man, that is not aware of the purpose of life, is a sleeper, or drowser, wasting a lifetime ignorantly, as Óðinn (Odinn, man's own spirit) pricks him or her with a thorn of drowsiness. (Compare to Brynhildur, and kids's story Sleeping Beauty or "Thorn-rose", where an innocent kiss of true love is the magic of awakening from inert Hel or a life of no progress to vibrant purpose of life. How we rejoice in the end of that myth (story)!).
A gentle kiss of innocent love - and we wake up!

Fate, forlög (forlog), örlög (orlog), is/are our own, each one's, making. Our norns of fate: Urður (what is), Verðandi (a process, or being), and Skuld (Debt) are the known law of karma. Karma means action, and every ripple we cause on the life-pond spreads from its origin only to return to the doer in due time. We just have to take every difficulty that we come across as our own creation coming back. We shall pay them with pride as our due debt.
We have to try to -- learn to --look at the whole picture, even if we only see a tiny wee part of it. We have to learn to use the opportunities, get better, and aim towards Valhöll (Val-holl). Each life on earth is precious and we should go easy. Smooth purposeful flow is the most promising attitude towards spirituality.

Remember, if you want to sooth Skuld, that we are advised to see every evil and wrongdoing as if it was our own enemy and fight for righteousness.
(hvar er þú böl kannt, kveð þú þig bölvi at sem væri það þinn andskoti;
hvar er thu bol kannt kved thu thig bolvi at sem vaeri thad thinn andskoti)

Valhöll (-holl) is the palace of the chosen. Valur is a hawk, the prey catching battle bird of kings. Val is choice. It implies that we make the choice. We are not chosen by any ruler. We are all-responsible each one of us. Valur is also the Field where those who fall in the battle of life fall. It also means the fallen men of battle of life.

In Valhöll (-holl) weapons are used to carry (hold up) the roof. There is no need for them for other purposes. The brynies are not needed either but are cast on benches. The einherjar (ein-herji is alone-fighter, one-harry) in Valhöll (-holl) have killed the eagle of pride (symbolic language) and overcome the egoistic goals and no longer enjoy acts for selfish purposes, but perform deeds for universal evolution only.

Andi, sær (saer), eldur, hrím (hrim), i.e. air, sea, fire, are both in us and in the physical world around us, and we find it in Valhöll (Valhoell).
(andi (spirit); sær (sea, waters, abyss) eldur (fire, powerful will), hrím (hrim, rhyme or frozen icicles, inert matter, the nothing that was used in the creation, stagnation, future life-seed or gone aeons).

The christians have great fun over "the kitchen in Valhöll". Andhrímnir (the cook) cooks sæhrímnir (the boar) in eldhrímnir (the pot). Andi is spirit or air, hrim is icicles or rhyme, sær is sea or water, eldur is fire. As psychology andi is our spirit and water is our human mind, whereas fire is will and desire. We do agree that there is a funny kitchen in Valhöll (-holl), but we know too, that is is not meaningless in spite of christian laughter, and we know that einherjar are avatars that no longer need a rebirth to go on with their personal evolution, but are reborn only to put righteousness and Truth on a right path when evolution of humanity is in danger on our beloved goddess Mother Earth.

Symbolic language is the most enjoyable riddle. Do we understand it at all? Do we want to understand?

Dekameron                       Norse art