First Step to Understanding the Profound Beauty of Heathenry

keys to the secret code of edda of the north

A gentle kiss of innocent love, and our Sleeping Beauty within wakes up.

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Proud of our cult - vor siður (vor sidr), vor forni siður (our ancient cult)

The prince gives the Sleeping Beauty (Thorn-Rose, Snow-White) a gentle kiss of love -- and we wake up!

We, of the ancient European culture, have no need to prove its greatness and tell the world of it all the time. We take it for granted and it gives us inner strength. But we are in great danger here. There are people in Europe that never ever have heard about the beauty and profound purity of heathenry.

We must face the grave fact that current western education is completely devoid of the knowledge about how great and profound the ancient cult is. The education meant for the very descendants of our great philosophers, theosophers, seers, vitkar (seer is vitki, the one that has wisdom, vit), ... the current European education is neglecting that sphere.

The very descendants of the vitkar are completely deprived of their cultural inheritance, the profound knowledge of our reverent ancestors. How can modern Europeans find great footing and cultural foundation in our ancient culture, when nobody ever told them about this our priceless treasure? How are they to find roots and greatness in our ancient cult, when all around them is the flattering for imported Semitic hierarchy, which is, in its essence, the very opposite of democracy and the very converse and antithesis to spirituality of the ancient Europe?

For heathens the greatness of each individual is our strength. We can never become a herd that obeys a tyrant. We only work together, and each individual is a king. We are, simply, born as queens and kings, and nothing can convince of anything less.

The imported Semitic theocracy, that seems to have been taken up by the Roman empire in Europe, draws people to outwardness and demands mass-belief, but our ancient spiritual knowledge of Europe emphasises individuality and inwardness and favours trust in life but not firm dogmatic belief, encourages responsibility but not obedience. The God-institutions thrive on fear and the carrot (price for obedience), but edda is about human freedom and warns against laziness and ignorant sloth, as well as it warns against living by other men's rules and dogma.

Heathenry exalts man's potential for greatness, whereas the expensive worship-claiming God thrives on flattery from the base sinners' cowardice, their surrendering to institutions' rules. He even gets jealous and bans other gods than himself. That God let Moses just kill his men in the desert as Moses could not dress them otherwise.

Theocracy thrives on bans and musts whereas heathenry means individually seeking pure knowledge within, on one's own account. The most trustworthy Bible-interpreting Israelis know that the Biblical laws (on one hand) and democracy (on the other hand) are extreme opposites. The threat to kill those Israelis that try to democracize Israel. Leaning towards democracy implies going away from Biblical law.

Theocracies split up humanity, divide mankind, into ins and outs where ins must help to get the outs in. Heathenry sees each man as a miniature universe, a miniature tree of life, with evolutionary purpose as the highest supreme aim of life. Moses's God tells males to rule and subdue Mother Earth and kill animals at their whims, but edda promotes the opposite: Man is one with all life. The equality of the female and male power is perfect. The worship of the great goddess is reverence to all life.

The edda is allegory, theosophy, wisdom of the eternal tradition and Truth. Semitic Books use ancient myths, only uses these tales as if they were about men. Then killing is killing a man; --- but in myths killing is symbolic, often a tale about evolving from one cycle of evolution to another.
We do know that those stories of the newly invented Semitic cultures are "borrowed" from myths, ancient myths, Those ancient myths are allegory and secret codes. Parabels. Used in the Bible in a different context, goal and meaning, their purpose is theocratic power and a device for the urge for dominance.
Added mystic to these said-to-be real-stories is a garb only.

The christian church is about all-worldly thoughts. Added mystic is stolen from heathenry in Europe, and abused to be of shallow meaning. It is made fit the theocracy's purpose.

Heathenry and modern science agree:

Heathen understanding of ginnungagap and modern science tell us that there is something very much missing in the doctrines. Actually the church has been opposing science and they are right there. Their God can not stand the knowledge of science no more that He could tolerate the wisdom of heathenry. The reason is that that poor God has always been used for purposes that can not be exposed to the sheer daylight of truth.

There is much much more to life than what is available to us here and now. The narrow-mindedness has held a firm grip on us for some centuries.

The original and profound meaning of the concept mystic is found in heathenry and other ancient traditions. There it is the unbounded divine space within us.
Now, here in the western culture, the meaning of mystic has been distorted, misapplied and spoiled for us. We have heard of it as a shallow rubbish only, or something that can not be explained. Supernatural. Not to be understood by men. But this is no so.

Actually a lot of men in Europe see mystery the church's way, so they either shake their head over that rubbish, or the believe and do not think. These people never heard of mystic as our innermost Field (as science knows it to be). These people only have heard as some cloudy, superficial babble from some old Latin texts that are out-dated -- and always were hollow anyway. They were meant to deceive. They were meant to suffocate understanding.

When we compare (on one hand) what Jesus is said to have said and (on the other hand) what edda contains about heathenry, we come to the conclusion that Jesus was teaching heathen spirituality. He contradicted the Jews. The reason might be that the Roman Empire, when using Jesus as a new caesar, saviour, has taken all the heathen stuff and turned it upon Jesus. The other explanation, a supplementary one, is that Jesus learned in Asia, brought Asiatic wisdom to the Hebrews, and the basis of the Asiatic knowledge and the European heathenry is one and the same in essence.

Jesus would not have wanted all that horrible killing in his name. Jesus was only "used" to "get" the people, that were heathen men and women in Europe. The early christians and the heathens both agreed with what Jesus said (-- or he is said to have said (which does not make any difference, the same sayings whether he said it or someone else)).
This was what the empire needed to for a theocratic monotheistic mastery: Something that the people could be told that was for their good, and according to their wil

Ergo: the perfect Roman strategy: Take the heathen teachings, rituals and shrines and the people will not realise that the theocracy is devouring them.

Politicians are always in a dilemma: They have to let the people think that they are working for the people, fighting for what the people want and need, but in reality they hate doing what the people want them to do. Emperors are always in trouble with that mob. Keeping it calm is a must. So lie to them, keep them down, and make them fear the throne.
So: they tell the people one thing, and do the other. People are happy and they (the rulers) do (quietly) what they want.
It is a bad thing to have mad shouting mob with raised fists down there. Stirs good night sleep and the prisons will be filled in short time.
Better to be smart and let the mob think it has things its way.

How are the modern Europeans to be proud of our most beautiful ancient cult and traditions when all they hear is lies about it, where it is debased, misinterpreted, mocked, said to be that of silly men, said to be ignorance, said to be brute and savage, said to be devilish?

We shall remedy this very soon.
A continent that looses its ancient wisdom and cult, and laps up alien culture to let it rule the people and the heads of states, is weak and will soon be of no use, or worse than that, to its fellow men on earth.
If the wholeness of ancient heathenry is not rediscovered soon, the rotten lies, lack of ethics, and the killing of people in these perpetual theocratic wars will ruin mankind.

Our kids learn modern science and they shall get to know the unbounded potentials of man´s free spirit. These are the messages of edda so relevant to this generation and those to come.