The word and concept _religion_ can not be used without making confusion.

It has deliberately been used in a confusing way -- in order to create confusion.

I shall explain the two opposed meanings of the term religion:
one (newly invented) is imperialism (theology), the other (ancient) is _spirituality_(theosophy).

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For heathenry, we also use Frey-cult, vor sidr, vor forni siður (sidur; our ancient cult), ásatrú (asatru), paganism, ethnic religions, the eternal tradition (sanatana dharma).
Theosophy, wisdom about god (definitely not theo-logy) is for mystics;
philosophy of life a is very a good term, because heathenry is not a belief.
And then we can use the German word Weltanschauung (Welt: world; An-schau-ung: the act of looking at, my personal individual way of seeing and understanding the cosmos).

For theology there are rules, social, behavioural, mass-dogma, penalty for obedience, power greed, demand for submission, prophets, institutions, hierarchy, patriarchy; slavery, executions, and women disdain are a part of it too. Here religion means fetters to the institution and dogma.

For heathenry the evolution of the individual and of the cosmos is the main theme and goal. Self-discipline and responsibility come with the complete freedom of views.
Here religion means that the gods and goddesses are our channels to the Great Spirit within.

People say: All religions are the same.
This is not so.
These are the ignorant statements of the brain-washed ones. They do not know -- even if they claim to have studied -- the core of the two "types" of religions, and "all" .

Some people say to me: You should know, woman, that all religions have the same core!

But I correct you, and shall explain to you:
The word "religion" has two entirely different meanings !
(and we should get rid of the priests' "service"; see last few paragraphs of this chatter; priests serve the institution but not us; they make us serve it's purpose, -- and smile professionally.)

To explain I deliberately take diverse samples and jump from one topic to another, leaving it to you to take in and sort out. That is what we have to learn in life, an that is what this lesson is an exercise on:

To begin with a very funny double meaning in Icelandic, not possible to translate:
Trúarbrögð (truar-broegdh) means religion in Icelandic;
and brögð (brogd) is either (1) "a way of doing" or (2) "trickery".
Therefore some say: "belief-trickery" (truar-brogd) for the "trust-way of life" (truar-brogd).
This is the funnier for me as I laugh more, because religion in the monotheistic sense is "belief-trickery", but in the heathen: "Weltanschauung and philosophy-of-life way, the way in which we see our trust to the almighty ginnungagap".
Philo sophy means: I love wisdom.

I shall point out that the "social rules", or "laws", or "commandments" and "bans" have nothing to do with evolution of our human spirit. They are behavioural rules. Not about our divinity within and not an indication on how to find it inside us. They are there to claim obedience to the apparatus.

We see the difference between traffic lights, on one hand, -- that are meant to reduce collisions between us --, and, on the other hand, despotic law where the mob must obey rules that are made for the despot and his plans only, irrelevant of what the people need and desire to enjoy.

The musts: You must pray! You must go to church! have nothing to do with divinity. Some men on earth have never heard the terms pray or church, but can be spiritually better off than some church-prayers.

The biblical disgust for women, of women's menstruation, and homosexuality, are parts of the theocracies', patriarchies', institutions' discussion and dispute on rules. They seem to thrive on great fights for "my right rule" -- and a lot of burning of books and "banning" of men and doctrines has been going on in the church. Non of these disputes are about our divine part.
I dismiss the whole church-thing as bad hobby, and a way to gain power. They are disputes and rule-making for egoistic purposes only.

A note for fun:
now, in autumn 1999, chatholic church sects and Lutheran church sects agreed on dismissal of banning each other!!! How modern they are becoming!!! -- Do you understand what I am telling you? Up till now christians have been banning each other, wishing each other to Hell, because of sectarian disagreement (like during the dark christian middle ages in Europe) but now they agree on formally stopping this!!!
What a gag these institutions are, man.

The word "religion" has two meanings. There are many words (find some in your own language) that mean more than one thing. We do not confuse them in our mind nor in our speech -- except for fun.
Take the umbrella in case. In a suit case? In a court case? In case of rain?
But still we confuse imperialistic device for dominance urge (i.e. monotheistic theocratic religion) with the care for evolution of a human being.
Poly- or pan-gods as refined inner trends and powers from Unity within; but, mono-god is a war-God, an all-worldly bellicose God used by men that suffer severely from empire-lust.

We do not sit on a little funny noisy insect called cricket (grylldae); we do not sit on a lazy game of sloppy white-dressed upper class British colonists called cricket; but we do sit with a rustic smile on a small low wooden stool called cricket.
Why do we then brainwash ourselves not to see that a racket called religion is not the golden-leaved bushes Glasir for the discovery of the inner treasure in humans?
We are fully capable of not confusing common concepts even if they happen to have one and the same little "name". But we allow the theocracy to blind us by the word "religion". How come?

Did the smart Mosaic and Roman strategy, theocracy, "get" us?

If people see the same things in
(1) monotheism (revealed institutional katekism) on one hand, and,
(2) on the other hand what we have in heathen gods and goddesses (refined trends in us),
then they do not see the real core and purposes of each one of these opposed things, both called "religion". Therefore I shall explain this here and now.

In other words:
if people see the ancient oriental myths that are conveyed in mythic language to be the same as these stories recycled in a "Book" of dogma, they do not see the real core and purposes of each one of these opposed things both called "religion".

If they see the basis and meaning to be one and the same in monotheism and in polytheism, and therefore claim the meaning and basis to be one and the same, they do not see the real core and purposes of each one of these opposed things both called a "religion".

They do not know, either, that these monotheos-inventors use and abuse all concepts from ancient heathenry, in order to make them "look like" the ancient wisdom.
They misuse and abuse ancient concepts as a garb, as a delusory deception. A tricky deceit and falsehood that is.

I shall take an example of misuse:
The word "revelation" is stolen by monotheism from ancient spiritual polytheism.
Monotheism abuses the word "revelation" for its egoistic purposes. What is "revealed" to people in the "Books", even if interpreted in a hundred ways, is not in the real meaning of revelation.
So what is revelation in the original and profound sense? I shall try to tell you:
In our ancient wisdom revelation is: To see that all diversity of this our world, the universe, us, all created things and phenomena, is an expression of Reality, -- Reality which is the Unified Field of modern science, ginnungagap of heathenry, Brahman of the Ved, pure knowledge.
Revelation is -- for each individual human being -- to have revealed to oneself, in the state of "seeing", the self-referral state of our consciousness, the Self.
Revelation is not to confess belief. Belief has nothing to do with it and only retards our revelation.
Revelation is to see and realise the impulse, the sound, the reverberation, of consciousness.
This is entirely another thing than monotheism uses the word for.

Some people ignorantly say: all religions are the same.
But this is not so.
The entire opposites: a religion and a religion, are as far away from each other as opposites can be. They are the opposites: out-versus-in, lie-v-truth, obedience-v-freedom, threat-v-responsibility, belief-v-wisdom. All these are opposites as you can see if you really try to feel each of these term in you mind and understanding.

The religion and religion confusion is in a way as much the same as is: a suit case, a court case, in case of rain, grammatics.

One thing by the label religion is imperialism.
Other thing named religion is about the free human.

So where do we start to sort out the confusing stuff for the blind ourselves?

I shall begin with simple questions that we should want to answer, even if we will always fall into clisies (become blind) as soon as it comes to religions:

I shall start with something simple:

Is the sarcastic joke: "This was a good man, said the cannibal in the jungle and rubbed his belly", very funny? and not funny in a way?
How "a good man" was the dinner?

Do we really not see that a living animal is not the same as barbecued cadaver with added salt and pepper to taste?
Has it no meaning to us if a forest bird is feeding its helpless youngs in the nest in springtime, or if it tastes good as a "game" for an intoxicated noisy garden party.

We would never claim the metaphor crocodile's tears to be tears in the eyes of a depressed big crying crocodile. No. It is false behaviour of a person.
Still we want to wear black goggles not to see that the church fried and served our living tradition, added salt and pepper, fear and lies, threat and money. And the pious face of the church is the way to keep the credulous mob subdued. The professional smile (put on), or stern face (sometime put on) are there to bluff. The Shauspiel of a learned actor.

The church changes its marketing strategies and spices as contemporary fashion demands.
Some things, like the legal marriage of homosexuals, are great problems. Shall the dogma be dogma, or shall it be dismissed if it does not fit into marketing tactic? Shall they stick to "The Letter" or respect the law of the modern society?
The advertises have to be appealing. No business, no money, my man.
Either they change the recipe to fit in in a changing society, or they are out of job due to their stagnated Book-devotion. A dilemma.

Next "sort-out" by me: mythic meaning of water and wine.
When Jesus changes water to wine the mythic meaning is not the supernatural power of a man called Jesus that should be obeyed and worshipped for these his supernatural potentials, but our inner potential to find more refined stages of existence. Water symbols here a coarse state, wine a refined human plane. Do not worship Jesus as a person. He is a personification. Find refined stages of life in you. Sort out the heathen part of pure ethics and dismiss the theocratic part meant to fish men into an institution of a money-run God-business.

Jesus was a good heathen person. He was not a christian. He would never never have consented upon being used for a theocracy, because in his life he was criticising theocracy. For that the Jews killed him.

What Jesus said or is said to have said is a lot of words of wisdom from heathenry. But the theocracy abuses them. They are meant for free people's free spirit, but they are used to suppress the credulous mob.

Óðinn (Odinn) alföður (alfather) lives on wine alone, as wine indicates live-flow and life-force in myths.
We, Óðinn (Odinn), our higher existence, needs not meat. -- Geri and Freki feed on meat.
We as Óðinn (Odinn) need nothing but the flow of life in us. That is wine and mead of honey in our myths.
This indicates the opposite extreme to stagnation of belief, and belonging to institutional dogmatic belief and sects.
Heathenry and the church are extreme opposites.

(Please reread these above Jesus-Óðinn(Odinn)-wine paragraphs
if necessary, and do not go on until you have let this penetrate:
water, wine, meat, life-flow, that are mythic symbols --
-- opposing institutional dogmas and worship;
then go on:)

alchemy is not the act of making one metal out of another to have more saleable goods, but to make a purer state of mind out of a coarse one -- in order to have a more refined and good way of living and finding the path to the universal godhead in us.

When myths and folklore know gold to be found in a hidden place, it means the inner goddess Sun to rise in us and shed her rays of divine bliss in us, and the elves to be taking us into the cliff of wisdom (pure wealth).
When Moses's God promises the Hebrews gold, it is money to go on with the conquest as chosen to rule the world as a master nation.

Money is good to have, but the myths are speaking about inner wealth of pure wisdom.

Gold in Glasir, gold in Ægir (Aeger, the sea, the abyss within) is a precious inner wealth, not the metal gold to sell for money. Gold is a mental and a spiritual, still worldly, wealth of knowing better and better, becoming wiser. This is the wealth and gold in myths.

In folklore the wealth is inside the elves' cliff, and inside the great mountain where the huge female power (skessa, trolless) abides. In theosophy the cliff and the mountain-cave are inside us and we shall gain access into their illuminating riches. Enlightenment. Aladdin found something. Right?
Óðinn (Odinn) got wisdom for us men in the berg (cliff) where Gunnlöd (-loed) waits for us and still loves us.

To be poor is according to the church: give all you money to the church, and you will get into our God's heaven as you are poor.
But in myths the renouncing of material wealth is telling us: do not love and depend on you material goods only, but seek the inner wealth. Material wealth, food, a home, all we need and want, is good to have. Poverty is a very very bad thing. That is because only when our physical needs are cared for can we seek the higher treasure -- and help others too.

Óðinn (Odinn) said: all unrighteousness and misery you shall see as your enemy;
and Jesus said: care for your fellow men;
the church says: we care for your souls if you succumb to our dominance.

Killing a young mother is a crime towards the youngs that are starting their life to evolve, -- youngs that can not live, just starve to death, if the mother they depend on is killed and fried and eaten in a noisy party.
Killing is a crime towards evolution. It is a bad Urður (Urdur). The killers get back from that bad Urður (Urdur) a bad Skuld.
A death is just the mother's and the youngs' going to Hel -- and they shall find another place and time for the continuation of evolving. Death does not exist.
But man's ignorance and the "kill the animals of the prairie, that I, your only true God, give you demand over" is a crime and arrogance, --- that arrogance of men blinded by the theocracy and the egoistic project that it serves so well.

The theocracy could not care less who died and who suffered as long as it itself benefited. The popes and other despots saved their own skin only.
The church said that we had only one earth-life, and then we would die. This is a lie. This lie is necessary for a theocracy.

Heathen philosophy is opposed to the lies, -- the lies that the theocracy needs to be able to operate.
Do you see the necessity of one-life-then-death, dead end with hell or heaven, as a necessity for a theocracy to get a grip on you?
Yes, you do see the plot.

All that the church needed to take care of was if its power would last. It had to be alert enough to kill all that might be threatening to or opposing their kingdoms. Be it men or truth, it had to be removed if it spoiled the plot.
And the marketing strategy has to be on the alert all the time. Hard times these information and freedom times of our times. The strategy must be cunningly adopted to that.
The pope now changes a bit his tactic. He all of a sudden sees women as equal co-workers of males. In Asia he claims Jesus to be from Asia. Therefore Asians should embrace the church of Jesus Christ.
Well, actually the infallible pope said Buddhists have no God so Buddhism is not a religion at all, but the infallible pope had to apologise and take back his rather arrogant-looking statement.
Still the church says that Asians have no faiths at all, so he introduces (cunningly advertises) for them his God.
The newest tactic is "not converting at all", as these poor people completely lack religions. Their stuff is superstition, not a religion, only a nothing, so what they need is the church.

Before it was called to convert from primitive religions to the evolved religion. But now they change tactic: not a conversion at all, only introducing for the first time God to these poor religionless men.

The church killed all rebelling heathens as they came along, -- if they could not be subdued. Even it was considered best (for the sake of security) to (1) force-baptise the heathens and (2) kill them right away after the baptising, as that force-imposed "I believe" statement was not very convincing. And as a second benefit: the victims' land and belongings were confiscated as booty if the heathens were just massacred.
So: That is what the church did.

The theocracy did not take into account that there is no death. There are crimes towards humanity and towards free life, but there is no death. Death does not exist

Heathenry never died.
Heathenry is in man. Inside man. Every man. It is all about the inside of man.
Heathen means being as a cloud-less sky -- in a metaphoric meaning, our clear vast consciousness as the cloudless sky;
in the same myths rain is a life-giver and a blessing -- and in a metaphoric meaning also: water your spiritual seeds and life will bloom in you.

The thocracy says:
I, the prophet, (or: I, the church), am the only link (contact-man, contact-institution) to God, the only true God.
All other gods and goddesses are banned.
Man is worth nothing and should obey me the prophet (the prophet that decides what the God wants). This is the use of the invention "a prophet", and is in all ways opposed to heathenry.

Then to give a tranquilliser the prophet (ruler, church or whatever they name is) says:
You go to heaven for mercy of the God if you obey, and you are superior to the animals (in spite of your petty inferiority) and you can crush them at your will.
But to let people obey to obey the contact-intsitution, the institution had to cloth itself in something that the people saw as mystic.
That smart idea seems to work. So it is used. And belief is a must.

One more tool had to be applied. Killing.
Only credulous and obedient "mob" (excuse the word, as these credulous and obedient are usually called "good men" and the skeptic and disobedient and self-reliant "bad men") --- only "good mob" (sorry again) remain as living men. Those disobedient (bad), not obeying the prophet (ruler, church, messengers), were killed on the spot by "good" Levites or something like that. The "God angry" is a perfect excuse for the crimes of the "good, obedient".

In heathenry man is a part of the universe.
Not only as a spices of the earthly fauna, but as The Great Universal Spirit too, The Great Universal Spirit, ginnungagap, which we strive by shaman to evoke in us and merge into. It is inside us and we do not "worship" it and "pray to" it. But it is divine and most revered among heathens. It is our innermost Great Self, explained in our edda in mythic symbolic language.

In tune and accord with the flow of the universe:
Finding the flow of nature, being in tune with it, never to violate it, is advised for the wise man. A man is called unwise if he promotes egoistic gain on the cost of others and nature as a whole.

Do you see by now the entire opposites in
(1) theocracies (monotheism, strategy, imperial quests)
(2) heathenry (polytheon, pantheon, evolution of man, quest of finding Truth within)?

They have nothing what-so-ever in common, except the labels that are meant to -- in the invented religions -- to mislead us. The label "religion" is there only to fool us. A very very clever and smart strategy. Farao was smart, Moses was smart, the Romans were smart. Heathens were fools not to see the danger of the flaming fire and blood-shed to come of that smart "flaming sword of God".

So is there an explanation of everything in the "Books", and it´s source is known and it´s real meaning is known, and the misuse can be traced and exposed?
What about the prophet, then? How was it invented?
He invents himself and gathers followers to worship him (in the name of his God, and to do as he commands).
In the ancient traditions there are sayings about enlightened men being borne on earth every now and then when there is danger on earth and among men, when evolution is in danger because of our ignorance.
In heathenry these are einherjar. The heathen gods and the planets can be used as mythic symbols, to tell us all about this too. I shall not go into it here though.
This ancient wisdom is used in theocracies for and by men of cruder stager and wanting power. They are in most cases intelligent and efficient leaders and have a grand goal of conquering the world.
In some cases, though, a man is used for a prophet role long after his life on earth, and he has no gain, not even ever wanted it, might have been teaching all his life-time the contrary to power-urge.

I repeat:
Theocracy is entirely opposed to heathenry;
every concept and word has been abused to mean something very very different from the profound true original meaning.

Guillotine was the family name of the good doctor Josep Ignac that suffered a bleeding heart (in a metaphor meaning) to see how drunk the officially paid executioners were. How awkward becomes the expression on our faces when we are introduced to M. et Mme. Guillotine in a party to-day?
And the kangaroo closure is also called guillotine as a chopping-off endeavour.

If you see the similarities in monotheism and polytheism, it is because they look alike. You should know better. They are not the same. Are you beginning to see the difference and understand the fine strategy?

Vituð þér enn eða hvat? (Vitud ther enn, eda hvat? Know you yet, or what?)

What would Jesus say if he knew that fire --- that in myths is the symbol for the endeavour to become refined and purified spiritually --- was used to burn men alive at the stake in his name (Jesus's name, amen)?
What would Jesus say if he knew that his name is used to threat people with suffering in purgatory and hell of something (someone) called devil, in order to force them to confess belief in christianity (that has nothing to do with Jesus as a person, as a once living man on earth)?

Do you see and realise how the fire is abused in monotheism?

So are most ancient heathen words and concepts.
Þór (Thor) is hafra drottinn (the lord of the he-goats), and the church's God is called drottinn (Lord) to steal/replace the image of Þór (Thor);

Freyr means lord, and The Lord is a label for either God or Jesus or both);
Freyja means the lady, her sacred name being disguised by the reverent title of any woman: lady, Frau, fru. Holy Mary and Freyja have, as symbols, nothing in common. Freyja is universal love and creative power, but Mary an obedient tool to beget a son with.

Eir is the best of doctors (eirð (eird), peace within, tranquillity of the mind), and so is Jesus (the saviour, the caeser), the symbol of love.
The goddess Eir is replaced by a new name, Jesus the healer, to trick us. That is Eir churchizised. (do you like my new word?)
Jesus is prayed to for relief of disease, but Eir is found within.
I suppose that you by now, dear listener, can understand this following comment and recommendation:
Do not think that all things and sects and institutions and philosophies bearing the label "religion" are one and the same thing. Even if names and labels have been used to trick us, do not let them trick you any longer.

I know that I am treating you like babies. Hammering this into your heads. Sorry. Only, I see no other way.
Vituð ér enn eða hvat? (vitud ther enn eda hvat?)
I am digging a hole in an old murus of centuries of imprinting, brainwashing, stagnated dogma, belief. No wonder I have to dig hard. Few things are as blind and tough as belief. Belief outlives the believer, so my effort of digging a hole in the fortress might be appreciated by coming generation, but not this one that we belong to.

Do not take an umbrella into a court case unless you are defending or suing some umbrella association covering some subdivisions of a project or propaganda in question, needing a sample of the subject of concern.
Do not stuff your umbrella into your suit-case unless you are travelling to a rainy place and have a fold-out umbrella.
Do not take the umbrella in case when going to the desert or to Iceland.
But it rains in Iceland?
Yes, only: It is always too windy to use an umbrella here in Iceland. It does not rain vertically, it rains horizontally, blowing hard from any direction. Just buy a water-proof 66°N® over-all and sturdy Nokia® (Finnish) rubber boots here. Leave the umbrella back home. In any case, don't even try to get it into your cas

And I have come to a conclusion: Do not belong to a religion. We do not know what this label brings to us. Just drop it.
Enjoy your individuality as an individual and enjoy life -- with others of course as they are fun too.

Freyja is the universal love, the eternal continuum of creative dynamism. She is in us and in the created universe.
We are born either as males or females each time -- according to Skuld (Debt) that we create for ourselves by Urður (Urdur) and Verðandi (Verdandi). But Mary is a male-ruled concept, an obedient part of the cattle and other belongings of a dominus, used to beget proles with. (Patriarchy.)
Freyja, the lady, becomes Notre Dame, Vor Frue, Our Lady, in the christian version. But Freyja and Mary have nothing in common.
The fake simile is much marketed. The female power is eternal.

The universal power Freyja of the ancient Norse, and the poor Hebrew woman Mary, created by the Roman church, have nothing in common apart from that, in the view of heathens, every human woman is an incarnation of Freyja and is worshipped as such power of abundant unselfish universal love.

Poor little Mary is the fake simile. She is said to have obeyed the God that raped her. There are so many myths about the stealth-lovers in the virgins' dark and love-loaded nights. Perhaps that church's God is one of these virgin-lovers. So sweet!! There are many stories about the god in disguise, such as Zeus and Leda, Europa and Zeus the bull, --- to pick two myths from Europe. Only we do not "believe" these as they are heathen, we only find their profound messages. Like in Freyr and Gerður (Gerdur) of Skírnismál (Skirnis-mal) we find the message of the godly being infused into the worldly.

So the God-Mary story is recycled and abused heathen stuff. But when it comes to obeying it is not sweet. It is oppression of women. Battering of women. Humiliation of women. Of mothers, daughters, women, wives. It is the claim of dominance and obedience. That is alien to heathens.

Never use the term: thumb rule. Never. It is derived from a verdict by a male-judge that allows husbands to use a stick as thick as his thumb and no thicker to beat his possession called wife.

The word wife comes from Norse víf (vif, pron. veef) and means a girl. The most revered, beautiful and divine creature in the Norse people´s life.
Víf (vif) either is the veiled one, that could be Freyja incarnated in the woman as a disguise for her divinity, or a bride wearing a veil, or it could be she who is in charge of the vé (ve, sacred shrine or treasure). Víf (vif) is definitely a female power or a female counterpart of something sacred to us.
No in any context can that be of lesser value and esteem than the male power in our world.

In ginnungagap, before Ymir, there is no division into sexes. In the created world, after Óðinn (Odinn) Vili Véi (Ve-i) there come in the three thurs maids, very strong, and in the material world there are male and female powers in perfect equilibrium. If that equilibrium is disturbed an imbalance occurs. Then it is our allotted duty to bring balance to life of men again.

Never does a heathen man rule the female power in the universe, nor in the home. All men are humans. All beings are beings. We know the privilege of the female of all species to choose a consort and junk those she does not want. But this is not the same power as has Freyja the universal love. This is only a pattern in the life of species that want the fittest to be born in order to survive as a species.

Violating the birth-right of others is considered stupidity. Enslavery, that seems to be admitted and allowed by the Bible, is violation of our birth right: freedo

What we in Iceland call unmanly behaviour:
Debasing a woman is called cowardly behaviour in Iceland. It is showing weakness and inferiority feeling (that is not a sound thing at all for any man). Looking down upon the female power is not considered to be manly power.

Why all this apparent similarity between religion and religion on the surface?
Why all this apparent "unbridgeable" opposite sides of the bottomless cleft between them -- when really dissected?
One is a fake, a clever tool, a smart device, trying to "look like" the other.
The other is fundamental and ancient and abides in the abyss within us.

A monotheistic religion is invented in order to fool us.
We do not worry for our ancient one as it can never die, but still we are worried for it because so many people misunderstand it.
It can never get lost, that we know (or so we hope), but we must not let it happen that it is damaged (the delicate fundamental meaning gets lost).

Now it is up to me and you to see (as Baldur the bright sun god) or not to see (as Höður (Hoedhur, the blind, easily-manipulated, foolish fighter (brother-killer)).

In myths there are symbols and layers -- layers fit for the different stages of understanding on which each man lives.
But using myths in a abused mode to lead men astray is a lousy trick.

Summing up:

Oriental and European heathen symbolic language of myths is misused in monotheism. Abused. It is a strategy of the theocracies to try to make their tool (device for dominance urge) look like real spirituality. This you must realise and understand and be aware of.

You must know why the sayings of Jesus are heathen, and why the Bible seems to contain these ancient Asian myths:
The Bible is made from ancient Oriental myths, and from the good ethics of oriental and european heathen saying. Ancient myths, and teachings of good moral, are used in christianity. The purpose is not evolution of mankind. The purpose is theocracy. Power. Worldly empire.

The constant hammering: christianity is good, heathenry is bad (barbary, devilish, rude, brute) is a lie. The crimes of the church are horrible. The pure theosophy and philosophy of Norse edda is sheer beauty. Do not believe everything we read in the history books. They are written by the victors -- know what I mean?.

Some claim to know a lot about religions, but they know lies only. They have been lead astray by indoctrination and thus blinded without seeing how blind they have become. They believe.

I have met people that claim to know all religions of the world. Claim to have studied all religions of the world. They have read books, and they spot the similarity that to be seen on the surface.
They have heard: Christianity is philanthropy, heathenry is barbarism. These persons might wear a beard themselves and not consider their beard to be a label for a barbarian; they might give money to the church, and the church destroys ancient cults all over the globe for that money. The empirical purpose is to gain power and territories. They claim to be giving education and medication to the poor. But the real thing is that they are "buying" souls and destroying theosophy and ancient cults, planting the cross, and we know that their cross is not a swastika, only a sign of their colonialism. The missionaries believe, but they do not know that the culture they are destroying is much much more profound than their monotheism and theocracy.

These people have read books, written by European christians, on Hindusim for example. They might even have read books that were written with the only goal in mind to make the Veda look silly. Or they have just been told so -- and they believe that.
They are not, either, allowed to understand. That their sect-director would call worshipping the devil. (Note: I am not inventing this.)

The people that claim to know all religions of the world think that they know everything about all the religions of the world and claim the core to be one and the same in everything named religion. The smart strategy and lies are working!!!

They, that claim to have studied all the world's religions, do not know that there are two entirely different meanings of the very word "religion". Some men called prophets and saints were criminals, but saying that is signing one's own death sentence.
Most of us only see the show-business part of the racket. We fall into the pit, the little cunning trap. We fail to see what is under the garb. That, of course we must admit, shows us how good theocracies are at the propaganda part and the lies. Their empirical strategy is working fine. That "religion" label is fine strategy indeed!

The last words of this chatter are about the role a priest plays:

Priests function for the church. Not for the people. They are paid by the church to "fish men". Somebody invented: "I have all the power on earth and in heaven. Go make all men disciples" and it is said to mean: "become missionaries for the imperial institution that we call christian church".
If Jesus ever said: I have all the power on earth and in heaven, he meant that inside every "I", every me and you, the divine power abides. We have - every individual has - access to the divine power, ginnungagap.
Only evolutionary actions get support by the divine ginnungagap. Do not worry. Ill trends will not last. They only create bad karma, bad Skuld (Debt) for the doer, as Urður (Urdur) and Verðandi (Verdandi) have to be good to bring a good Skuld back to the doer.

Note: karman only means an action, not indicating if it is a bad one or a good one. So is Skuld (Debt). So are Urður (Urdur) and Verðandi (Verdandi). In the world of men there are action, and reactions thereof return to the owner, the very spot from which they originated.

Priests do nothing for men. They even violate law of the state. The even violate human rights. Baptising a baby into an institution (whatever is its name) is violating the birth right of every man to have his free opinion. Giving a name to a baby is an ancient act of love. Purifying with water is ancient heathen symbolic act. But pinning a baby to the institution church is violating human rights. The confirmation, that goes: "confirming the woe and promise that the baby made at the age of one month old or so"(!!!), is cheating. The 12 or 13 year old does not have the guts to say: Did I, a newborn, make a woe to belong to this institution?

Burial in the name of the church is show-business. A soul can not belong to an institutional God. Burying or burning the body is what has to be done, but never should a priest be called to a funeral. The church tells only lies about life -- and the invention death.

Marriage in the name of the church is only to involve the people in some rubbish that they do not understand but has been indoctrinated for some centuries. Even the submission of one of the lovers to the other for ever (the women disdain from the culture of some Semites of some desert of some Palestine), and the given power to the other one to subdue, is still there. A friend of mine said: How can any women be christian??
The pomp and joy of a marriage should be withheld. It is a heathen ancient custom to celebrate the marriage of a couple in love together with the family, and enjoying some beautiful ceremonies. goodies and joy.
Only leave out the buddy, the priest. His smile is a professionally learned behaviour, false as such. He is just show-business figure to make us think that the church is necessary for us. Therefore we should pay money to it? Oh, no. We should not.
Social workers, scholars of sociology and family care, point out the fact that while Christianity is prevailing in the western societies, there will be no right for women and children in our homes -- neither than in the society as a whole. They, officially and openly, blame Christianity, the christian church, and Jewishdom (imported Semitic cultures) for the disharmony in human relationship, and blame Christianity and the imported Semitic culture for the violation of human rights in homes -- and in western societies as a whole.

The priests' talking to the dying man is a racket too, because the fay one feels he must flatter for a "God" (the institution's clever device), humiliate himself in front of the priest that is the messenger of the messenger of God, fall flat and repent. Best is said to be to give all possessions to the church. The church needs it for further expansion of its world empire.
The priests tell death-bound men lies. There is not death. Life and lives only, and a brake at Hel's. Nothing that you should cry over or give your money to the church for.

And the church has succeeded, during the past centuries, to suppress the pure wisdom of heathenry in Europe. It was dangerous to teach the wisdom of our ancient ancestors, the eternal tradition. But heathenry has survived as a seed in many places in Europe.

Mocking all that is heathen, and even threatening to kill, is used in Europe of to-day. The christian army, the crusade is still going strong. The wars in Europe are all from the bellicose God's peoples. Count them and analyse them. They are holy wars using modern army bombs and rusty out-dated rifles.

Some women in Iceland just love to flatter for the smiling priest and bake cakes to sell coffee after mass for the smiling priest. But if they need a divorce because the husband batters them, then they change their opinion about the no-longer-smiling priest. Then they call him a male chauvinism pig. Go home and forgive, woman, and take care of your poor little kids not depriving them of their good father.

All kids should have access to the true meaning of edda and learn about its beauty. That will make them apt to choose a life, and live their lives on their conditions, all responsible themselves for actions and views and philosophy of life -- die Weltanschauung.
The trouble is that the parents do not know, and the teachers do not know and the educational system has been ruled by theocracy for a long time. This we have to remedy.
We should stop paying priests wages. That would give them an opportunity to get themselves a lie-less job in some fields of the society.

In many cases the priests do a great harm. The Bible is, according to the Israelis that know it best, the opposite to democracy. We should not use it if we want freedom for our nation. The Israelis tell us that the two can never come together in one parcel.

The priests should not be allowed to speak to the family of a person that has committed a suicide. Our health care systems should remove all the stuff that the church recites from the Bible and publishes. It, actually, should not be allowed, and psychiatrists and psychologists should see to the removal of the sick christian ideas in our societies. Their teaching invent the frustration that lead young boys to the stupid solution a suicide. If these kids had access to the broad view and profound understanding of our ancient ancestors' cult, they would be able to see the whole picture instead of focusing on one little life and one little obstacle as being the whole thing they possess.

The priests should not be allowed to thrust the dogmas of some "Book" (from the desert) upon people about anything that there is. This Mosaic invention or Semitic culture is alien to us; should never have been threat-imposed upon us, and definitely now should be gotten rid of. It has nothing to do with the evolution of mankind. The name "religion" has been abused. We must open our eyes and see again. Regain our human thinking brain. We use the brain for info and data and efficient solutions, but when it comes to life_ we have no time. That is because we do not know what life is all about. Nobody tell us. We hear wrongs only. This we should remedy. Human potentials are for discrimination, understanding, having sound personal ideas broad mindedness, freedom.

Not any, not a single act, of the things that priests do is for the people. Nothing whatsoever. They work for their institution only. It is the power of the institution christian church that is their ambition and/or paid-for employment. And the people should not get into the net of the men-fishers.
I repeat: nothing a priest does is for the people. Every act they do, every word they say, is for the institution the are servants for. "God's servant" means: serving the institution church and its power-greed.
The church is, in a way, being fair (not in the garb of a religion) when it confronts us as political parties, but using the crimes and indoctrination of past centuries to get the votes of the people is being a bit rottenly cunning .......... (but that is allowed in the Bible and in, at least western, politics -- to use the credulity of the potential voters; to gain votes is a delicate racket of little lies -- a field in which the church is an expert).

You can not name one act of a priest that could not be done in a sounder way by another person. Not one.
I can name you many priests that are "fooling" the kids and the old people by "smiling" to them on imprinting the lies, the lies they must believe themselves. They are, actually, cheating on the credulous and the weak ones. The "smile" is not bliss but a learned way of cheating. They are happy to get their wages, but the smile is there to bluff us; a fake, in order to hide the real purpose of the institution. Some of their doings are criminal, violence of law and human rights, some causing mental illnesses, depression or tension. It is about time we get rid of the use of the "service" of the priests, because they are serving the church to make us serve its purpose.