Seiður og sími

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Seidur -and- simi (singing, chanting charms -and- finding connection, threads, strings, superstrings, cables, ways, channels)

gods, the bonds and ties to ginnungagap,

-- but there are no substancial connections !! between the created world and ginnungagap, the origin of all things, but we travel from one to the other easily, as we are ginnungagap

know elves as channels to the treasure within,
the shaman to reach into ginnungagap,
Þór our power
valkyrja as the act of fórn, ego to cosmic consciousness
Sleipnir, pure nervous system, the vehicle.


Actually these concepts all tell the same thing. They indicate that we shall find the eternal power, the non-material, the non-worldly, within us, and there are ways. (Both-way ways, return ticket.)

The to and fro, the both-ways, the in and out, is there;
We Óðinn (Odinn; intelligence), by our consciousness, reach the universal consciousness, ginnungagap, on vingameiður (vinga-meidur, tree of life). In rúnatal (runa-tal) of Hávamál (Hava-mal) it is explained as: I peep down (i.e. transcend; nýsast, nysast, investigate) and I fall therefrom again, i.e. regain my worldly thoughts.

By shaman we try. Shaman is an action performed in order to gain the powerful non-worldly sphere. There, no human thought is. Our thoughts are worldly, but our consciousness is a part of the ginnungagap, the ginn-holy gap, the universal consciousness.

If you want it simplified,

we find ginnungagap in us, every cell, every molecule, every atom, every quark, -- in other words: we are It, and then the pan-theon, the poly-gods, are from It and to It. From us, our divine origin, to the world, the material life and our dear thoughts.

Gods and goddesses, the gods (a plural neutre, i.e. fem. and mask.together) are bonds and ties (bönd og höft) to the origin and from the origin.
They are in Nature, in the Universe, in us (our psychology), but not only a worldly "label" for it, but open channels that we shall hold as the most precious.

Sleipnir as our nervous system is our pony to travel on to Ásgarður (Asgardur) from Miðgarður (Midgardur) and back. His eight legs are worldly layers. He does not go into ginnungagap. Sleipnir, the slippery and the gliding one, waits in the world, when Óðinn (Odinn, we, our divine essence) hnýsist niður (nysist nidur, investigates his (our) own consciousness, transcends, without thoughts.

OK. If this is too hard for you to understand, just look at the drawing and then do not think too much. Understanding intellectually is very good, but only gathering data and info and "labels" to show off by explaining, is _not_ the way. Understanding, then leaving the thoughts, is an easier start.

Seiður (seidur) is performed by charming the mind towards its origin. It is easy as it is going home.
Be cautious not ever to bring drugs, tranquillizers, speed, to Sleipnir. He performs when he is pure. Not when he is drugged.
When charming seiður (seidur) is a vague thought, coming less and less of a thought, no strain, no force, no more effort, then we let go, automatically, because the mind is only "going home". Very natural a path to it.

Be sure not to believe. Do not believe. Do not expect. That only spoils for you. In ginnungagap there is nothing but potential power and force. This, our worldly senses and our worldly mind do not register. We "only" gain the creative power from it.

As Eir is peace within,
as Freyja and Freyr are peace (Icelandic: friður (fridur; and the verb: frjá (frja, to love)),
as Sleipnir is our vehicle,
as Óðinn (Odinn) is our intellect,
so the ginnungagap is their source, and our source.

on the picture we see
the pantheon,
or seiður og sími (seidur and simi)
or gods as the bonds, höft og bönd, and ties to ginnungagap, -- by non-material, non-substancial, “going home”
or elves as channels to the treasure within,

and the shaman and seiður (seidur) are means to reach into ginnungagap, leave worldly thoughts in the world, get infused by the divine power of which the edda is telling us in her "charming" way of "luring" symbols and code. Her language alone is the slippery and gliding ginning (trick, maze, enigma, hide-and-seek-game) that are also the very means to gain the eternal wisdom in the ginn-holy gap.

To be on the right path towards the eternal wisdom and the perfection of the einherjar in Valhöll (-hoell), is our evolution and can be retarded but never goes backwards. One way road, and avoid dogma, creeds and belief to be able to see truth.

But these above explained two-ways-channels are the daily efforts we perform to re-fuel the guts in us, a re-staurant for the spiritual power -- on the path towards perfection.

the life on the irreversible path towards perfection
needs the power of the non-worldly (ginnungagap) to make the walk easy, effortless, right, enjoyable,
and for that are the two-way-channels of gods in us, and of seiður og sími (seidur and simi), the delightful in-out ride on gliding Sleipnir (a healthy nervous system).

We also gain, thereby, the ability to perform right action only, that again helps all mankind on its path towards perfection. This is the goal, Valhöll (-hoell), for all beings.