First Step to Understanding the Profound Beauty of Heathenry

keys to the secret code of edda of the north

A gentle kiss of innocent love, and our Sleeping Beauty within wakes up.

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Sól (sol (pronounce like "soul"), sun) is goddess Sól, enlightenment;

heathen men are not afraid.
There is nothting to be afraid of.

This chatter (chapter-chatting) should be read and contemplated on, intellectually, by the profane ones, but it, actually, contains a more profound meaning meant for the aspirant for Truth, the seeker of enlightenment.

The Sun-rise is not just sunrise. The rising goddess Sun means dawn of enlightenment.

Spirituality is not very easy for the crude and coarse mind to understand.
Therefore the secret code language, the symbolic language, the referral to natural phenomena to, are attempts to try to explain.
The evolved spirit understands. But the profane one does not --- not yet --- see the profound meaning of the sacred poems that were chanted for ages, the poems that survived the dark ages of Europe. The crude man does not, at the time being, see, because it can not been seen with our worldly eyes that see material things only. The man on initial stages of evolution relies on them -- his worldly eyes. What he does not see he does not see. How can it then be?

Ţór ber tröll (destroys ignorance)

We shall take as an example the sunrise-part of heathenry. Now listen carefully:

Over and over again we come across shallow and silly opinions about heathenry. I shall tell you something that you do not know, but first we must take in account that, of course, some men mocked heathenry because they did not understand its spiritual profoundness. Some mocked it because they, deliberately, were trying to ruin it and force their theocracy upon us in its place.

So this mocking and debasing is _not_only_ because someone profane man did not understand the profundity and spirituality of edda, and he, therefore, mocked it as if it were shallow and silly. Oh no, boy. Some did so deliberately (knowing better) because they were trying to exterminate heathenry and its beauty!
Still there are in Europe, even scholars that study edda((!!) that try to mock it and make it ridiculously ignorant. Last year I attended one such lecture by a professor working for the Socrates institution in Europe. I spoke with him for almost an hour after the lecture and he would not find anything more than amusing stories in edda.

This deliberate debasement was spread out, systematically, cunningly and by brute force and killing. And it has also been spread out by the ignorant ones that never bothered to see anything more than what they have been indoctrinated to see.

People heard or read the shallow and mocking descriptions. The mocker was the church. The church was the new garb of the Roman empire. The church has herds and armies of useful credulous (believing) individuals who "learn" the "only right" indoctrination and learn how to spread it. They get paid, they get good professions and posts, even kings in Europe had to obey the pope if they wanted to keep the head on the body and the sceptre in their hand. These "believers" are promised forgiveness on doomsday, and promised that they will not be fried in the soul-barbecue place called hell. But they are raw chickens during their lives and "believe" they are doing good. They fear the barbecue, and they love the booty and pomp the "belief" rewards them with.

To these people "belief" is a must. But believe what? in what?
Understanding the beauty of heathenry would be listening to the luring astray-leading Devil.

These silly lapping-up persons just do not see anything more to heathenry than they are told to see, and that is what the church wants.
Sheep's' credulity and lack of understanding is a necessity for the church. Belief means stagnation for the human spirit and our endeavour. A mental straight-jacket. That is a good thing for theocracy to have on its army. An army must not think, only obey orders and act for the general purpose.

If some the heathens rejected, they were killed.
Dissent from the church's doctrine was assigning one's own execution. By brute force some generations were taught not to object the indoctrination. If heathens wanted to live they had to be chickens and swallow the lies that were disseminated about their edda wisdom.

But Truth can never die. Many heathens survived and the great truth in heathenry has always been somewhere around. Often hidden. Often just as a seed. But a powerful dormant seed. Not only in the North, but all over Europe. Now it is dawning in us again.

Now-a-days European heathens are rediscovering the beauty and profoundness of the sunrise-part of heathenry: The rising goddess Sun means the dawn of enlightenment in each individual. What it is all about is finding inner gods and goddesses.

We shall have to repeat here, to avoid generalisation and narrow-mindedness:
Never do all heathens live the sate of consciousness to understand the sunrise-part of heathenry in the edda, dawn of enlightenment in each man.
Just as all men are heathens inside, so the wisdom of edda goes for all men. All men - irrelevant of empires rising and falling through the ages, irrelevant of dogmas and indoctrination, of systems coming and going, of killing and threats, of despotic governing, exploitation of fear.

So whatever worldly stuff is visible on the surface of societies, the wisdom of edda survives inside us. Only few of us living at each time see more. But those of us who understand are the bearers of light, the ones to water the seed in the soil, and it will sprout.

I repeat:
Never are all men on earth living the sate of consciousness necessary to understand in essence the sunrise-part in our lives. But there are always some men that do understand ---- irrelevant of empires rising and falling and dogmas and indoctrination of religious systems, killing, bribing and threats in the places they have chosen to spend these their live-times.

Christian priests were, and still are, paid for the invention of the lies about, and the wrong interpretation of, the sunrise-part of heathenry.
In some cases men were called scholars and great scholars for their attempt to debase heathenry, their distorted history, their wrong interpretation of the sacred part of heathenry. They evoked fright. They invented the term insane devil-worship to call us heathens.
They got paid for, and still get paid for, the distribution of propaganda against heathenry. This was, and still is, their work and for it they got, and still get, their wages and fame and sainthood.
Deliberate lies and debasement was paid for because that was only "necessary cost of war" expenses. Still bishops and priests on wages debase our ancient cult. Sarcastically the bishop in Iceland said: these heathens believe in wood and stones. He does not know that trees and stones are cues and clues to the Great Spirit within. He does not want to know that edda uses symbols of nature to teach us about our innermost nature, and that we and all the cosmos is a divine being.

Efficient fanatics were most welcomed soldiers to serve the theocratic purpose and to subdue the free spirit of man. The only books allowed were those meant for the strengthening of the despotic system. All other books were burned.
Efficient fanatics are still in fashion, but they have little power. Now the dawn of Sun, goddess Sun in us, is in its morning twilight and the ignorance will fade away along with the darkness of the dark ages of theocracies and imported ill cultures.
The dawn of understanding, wisdom, knowledge, will illuminate us.

The strategical mocking and debasing imprinting goes: The olden guys were afraid because they were not sure if the sun would rise the next morning!!!
We do understand now what we are longing for when we long for the rays of the goddess Sun to shine on us, because we know that myths use a symbolic language. So if we pray for the sun to rise, we are wanting to find goddess Sun in us.

But if I say: I wish the sun would shine to-day, because I am hanging my washing out on the line for drying -- then I am very down to earth.
When I feel goddess Sun, I am closing my eyes and enjoy the rain or the snow or the winter-night -- or whatever in the world around me.

Is it true that the word "propaganda" originally means a school in Rome that taught missionaries how to spread the stuff that was made and invented exclusively and specially for the only purpose of the papal Roman imperialism?

We do know that cunning and clever generals use immoral means in their warfare. We do know that giving and selling drugs to the opposing army's soldiers is a well-known strategy. But do you know that debasing people's cultures (-- and sneaking a new one in instead --) is strategy still used by the church (and other theocracies) all over the world?
OK, now you know.

When the edda talks about goddess Sun riding over the sky, it not only refers to the day and night cycle, but also to sun's journey through the twelve signs of the zodiac. These signs are residences of our gods, our inner trends and possibilities too. Dwellings of gods in the signs are also dwellings of the trends and inner possessions and possibilities in man. All these parables and symbols are secret code language. The profane sees the blue sky and the silvery stars, but the enlightened man sees the similarity and concord in his own consciousness as he is one with the universe. And he might even close his eyes in order to see better. The worldly distracts us sometimes.

When a kid learns to ride a bicycle we put on two support wheels. These become nuisance when we can master the vehicle. So is with our precious eyes.

To look at our ancient ancestors as petty creatures that feared night, hoping for another day to come, desperate, as the sun might not show up the next morning, or the next year it might fail to come (if referred to winter solstice), is the interpretation of crude minds that are degrading our ancient wisdom in order to up heave their own dogmatic systems.

We can blame the secret code of edda for leading astray, but it really is the real beauty in edda is for those who understand.
In Iceland we say: Throwing pearls to pigs is a waste. Köstum (koestum) ekki perlum fyrir svín (svin). We know that a hungry animal normally does not appreciate spiritual values. Even if some birds decorate their nests with sparkling items, the meaning is amusing vanity, worldly home-decor, only. It delights the worldly eye.
If we call something or someone a pearl we might be referring to inner values. An idiomatic expression not used by animals. Just imagine what the pearls of our edda mean to the profane.

Tony Nader MD PhD: the human body is truly cosmic (cosmic counterparts)    Sun is thalamus in our brain;

Goddess Sun is our inner spiritual enlightenment, our finding of the vast waters of space, Ægir (Aegir), within us and in the universe, the innermost divinity. This implies seeing -- not only with our worldly eyes but -- finding the divine origin of all things inside us.

Our human thoughts are of the relative world, only, we know (from modern science, Veda and edda) that their origin is ginnungagap (Brahman, The Unified Field). This is what the secret language of the edda is all about. Divine ginnungagap and that we are of it and have access to all its unboundedness, infinite creativity, pure wisdom. On Sleipnir (the slippery glider) we glide from Miðgarður (Midgardur) to Ásgarður (Asgardur).

We also learn about evolution, gone aeons, gone phases of mankind, the cycles, the perpetual cycles.

The theocratic use of the concept religion brought an age of ignorance to us, the human race, -- has been rather noisy for a period of time now. We must get through that age of ignorance and regain our profound understanding and real meaning of life.

For the crude mind edda is funny tales about silly ideas, and easily understood natural phenomena, chanted by old long-dead men and mothers putting kids to bed at night - oh! these tricky nights of fear because of the ignorance. And they are ugly too: killing, adultery, strive, disputes. Should be kept away from kids. Pity that they were not burned along with the rest --- or never written to be preserved. The oral tradition would be forgotten by now.

But for the seeker, the elevated human spirit, edda is about finding our own divine essence, the dawn of enlightenment, finding goddess Sun, getting out of the darkness of ignorance in which the human race is frantically throwing an expensive party right now.

In Icelandic goddess Sun is gyðjan (gydjan) Sól (Sol, pronounce like "soul").
When She rides on her gold-maned horse (our bright will to be a vitki, seer; gold symbolic for inner treasure), in the sky (our unbounded consciousness), and enlivens the gods (our innermost creative and individual trends and longings), and warms by Her rays (channels inside us) Mother Earth (our physical consciousness), we are worth the name human beings.

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