Santa Claus was to take over from Óðinn. Óðinn rides over the sky at yule-tide, then named Jólnir, and he chases away wights of cold and darkness. Kids in Sweden put out grains for his horse to make him strong. Kids help. Now Santa is used as a tool to get obedience: he is a punisher or gives sweets and gifts, provided that the kid obeys!

But this is not the true spirit of yule at all. We have to get back Jólnir, the joy of yuletide withou that obedience-device, Santa.

We should give love without threats.

Our Icelandic yule-nisser, jólasveinar, are most likely our ancient gods and goddesses that were banned under christianism, or they might be our ancestors that were revered at yule-tide too.

Gerður of Skírnismál was held in great esteem, and to suffocate this joy of heathen men, she was said to be a beast that cooks and eats naughty kids. Called Grýla.

Threats are all over in theocratic religions, and obedience is a must.


This has no place in heathenry. The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness. Happiness we find within, and obeying others is wrong. We love our parents and our teachers, they do all good, and we respect their love, we respect their views and their help. We are thankful to them, but obeying is for dogs, not men and other kids, not for kids and other men.

Now jólasveinar are great fun at yule-tide, and Grýla and Leppalúði are back as Gerður and Freyr.

  do you hear the gling glo of love and ginving???


The newest Grýla is, -- by stupid parents that do not know how to give love and get back love only--: -If you do not obey, then I take away your mobile phone!