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Concepts and shortcuts


The abuse and misuse of concepts, the sneaky way to sneak intoconcepts of spiritual meaning and corrupt them to become a device forthe dominance urge of theocracies.


What has become a Troyan horse are for example: liberation,revelation, ahimsa, vademecum, hell, heaven.... to name a few. Theocracy is a Troyan horse itself, a garb to hide the urge ofdominance.


Liberation can not be to confess belief in some institution's God.Liberation is a stage of consciousness when we see matter and thewhole created world as aloof from ourselves.


Now we might think we can make a mood of seeing things withindifference, but that is even more dangerous. We become stoned andthink and talk about compassion without having it.


It is not ahimsa not too feel any wrongs and pain as not hurtingoneself. Not on the level of thinking and imagining.


Mood-making is a trap, and a sure way to stagnation. It becomes atime-and-energy consuming hobby.


Compassion is not on the level of thinking, as we can see when aphilantropist does not care for all but only some, and ananimal-lover saves a cat while he still eats fish.


Only when we reach Valhöll and see all beings beingourselves, and feel that we are hurting ourselves when we hurt anyliving being, then we can call it ahimsa.

Not until that stage is reached.


Liberation is the detachment from things, seeing that we are alooffrom the matter, the thoughts, our very body, and that we can performwhatever we wish without becoming eagerly attached to the action, tothe fruit of action, to the victory or defeat. We are no longer inthe fetters of anyting in the material world, and can enjoy isthoroughly without being attached to it.


Now we think we can adopt this as a rule. But it is not so.


Longins are very good, but their quality depends upon the qualityof the longer. The quality of each thought has the quality of thethinker. Refined individuals have high purposes and see through thefog-thicket of our beautiful material world.

We do not see that the three guna, the three qualities into whichNature splits, rule the world, as it were. Not being able totranscend the world of matter and rid oneself for a while of thethree guna, means that we are stuck in the mud.

Guna, qualities, are sattva (satt), rajas (vivid action), tamas(sloth, inertness), and Nature, the þursamærámáttk mjög, splits into these three qualities -- that are found all three in everything only in differentforfold-order and proportions. (Sattva, sattva-rajas, rajas-tama,tama that is.)


Vademecum is a salesman's trick, and Jesus's joke to fish menshould not be used to destroy the very culture that his myth/storywas meant to promote and teach fellow-Jews: the sanatana dharma.


Most of the things written in the Euorpean theocracy is directlyfrom heathenry, as Jesus was in many ways made take overÓðin's role and sayings.

But the core of the theocracy is the Jewish gods, a pantheon, or alesser tribal diety Jehova, made become a mono-God here.

This mixture looks very good in the suitable wrappings. Sopromishes and threats of punishments are to reinforce the realmessage and get rid of individual thinking of the credulous sheep.

Superficial labels, learned jargon, flowery words, that claimliberation and relevation to be to confess belief in a device of aninstitution, are smarter than we perceive. Now we are brain-washedand do not know that there is anything else to it.

The symbolic language is very precise in heathenry. It's meaningis profond -- but in many levels or planes of understanding as tosuit every individual on his spot on the evolutionary road.

That next step always has to be taken from the very spot on whichwe are; right?


The short-cut to Valhöll
(in one of our life-spans, fully alive; Valhöll is a stage of consciousness of a living man).

But there is a short-cut: Óðinn gefinnÓðni, sjálfur gefinn sjálfum mér, andwe gain purity, and the nine good charms.   (Last part of Hávamál -- with understanding)

This has been scientificically proven by research on TM®,transcendal meditation. The hightening of consciousness and theclearer mind, and the refined discrimination and understanding. There should be no kid and no school that does not base the educationon this wisdom and science that our reverent forefathers knew.