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The little fly


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A small sleepy fly -- awake in the middle of the night.

Still there is snow and frost outside.


-I have obviously got up too early, the fly thinks aloud (talking to itself) and yawns.

-It is densly-dark outside. I have to look for a good place to sleep in.

I am certainly going to sleep until springtime.



Even though this is in the middle of the night, the little fly is not the only one who is awake:


An un-winged (not having any wings) giant-duo-ped (a huge creature with two legs) small in size (i.e. a baby one) wakes up when it should rather be sleeping. It hopps, tramps and jumps, and is trying to wake up everyone in the house with terrifying vocal-sounds.




The gigantic duoped, the one baby-small in size, grabbs its pillow....


.... and throws it in the direction of the other bed, where two ginatduopeds of a grown-up-size sleep.


At this very moment the poor little sleepy fly is looking for a good place to sleep in...



..... when the pillow comes flying


The fly almost gets smashed. Thanks to its wings (and swift reactions) that it overlived the attack.



Now, the small baby-size giant-duoped gets a firm grip on the sucking-rubber of the bottle and swoops it to and fro.


The fly quickly takes refuge.

The small unwinged duoped has as a target a sleeping giantduoped with beard in its face.

Something is heard out of the beard, when the bottle lands. It is not appropriate to have it repeated here.



The beardless big gigantduoped gets up and starts walking to and fro on the floor holding the small duoped:

-So, so, little one.

And it sings a cradle-song:

-Sleep my young beloved,

the rain is crying out there .....


But that is not correct! We have snow and frost out there (not crying at all).

But, anyway, the cradle-song is lovely as it sounds calmingly in the ears of the little fly. It becomes awfully sleepy: -I have to find a good place to sleep in.



I am almost falling asleep in the middle of the air. I have to find a sleeping-place quickly.


I find the dome over ther rather appealing. I wonder it leaks? (i.e. holds out rain or not).



The little fly makes itself comfortable inside the bell.


It is really happy about its new house.

It has such a beautiful dome, -- it almost reminds one of a majestic catheteral

And the fly thinks: -Here I can sleep in peace and quiet until spring.




What !!!

-What an earth-quake.

-What on earth is going on here?

-I wonder if spring is here already?



The unwinged giantduopeds spring out of bed with turmoil, streach themselves and yawn terribly, put on some rags (i.e. get dressed), and dust the bed's blankets and quilts.


-Da da da, says the baby-one.



The little fly peeps carefully out of its new house.



Everybody waking up!


But it is still dark outside. Still winter.

The fly becomes curious: -I wonder if they find some blossoming flowers somewhere?

I better check on that. Who knows. (Why would they be waking up anyway if there were no blooming flowers to be found?)



Aha! The rain is crying out there! as the cradle-song had it. Now I understand!

Here they have the boiling tropical rain, -- but not one single flower to be seen.




The fly wanders into another room and sees still another giantduoped of a medium size that tumbles about inside a blanket and a quilt and grudges in a sleepy voice:

-Why do I have to go to that blooming school, mammy?

-You have to go to school, darling says the unwinged mother, -so that you can find out what you want to learn and work at in your life.

You will have the opportunity og gain job-satisfaction and earn a living in a delightful way. We have to eat, you know.



Aha! They get something to eat in blooming schools. Maybe there are blooming honey-flowers in these blooming food-schools?



-O-oh. The little fly is disappointed as it peeps out of the window.

It definately does not look all to promishing to get up like this out of the warm bed and right into the cold snow and dark winter-morning.



-I feel like just going on sleeping.

-Best to get comfortable under my dome.



Of course there pass only another 24 hours until the earthquakes start anew.

This is a small disadvantage, about this otherwise nice house, how it behaves. No real peace for sleep when it starts this noisy behaviour of its.

But one gets used to it as anything else, --- and winter drags on.



One beautiful morning warm sun-rays of a sunny spring-morning wake up nature from its long winter-sleep.

But now the dome does not move at all.

Now the lovely house sleeps.



The moist soil breaths.

The flowers that just woke up, give away lovely fragrance.


But now the unwinged ginatduopeds do not move at all.

Now -- when at last spring is in the air -- they sleep soundly.

Even the little noisy one.



OK. Everyone can have things his way. Be it your choice you do it.


The little fly plunges into spring.

-I am lucky not to be of that unwinged-giantduoped-species.