The famous Gundestrup

Our priceless ancient wisdom and science.

Yodhin (Sanskrit) = 'Oðinn

Our forefathers' life-philosophy is complete, conveys the wholeness of life.
It is practical for everyday life, useful to us – concerns the purpose of living – and – how to cope with anything we come across; tells us why we come across it, who is responsible, who creates.
If we loose out of sigh the purpose, life is no fun, no beauty. Siðhöttur is siddhartha: the purpose is to become pure.

We learn how to live for the best for all life, and beatitude. We understand why we decide to be born.
Why and how do we decide to be born?
What is the purpose of living?
Why we never give up, -- are Þór, endurance.

If we do not have access to the wisdom of our forefathers -- the true dharma of Europe -- we get led astray, get lost as it were, and we might give up, -- because we do not know the purpose of getting born, nor do we know how to use each life-span (each ævi) to evolve towards perfection, i.e. to reach Valhöll as living men on high evolutionary stages, einherjar.

If we loose out of sight the basis, the holy ginnungagap as our real selves, -- if we have education (educational systems) without understanding the basis of all things -- we wither away like Gerður in Skírnismál; She is in Gymisgarðar, Paradise, animal stage of man, and does not understand the necessity of divinity, so she is destined to stagnate with hrímþurses.

I said: each life-span, each ævi.
Deliberate lies and ignornace have blinded us, brain-washed us, and deprived us of seeing the whole; we loose track and purpose, loose the goal and destination, and the meaning, and that we shall, for sur, rediscover here and now.
The invention “one life-span only” is a device in the hands of power-greedy institutions. It is a tool for egoistic purposes and dominance-urge.

Perhaps we no longer understand evolution (?), and if so, that ignorance we shall remedy.

The Laws of Nature organize and run perfectly the whole universe, and we shall find our gods within to live life from that sphere of creation too.

In the coming up DVDs (video-audio files) the abyss of the meaning of the symbolic language of edda is displayed in an amusing story.

Here is taught our forefathers' eternal science of living, sanatana dharma,
the true subtlest meaning of our concepts.

The abyss of the symbolic language of edda”,
from Freyjukettir, author: Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir, the sagely skáld,
is a priceless prominent work, sure to promote research and understanding of vor forni siður, heathenry, asatru, paganry, the sanatana dharma of Europe.
audio-video, the abyss of the symbolic language of edda

We have to understand our forefathers' knowledge, and here it is put forth and explained in a delightful way.

It contains the most delicate core and essence of the ancient know-how -- the know-how of living a life-time.

Þjóðrerir wakes us up, shakes us up, stirs us up, dispels fog and darkness, tells us to open our eyes; - it is like break-of-day, a blissful sunny one.
Sleeping Beauty receives a gentle kiss of innocent love -- and we wake up.

Þór, a small metal statue, Þjóðminjasafn (National Museum) Reykjavík