in English:
Heišni survived

To start with we hear here some common statements, wrong onesbecause of brainwashing, something like the famous comment: "mysupposed death has been much exaggerated":


"Heathenry, heiðni, is thougt to be / said to be dead", yes(_x_correct);

"heathenry, heiðni, is dead", no (a deliberate lie and/orignorance).

"No lineage is there, and nothing substantial survived", incorrect (both are there_x_);

"there is not divine message, devilish rites only", wrong (it is adivine teaching for individual evolution towards perfection -- andthe devil does not exist);

"shaman is nature worship", too shallow an imprinted lie,(sramana is making a try, and effort, to find divinity within). Gnoþi seauton. It is the will (Skaði) and effort(Þór) to find the Oneness.

"Witchcraft is demonic", if you know what daimon, divine spirit,is, then yes _x__.

(They changed the meaning of the divine word of heathens, awell-known strategy.)


The truth:

Heathenry survived the dark ages of ignorance, -- for sure! _x_

I shall invite you to a feast at Ægis, or at least tell youabout it, tell you how it is if you do go. It brings detachment fromthe fetters of matter.


Heiðni has never formed a creed, always put emphasis onpersonal experience.

The xtian church, literalists, did harm the core and essence ofvor siður, but some are always around to safe it. Sanatanadharma, Truth, can not die, -- or it would not bear that name.

Stupid xtians took the myths as stupid stories. (Only the stupid and blind do.) They did not seethe allegory in the myths, such as the jesus myth. To fail to seethe allegory, the real message meant for or to each individual, iscalls literism, as only the book text is seen.

To fail to see the real message of myths is literalism. So theBooks are not good as they are full of lies and amendments andforgeries, and some claim them to be all about truth. Those are theblind men, the perfect prey for teocracies.

Stupid xtains take the myths, some myths, as real happenings,literally historical, and they take heathen myths as plain stupidityof stupid men. That of course makes them absurd and stupid in theireyes. We clearly can see that they are not history, but only myths.

Heathens know, but xtians are not allowed to see, that myths areconveying the eternal message of mens' perennial quest: seekperfection, become divine, rid us of the animal nature in us.

Our bishop is laughing when, --- on an expensiveissimo xtian year 2000 meeting (which was a flop as no people showed up apart from those hired on fees to show up) --- ...our bishop is laughing when watching a show on the porno of goddesses.

His amusement exposes his blindness to the allegory of myths. Heis a literalist that does not see the hidden meaning in the jesus myth. Takes it a history. This is what he learned in university and is paid for (by taxpayers' money) to make others beleive.


We are dealing with the mystics of Reality. Our ignorance is: not to see.


It will soon be understood that the theocracies (world-empires)are _not_ our true culture

-- a theocracy was threat-imposed upon us, imported -- andopponents brutally killed.

Some realize this.
Many do not yet. Those are literalists, they believe the written forgery and invention from the Roman Empire -- that is still going strong in some men's minds..

Many have come to realize this now;

the world consciousness is rising

Many, on the other hand, have a paid job to defend and do not wantto see anything wrong with the letter of the Books. They defend itpersistently.

Some claim to have to make a new religion and call it paganism, asif nothing were there left in vor siður.

This is not right; the core and essence is there, and lost (ifanything) is not worth much.

The surface was used by theocracies, the roman empire, and peoplenow are starting to view it as rubbish, anyway.

Truth can never die -- or it would not bear that name.


My quest is to revive the understanding of the core and essence,-- not to mourn about something lost and killed,


i tend to give the reason for the lack of understanding;

and what would that be:

1) the deliberate lies and misinterpretaions, and the abusing ofconcepts by a world empire in the garb of a theocracy

2) low stage of consciousness of too many men


We had the dark ages.

Some are angry with xtians and their brutality, but theliteralists in Rome are the ones who invented the brutality, andignorant men follow the letter (forgeries and inventions forstratigical purposes), as they do not want to revise and relearn andunderstand. That might cause a loss of job and money for thempersonally.

Now the cosmic consciousness is rising:

Some millions of people (regardless of religions) practisesTM® transcending twice aday,

thousands of pandits and siddhas do yagya

Maharishi mahes yogi has been teaching for 50 years now, so thisgeneration is in good goings.

Thousands of TM-based schools are there, and they producesuper-kids that score the highest in every subject.

past is past, i do not like to live in the past

I am told that a number of heathens complain about what we havelost to the Christians.

Some claim the church to have preserved a lot, espcially ritualson the surface of life

The trouble is that they did use concepts and, as a troyjan horse,they filled them with misleading explanations.


liberation (confess belief in God)

revelation (see that the God of the church is the only true God)

i could go on and on, and some are sure that the church'sinterpretation is the only right one -- and the real meaning _is_lost_ to many an man.

Now they are at it in India, from where i get letters and articlesdaily.

(a good friend of mine is the president of the hindu associationworldwide)


What happened in europe and america is happening in othercontinents now.

The brutality has changes it visual surface, and now the killingof cultures is practiced on lies, by sneaky and rotten means.

.....replace Yule with Christmas, and so forth.


This turned out to be fatal to heathenry;

we should not undermine roman strategy;

it has been disastrous, as concepts have been flatened out (likethe earth) and are of surface value only, deliberately changed so.

Inner gods were banned, the intermediate said to be the only wayto that up-there out-there unreachable.

What is lost???

the core and essence of heathenry, the ginnungagap, and that weare it, and can easily live it.

We are only on the surface of life now. Why? Because the abyssand wisdom has been abused.

From some gallup thing -- an american lady answered: -i thinkpolytheism is bad because they believe in many gods, wherasmonotheism is good as we believe in one God

her opinion


because she does not know any better than she has been taught

We "only"(!!) lost the core and essence, the rebirths theory, thepurpose of life, the purpose of the universe, the beginning of theuniverse, and some other fundamental stuff.


The surface, like santa clause (Jólnir, Óðinn atyule) is there OK, food, gifts, Easter (the germanic goddess ofspring) and many other things on the surface only - and killed fornot believing the church


We have hard time in rediscovering the true meaning of life, itspurpose and our individual evolution towards perfection, einherji,Valhöll (a state of consciousness for a living man).

All concepts have been abused, and it is -- as my friend saidsome time --: hard to unlearn.

We know all concepts in the shallow misleading way only.

They automatically have men drifting away from institutionalreligions, as they are world empires in the garb of theocracy.

But to where are we drifting? To nothing?

We can work on ourselves and find the beauty of vor siður

Because of hightened world consciousness, we shall succeed indoing so;

dark ages, no matter how long they were, are over.

We are sailing into the age of understanding. Jai Guru Dev.