see illustrated story: Hver er hann þessi Jakob?

(this is only brief translation of text)


Who is he this Jakob?


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my mother says that the name of this flower is Jakob's ladder (or Jakob's staircase).

This fellow Jakob must be small if he can use such small leves for steps.

He must be tiny.

I know that Jakob also owns a dandelion named Jakob's dandelion. It grows wild in the country-side, right in the wilderness.

(you can see a picture of it on page one)



I hide and spy for a long long time in the garden, but there is no Jakob to be seen.

I wonder if he sleeps in these clocks and corollas of flowers.

Maybe he stayes awake during the night and sleeps during the day. Some elves stay awake during nights and then they must be terribly sleepy during the day.



I wonder if Jakob has wings?


Then he wouldn't need laddersteps.

Then he would just fly up to the flowers.



I decide to find out if Jakob is awake during the night.

In the evening I take on warm clothes.

I am going to stay awake in the garden all night and watch the flower, the Jakob's ladder.

Then I ought to be able to see Jakob.



-Where are you going, darling, at this late hour? my mother asks.

-I am going to stay in the garden the whole night to see Jakob.

-My beloved child. You have to go to sleep now. Elves exist of course in fairy-tales.

-Those who tell fairy-tales, mammy, are they then telling a lie?

-They are inventing lovely stories, mother replies.



The following day I get a bright idea: I am going to give Jakob some candy !

Then he is sure to climb the ladder and have a bite.


It is terribly difficult to stick the candy to the flower. -- Even if I have only got a tiny piece of candy.

I try to stick it on the stalk with some tape.

A better solution is to get some honey and put drops of it into the flower.


I wait.

But jakob does not show up...

.... only the flies.

I dare not chase them away as they might be Jakob's friends.



Look at the tiny rubarb I found !

It is just the size for Jakob.



My mother boils it for me.

In the evening I put some rubarb-pudding -- on a lid -- out in the garden for Jakob.

I am rather exited about finding out if he likes rubarb-pudding.



There are only snails eating the pudding the following morning.

I am offended.

Do you think Jakob invited them?



Maybe he doesn't like rubarb-pudding at all?

Rubarb is not very wholesome, I assume. Sure Jakob knows that.


when someone is foffered something he could at least be polite.



Once when my daddy was preparing fish for a meal I found a small fry (young fish) inside it -- that the big fish had swallowed.

This one will be just the right size for Jakob!!



Mother boils it for me along with the big fish.


In the evening I put it on a lid beside the flower Jakob's ladder.



The following morning I rush out into the garden. And you guess what?!!

Nothing left but bones!



Jakob has eaten the fish!

If I only had had the permission to stay in the garden and stay awake durin the night, -- then I would have seen him.



I dream about Jakob.

-We do not eat fish, he says.

-We do not need anything to eat al all.

-Come out into the garden to-morrow when you wake up and play with us.



When I wake up I remember the dream: -Come out and play with us!

Yes - but -- I am big and Jakob is so small.

And - beside that -- it is raining.

I have to take my rain-coat on.



-Humans frown their faces so terribly when it is raining, Jakob says and laughs.

-But we know that the flowers need the moistness. And the worms that make the soil loose and light, they become so happy when it rains.



When the sun comes out again the flowers spread wide open their petals and corollas towards her rays.

But the soil remains moist.



-Whatever you think becomes your reality

-Those who love everything can hear the song that flower sing -- they see the beauty.



Am I making a fairy-tale?

I cannot help it, but I am ......quite sure that Jakob is real.



Who is he actually this Jacob?