Múspell og hrímið, the creation of a universe;
transcending, Týr á meiði,
-- and the power of 9 good galdr
ar (charms and power) that we gain by that

(all this is ancient wisdom)

a letter to america


dear Kathy

Our aim is to show that TM, transcendental meditation (TM®) is _not_ something "new age" that is "in fashion"

 it _is_ in our very ancient culture, and has to be rediscovered

the same underlying truth in veda and the edda (the fragments surviving of edda of the north) is too common to both cultures to ignor it

 we should _not_ see TM as imported foreign stuff -- it is NOT foreign to us

 meditation, seeking the great truth in us ourselves, is to be found in Hávamál in edda, and the benefit?: 9 galdrar góðir, nine good galders, wisdom practical in life

 as the japanese should go back to buddha and stop worshipping nato, so europeans and americans should go back to pure heathenry -- our ancient cult and dharma

soon this shall be understood




may i name Harald S. Harung, Norway, who has written articels on:

Harald S. Harung:
an article in: Journal Of Human Values, 2:1 (1996)
Sage Publications New Delhi / Thousnad Oaks / London (pages 19-35:)
"Vedic Psychology and the Edda Poems"

Comparing two ancient traditions of knowledge: edda and veda;

the same fundamental principles are found in edda and veda;

Only fragments of edda have been preserved in the North.

 This paper shows (Harald):

* The collapse of fullness that triggers of creation, has exactly the same explanation and description in edda and veda, and is now being understood by -- and explained in terms of -- modern science.

 * Hávamál of edda -- vísur 138 and on -- teach the pure spirituality in heathenry, and the benefit thereof and its practical aspect in life.

The same is found in veda.

 Harald compares in veda and these remaining fragments of edda:

* a basic unified state lying at the foundation of the vast variety in the universe,

 * the process of creation from whithin this unified field,

 * the development of higher states of individual consciousness,

 * and the development of higher stages in the collective consciousness of society.

 * Practical implications for improving performance and quality of life, stated in edda and veda, and now shown and proved by scientific research.


(end of quote.)







The pope refused when maharishi mahesh yogi offerd him to have all catholics learn TM
(flatly turned down his offer to learn effective meditaion as that would disturb his empire)
but millions of Christians have learned this easy technique to trancend, and use it regularily all their life in order to promote their personal evolution, finding peace and health, and to aid the hightening of world consciousness, and that again will bring us lasting peace and bounty from mother Earth, change suffering into bliss.

The three theocracies(*) are world empires,

 -- BUT hindutwa, heathenry, buddha (and others like them) are the very opposite: we find peace within
(*) the three theocracies: jews, christianism, islam, some divisions under different names)

soon the profundity of heathenry shall be understood

my DVDs on edda and veda, "the abyss of the symbolic language of edda of the north" -- and playable quick-time chatters


we should become interested in the rediscovery of our true dharma







from edda

(edda poems were orally conveyed for ages,

later written in books in iceland,

as the hidden wisdom was in danger of getting forgotten):



i know that i was pending on the tree of life


-- consciousness given to consciousness, i given to myself,
Ë­inn is consciousness, and valkyrja a maid or servant for transcending)


i had not bodily needs,    (minimum bodily funcioning in deep dhyana)


and was without possessions  (no thoughts, no thinking abou anything)


i collected the mighiest wisdom  (fimbulr˙nir)


i fell from there again --    (start to think again as stress gets released and tickles Sleipnir)


--- endowed with the faculty of performing the greatest deeds  
9 galdrar gˇ­ir and ljˇ­in, found by scientific research to be true for TM-ers; better performing of work and play)




it will soon be understood that the theocracies (world-empires) are _not_ our true culture

-- a theocracy was threat-imposed upon us, imported -- and opponents brutally killed.



we shall soon understand, -- -- our forefathers' priceless wisdom will be rediscovered.


my jyotisee says: soon


we, some siddhas in the north, are working on it





another quotation (loosly translated) from edda:

when the heat from the flow and the rhime (frost) of the stagnated flow met, that created a spur in the surface of sacred gap, the void of all, and drops were created