Our ancient wisdom, sanatana dharma

Most likely heathenry used to be the ancient cult of the whole of Europe. Not only that of Germanic and Scandinavian peoples.
We should rediscover it, and our forefathers' wisdom will by that enrich our lives and save our dear mother earth.

The last part of Hávamál has not been understood for some far too long a time (the dark ages of Europe) but is now being rediscovered as profond truth and pure science, practical in life, and is regaining its full status.

The symbolic language in heathenry is very precise. It only needs a mind to understand.

We should recognize that there are levels, spheres, planes, as to suit everyone on the very spot on which he lives this his life-span (ævi)
The true meaning of concepts is very profond -- so we take the levels as an evolutionary road or understanding that gradually comes to us.

We should not just learn clausulas to recite and show off, if we do not have the understanding, but this has been the very way of overlevering, preserving the wisdom. Not all the chanters understood everything, but they conveyed the wisdom from generation to generation.

Sleipnir is our nervous system, he is a horse, a vehicle. But he has to be smooth in order to carry us smoothly to ginnungap and back. An untamed pony will not carry us smoothly home to ginnungagap.

Gungnir is a weapon. The weapon of consiousess (Óðinn). Gungnir is vibrations on the very subtlest level, on the plane of creation where the Laws of Nature abide.
We can not benefit from such powerful and delicate geir, if we do not know that he is vibrations of consciousness, the most delicate form of creating.

 Váli, to take another example, revenges, but how? The only way to dispell darkness (ignorance) is to bring in the light. This is what Váli stands for. Revenge if you wish to call it that, but only by enlightening us.
Váli (a son of Óðinn like Höður, Baldur and Víðarr) is called the hawk (falcon) of morning.

 Mjöllnir mills or grinds. What? Ignorance. Trolls are accumulated ignorance in us. We need Mjöllnir to rid us of them and become pure.

 Our gods are in us, and they are like presidents over the Laws of Nature. But a God of a theocracy is reference to an institution and its worldly empire.

 We can go on and on with the symbolic language in myths, -- and the picture we get is exactly what modern science is rediscovering right now.





The similarity of hindutwa, veda, and heathenry and edda is too striking to be disregarded.

 We have fimbulrúnir and 9 good galders and this is evidence enough along with ginnungagap and the act of transcending -- for us to listen, and use the veda wisdom as a beacon to fill up the missing parts of edda.

 Theocracies do not contain this depth, but use and misuse ancient concepts in order to sneak into the wisdom and spoil it from within. But this forgery is bound to be exposed and these men, working for egoistic purposes and empires, do not get away with it very long, as Truth always prevailes.

 Many words and names in the Norse mythology are directly derived from Sanskrit.
This is a topic to fill big books. Not only roots, but the strikingly similar grammatical structure in Sanskrit and Icelandic is to be studied.

For ages this has been pointed out by some few researchers, but somehow not suited the stagnated ideas in our societies. But now is the time to study this profoundly. Bring in the light.



I wish to quote Harads the Norse, but could also name

Keshava Deva Shastri (1925)

and C.A.Holmboe (Wien; Kristiania; 1852, 1848, 1846)


Harald S. Harung:
an article in: Journal Of Human Values, 2:1 (1996)
Sage Publications New Delhi / Thousnad Oaks / London (pages 19-35:)
"Vedic Psychology and the Edda Poems"

Comparing two ancient traditions of knowledge: edda and veda;
the same fundamental principles are found in edda and veda.
Only fragments of edda have been preserved in the North.
This paper shows (Harald):

* The collapse of fullness that triggers of creation, has exactly the same explanation and description in edda and veda, and is now being understood by -- and explained in terms of -- modern science.

* Hávamál of edda -- vísur 138 and on -- teach the pure spirituality in heathenry, and the benefit thereof and its practical aspect in life.

The same is found in veda.

 This paper shows that:
The collapse of fullness that triggers off creation, has exactly the same explanation and description in edda and veda, -- and is now being understood by -- and explained in terms of -- modern science.

 Harald compares in veda and these remaining fragments of edda:

 * a basic unified state lying at the foundation of the vast variety in the universe,

 * the process of creation from whithin this unified field,

 * the development of higher states of individual consciousness,

 * and the development of higher stages in the collective consciousness of society.

 * Practical implications for improving performance and quality of life, stated in edda and veda, and now shown and proved by scientific research.