Gungnir, Sleipnir - the profond meaning of the symbolic language in our myths


Gungnir a weapon, the means of consciousness to create.

Sleipnir a horse, vehicle, refined human nervous system.


Gungnir is vibrations. Gungnir means the subtlest vibrations.
The very weapon/Gungnir of consciousness/Óðinn is the finest vibrations of creation. Vibrations become matter. This is creating.

 We should not undermine the profundity of the symbolic language in myths. It is more precise than we spot at first sight.

 Sleipnir could mean the gliding smoothly, the slippery one, the one who glides fast, and implies that there are no hindrances.
Seipnir is a horse, our nervous system, that carries us to Ásgarður and back. A good alert horse is a good vehicle, but an untamed horse is of no use.
This is why we should keep our nervous system pure and sane.


 The symbolic language of myths is precise. It only needs a mind to understand.

Wake up your valkyrja, and become ginnungagap, i.e.: ðinn (self, individual consciousness) given to Óðinn (Self, cosmic consciousness).

We are It !


see for example:

Sleipnir a pony, horse, a vehichle, from me to me, self to Self, from inn to inn. Nervous system of humans.  
Precise symbolic language?

Valkyrja a maid, serving consciousness, yagya, transcending.
 Precise symbolic language?

Njrur ties us to our past, our origin, former lives and behaviour, past evolution, as Skai pulls us up to the highest peaks.
(no wonder they strive in us, inside us:  past and future pulling us !!)  
Precise symbolic language?

gir the unfathomable, Rn his vf orderliness in the greatness.
 Precise symbolic language?

Abode of inn (consciousness) Glaheimar, gladness is also wideness, the heavens in us.
 Precise symbolic language?

Gungnir, vibrations, creation, weapon of consciousness, inn. Vibrations become matter.
 Precise symbolic language?

  without ginnungagap nothing of the creation can be
matter is fallible all-change

In the profound work, tarefni, symbolic language of edda, we are given a deep insight into the abyss of the core and essence of heathenry

soon the comprehensive work will be on this web-site
audio-video, the abyss of the symbolic language of edda

and in the meantime you can contact libraries;

"Symbolic Language of Edda, Profundity/Abyss of Heathenry":
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urs is old evolutionary stages; them we kill, and daughters of urses take over (Skai, Gunl, Gerur).
Trll are ignorance.  Them we batter into powder (snowflakes) with Mjllnir.
r (our determination to evolve and endurance not to give up) goes eastwards, batters trolls, and lets in the sunshine.

is our inner sun, a goddess in us.   Sla, bliss, is the bliss of Sun, real lasting hamingja.

Jtnar are the decomposing of matter, to make space for new creations, inn Vili Vi (=knowlegde finds knowledge in the pure state where nothing but knowledge is to be found).

 Precise symbolic language?

jtnar are enthropy, the decomposing of matter