Askur yggdrasils has 3 roots; no-one knows from where they run;
they draw the sap from the unexplainable Wonder;
Know the material world, the fallible particles, to be completely detached from ginnungagap, Reaily, the source of all creation,
-- but without ginnungagap nothing can exist.

Ymir, OM, Yama, a universe, a creation.

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There was only gap ginnunga. Time and space were not yet evoked.

It is change from one state to another that creates time in our head, and change is a worldly phenomenon only. Time does not do anything. We use the concept "time" when we try to talk about past, now, future, i.e. changes of material, matter/energy.

The clash of immense heat from Múspellsheimur (Mus-pells-heimur), and the greatest frost from Niflheimur (nifl (nebula)) was that what triggered off an impulse within the gap. But the holy gap does not take part in it, though.
* Óðinn (Odinn), the pure knowledge within the gap, started to seek knowledge. * The only knowledge within the gap is the pure knowledge. * The seeking is Vili, the will to seek knowledge. * The knowledge that is sought for is pure knowledge itself, Véi (Ve, a sacred known).
This is the triad before creation: Óðinn (Odinn) the knowledge becoming aware of itself, by the will (Vili) to find itself (Véi (Vei)), the known, knowledge.
Óðinn (Odinn), Vili, Véi (Vei) are the three brothers inside every human being too. They are human endowment, that is older than the world itself. Older than the creation of matter. Knowledge seeking itself. (Óðinn (Odinn), as pure knowledge, the will, Vili, finding Véi, the pure knowledge found). Completely self-referral.  This is the self-referral state.

Rishi devata cchandas, Hilbert Observables States,

Once Vili, this will of pure knowledge, is invoked in the ginnungagap, and Véi (Vei), the sacred unmanifest substance, the known, is found, the idea of the play of a universe was irresistible. The creation is Ymir, the great frozen thurs. Ymir means the sounding one from the verb ymja, but some scholars take this for a popular explanation, and point out Yama the twin-concept, Ymir then to be a bisexual being, as he begat with one leg to the other leg. The first trace of time in our explanation is when Ymir became, because time is made up to explain a change from one state to another. Majestic birth of a world it is that Ymir-thing. Too great for us to imagine with our peanut human head, that amazing head, that still holds all the secrets of the universe inside it.

Modern science explains this too, as you can read in Óðsmál (Odsmal):
The underlying Oneness, Unity, the Unified Field of modern Science (Physics/quantum), is all silence, unbounded potentials only for the creative forces. It can not be measured by our instruments, as no worldly substance is there.
This is norse ginnungagap. Corresponding to Brahman of the Veda. Ginn is something very sacred, and has a second meaning: that which "lures", or even "tricks", our human understanding. It is beyond our human capacity, as human understanding is worldly and depends on our worldly conceptions. Only when we "see" we understand the difference between ginnungagap and ymir.
Gap ginnunga is the Unbounded Space. We find It in inter-solar systems and inter planetary fields, we find It inside every atom, and quark, and It is the very substance of our human intelligence and sentiments as well. Everywhere and is Reality, whereas Ymir is the mirage of beautiful music only. Real to our worldly conception, but comes and goes, intangible like the wind.

Heathens see Ymir as a being. And everything in the universe has its counterparts in us. As is the biggest so is the smallest.

Read the big book: Human Physiology (on cosmic counterparts to the human being), ISBN 189-595-8067, Tony Nader MD,PhD, Atrium Pubs. (June 1995)

From huge Ymir - science's first trace or worldly matter, OM of the Veda - the creative gods arranged a world. This was not once and for all. No, not at all. Constantly material bits are being created and worldly phenomena are decomposing all the time. Perpetual creation, ginnungagap curving within ginnungagap as Óðinn (Odinn), Vili, Véi (Vei), but still it remains the still ginnungagap, the all-pervasive, ever-lasting, not taking any part in the worldly play, the play that we call creation.

Ginnungagap is the unbounded divine pure knowledge. Ymir is worldly, meaning the sounding universe.
Ginnungagap knows not duality, not change. The world is all duality and change.

The world, the material universe, is Ymir, but without ginnungagap there is no physical universe, no Ymir.

Ginnungagap is all-silence, Ymir sounds. Ginnungagap is free from the duality of the world, only nourishing Ymir without the slightest effort or slightest decrease. In the beginning was the sound.
The creation is sometimes called the play (lila) of Brahman.

Ymir is all fun to begin with. But when the three qualities of Nature, the mighty thurs maiden, (Sanskrit: guna), Sattva (true), Rajas (energetic), Tamas (lazy, negative), started to hurl and toss the worldly creation by their enormous worldly strength, the gods (creative powers) saw that that Ymir-play brought some double-faced enjoyment-trouble.

Everything worldly is fourfold: It is either of (1) pure Sattva, or (2) Sattvic efficiency (evolutionary) combining sattva and rajas, or (3) Tamas (inert), or (4) Tamasic action (negativity) combining tamas and rajas.
Nature has 3 qualities into which she splits. These are the “three of the might thusemaid”, “þríar hinnar ámáttku mjök”.

The three of the thurs maiden belong to the world only, and actually rule it. The three qualities of Nature, ámáttkar (amattkar) mjög (mjoeg) i.e. very strong, neither belong nor act in our harmonising innermost and all-pervasive ginnungagap. In ginnungagap we are without them. The three very strong of the thurs maid belong to the world only.

This simple chatter is about simply understood terms, and we know all this already from modern science and daily life. We are just seeing here what our ancient ancestors knew. We are recognising their profound science. We try to understand their unique way of telling us. I doubt if we de perceive!!!

Only a few humans at each time live a state of consciousness high enough to understand fully, but the profane mind enjoys these sciences without grasping the divinity inside themselves, i.e. within us, within every human being.

The simple language of edda is therefore very complicated. Edda conveys the deepest wisdom, but it is understood only by the non-profane minds.

A great culture of heathens is not fully understood;
we must rediscover it now, as it is holistic wisdom, the key to bounty, health and lasting peace and happiness.

Mi­gar­sormur is said to be equator. ١r, the son of mother Earth and Ë­inn (consciousness), has trouble with ormurinn.
At raganr÷k both collapse.

The symbols and this referral to natural things, even personifications, all is there to explain the unexplainable. The notion of the unexplainable -- being there somewhere -- unseen by our worldly eyes -- is what makes the edda and its message so enchanting.

Kids enjoy the myths and contemplate a lot on them, even if there is no-one available to interpret the layers of meaning. It lies in the air, between the lines, somewhere deep inside. Deep inside us.
The elevated non-profane mind enjoys the pure divine wisdom. Those on their first steps as humans find it funny and attractive, still not knowing that later they shall understand the Truth that is there.

This symbolic language has, actually, two roles:

1) By taking things and concepts from nature, things that we see and understand, and using them as a means to convey and explain the Truth that we do not see, is explaining by taking parable samples. Some, of course, take the sample, the parable, for the whole story, as their limited understanding has not yet developed any further. But that is OK, as too much learning without understanding is to be avoided at all times. We should not push ourselves too far beyond our current sate of consciousness. The best way is to live one's own life, not that of others.

2), secondly: Because the edda-poems were not seemingly about spirituality, profane men, that suppressed free thinking in Europe for their egoistic purposes of dominance urge, never bothered to destroy the edda poems completely. Actually these vulgar murderers that oppressed free thinking saved the edda! They, in their arrogance, took the myths as amusing silly stories made by silly men in an age of ignorance. They said that these silly men used them to pass the dark nights and overcome their fright of nature.
But we heathens know better. Before the dark middle ages of Europe there was great knowledge that can not die.

What happened?
Actually, during the dark middle ages, concepts were abused. We shall look at a sample of how that works.
The unbounded sky is in myths the universal unmanifest consciousness. All our ancient sky-gods symbol it and lead it into the manifest.
Mother Earth is in myths our physical human consciousness as well as She is the fertile soil. When we have in a myth a virgin birth, we do not mean a poor Hebrew woman and a male-oriented dominating Hebrew God to have a super-star human boy to be worshipped in a shallow idolatric way by other men. We mean the Sky-god in us, unmanifest consciousness of ginnungagap, to infuse our individual human mind with divine germinating essence - (might call it sperm if we like but be careful not to fall into the physical world and forget the symbolic language).
What we get is the birth of light of life inside, that saves us from that darkness of seeing only the worldly part of life.

Ginnungagap, Brahman, samhita, The Unified Field, "the wonder" is what heathens, scientists, gnostics, buddha-men, hindus, are determined to find.  Some know that we find it inside and that we are IT, some seek all over the place (world) without finding that nirvana, the blow-out of human thought to become IT exclusively --  fully alive all our lives over and over again.

Gladness means wideness, glaður is gleiður, the endless dimenstion of bliss in consciousness.

And finding our light within, infused by ginnungagap or by our sky-god, also saves us from the ignorance of clinging to the expensive worldly belief-selling institutions.

Jesus (Hebrew) means a saviour, and is a title of Roman emperors, the ceasars.

(note that the pope is pontieix maximus and so were the ceasars)
On the other hand: Divine light is within every man.
Institutions spoil, as they are worldly devices, meant to draw our attention outwards.

Of course, if some crooked despot can get people´s money by the salesmanship's trick to sell the credulous mob forgiveness of sins, he tries. To black-mail and cheat on the poor and credulous by offering them material goods and soul-salvation is bribing. It is not at all the knowledge about our inner light.
The dirty part of the venal project was to kill those who did not believe in the racket and confiscate their possessions. Clever salesmanship became brute-force criminality.

Our inner light is accessible by every aspirant, any man, without these self-imposed expensive media. It is our birthright and our divine possession. We can not buy it from another man (or institutions).

The longship Íslendingur, handcrafted in Iceland, Vestmannaeyjar, few years ago, sailed over to Vinland in America.