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Life is in the heart
pounding, beating alone.
Who«s the one in charge
nobody seems to know.
Your brain is full of snow
cold as the ice in the glaciers.
But only if we could
throw our feelings aside.

Rescue all my thoughts
before they drive me too crazy.
Been sailing all along
through valleys red and blue.
If only I could know
the answers to all of your questions
surely we would go
back and forth in our lifetimes.

One little cowboy
One little cowboy is waiting for a message.
One little indian is searching for a passage.
One little word is missing in a question.
One little girl is looking for affection.

The black rose
Beautiful is the black rose
which the blood is dripping from
and the thorns are stinging flesh
a tongue reacts a little bit..

Suddenly there's an aching pain
and you don«t know where it starts.
You«re afraid you«re gonna die
but deep inside you hope you will survive.

  You never know which way to go

Yellow grass confuses your mind
you think you are going mad and blind
crossing roads will never lead the way
and you know your brain has gone astray.

Dying family
Dying family, never ending misery.

Music will always be
Music will always be my friend.
It comforts me all through my life.

The twilight zone
Walking in the twilight zone
and I«ve got no home.

To ease the pain
They have come to ease the pain.
In every nerve inside my aching body.
They have come to ease the pain..