Every second.
Every second in every single day

If you were a god
If you were a god
and all the power in the world
was in your hands what would you do?
Would you care to make us people see
we thrive on stupidity, yeah?
If you were a god all mysteries of eternity
would be solved, yeah, open clear
satisfied and simply high
on purest things

  Clouds ahead so colorful
  you twist and turn as fast as you can  
  to live forever, extremely vibrant
  no more pain, all to gain

If you were a god
all creatures would obey
your will completely
right from the start.
If you ordered them to die for you
they'd surely do it.
If you were a god your words
would be the law in fact
absolutely right till the end.
To be a god requires all the skills
of the greatest leaders.

If you were a god
your duty would be to define
good and evil
straight through the core
to judge can be so hard
even with your god eyes.
If you were a god
your mission would be to fulfill
peace in our souls
after we died
to cure and to heal our wounds
and take away our worries.

Lars is no loser
Lars is no loser

The mindbeat
Feel the quiet night
everyone is asleep
sense her passing by
is she real or a dream?
It«s like you«re swept away
into a mysterious world.
Someone«s trespassing
in your mind.

  You're floating on the bluest of skies
  seems that purple is the colour of her eyes.
  And you wish that hope and pursuit
  will lead the waves
  as you watch them flow away.

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